Sergio AGUERO wins it for Manchester City, DI MARIA shines for PSG


Two of Argentina’s starting players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup were the stars for their European club team as Sergio AGUERO and Angel DI MARIA both netted twice with Lautaro MARTINEZ giving Inter the win.

Sergio AGUERO has started off the season with two goals as his Manchester City took down Chelsea to win the Community Shield. The first goal came after just 13 minutes where a shot from just inside the edge of the area beat Willy CABALLERO. That goal was AGUERO’s 200th in a Manchester City shirt, a record.

However, that tally would not stand for long as shortly after the break, AGUERO netted goal number 201 with a lovely strike from inside the area. AGUERO looking ery sharp early in the season.

Over to Paris where DI MARIA lifted his own piece of silverware (along with Giovani LO CELSO) for PSG in their 4-0 win against Monaco to lift the Trophee des Champions. DI MARIA’s first was from a set piece as his free kick gave PSG the lead. A wonderful strike by the former Rosario Central man. Angel DI MARIA’s second goal of the night came from inside the area in injury team.

Lautaro MARTINEZ continues his excellent form for Inter in pre-season as he has now scored three goals. A pass sent into the Lyon penalty area found an unmarked Lautaro who scored ti give Lyon the 1-0 win.


  1. @Csabalala

    Tomas Martinez failed as hell but Mauro Diaz rather choose his own path of career to play in such leagues.

    Romero Gamarra is one of best players in MLS and I bet Paraguay NT will do good use of him. Leo Suarez has not luck. Everytime when he is backing to optimal form and knocking at the door of AVillarreal team heavy injuries haunt him. Still has a time.

    Messidoro, Colombatto and Maroni are not short. They are still the last vintage and should climb slowly up.

    I’m for tall players usually but I find it hard to say short playmakers just fail. My hope is especially in players like Vargas, Lovera, Sarrafiore – when it comes to short creators.

    You need always wait to player 28 or so to judge he have good career. Good example: Papu Gomez. The guy looked so medicree for years even as being to weak even for Ukrainian league and 1/2 years later was one of 2 best players in Serie A closing his 30.

    • Talleres is team to follow.

      I consider still CUbas as player who may make NT in future. Once typical destroyer with outstanding tackling now more like playmaker. Similar to Banega. In his debut for Talleres, one week ago, in Copa Argentina assisted on both goals and had more creative moments. He is pure talent. I would be surprised if some European clubs not asked for him once again in future despite his failed spell in Pescara.

    • Did Tomas Martinez fail and Mauro Diaz not? Why? 3 years younger, played in Braga (a club Mauro Diaz only dreamin) The most creative player in Houston, they are the same. Diaz failed in River too , played in a small chilean club then in Dallas, thats all, now in UAE. Diaz was even in our U20 team a sub.

      • I don’t know where from the date? Maroni is for sure taller than 170, the more Messidoro.

        The dates are like Whoscored. Not much touch with reality. Just like Palacios having 1,70. Nonsense.

    • Alejandro Gomez is a great small club player, where the pressure is minimal. I want to look him in a larger club (Lazio, Milan at least) to see how he handle the pressure, the critics and the bigger competition.

  2. Let’s Hope that the Kid’s wins it and breaks the dead-lock. Will be good for the upcoming days and most Importantly it will give Confidence to Scaloni-Aimar before taking up the senior team for the next 6 months( Although I presume it will be till Copa).

  3. Guys I have fanny feeling that Tata martino may become Argentina manager again.
    He is the guy who won a lot of games without Messi .
    His team always play atteractive football with good balance . Personally I will have him over Alex seballe, Jose pekerman. Diego simeone.

    Anything I know most of mundo followers crying to see icardi leading our attacking players . But me I wouldn’t care about him to be honest I see him as troublemaker.
    I maybe wrong personally I would take Giovanni simeone lautro martinez over him

      • Argentina is too big to go foreign manager.
        Don’t get me wrong i’m not Argentinean my self but I love Argentina national team I have been supporting 20 years now

      • Lautro can’t outshine Icardi under his shadow even lautro may be failed like alario, Icardi to Madrid and lautro leading Inter will be good for both Argentinian, Gio Simeone will lead Argentina in 2022

  4. As i said Argentina beat Uruguay and Russia too and India beat Argentina means Indian future is bright

  5. Next year Vojvoda in Talleres with his favourites Boca prospects, Cubas, Pochettino, Maroni, Messidoro…this short type of playmaker fail miserably nowadays, Mauro Diaz to UAE, Tomas Martinez, Romero Gamarra, Leonardo Suarez, Messidoro?, Maroni?, Barco? Colombatto?

    • No matter how only win matters and become champion, France is world Champion its doesn’t matter they won by playing attractive football or painfully football

    • Against Russia will be a real test, today the offensive play didnt work, I dont get the Almendra hype so far, today he did everything wrong. Phisically good, and thats all?

      • That was already test – of defence. We have decent defense but to win the tournament we need attack. After the game I could rip Almendra apart. Except pressing disappointed a lot.

        • I saw them defended well, great goalkeeping and opponent played a little better football in the first half still, they didn’t allow the opponent to score. Moreover, They managed to win even with 10 men and played better football in the second half. It doesn’t matter whether It is painful or not, eventually, they won it. It needs balance and you need to keep holding whenever you not playing well. Don’t expect the whole game playing attacking football, Result counts at the end.

  6. I’m so angry, the same shit like in 14-15 (with some good individual performances at that U20-level Angel Correa, Tomas Martinez, Simeone, Espinoza), in Olympics or in the last U20 qualifiers. The WC was better with Colombatto who can controll the play, and a decent passer (the main reason), Ascacibar can make the easy 5-10 meter passes constantly, and with Palacios, at least that seemed like a midfield, but lack of individual talent cost us that WC. (Lautaro absence…).

  7. Chaos, except Maroni nobody mature and gifted enough to make good passes constantly, so sad to see this play. This is your beloved teamplay Gonzalo? Please…

    • “This is your beloved teamplay Gonzalo?”

      the teamplay was there in first 2 games. Maybe because of opponent’s level or so but it was there. After 2 games they looked much worse

  8. Gap in the middle of our team. Ayala is alone on defensive tasks. Almendra and Moreno need to defend deeper. Where are our coaches to notice that?

  9. Why are we still discussing about these players??I don’t want to see any news regarding these players at all!!! Drop them all and start over!!!!!!!

    • Why drop??? You don’t trust our young players to earn their spot, Aguero is the best striker in the world always substitute for Argentina even can’t play all matches this world cup still a top scorer

        • noone yet Aguero label at moment but yes in long term prospects considering 2022 Icardi lautro and Dybala should give priority but if Aguero out performed all of them this season then dropping Aguero from copa will considered as crime as zenetti 2010, i am against old guards who are not only in the team but also playing 11 because of past reputation, i always consider in form player then past achiever or future potential

        • To be honest with you mate
          We got a lot of of things in common
          When it comes Argentina national team
          But icardi is problem he won’t be good for national team I would take lautro Martinez over him

        • To be honest with you we have a lot thing’s in common when it comes to Argentina national but Icardi is problem is not good for national team I would take lautro Martinez over him

  10. Today’s semi Argentina – Uruguay is going to be exciting. That’s fifty fifty. Uruguay is really strong team that continues the tradition of ‘garra charrua’ prowess. They won one of their COTIF games been losing 0:1 with 10 men. Showed a lot of character. Uruguay is 4th team of last U-20 WC.

    They have Thiago Vecino (3 goals) their new Cavani and with his assists and resemblance also new Forlan – Thomas Chacon.

    Argentina need to show the play of first two matches. After Aimar and Scaloni were appointed senior NT interim coaches (i.e. before the third game) it looked like the team play without coaching staff.

  11. I watched the game and Kun could have easily scored another, making Willy look like an idiot.
    When he finally and I stress FINALLY came around for the NT, he sits on the bench!!
    I want to see him stay and just for the fact that he stated that he is ready to play whenever the coach calls him, has earned him respect. Especially after having words about Sam.

  12. Surprised to not see any match report on the India match. The free kick goal by India was out of the world. Aguero keeps on proving how good he is. The wounds of the WC again opened up seeing him play. Why oh why are the Argentinean coaches the only one who dont put up the best 11 players in their respective positions. Most teams do exactly that.

    • I thing mundo teams are embarassed to put the news….but as indians we always supported argentines and enjoyed our victory.Mundo has to be more open hearted guyz.

  13. Lauturo Martinez looks promising. If he continues this form, I’d prefer him over Icardi, as he is both a creator and a finisher, while his partner is simply just a finisher.
    Aguero is also showing he should’ve started every game this World Cup, but sadly he didn’t. I would still place him in the front line for the Copa America.
    Di Maria is also showing he is still world class talent. He just simply needs to be put in the right position.

    I would bring all three to the copa America, and my Lineup would be the following

    Hopefully Dybala can grow with Ronaldo as his mentor, taking him to greater levels. Things look up for Argentina at the moment.

      • He need to win back his place in his club with the new coach. Currently there is a lot of competition in this PSG. Rabiot, Nkunku and Verratti are good and hungry. There is only 2 places available in the starting XI for 4 talented players.

    • I am excited to see the new Juve with Dybala playing a more central role. Hopefully Pogba will join as well. Dybala need to play with all these top players to learn. Will be great if they hire Jara and Ascacibar or Paredes too.

    • I think yes 4312 is the way we should play given the players we have, similar to France and Atletico but Banega-Paredes-Lanzini cannot offer enough protection to the defense, none of them are naturally defensive player. I will put Ascacibar and Lo Celso instead of Banega and Lanzini to keep the balance. I prefer Icardi as forward because we need a more traditional forward who can be used as pivot. Messi as 10 behind him and another striker. I like Dybala but A.Correa will be a good option too who can play as right winger and defend better. In defense, I agree with you, don’t see any solution much better.

    • No Romeo again, and Lanzini is injury porn wost than Dimria, Argentina should not depend on him and trust me he can’t play 3 back to back matches with out being injured, i will out Ascalibar/lo celso

    • “Lauturo Martinez looks promising. If he continues this form, I’d prefer him over Icardi, as he is both a creator and a finisher, while his partner is simply just a finisher”
      actually id take the latter as we need a striker who will get little service (unless things improve dramatically from the mids) and that means we need some one who is going to do what a striker is supposed to do…just score goals.

      this is the problem with modern football is to many people want and expect our strikers to do it all and why? i just want the striker to score goals and i simply dont care if they do nothing all game but score them, some thing we lacked for to long is that striker, we today have been for to long watching hig and kun on the halfway line and when we do actually get the ball in the box their is no one near it.

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