Mauro ICARDI scores, Lautaro MARTINEZ assist, Inter draw Sheffield United


Mauro ICARDI scored as Lautaro MARTINEZ played a fantastic ball into the area in Inter’s 1-1 draw against Sheffield United.

A total of three Argentine players took part in the match, all three, unsurprisingly, playing for SPALETTI’s team. Mauro ICARDI and Lautaro MARTINEZ both started while Facundo COLIDIO came on as a substitute for the Inter captain. Lautaro MARTINEZ displayed great vision as he sent in a ball from midfield to pick out CANDREVA who slid the ball in for Mauro ICARDI for the goal.

COLIDIO spoke to Inter’s official website regarding his appearance in the match. The former Boca Juniors man had this to say:

“It was a great feeling to play in England, football was invented here and it’s always evocative to play in these stadiums. It was a tough game with Sheffield United. We’re still in the midst of full preparations while they’re further along. What does it mean to train daily with Icardi and Lautaro? It helps me a lot to learn and improve.”

With this match taking place at Bramall Lane, Inter’s next match will be on Saturday July 28 against Chelsea in Nice.


  1. Simioni is a worst coach with arg n players. He cant handle arg. Playrs and he cant motivate arg plyrs..
    He is a coach for defncv line.Not on attkg . So he cant handle all forwards with less defnding…

    • Who can handle argentina players? Who can motivate argentina players?…only tattoo maker can do it

  2. Walter Kannemann could move to Cagliari. He has agreed personal terms but Gremio want more than the 3.5 million offered. Only Player to win a Copa libertadores with an Argentine n a Brazilian club. At 27, the same age as Funes Mori, he still has a chance with the NT.

  3. Icardi-Lautaro vs Higuain-Dybala?

    Which one will have a better chemistry in the NT?

    And who will make it to the forward line in the National team? Dybala Icardi and Martinez are a selection headache.

    Unless you’re me. I always have my Mezza boi as he had some compromisable pics of me in my sexy Russian suits

  4. I mentioned Barco being suspended for 2 matches by Tata for indiscipline. The reason is that he proposed to a girlfriend of a teammate. Barco only married in January this year.

  5. Battaglia has left Sporting after a dispute with their Board so now is a free agent and is without a club.
    The same issue also meant Sporting’s best player Gelson Martin also left and Atletico Madrid have snapped him up. Means Angel Correa will find a spot in the bench again. Simeone has been frustrated by Correa’s patchy form as he is yet to deliver or convince after nearly 5 years at the club.

    • Correa’s been a starter all last season if I’m not mistaken and his stats are better than most players on the team so i don’t know what simeone is complaining about.

      • With the squad Simeone has, a top 6 finish will be considered a success, so what Simeone had done is over achieved. That success gives Simeone not just the respect, and trust of his board but also some liberties. He uses his liberties to sign Argentines even though the board are not always into that particular. He desperately wants to develop a few Argentine kids who can star the NT. sadly, it hasn’t materialised so far. Simeone also doesn’t want to hurt his board financially n that’s why very quickly he sends them on loan or sells them. Vietto, kranevitter, Werner just to name a few. U cannot blame him if players don’t pick up the pace quickly. Carrasco, Gimenez, and now Thomas all came any the same time and as teens and now they are all stars.
        Coming to Correa, he is nearly 25, and by now he should have been a regular with the NT. Simeone apparently pushed him hard the last six months hoping he will make the cut to Russia. Gimenez n Godin outstanding for Uruguay. Carrasco made an impact with Belgium, Griezmann with France. Even Brazil and Spain had Atletico players in Russia. In that sense Correa has not done enough to live upto the expectation when he was signed 5 years ago.

        • Correa had more minutes even in the last season than Partey (who is 25, Correa only 23).In the last 3 sesons much more minutes. Partey is a star and Correa not? Cmon 😀 Carrasco plays in China, is he a star too?

        • Correa is more talented than these players combined, and Simeone knows it well. He is still rough with very slowly imrpoving decision making, but natural gift talent. He started in the EL final, Partey only a late sub.

        • Correa signed 4 years ago and missed out one year due to the heart tumor that they found, so correa has been playing for 3 years with atletico and he’s a starter at the club and he just turned 23 not 25. I really don’t know why you’re making things sound so dire.

  6. Barcelona might have lent a hand to us in solving the Messi-Dybala dilemma by signing Malcolm. Malcolm operates in the same space that used to be occupied by a young Messi. Malcolm’s ultimate tendency is to cut in and occupy the space where Messi plays now. Lets see how Valverde makes this work. Valverde has helped Messi in evolving into a different player last season. Lets see if he can discover more in Messi this season.

    • It’s off. He has signed an extension with Independiente. West Ham was also very close to Lamela promising him first team football but Lamela said no thanks I prefer to rot on the Spurs bench and has signed an extension as well.

    • Maybe he will be better someday but I don’t see a reason not to start him already in NT having friendlies and nothing more ahead within year. I doubt he will do any worse than Aguero who is nothing more than poker when it comes to tournament.

      • Aguero saved Argentina ass and fight with Sampaoli reason being dropped and Argentina eliminated. I’m Aguero fan and he is the best striker but will not play in 2022 so i don’t want him in Argentina more but lautaro is long way to reach 50% of kun

      • For me enough is enough with Aguero, Di Maria n Higuain. They have combined played nearly 250 games for my for more than 12 years. They get an average of 3.5 out of 10 for their service to the NT. You can pick anybody over them and they won’t or can’t do worse than these guys.

        • “You can pick anybody over them and they won’t or can’t do worse than these guys”.

          Maybe not anybody but there’s a lot of possibilieties on their positions that can’t do worse, being younger at the same time.

      • Yes I think he should get called up, the kid needs more exposure. He is only 20 and playing for inter already. showing some vision

  7. Why dont this page gives some argentine players transfer gossips…… what the heil, why european giant clubs hardly go for argentine players…..

  8. A 4-4-2 was played, Icardi and Martinez lead the charge. They’re only pre-season friendlies it’s to early to judge but they are already assisting each other!

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