Alejandro SABELLA could coach Argentina senior, youth teams


News coming out of Argentina that former coach Alejandro SABELLA could take over as National Team coach.

Per a report by TyC Sports, SABELLA is rumored to manage the team with a big project behind it all. In short, the idea would be that he would take over the team (both at senior level as well as youth level).

SABELLA would manage the senior side at the very least until the 2019 Copa America. In the mean time, he would also coach the U20 team at the South American U20 tournament to be held in Chile between January and February of next year.

That tournament has 2.5 places for a South American teams for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

This is all still just speculation, especially with Lionel SCALONI presently taking charge of the U20 team.


  1. For me I feel too much is debated on the formation. At club football you can have a set formation because you are able to sign players to make the formation work. At international level you are stuck with who is born where, so I believe it’s far more productive to select the best 11 players & then find a formation that suits the majority.
    Back in 94 Argentina boasted cannigia, batistuta & Balbo , they didn’t compromise they played all 3 with Diego behind, until his ban Argentina with those 4 looked set to win. When Argentina beat Serbia 6 in 2006 their performance improved during the match when they included riquelme, crespo, Messi & tevez than when they had just played saviola & crespo.
    It’s been awful to watch the world cup pass by & a no point did sampaoli try Messi behind dybala & aguero ( 3 top scorers of their own title winnings clubs) . So much attacking talent Aguero, dybala, higuain, icardi & Messi & the final game v France only Messi starts :/
    Brazil choose best players then fit a formation to them – 1994 two good forwards bebeto & romario so they play 442 , 2002 they have rivaldo, ronaldinho, Ronaldo & juniho so they play 424 . They play their best players.

    • So well said, so well said. Sampaoli was dumb, a big jerk. With all that talent at your disposal you use it, use it and use it. You put Messi, Dybala, Higuain AND Aguero together and let them practice and practice. And then play them. And like you say it so beautifully, in this case then, you play a 442, with Higuain and Aguero up front. Who could have stopped them?? Who??? Nobody. Instead this moron, Sampaoli, screwed everything up to the point of even benching both 9s.

  2. Anybody is better than Sampaoli as football coach, even people posting in this forum could even do a better job than him :)… Sabella might be a good choice at this moment , because he can get the defence organized, …Only thing he has to try out is giving adequate opportunities to younger players and get them ready for big ticket tournaments…and for God’s sake, shed off the hyper dependency on Messi..,,watched few videos of Lanzini’s game and he’s really good for his club…but really don’t know whether Argentina has tough defenders which all champion sides can boast of… had high hopes on Nicolas Otamendi , but he really turned out to be a huge disappointment… looked like he was more interested in getting into a brawl with the opposition and referees, instead of trying to be a leader in the defensive half of the pitch

  3. If it’s foresight and future that we’re looking for, we need a young coach, also a fairly aged good director. we can say so much about the previous coaches and their styles of play but truth be told, the Argentine entertaining style can still be retained while at the same time playing attacking, counter attacking, with formidable mid field and defense.

    A balance in all areas is needed and without that, the chain will always break at a particular time in a major competition. Forgive me for asking, but aren’t there young managers that have been under apprenticeship of either Sabella or Pekerman and if yes, what have they to show?

    I personally believe we should just embark on a long term project as much as there is copa come next year, focus on the basics of football, ensure good strength in all areas, but in all this we need a daring smart young manager if we’re to go far.

  4. I will support the team no matter who the replacement is, what players he will use and so on.

    But I did some research. You guys really want Pekerman?

    Pekerman took over our team after the Olympic of 2004. Pekerman’s record against strong teams until he stepped down?

    Germany Argentina (friendly) 2004 2-2
    Argentina Brazil WCQ 3-1
    Germany Argentina Copa Confed 2-2
    Brazil Argentina Copa Confed final 4-1
    Uruguay Argentina WCQ 1-0
    England Argentina friendly 3-2
    Croatia Argentina friendly 3-2 (Messi debut)
    Netherlands Argentina WC 2006 1-1
    Germany Argentina WC 2006 1-1 (PK lost)

    So Pekerman’s Argentina record vs big teams was:
    1 victory
    3 draw
    5 defeats (I count PK shootout defeat as defeat)
    14-18 goal difference

    He took over Colombia in 2014, and his record against strong teams?
    ONE win
    7 draws
    10 defeats in 4 years.

    Pekerman does not win against big teams. His SENIOR coaching resume from 2004-2018 can’t be wrong.

    And remember his players were mostly among the young stars he coached from his 3 WC U20 victories, so no excuse.

    We need a coach who can win against big teams not just play beautiful against a team 10-30 lower than us in FIFA ranking.

    Pekerman is overrated.

    • Do your research better!
      Firstly I don’t want Pekerman as coach I want him as director/manager of football and wok on the youth teams just like he did most successfully earlier.
      Hiring him as coach or Sabella is a backward step.
      Messi debuted against Hungary and not against Croatia.
      What you don’t understand is that Pekerman used to experiment unlike you buddy and FRIENDLY WINNER CHAMPION Sabella who used to treat friendlies as they were competition games by playing the starters and not giving chances to other people and most of the subs were 3 subs just like an competition game.
      Pekerman changed players against Croatia and England to give others a chance you know what your buddy Sabella never didn’t.
      Against The Netherands the result was 0-0 and not 1-1 and it was the 3rd game where there wasn’t anything on the stake, He also played for the first time messi and Tevez duo to give them a chance.
      At the confederation Cup he experimented and let players like Crespo, Ayala at home to give some other players a chance to go to the World cup unlike Sabella who treated every friendly like a competition game and never used to give players a chance.
      Such a guy now wants to give players a chance what a joke.

    • I am all for Pekerman but I really cannot dismiss the points you made. We have got to be able to beat, with CONSISTENCY, big teams. The history of Argentina failure in the past twenty years or so is the history of, and exactly, failing to beat big teams, to come up strong in big games. One of the most devastating failure was the loss to Brazil, I think in 2005, in the Copa final after going up 2-0. Brazil came back, tied the game and won on penalties. Then in 2007 we lost again in the finals to Brazil, yet again. It’s hard to put a finger at exactly where the problem is, obviously teams have been good because they actually made it to the finals, but Argentina has to focus, regardless of players and coaches, on how to be chirurgical in Big Games. Once Argentina wins one, just one title again, we could go on and rack up four five titles, including World Cup, by 2030. Once we start winning we won’t stop winning, watch. Vamos Argentina.

  5. Someone said the players were tired so he put aguero instead of lavezzi.
    So sabella wanted to play 9 defenders but didnt want to go in extra time because the players were tired.
    Then why do you chose to play such defensive system when you have a 70% chance you gonna draw?
    When you play that system you must expect you biggest chance is a draw so you must have players that are prepared to go in the extra time in every game just like portugal 2006 and croatia 2018 did.
    If you dont like extra time then do everything to prevent it.

    • Then why do you chose to play such defensive system when you have a 70% chance you gonna draw?

      We were better than germany playing that way and had clear cut chances to win that game.

      • None of the chances was created expect for messis. we lost.
        Does it mean Switzerland played better because we were in panic in the last minutes of the game?

    • But 2014 version of Germany was a much beter team than 2006s, which was nothing special, Pekerman made mistakes after mistakes in that game too, world biggest talent since Maradona on the bench=headshot, Riquelme the team leader subbed off=headshot (the same mistake vs Croatia and England), we stayed without playmaker, Aimar on the bench=headshot, world best right back not on the WC=headshot, no more Pekerman please

      • Why cant you understand that I dont want pekerman or sabella as coaches? I want pekerman to work on the youth teams and developing players because he did that successfully once.
        I want a young modern coach because yes pekerman made mistakes and he would probably do those again and again.
        2006 team was playing against Germany in Germany sommermarchen. 2014 we were playing in our neighbours yard in our our continent, time zone, clima and fans were not an issue.

        Neither sabella or pekerman should be coach. Sabella should not be as director at all.

  6. sabellas first 3 games were terrible but messi saved our asses. No organization no shape.
    Switzerland game was caothic and we almost got scored in the end.
    We went 4-4-2 in that game.
    Against Belgium also 4-4-2 and di maria got injured during that game so perez got in.
    —-lav————————di maria/perez-
    Goal: Di maria shot it was deflected to higuain he scored. It was luck and not created.
    We lost di maria and put perrz on the pitch and also rojo instead of bassnta so leaving just messi as creater and higuain as forward and maybe lavezzi who is only good at running.
    We had 2 lines of defense and 2 attackers, yet robben almost scored but mascherano‘s heroic save got us in the penalties.
    Yes he put 8 defenders and higuain on the field but made the team totally unbalanced so we scored just 2 goals (1 lucky) in the 4 games of knock out stages.
    I give him props for reacting and improvising after he saw that his preperation before the world cup 5-3-2 and 4-3-3 were a waste of time, just like sampaoli wasted his time only to arrive at the world cup and realyze it doesnt work.
    Injuries to aguero, di maria and gago helped him create the 4-4-2 so as soon as aguero was fit he pushed to go in instead of lavezzi who was having a great game.
    When germany scored everybody knew that the remaining minutes where a round of applause for the world champion because we couldnt come back and lacked a playmaker on the field, alternatives on the bench, no creativity.
    Italy 2006 played defensive but they kept shape, that was their strength but when they played germany in the semis they put all their guns on the field and lippi made 3 attacking substituations so you must be able to switch your style.
    Luck ran out in the final we were croatia in 2014.

    • Luck has nothing to do with Croatia or Arg 2014. Why weren’t Spain lucky enough to win against Russia whereas Croats turned lucky?

      I didn’t see our 2006 team scoring 3 – 0 goals against Germany although it was an attacking team.

      I don’t hate our 2006 team but they looked beatable.

      Plus, Sampaoli should have watched our game against Belgium WC 14 to learn how a team should defend when the team is leading. Anyways, You wouldn’t have said this if Messi Higuain or Palacio finished their chances in 2014. Ah! You just brought me bad memories 🙁

      • I am against Pekerman as coach!
        Just like Sabella he made mistakes.
        Nobody beat the 2006 team though.
        They look beatable to you but unbeatable to me.
        they scored 6.
        They werent an attacking team they played tiki tiki football before it became tiki taka.
        attacking from the left with sorin changing formation during game.
        Mascherano destroyer, Lucho (better than Cambiasso in that role 8), Maxi attacking from the right just like Sorin.
        Saviola used to drop on the wing and Crespo was the 9.
        Those should have been used.

        Penalties don’t determine the better side.
        It’s a lottery.
        If you ever played football you would know that that Messi chance looked easy but it was hard as f. His shot was with the left foot from the left wing so the angle was hard.
        Higauin and Palacios chances were just lucky.
        But if you want to play that game I have 2 questions for you:
        What if Switzerland didn’t hit the post and scored?
        What if Mascherano didn’t tear his ass and Robben would have score?

        I want Pekerman as director of football and not as coach.
        Pekerman has proven he can do that and all sabella has proven is he likes older players.
        None of them should be the coach, and if we hire them as coaches we go backwards.

        • Yes they hit 6-0 vs might Serbia so your point is we would instantly be world champions. I want Sabella to instill a defensive mindset after that I’m ok if some other coach change it to add some attacking flavour.

          All this Bieslas and peckerman’s will not win you tournament but Bilardista and Sabellas will have a chance.

          I’m all yes for peckerman as a manager but in my opinion Sabella vs peckerman , Sabella is the winner no second doubt about it.

          Additionally , Sabella isn’t lucky if that was the case who topped SA qualification. Ohh yes, he was lucky Brazil was poor. Please don’t make excuses.

          • 2006 we were in the group of death and Serbia was considered a great team.
            Were you around at the time?
            Menotti what kind of football did he play?
            Bielsa slso qualified first.
            Neither pekerman, nor sabella or bielsa are winners because they lost.
            We won with menotti and bilardo, we lost with menotti and bilardo.
            You win by playing to your strengths and a balanced team.

    • Sabella wanted to play 5-3-2 the whole tournament like he stared on the first match. It was hus plan A.

      Then I guess the players (read Messi and Masche) talked him out of it and we played “American Football).

      – 8players only Defends
      – 2 players only attacks

      Thats how it was. The only wildcard was Di Maria, who can run like a machine when fit, so defended and attacked (basically ran), so it might be 7.5-2.5. Thats not a team. Thats just defend and hope for the best.

      We played 4 CB and two defensive midfielders who cannot do absolutely nothing other than tackling and 5 meter passes, and Di Maria and Lavezzi. You dont create any chances with those. I would love to see the xG numbers for us in 2014. I can bet my ass that number will be comically low.

  7. Whomsoever it may be I hope he achieves a respectable result at the Copa (reaching Semifinal At least) or else he will be sacked again and the same drama will be played.
    I also have a uncanny feeling that Sampaoli will take charge of one of the national teams in playing in Copa and will again come back to haunt us. 🙁

  8. I appreciate the Idea of AFA, Whether its Sabella or Pekerman as the Director with a coach who plays their style or as a Coach both r great in their own way, Pekerman had already done it, he is a master in that. If it is Sabella also it wont be a problem, I for one like Sabella more, he is one guy who can make our defense look great again which in turn will bring us success, he carried a rather weaker squad comparing to Pekermans(On Paper Pekermans squad was great during 2006)to a Damm WC Final. That itself makes him the Man. Don’t know about his physical condition though, well Pekerman also is int young. Lets see. Either one would bring good to Argentine Football.

  9. I’m a big fan of Sabella and if he is healthy, he will bring back our defensive shape. I read about Project Sabella so he is going to take over sub 20 in Chile and if they did well , he will work on sub 23.

    He will look for coach of senior team mostly the three coaches: Gallardo, Simeone and pochettino. Understanding that all the three coaches have existing contracts, he is going to coach NT until Copa and will leave this job to either of three. My guess he will move to manager position.

    Why I like Sabella over Peckerman:
    Peckerman’s side never look unbeatable and he is mistake prone.

    When Sabella was in charge, I never worried that some other NT will defeat us. Yes, he will bring guinazu and Sosa but I will take anything to win Copa in Brazil. He is pragmattic and his tactics are great.

    Now he is going to coach sub 20, so obviously he cannot rely on seniors which means our u 20 will learn how to defend as unit which is what will bring tournament.

      • niklucky02: Hola amigo and im not sure if travis is around these days, I hope all is good for you and you are not to over worked 🙂

        nah id not complain if sabella was again in charge, he has his faults but lets look at batista, Maradona, bozo, samp, tata and all of them added up are not a Sabella.

  10. Sabella only managed once before Argentina, he won the Copa Liber and Primera in 2 years with Estudiantes starting in 09.

    Would you pick someone who’s already proven himself (Sabella) or someone who wants to come back amend his mistakes (Peckerman)? I don’t want someone who’s coming to clear his name on a 1 year contract, I want someone who’s proven. Least with Sabella you already know what you’re going to get. He found a system that suited our players in 3/4 games and sorted our defence! I understand people want Peckerman because they like him but you can’t have someone in just because you like them, you need someone in who’s proven (for Argentina). We have a Copa next year, we need a manager who has a history of finding a formation quick. Judging by the article they’ll be in for a 1 or more – year contract – we can’t have a young manager for that but after that it’ll make more sense.

  11. How do you guys hang out here without it hurting your eyes? This black background/white font has me seeing inverse when I read just one minute on here. I have to turn down my screen to minimum brightness to just read!

    That being said- there is one man I think who is the most practical choice for the next four years: Jose Pekerman. He is the link with the “old guard” that were once the youth… and this is significant, because of Messi.

    Pekerman is not just a technically competent coach (something I did NOT get from watching Sampaoli”s handling of the WC), but he has something else: he instilled a certain culture over years and possibly decades.

    Pekerman will need talented and promising assistants who will help the entire AFA system. In brief, I think with Pekerman, a new generation of Argentine soccer will be reborn, and… God willing, perhaps one more visit to the WC with Messi..

    • Just thinking, Heyy who is the oldest posting guys in Mundo I mean who all joined here the oldest, I started coming here since 2010 not an ardent poster by the way but i keep reading the posts, Familiar with legendary posters like Pablo, Jack, Leonardo, El Principe, Kid, Johnny, Chainsaw, Csabalala(His name is tough), Ghostdeni, Guled, Mamoun Pipita, Gonzalo etc

  12. We currently need ayoung coach not same old .we should aim different better results than 2014 and 2018. So new young tactiction can hve better techniqs in his mind.
    Someone suggested an opinion that peke as Director and a young one as coach really looking good idea…
    I think peke with heinze or beccache will be good..

    • Petro: while i tend to agree we are sadly faced with so few options and do we want yet another gamble?
      sadly we cant afford any thing more then bargain basement options and gambles…thanks Afa

  13. ok my take on sabella vs peckerman
    If we look at the 2 of them and both of “those” 2 big games.

    Peckerman was correct to take off req as he was exhausted but of course his real mistake’s were who he brought on and then trying to go defensive far to early in that game but it has to be noted we lost a sub when balk attacked our keeper who had to go off costing us a sub and we had a blatant last min pen turned down on maxi.

    Sab wtf was he thinking making that half time sub when lav was having the game of his life in the final.
    All of the subs Sab brought on were the wrong choices as well being an injured kun and a bearly walking gago, add to it his bad choices of demi who was about as slow as a turtle.

    Over all and in Thinking about it I’d rather not sabella but peckernan instead coaching if these are our 2 options as we simply are not currently going to get a sim or pocc or pep as we know the Afa has no $$ at all.

    Peck made 1 silly mistake, sab made quite a few from taking too many Injured and recovering players (gago and kun were 2 key ones), was far too defensive and made terrible subs and the quality of the subs was not impressive like pal and maxi as neither deserved to be in in the 23 at all yet alone at that w.c.
    That team got its self to the final ahead of any thing revolutionary sab did then sab blew it all in the final with his inept subs n.b sab cannot be blamed for the poor finishes when we did have those chances but even if 1 was taken they still might have scored more or might not have-no one will even know

    • Pablo: sabella said the players were tired after playing 120 munites v holland and getting less rest so he made the changes to avoid extra time. It was poor decision from him but we were better than germany and had enough chances to win that game easily.
      as for pekerman his biggest mistake isn’t the sub but not starting messi who was already starter for big club like barcelona.

      • its one thing I never understand is why fifa wont allow a full weeks rest between the semis and the final as its unfair how one team gets 3 days and another 4 but neither is enough time-why would fifa want teams to be exhausted come a final (the centerpiece of the tournament) as we were exhausted in 14 and Croatia were this w/c final.

        • It’s not fifa, it’s the leagues.
          The leagues don’t want an extended tournament as it means the three week mandated holiday period stretching further for the players, less time for friendlies, pressure on their calendars etc, all of which ultimately hits their bottom line.
          The leagues don’t care two shits about world cups. Screw them all-spanish league, Argentine league, English league whatever.
          International football is the only true football!!

          • so true as ive said before in 82 the n/t had 6 weeks together and in 2022 its going to be 1 week before k.o
            teams like epl, Spain etc have already starting training before the w.c final (those players still at the w.c)
            clubs are stronger then n.t and look at d.m who the afa was told if he plays in the 14 final real.m would sue them if he got injured(again) or look at spain who had to fire their coach days before the w.c

    • @pablo.d Sabella knew the weaknesses of every player and corrected it. Don’t criticise Demi the snail, he kept 5 clean sheets (90 mins) in the WC and we only conceded 4 goals… you thank Sabella for that. Sabella is no doubt the best manager we’ve had in the last few decades, he knows how to get the best out of every player, even Higuain was at his best under him. Yes the football wasn’t attractive but he knew our defence wasn’t the best and corrected it.

      • onlyarg: sabella did a solid job overall, ill never take that away from him and ill always be grateful for his team getting to a final but you need to re-watch the 1st 3 games to realize we were dreadful and it was romaro the savior not demi or any one else at the back, messi up front scoring and masc who for many was the player of the tournament not messi (messi was fantastic btw).
        the k.o stages we owe so much to mach and who will not forget that tackle vs the Dutch and what it did to his ass…ouch…
        did sabella do a good job? over all yes he did a good job but then come the final he blew it big time and why would one take off a player who was having a fantastic game in lavezzi and at half time (crazy) to bring on another who had been injured in kun, why bring in gago who was a passenger all tournament with injuries? to do what exactly? and as for “Higuain was at his best under him” I agree during the quaif’s but during the w.c hig scored how many? 1 yes 1 goal and of course that miss and that off side miss in the final will always define hig.

        • @pablo.d Actually I never brought up the terrible subs he made because you are right. I can’t really defend him there at all. Despite what he did @guled made a good point because we still played better and should have won regardless. That was the mistakes he did make. Higuaín’s build up play was ok, I don’t want to talk about the finals lol. That’s where his luck passed. Well when the they finally have a chance on us that’s where our goalkeeper has to step up. Under Sabella we didn’t have to worry about losing. I meant when Sabella took charge he changed it fast. The WC start was terrible in live time but the end product is what counts, just lost last minute.

          • onlyarg: so true and I agree at the end of any day its all about the end result and when we look at the winners for 02, 06, 10 and all of them did what they had to instead of playing all concouring free flowing football, spain 2010 lost their 1st game, scored 7 goal’s in 8 games and won the w.c but as you said our luck was no where to be seen in the final…sigh….without a doubt we should have won that final 2014 and none of those missed chances were sabellas fault

  14. Sabela will be the director not coach, if he becomes coach then much needed transition not happened

  15. I think you guys should read the reports very well b4 you put out a comment, Sabella will only be a project until Copa America 2019, and from then, they will go after someone or GALLARDO.

  16. Arg is blessed with abundant multi talented players and lots of best coach that shine around the globe but not on his own country.

    Again and again using and given chance to the same unperform players and coach. But I will be more than happy with Sabella return. He is a pragmatic and knows how to deal with players. Remember he was the one to introduce Rojo and the twin tower and utilize Messi well and above all players did respect him.

    Maybe if he select a young assistant of ex NT player he can reform and rebuild the squad with excellent.

  17. If he was the coach we would win this World Cup that was the easiest World Cup for any team to win This France team one of the worst team who win a World Cup ever since I been watching football this was the weakest World Cup ever.

  18. At least under him we didn’t concede easy goal and quite solid in defence. If we’re with him against France..I don’t think France can score 4 goals. We should be able to win. 🙁

  19. If Sabella is appointed I have 0 expectations for the team.
    the same narrative, some poster said we need a experienced coach and we have no time.
    “experience and no time” are our excuses always.
    Pekerman in 2006 was around 56
    Basile 60
    Maradona 49
    Batista 47
    Sabella 57
    Martino 50
    Bauza 58
    Samapoli 58
    and people still come to the conclusion that we need experience.
    It’s not about age of the coaches but most of them were “DINOSAURS” in mentality and bad.
    In the last 2 world cups Argentina fielded the oldest teams on both occasions.
    F EXPERIENCE! it doesn’t win you games skill, preparation and work does.

    No time!
    Dalic took charge of Croatia just a year ago and he went to the final.
    Only Argentina doesn’t have time.

    Defense or Offense wins titles.
    2018 France
    2014 Germany
    2010 Spain
    2006 Italy
    2002 Brazil
    1998 France
    1994 Brazil
    All kind of football has won Titles but all they had in common is they played to their strengths and were mostly balanced team.
    We won 2 titles playing two different type of football, we lost played defense, possession, counter, attacking.
    Most of our teams lacked Balance!

    Is every coach now going to bring his stuff for the youth?
    Batista wanted.
    Martino did.
    Bauza did.
    Sampaoli did.
    and as soon as the coach got fired they also got fired.
    Did Aimar, Placente, Scaloni fail in their jobs?
    If yes, how?
    Now if someone takes charge they are going to be replaced by Sabella.
    Saballe who fielded the oldest squad during the qualifiers and made it younger for the world cup but still ended up being the oldest squad at the world cup, who din;t trust youth is now going to develop youth.
    He is just being used by Angelici to ease the pressure on him.

    Do everything possible to hire Pekerman who actually has had great success doing something similar, no need to change the youth coaches because his staff is already there, and let him hire a young modern coach and build a new team with new players. I am not saying we should ban all the older players, make the coach the BOSS and instill discipline. All the player should be under consideration as long as they play best, are fit, show discipline, accept coaches decisions no matter what. Never build a team around a player.+
    A balanced team is needed.

    • Good point mate I don’t want him as coach but i don’t mine if he becomes
      The director of football

      As I said before my personal choice are
      Marcelo garalldo or Ricardo Gareca and

  20. Hmmm, I’m conflicted, hows his health now? I still want Pekerman but….. I really dont know at this point.
    All I know is that a veteran coach is a must, we dont have time to mess around with some flash in the pan youngster with a 4 year plan BS.

  21. Not sure how I feel about this, Sabella is my favorite argentine coach ever! Yeah his football wasn’t pretty at times but boy was it efficient! The thing is his health issues is a real concern and maybe he’s better now but the pressure of managing Argentina at all levels isn’t exactly good on anyone’s health and the last thing you want is for Sabella to come in and get the team back on track for copa only for his health issues to resurface and then AFA is forced to find another coach, which will lead to lack of continuity and the Russia nightmare all over again.

    Two things I will say regarding Sabella’s attitude towards the youth: First he came on after Bastista made a huge mess of things and only had 2 friendlies before the start of the WCQ so he didn’t exactly have an ample amount of time to try out younger players. Second and most importantly, apart from Icardi, there were no noticable young talent worthy of going to the WC. Dybala hasn’t hit his stride back then, Lamela was injured and the likes of paredes, Celso, Ascaciber, Mammana, A.Correa etc….were nowhere to be found. So he had to resort to lesser known players like Biglia and Enzo but he certainly got the best out of ’em.

  22. Attacking football dosent give u the cup … Defensive tactics and counter attacking will give u the cup..u play only 7 matches not u have to solve 1st defensively and then counter the 2014 15 16 we played brilliantly because of our solid defence and we go to straight 3 final because of solid defence and implement of solid defensive tactics..France not played brliantly..but the defend well with organised counter attack..they beat us in counter attack tactics not in possession or pressing the time is coming to construct our defence with solidity and attack with counter…

  23. It became an open secret when Kun Aguero posted a pic of Sabella and him together and saying something like “good memories”.

    Guido Rodriguez of Club America on PSG and Juventus radar.

  24. Both Angelici n Tapia are under pressure to appoint a manager and Sabella is admittedly a short term option.
    Sad for Argentine football again. Sabella has been out of football and unwell n surely out of his elements. The thing is AFA want Someone or Pochettino at any cost and they will an year. Sergio Almiron was also a possibility but he wanted more than one year contract.
    Sabella was notified of this more than 4 days ago. First person he has contacted is Mascherano about the possibility of working under him and Sabella will meet Messi and Di Maria after they come back from their holidays.

  25. With all the respect to Sabella, I don’t think he will be a good choice. As a coach, his age and health is the concern. We need young blood who dare to try and dare to fail. As a director, his too defensive style would not bring back Argentina’s identity. Pekerman as GM and a young coach will be the best for us

    • Agree with that view. It’s amazing how people assume, just assume, Argentina cannot both play it’s natural game, have a solid defense and win. The natural style of Argentina is attacking and not only sit back and wait. Argentina is not Iceland. The number and quality of talents is too great to be limited. You pass forward, you go forward, that’s Argentina style.

  26. Coach of Vfb Stuttgart was impressed by Nico Gonzalez after sparrings. I just hope he will not make him striker as several coaches wanted to do of our once promising midfielders like J.Correa and others. Gonzalez is left winger, sometimes he had played as AM, never striker. We don’t need more strikers now.

      • You are right, I checked. He was used in this position before being established as LF. But somehow I never took him as CF. He is too good on the ball, shows too much initiative dropping back,too fast to be striker waiting only to receive a pass. Just like Joaquin Correa he has characteristic of wiger or attacking midfielder and IMO it would be waste to do just striker of him.

  27. So if this is true it means that Pekerman didn t accept the job.

    if Sabella take the job it is good news.

    Just i don t have proof but i have one strange feeling that Sabella s story is just
    used from Angelici and Tapia for calm the public and in end we will arrive with Sampaoli no2.

    i pray all this is just nonsense i am thinking.


  28. Rodolfo D’Onofrio (River president): I never heard Gallardo say ‘it’s Ponzio’s team’, each one does his job, in his place, that ended up hurting Messi, he could not be the one in Barcelona. they helped.

  29. What Sampaoli said is the problem with Dybala and Messi Playing too similarly, what if that is the solution?

    What if the solution to Argentina’s lack of goals is to not have a standard Center Forward?

    Like Messi was a False 9 in Barca, the problem was Fabregas playing too similarly to Messi, like Dybala now. So what did Guardiola do? He had Messi as a False 9 and Fabregas playing next to him. Meaning, if Messi dropped deep, Fabregas would push up as the outlet up top. Both of them would be in the front, with Villa or Pedro providing width on one end, with Dani Alves providing the width on the other.

    The same can be done with Argentina! You start with a 4-3-3 as such, with the players I believe should play this Copa America!!
    Messi-Dybala-J. Correa/Centurión

    It would start like that, but in possession, it would switch to something like a 3-1-2-1-3.
    Perruzzi-Dybala-J. Correa/Centurion

    That way, The RB, Perruzzi, would stay on the touch line providing width, and J. Correa or any other winger on the other flank providing width, with Messi and Dybala combining together to create Magic, with Lanzini and Banega combining as well. And defending would be a 4-3-3 as well.

    What if Messi doesn’t start? Simple! THEN you bring on a traditional striker, whoever it may be, Aguero, Icardi, Martinez, it would be J. Correa-Aguero-Dybala and it would transition to the same 3-1-2-1-3 with Dybala in the 10 position and the RB still providing width.

    You play guys like Otamendi, Banega to have experience in the field, but they can be replaced after we win the tournament! Otamendi could be replaced with Musacchio or Mammana, and Banega could be replaced with another midfielder, whoever it may be.

    The problem Sampaoli say may be the solution we’ve been looking for! Something Guardiola would DEFINITELY do!!!

    • We don’t need pep or crazy bielsa style. What we need is sabella and his 4-4-2 defense first style.
      in 2014 holland and germany couldn’t get a shot on target for 90 munites. Extreme unluck stopped us from beating germany. If we had heathy forwards like 2018 we would have won easily.

      • 4-4-2 doesn’t have to be defensive, as shown with Barcelona last season.
        With Messi and Dybala up front, why need to go defense!

        We need goals!!! I’m order to get to the World Cup, you need to win to begin with! And you win by scoring goals! We don’t want to play like France whom Webber’s critizised all over this platform. A team that scores then defends the whole game. That’s not Argentina! That’s now who we are! We have and always been a team to be feared, an attacking team. We cannot lose who we are or we are supposed to be.

        We can defend as a 4-4-2 but in possession transition to a 3-1-2-1-3, but we need to become a feared attacking team again! Not Uruguay who concede and struggle to score after. Sabella has his chance, but his poor tactics were covered by Messi’s brilliance, like against Iran, Nigeria, Switzerland, list goes on. Messi and Dybala MUST play with each other, and be given the freedom to attack!

    • Guardiola solved the fabregas Messi “problem” by concluding that there was no place for fabregas. He reverted back to villa & Pedro on the wings , Messi as a false 9 with Xavi, iniesta & busquets in midfield .

  30. I’m not sure. If he was still guarantee of what he did before as our coach then no doubt but now he is older. Comebacks of older coaches often do not yield good results. Moreover he rather prefered older players while we need young revolution.

  31. First of all do not think I hate Sabella just because I am criticizing him here. I love him for what he did for us. We got there to the WC final even though I’m skeptical on what he’ve done, but that’s not the point.

    In my opinion, Sabella as the GM is a pretty bad idea for a plethora of reasons. The most important being him not liking young players. A dude who doesn’t believe in youth development shouldn’t be in charge of the youth development of an entire country. It’s exactly the same if you wanna put Jose Morinho as a youth coach. It doesn’t make any sense at all!

    Another argument that he will change is BULLSHIT. People doesn’t change when they are sixty. They do when their are in their twenties, but not at that age. At his age, you are going to get exactly how you see it. So do you want ARG U13, 17, 20 & 23 to grow up playing 3-5-2 and play park the bus with filling in 10 men in the box? Be my guest… There were nothing wrong with 3-5-2 in 1986. It was a tactical revolution back then. But now, football caught up, and this is obsolete. People doesn’t do 5 at the back no more. We do not want to go back to the old days, we want to move forward.

    And, finally I know it is just a silly little rumor and it is not worth it to go super Saiyan on this. But I am just stating why its a bad idea. It’s not going to be as worse as “not having a project”, but we can certainly do better. A lot better actually.

      • I just read an article from La Nacion which described the power balance within AFA.

        – Tapia wants Pekerman
        – Angelici wants Sabella

        Sampaoli was a serious Angelici suggestion where Tapia wanted Pocchettino.

        According to La Nacion, Angelici is currently running on thin ice in AFA. Boca’s new board is supposed to come in 2019, so if Angelici loses that post, and if he isolates himself from Tapia, then Tapia can just throw him away as Tapia has 7 other board members very close to him. One of them is Hugo Moyano – the Independiente President (tapia’s father in law?).

        So the bottom line is, right now Angelici’s voice isn’t the strongest in the AFA’s big table. And he will not push his decision like he did during Sampaoli’s appointment.

        So I’m still hoping it is Pekerman, as Tapia is up for him bigtime.

  32. This might be unrelated, but can somebody explain to me what is so special about ascacibar?
    I know he plays for Stuttgart, but they finished 7th in the Bundesliga, wining 15 matches but losing 13, scoring 36 goals but also conceding the same number.

    Soo… explain to me why he is a better option than Paredes or Kranevitter!
    Explain using stats, not opinion! Stats like percentage of successful tackles, passing accuracy, etc.

  33. Interesting. I could support this decision. We didn’t play amazingly under Sabella but we had a strong defense and identity. Counterattacking football seems to win championships in any case.

    My only concern is his health. He might select a coach at some point and just settle into a more administrative role

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