Javier ZANETTI talks Argentina, Lionel MESSI and more


Legendary figure of the Argentina National Team and Inter was on Fox Sports Argentina to discuss the National Team, Lionel MESSI and more.

There’s been a lot of talk going around in the media since Argentina’s elimination at the FIFA World Cup. However, ZANETTI is adament that changes must be made to the National Team and that they have to restart from scratch. Here’s what he had to say:

“With the Argentina National Team, we have to start from zero. It’s time to construct the National Team. Analyzing the last few years, it’s logical to see what happened in Russia.

“The National Team is bigger than any player. If the AFA ask me for help, I would gladly help them but my career is in Italy.”

As seems to be the case for the better part of a decade, when talking about the Argentina team, one is always asked about Lionel MESSI. ZANETTI himself addressed the rumors that his club Inter were being linked to MESSI but quickly shot them down. He also stated that he’d like to see MESSI wear the Argentina shirt once more.

“It’s crazy nonesense. There’s no truth that we are out for MESSI.

“I’d like to think that MESSI’s time isn’t over yet. Hopefully we get to enjoy MESSI a bit more. At the World Cup, the team just didn’t work.

“You don’t have to compare MESSI and MARADONA.”

As for his playing career, Javier mentioned that he was surprised Inter spotted him and that he could have played one more year. ZANETTI also said that that newly signed Argentine Lautaro MARTINEZ is the future of the Argentina National Team.

“I couldn’t believe that Inter had noticed me. I could have played one more year but I wanted to retire on a good note.

“I believe that Lautaro MARTINEZ deserves an opportunity. He is the future of this National Team.”

And finally, a word on his former team mate with the Argentina National Team, Diego SIMEONE:

“El Cholo is becoming more and more (better) day by day.”


  1. What do you think of this 23 man squad for the Copa America?

    – Romero
    – Rulli
    – Guzman (doesn’t matter who the third keeper is, they won’t play)
    – Leonardo Jara
    – Renzo Saravia
    – Pezzella
    – Otamendi
    – Musacchio
    – Mammana
    – Tagliafico
    – Fabricio Angileri
    – Paredes
    – Kranevitter
    – Banega
    – Ascacibar
    – Lanzini
    – Joaquín Correa
    – Pavon
    – Ricardo Centurión
    – Messi
    – Dybala
    – Aguero/Icardi
    – Icardi/Lautaro Martinez

    A 4-4-2 would work great as such:

    – the combinations between the two would be deadly, having the whole attack to themselves.
    They would start as 4-4-2, but transition into a more attacking formation like a 3-2-2-3 as such

    – If Messi drops, Dybala takes covers him as the outlet up top. Pavon and Tagliafico would be tasked with providing the width.
    – The two DM’s along with the three defenders staying back would make sure that possible counter attacks quickly get dismantled.

    This is what I would align in my opinion. And what I think should be done.

    • I truly believe that Argentina WILL improve!
      Reasons why?
      – We’re as low as we can possibly be right now. Sure we’re one of the 16 best teams in the world, but barely. 16 isn’t good enough! Uruguay, Brazil got further and we stayed back? Unacceptable! But if we’re at rock bottom, there’s only one way w can go, and that is up! Brazil hit rock bottom last World Cup, and look at the machine they are now.
      – The man cause IMO of our failures all these years is gone! Those being, Mascherano and Biglia! How can Biglia be deemed good enough to represent Argentina?? Madness! Now, doesn’t matter who takes over as manager, there HAS to be new DM’s added onto the team, there is NO way around it. Therefore, players like Paredes, Kranevitter, Ascacibar FINALLY have the opportunity they have been waiting for!
      – Goalkeeping situation will be looked into. Seeing how the goalkeepers were a disaster this World Cup, ALL of them, it’ll most likely start with Romero again, and looking for backups along with him, hopefully Rulli will be one of those.
      – A new midfield will come. Players like mentioned before, Biglia, Mascherano, Enzo all who would start EVERY game are gone. That means new midfielders HAVE to come in! I don’t mind Banega staying as he is one of Argentina’s most creative midfielders. This leaves the opportunity for new players to come in.
      – Dybala! Any new manager while try to get Dybala into the mix anyway possible. Messi and Dybala if played right would thrive brilliantly, like Messi did with Fabregas under Guardiola in Barca.

      The reason to worry.
      – The forwards. There is a high probability players like Higuain will still be called up for some reason. Di Maria maybe as well. Personally I’d prefer Di Maria over Higuain if I had to choose. Aguero is world class and SHOULD still be called into action! Argentina’s top scorer this World Cup, against Iceland and France, not easy teams to score against. With all these forwards at play, it would appear that Icardi and Martinez time is yet to come.
      The manger can change the tide and refuse to call up Higuain which would be fantastic, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

      I believe Argentina can and WILL bounce back, and be candidates to win the Copa America and begin to restore are image in international football. Vamos Argentina!!!!

      • Well said mate I totally agree with you
        I said before exactly same thing It can’t get any worse than this
        Argentina is very lucky country when it comes to players and coach’s
        Look now they don’t even have good youth system still they re producing good reasonable players.
        I really hope the afa will hire good coach like Ricardo Gareca or Marcelo Gallardo but my favourite would be pochattino but I know that wouldn’t happen in near future.

    • Good list, though without Otamendi, Banega, Aguero. Otamendi is no guarantee of good defending. Banega-Paredes pair on the pitch is not really strong defensively. One of them ok, but not both. Paredes is not that impressive for me as people say but still not worse than Banega, while younger – so Paredes. Neither Icardi nor Martinez is inferior to Aguero, while they are younger – so Icardi and Martinez.
      One could say Aguero is experienced. But I don’t think he is player who can spread around the experience. On tournament he is just waiting in penalty to receive the pass, not much initiative and other activity.

      • Messi? Only after some break. And only if it will have not negative impact on youngsters growing and team cohesiveness.

    • Marcos Angileri seems to be best choice on LB along with Tagliafico. Rather tall and strong. Good pace, assists, efficient crossing and solid in defence.

      Jara took the advantage of Peruzzi difficult times. He should be considered. Bustos and Gonzalo Montiel of River as well.

      Montiel is already starter in River what means a lot as Gallardo is not coach who promote often youngsters. Montiel grows quickly.

    • How many times are you going to post a silly line up and ask people what they think?
      Ok so here it goes. Posting a lineup is the most pin headed thing you can do. 4 years ago nobody knew about Dybala or LoCelso. Who knows who will step up in the next year or two. Also, since I can pretty much bet the farm that you haven’t seen any of these guys play even 8 games why the hell are you saying they should be on any team let alone a national team? Bottom line, stop posting line ups or go apply for a job on PlayStation

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