Argentina U20 with 2-0 victory against Mauritania at COTIF to reach semi finals


Lionel SCALONI’s Argentina U20 team are in the semi-finals of the COTIF tournament following a 2-0 win against MAURITANIA.

It took just two minutes for Argentina to find the back of the net following an Alvaro BARREAL volley. The assist coming from Adolfo GAICH (who scored both goals against Murcia). GAICH headed the ball forward into the area and BARREAL with a low volley’d shot put it past the goalkeeper. The first half ended 1-0 in favor of SCALONI’s boys.

Facundo COLIDIO took advantage of a massive defensive error by Mauritania as he chipped the ball over the goalkeeper and took a second shot to confirm the victory for his team.

Three wins out of three at COTIF and coach Lionel SCALONI is happy about it all. Following the victory, here’s what he had to say:

“Hopefully we can win the tournament. But if not, the important thing is that the kids leave with a feeling that they learned something important which is putting on this shirt and always giving it your all.

“Today, I was only thinking about the match against Mauritania. These kids deserve my utmost respect. If I start to think of what’s to come, it would be a lack of respect not only to them but to me as well.

“We have a footballing culture that very few countries have. If we can add proper behavior, humility and hard work, surely we will become what we once were at youth level.”

When asked about his good friend Pablo AIMAR, SCALONI had this to say:

“I have known Pablo (AIMAR) for a long time. Football wise, we think very similarly.”


  1. Albiceleste 06

    1. Who you are? First strip the disguise of another account. I know you are one of those memebers who always will regularly hide under another account while never enough serious, logic and responsible for what they write to keep under one account. You are one of those people who knows nothing about Argentina football and want to convince us there’s no future in this football nation.

    2. “LOL look at that GK how poor he his” – that says a lot about your football knowledge when you want to say a teenager who plays his first game in NT. Do you remember ROmero mistakes in NT? It took time to see him solid.

    3. I bet you didn’t watched the game and even did not know that was our sub players. Having most of best behind the tournament that was circa our C team.

    4. I had said before the game the sub players didn’t impressed me so I was somehow right

    5. The truth about this team is today against Uruguay

    6. Yes, Argentina source of talent is endless

      • “It just needs right system and Coach with vision”.

        I’m strongly convinced about that. Material always is there.

    • I dont want to underestimate argentine talents.talent is abundent in argentina but the path to sucess is not yet found….25 yearswithout a trophy is poor as far as argentina is considerwd.
      Even this is a sub team They lost to an Indian side whose average age is 17.5 and played half of the game with 10 men…. anyhow its a big boost for indian football

  2. Most have to understand this, This is and always will be about Argentine NT not about Messi or any other player, Football is a team game. Messi who is among the top 3 best player ever played football, who is any Argentine Fans proud, But he couldn’t win anything with us, so its time to move on. We had become too much dependent on him. He cant and he wont win any Trophy alone for us. Europeans do anything for winning even by man marking, Parking bus etc etc. Nowadays No team can win a World Cup who rely on Individual brilliance. It have to be a Team, We have to have a Team which is not dependent to any player, No matter whoever it is.

    There will be Life after Messi for Argentine football definitely, New Talents will come. We have been watching and enjoying Argentine football even before Messi was there. So lets board on this long troublesome transition period of Argentine Football.

    • Nagh. I would love to see Messi, Dybala, Icardi, Martinez, and Aguero lead the front line. The mid and defense are the problem, not the attack

  3. Argentina lost to India in a football match, not in cricket. Forget about age level, look at the name who beat whom? I am desperate now. Is there any possibility of changing these?

      • Argentina will win cotif tournament and India beat a top team is huge achievement and big day for us. In India football structure is very poor unlike cricket so it may be the just beginning in future anything can happen if African team starts ruling then why not India

        • @Romance KING, I don’t think Argentina sub-20 vs India sub-20 match count that much as Argentina fielded almost all sub players leaving all the best players for Semi-final. Yes, It would mean a lot for India If Argentina would have fielded all the best players. So, It is pointless to judge that way and see the way they played, how many chances did they create? If they had 2,3 shots and 2 of them went into the back of the net. Being very honest, Talent wise, It will take years and years for India to have such a talent Argentina Argentina produce. Even Top European countries they can’t produce such talents Argentina produce.

          • They field entierly sub team out of the COTIF squad. Not to mention about those who were not allowed by clubs.

        • @Gonzalo Yes I saw the full match thanks to you for the link. Argentina kept the ball too much and didnโ€™t release the ball quickly which helped india to regroup in defense. Itโ€™s one of those days the opponent wins due to mistakes of the other team or a brilliance

  4. Patience is the Key, We cant be world champions or Copa Champions the next day once a new coach or a new Project, cant blame us really we have been waiting for at least any trophy be it Confed Cup, Copa,or The WC for 25 years, Well that’s a long time. Germany is a great Role model they r still persisting with Loew, Germany lost in 2008 Euro, 2010 WC, 2012 Euro, but still they persisted with Loew. They finally Won the Damn WC in 2014, Same goes for France too. Its now or never, The Messi Era is over, Now we don’t have any fear factor, If we don’t implement a project now, We may become like Austria, Uruguay, Sweden (Teams which were great in the Past) either we drawn or we float.Tapia has to install a project (At least from outside he looks like he is going to implement something, Will it work for long time?? Hope so) The thing is We wont win Copa 2019, We wont win WC 2022, We wont win the next Copa after the 2022 WC too, but we may can win the 2026 WC were its in the Americas, Only If we start a project now. Talents will come its Argentina man.

    • Trophy less since 25yr fans calling patience, LOL every team golden generation win trophy. Germany comes close in 2008,10,12 but posohki klose lahm finally won, Chile golden generation won trophy after 99year trophy draught. Same for Spain generation 2008-2012, only chokers Netherland and in cricket South Africa golden generation failed to win. If Argentina this generation Messi Aguero failed to win then ready to become new chokers Netherland

      • 2019 copa is easiest chance to win trophy for Argentina if failed then Argentina win considered new chokers like Netherland and South Africa. In cricket South generation after generation came but their choking habits continue, India have to wait for 28yr and God of cricket Sachin have to play 5world cup to lift finally if Argentina fans really believe with out messi Argentina can win the world cup then keep dreaming, after Maradona era and start of messi era Argentina was considered like Colombia a quarter final team and after messi era Argentina again consider like Colombia until new messi or mardona came the best player of generations

        • “Argentina fans really believe with out messi Argentina can win the world cup then keep dreaming,”

          So you are basically implying that Messi Needs to be there in Qatar (35.5 years) and if he doesn’t makes it there he will have to be carried by wheel chairs in USA 2026( 39 years) also and this will continue. Mate, I am from India also. But please don’t mix up Cricket and Football. The two games are apart by light years. Sachin Played cricket till he was 39. Do you really think in today’s Football that is possible???? Moreover , we only won the World cup after we had a proper team(Sachin or no Sachin) in 2011 and the team was not dependent on Sachin like Argentina is with messi.
          So as much passionate as you are learn to think rationally. BTW am also a Huge Shah Rukh Khan fan.

          • That’s what I’m am trying to say in 2011 India wasn’t Sachin dependent still a top run scorer for India. I want Argentina in 2022 become same not messi dependent anymore, Practically Sachin retired in 2011, you should not have count his retirement from test cricket as it doesn’t have anything to do with next 2015 world cup, more than India Sachin deserves world cup same more than Argentina messi deserve world cup if India bounced back after disaster 2007 world cup then Argentina also can and i believe winning should start from 2019 copa just like India won t20 world cup just after an unforgettable 2007 world cup

          • What I’m hating from so called Argentina fans are writing off messi for 2022, messi is the best player in the world in 2018 and will remain till 2020, in a worst case messi remain one of top5 best player if not best and tell me a better player then messi from Argentina even in 2022 too, Argentina can’t depend messi anymore like previous shows glimpses in this world cup too but Argentina should build team along with messi because he is the not only best Argentina player but also the best player in the world

        • Again I would like to repeat Football and Cricket is not the same. What Sachin Can do in 35 years in Cricket, Messi will not be able to produce that in same age in football. understand the difference.

          • Zlatan played at his best at 35 then why not messi? If messi can win ballon d’or at the age of 33 and at his peck till 2020 then messi can still play his best in next 2year, most importantly in 2022 messi remains top5 best player in the world if not best

  5. You guys reacting everything in negative way .
    This is not even real under 20 team.
    This probably is third rate under 20 team

    Thier first 11 was rest because they have game against Uruguay today plus that result wasn’t change anything.

    Please you guys be logic.

    I honestly believe change will come before that It will be hard road .it will be taught times a head for Argentina national team.

    Anyone who can’t accept that you may as well quit now but real fans will stay thier team good time and bed time .

    I know some mundo followers ‘re following certain Argentina players and that is normal because Argentina re always produces good or great stars regardless weather afa is corrupt or not
    And that is unique to be honest.

    You will see albicelestes running the show again god willing.

    • This is a very big achievement for India considering the average age of Indian team is 17.5 and they played with 10 men.Even if its Argentina B team there are things to worry.If AFA is closing their eyes then its very difficult to recover.

  6. As much as I am happy for India( being an Indian), this shows the sorry state of affairs in the youth set up of Argentina. No plans, no projects, its only about milking the Senior team and its European based stars for money which seems to be the menu for AFA in the last decade. No wonder they played against sides like Hongkong, Singapore etc and no top rated coach is ready to take over the job( Remember Tapia Said in July that the Senior team must have a technician by August and ends up appointing a interim one).
    To a large extent we all want Simone/ Pocehtino to take over but we all know deep inside that they are never going to come to this mess. Tapia also knows that hence buying time so that the dust settles and peoples slowly forgets about them by December and will end up appointing Jorge Almiron or some other only to again fire him after Copa Debacle. In their pathetic quest for money they are making sure that Argentina is slowly but surely going the Hungary way.
    The optimistic Argentina fan inside me still wants to believe that Tapia has actually planned a project for the next 8-10 years and wants a rebuilding but their activities doesn’t truly give any indication of that sort.
    It’s a very difficult time to be an Argentine Supporter but it is this time that they need all our support.

  7. After poor behaviour of Argentina goalkeeper and early conceeded goal we can’t find way to India’s net. Only DM Rosales made positive impressions to me after first half.

    • Disappointed with Scaloni and Aimar apathetic lack of reactions ehen things goes wrong. They totally stick to bench.

    • its pathetic that a team like argentina lost to 10 man india. There is no explanation considering the history of argentine football. and as an indian iam happy for our lads they are consistently improving.

      • Gonzalo your so called future superstars lost to a poor asian team which consists of mostly U18 boys that played previous U17WC LOL look at that GK how poor he his.. i told ya argentina football is in such a pity poor condition , you just live in a fantasy world , the argentina talent pool is very poor nowadays not even anywhere close to previous generation

        • Messi’s friends Argentina lost to the World Champions 2018 (France) only.
          Messi’s & Argentinas’ enemies so called promising youth team lost to India!!!! Ha Ha Ha……. It tells everything. NO MORE ARGUMENT Please.
          Now we can repeat our old slogan “sack the coach …….. captain and his friends …… etc ”
          The truth is Argentina mafia is the real culprit.

  8. Spaletti is still considering adding Paredes to his roster. Either way, I hope Paredes moves to a better club and league. Inter or Napoli would be ideal, as long as he plays on a regular basis.

  9. My line up for copa 2019
    Rulli – RB F.Mori Otamendi Tagliafico – Lo Celso Ascaliber Benega – Messi – Dybala Aguero. Sub: Icardi lautaro Parades
    Coach: Simeone

  10. Dear Romance King,

    You can stop the romance with Simeone..Simeone once said he wants to manage both Argentina National Team and Club football..not sure if that is a possibility and moreover he will not quit his work with Atheltic Madrid..

    • Simeone is 3rd most title win manager since after Pep and Simeone since 200-2010 and look at the money spending by other manager compare to simeone, Simeone is consistently features in Fifa best coach award if Argentina got simeone then it will be blessing of all fans. Argentina needs strict coach like simeone if not then i will go with Scaloni and Aimar depending on what happens in cotif tournament and upcoming friendlies

  11. Aguero & Messi deserve trophy for NT at senior label, Argentina midfield issue never is going to solve but defense can, so with a solid defense and strong attack with a strong DM and decent midfield and most probably messi as midfield with Aguero Dybala Icardi upfront will be disaster for any defense, if Argentina copy country attacking Strategy of France in world cup then Copa is on Argentina Kitty, I feel very sad Argentina didn’t utilise Aguero from and messi peck in world cup

  12. Argentina can’t win with bilesa philosophy so i hate attractive football with high line defense. Look at France become world Champion playing same way like Argentina 2014, unfortunately Argentina had to face Netherland and Germany where France much easier Belgiam and Croatia.

    • Argentina needs simeone and defensive coach with counter attack, trust me with a attack like Aguero Icardi lautaro Dybala abd messi as midfielder no team can beat Argentina and 1986-87 born captain only become champion so Brazil has no chance and Argentina winning 2019 copa

  13. Copa America 2019 is easiest tournament ever for Argentina no teams looks strong enough to beat Argentina except Brazil even Brazil has so many flaws and beatable. With a solid defense and strong attack messi Dybala Aguero Icardi lautaro winning copa should be cackwalk for Argentina

  14. Aguero form is wasted in world cup 2018 and its very unfortunate that U20 world cup golden ball winner failed to win world cup hope winning copa is first and last victory for kun in senior team

  15. Just went back from Shenzhen for PSG-Monaco, unfortunately 0 minute for Lo Celso despite PSG victory and Di Maria decent performance. I guess it will be a tough year for Lo Celso, the midfield Diarra-Rabiot-Verratti worked perfectly, even the young Nkunku can be a serious challenger as he can play as winger or box to box. Lo Celso need to improve his level otherwise he will be benched for a while.

  16. We need to have a Project for 8 to 10 years, Well AFA finally may have realized that. Hopefully by 2026 we can have a great NT. There will always be talents coming from Argentina but without a project all those talents are not being utilized properly.

    • AFA having a 8 to 10 years project?
      This has to be the most laughable thing i have read in a long time. That institution is incapable of having a vision for more than a year or two.
      Look if there are too many negative results in the coming cycle, expect a new round of rumours, fake news and the likes popping up asking your coach to resign and there goes out of window your 10y project.

    • @Mik

      of course you are right saying that we need 8-10 years project. Just like Germany before they finally won in 2014. Only long term planning and work at the grass roots may bring best things.

      But I have still doubt AFA is able to do that. There are managing people who just want to keep the seats to fill his pockets.

      For several reasons long term planning does not go hand in hand with interests of these people. Tapia wants money. He wants Argentina NT as money making machine. Hence friendlies in USA. Hence they will organize another friendlies in East Asia with clause (and sposnsor contracts) that Messi must play because people all over the world just want to see him and will pay a lot for that.
      They will want to squezze Messi as lemon despite the fact everyone knows it is better now to give him a break and let play and grow our youngsters which must learn how to depend on themselves.

      It’s hard for AFA go on firendlies with bunch of unknown names which will not draw the public as do well known European stars.

      Just to fire a coach is easiest possible decision. The coach, whoever he is, beceome then scapegoat who may channelling all the blunders and sins this federation is repeating still. The last thing I do belive is that each of Batista, Martino, Bauza, Sampaoli was just poor coach. Impossible.

      The fat people behind steereing wheel of AFA will always fire a coach to save their own heads. It’s normall after any disappointing tournament that crowd, folk, people crave blood and falling heads. And AFA give them some heads.

      Look at Germany they keep with Loew despite their WC lost.

      Our coaches know well that and they are also take the easist. Knowing that you will be fire within a year if your team will not deliver push them to still back old, experienced players (suppoosed guarantee of good result) when tournaments comes instead implement any long term projest that implicate risk and initial dificulties and grace period. As long as our coaches will lead only to first tournament lost we will not build (usually 1 year) and stability.

  17. When you insist on your contraversial decisions and then fail โ€”> people want you out.

    When you do your best and fail โ€”> people are willing to give you a 2nd chance.

    What our coaches did was โ€žShut up! I know best! All of you dont know shitโ€œ.
    Of course people are going to come for their head and rightfully so because they are ignorant individuals who insist on bad decisions although the whole world knows itโ€˜s a bad decision.

    Gareca did his best and thats why people want him to stay. Peru is a team that is happy to go the world cup or reach the 1/8 final.
    Argentina is a team that has only 1 outcome to be happy and that is winning the world cup.

    Very simple.

  18. Argentina to play Uruguay in semis of COTIF tournament as Celeste have drawn with Russia yesterday.
    Today Argentina have last group game, against India.

  19. Congrats Ricardo Gareca, the would be Peru coach in advance. He may be chosen as the coach of Peru again!

    It is heartening to see that the football federation of that country invests a lot of faith in him. He will have more powers this time. It is a wise decision to choose Peru because he will have more self respect and more powers there. There senior players will not disrespect and dominate him, the football federation will not backstab, and they don’t have ruthless fans all over the world who will cry for his blood if the team gets eliminated in a tournament.
    By the way Peru is taking initiatives for a better future. They are building a sports city and restructuring their domestic league.

  20. See, Tuchel gets it! Di Maria against Monaco was ๐Ÿ”ฅ! A left-footed winger has to play on the right wing! Itโ€™s common sense! I do not understand why Argentina insist on putting him in the left flank. And he is one of the best wingers in the world when placed in his preferred position.

    So many players of quality but being misplaced by clueless managers.
    Di Maria-Messi-Aguero would have worked perfectly during the World Cup but again, what couldโ€™ve been.
    Itโ€™s a real shame looking back knowing all this embarrassment couldโ€™ve been avoided.
    Time to move on tho.

    My line up for the Copa America 2019: 4-3-3

    Messi would drop as a False nine, with Aguero shifting into the CF position, with Tagliafico pushing up to be a LF of sorts tokeep the width on the left flank, seeing Aguero would leave that part of the field vacant, turning Argentinaโ€™s shape into a 3-1-2-1-3! A system heโ€™s used to playing in Barcelona.

    Again, this in my opinion.

    Itโ€™s up to the new manger, whoever they will be, to implement it. So many quality, hopefully the next coach doesnโ€™t blow it all away

    • Dimaria is lost his prime, now Dimaria is not whom 3year ago, Dimaria absence cost Argentina in 2014,2015 finals but in 2016 copa his presence cost and continue after that. Aguero may not be the same 1year later and messi in next 3year so its time to build the team and selected players on current form not past records

      • My line up Rulli – RB- CB- Otamendi- LB – Lo Celso – DM – Benega – Dybala/Lautaro Messi – Icardi/Aguero

  21. AFA please hire simeone not bilesa students anymore, pekerman is good one but his decision making at crucial test is worst but his students Aimar and scaloni is good choice not only as intern coach but also as permanent if Argentina u20 team win cotif tournament and performed good in November friendly

      • Aimar and scaloni are intern coach not permanent, i don’t want bilesa students anymore

      • So I take it that Inter have stopped chasing paredes? I’m fearful that Paredes might be stuck in Russia for a while, which is quite a waste but I think his 35 mill price tag is prohibitive to many clubs. There were reports a while back that Napoli were interested in him and that would be amazing especially since Ancelloti is coaching.
        What ever happens I really hope that leandro continues to develop because like Ascacibar, celso, lamela, A.Correa and Acuna I see Paredes as an important piece of the puzzle.

        After his abysmal performance at the world cup I find it hard that anyone is interested in Meza.

        Gonzalo what’s Almendra like? Any good?

  22. So Maxi Romero will wear No.10 in PSV? Today in Supercup againsr Feyenord still only on the bench. He could be with U-20 team now.

      • Hope he will join for Sudamericano or U-20 WC if we qualify. ATM Gaich looks solid. Also Julian Carranza for Banfield had good performance 2 days ago in Copa Sudamericana. That is when it comes to U-20 forwards.

  23. “Augustin almendra”.
    I hope the name n hype stays.
    We are desperately in meed of quality young bloods n visionary brains to pick them.

  24. Captain Agustin Almendra from Boca is theme for another story with all the talent he has and demand for such physical player in senior team. I heard already comparisons to young Riquelme, Pogba de Argentino, Batancour with more potentiall. Another player we may compare to him is Enzo Perez though physical domination of Almendra is prevailing here. In fact he is probably not that tall as he seems to be in real game thanks to his long legs, and strong. His movement is probably most similar to black players I ever saw in Argentina.

    May play several position: CM, No.5, box-to-box, sometimes more like winger. In this Argentina team he play ‘libero’ position but not in that old meaning as last defender but more etymologically as player who just play wherever he want: dropping deep to defence line to start action, sometimes with long pass, to be in a while attacking as enganche or winger. He is not type of passer, rather runner, but his long passing is very good. His main defensive quality is high pressing for which however he is sometimes too far off our goal too back in time.

    He impressed me since his april debut in Boca. There are outstanding talents that deserves to be called up early, really early. Just like Bielsa did with 19 years old Mascherano, taking him straight out of River reserves. Almendra is such player. We need coach with vision who can see potentiall of player no matter where he play and what age he is. We need to start incorporate sooner our youngsters than it was recently. The sooner we incorporate them the sooner gather the fruits. But it needs time. That’s long term project.

  25. Vital figures in our U-20 team: RM Alvaro Barreal (Velez), No.5 Andres Ayala (Estudiantes), CM Agustin Almendra (Boca), striker Adolfo Gaich (San Lorenzo), CB Leonardo Balerdi (Boca).

    Especially midfielders Barreal, Ayala, Almendra. All they were in Russia to spar with senior team.

    Barreal seems to embody all we love in Argentina short, fast, endowed with technical skills, creative players. Constant danger for opponents goal. Contributed to every Argentina goal that was scored during his presence on the pitch. Easily could wear No.10 t-shirt in the team.

    Wee Ayala, playing 5 role, looks like better version of Biglia (at least at the age and in this tournament of few questionalbe opponents) with inner imperative to distribute creative passes forward, very often one touch, with natural aggresive pressing and tackling. Seems to be most inteligent out of our players.

  26. Today in COTIF tournament Uruguay play with Russia after 1st place in B group. Russia Uruguay,Argentina as well) won all 3 games and scored most goals in tournament. The winner of the group will avoid Argentina in semifinal as Argentina seems to be already go there out of top group position (even if lost against India in last game) having 8 goals scored without any conceeded. With Russia seems strong, Uruguay, Argentina and possibly Venezuela (still finalsit of last U-20 WC) as the 4th team to qualifiy the semis are going to be quite interesting.

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