Argentina U20 make final of COTIF after defeating Uruguay on penalty kicks


Argentina have made the final of the COTIF following a dramatic penalty shootout win against Uruguay.

After sufferign a shock 2-1 defeat against India, Lionel SCALONI’s U20 team were up against Uruguay in the semi-finals. With a match against Russia in the final up for grabs, Argentina managed a shootout win, despite going down to 10 men. Andres AYALA was shown his second yellow card of the match which got his sent off but it was Estudiantes goalkeeper Jeronimo Portau which was the star.

The final against Russia takes place on Wednesday and despite not playing well in their previous two matches, hopefully they’ll be able to put that behind them and win the tournament.


  1. Facundo Ferreyra is disappointment so far, Castillo will sit him on the bench if he wont start to product, and Jonas is there too (30+ goals/season striker in Portugal), Cervi goal, Salvio assist

  2. Btw anyone saw Mexican league . Tigres vs cruz azul. How did pizarro & Marconi play. Can they be better version of biglia. Always felt pizarro didn’t get enough chances in NT. How’s Marcone. Can he come into NT as a masche replacement

    • Didnt watch that match…but from what I have heard marcone is highly regarded by crux azul fans.
      Personally i dont like pizarro for NT

  3. Roy with all due respect u posted all the matches except the loss vs india…as an indian who supported albicelate for more than two decade i feel bad.
    Anyways as an argentine fan we need this cup……
    Vamos argentina

  4. They have played poor first half. Something good happend to our morale in the break as they looked to start to believe we may make final. With the morale of second half and 11 men team the opportunities could be there no doubt. Maroni hit the post and some other good moments in second half.

    But generally our first 2 matches impressed me. After the 2 games Scaloni and Aimar were appointed the imterim coaches and it looked that somehow influenced negatively them and our team. THere must be other reason as well.

  5. I havent seen the game but going by the highlights, it seems we were extremely lucky to pass through…
    Not impressed at all by what i see… again through the highlights.

      • Absolutely they need to improve and play their best match to beat Russia. However it seems we have quite good defence. Especially Pourtau and Balerdi.

    • I guess that’s ok. Much needed quota of luck. We didn’t deserve to lose to Chile, Germany or draw to Iceland. So some luck now is welcome

      • When it comes to youth teams: we didn’t deserve to lost to England and Corea on last U-20 WC as we were optically the better team then.

        • With a horrible goalkeeper, and without centre forward (Ponce maybe even worse than Boye, with the worst centre forward in the NT history maybe we win…), ofc Colidio over Gaich all day, dont be blind again, Gaich is a limited poacher.

          • Colidio is nothing special in comparison to strikers Argentina produce in recent years. Ponce no doubt more talented.

          • You start to babble again? What’s problem with Gaich? I’m not his promotor but the fact is as far he is better than Colidio in this tournament.

          • Boye is far more talented than Colidio. Do you want to judge his career already? Do you know how old he is?

          • @csabalala I watched at least 45 minutes of each last 5 matches and i have to say Colidio dissapointed me. So far in this tournament Gaich played better than Colidio. One positive thing i will say about colidio is he is calm and cool when taking a penalty otherthan that i havent seen much.
            Also from watching highlights of previous COTIFs i think Colidio is not half as good as Icardi or Lautaro but the kid is young so he can improve a lot in future

          • @Csabalala

            bro, I didn’t started to predict. Where? I just say what I think. YOu may disagree but I’m strongly convinced Boye is more talented than Ponce, Ponce more talented than Colidio. Gaich rather not more talented than Colidion but so far better in this tournament. As you’ve said ‘poker’. But again so far good poker. Colidio still has a lot of years to prove he is better than I think. I hope he will do that but I doubt he will be important one for NT in future with Martinez and other IMO more talented players for example Carranza of Banfield or Maxi Romeo.

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