Lionel MESSI breaks FC Barcelona record in Spanish Super Cup, Emiliano SALA scores


Lionel MESSI broke another FC Barcelona record while Emiliano SALA scored.

Another day another record for Lionel MESSI. FC Barcelona defeated Sevilla 2-1 to win the Spanish Super Cup and with Andres INIESTA no longer at the club, it meant that Lionel MESSI is club captain. Wearing the armband, MESSI lifted the Spanish Super Cup securing a club record 33rd trophy.

MESSI overtook Andres INIESTA who was on 32 trophies. While he didn’t score, MESSI did play a great through ball to Luis SUAREZ which was ultimately wasted and his free kick which hit the post fell to Gerard PIQUE who scored off the rebound.

Over in France, Emiliano SALA scored for FC Nantes in their 3-1 loss to Monaco. Despite being 3-0 down and in injury time, Nantes continued to press and got their goal through Emiliano SALA.

The former Bordeaux man shot from just outside of the area and got the consolation goal for his team.


  1. There is a Lethal Play maker (something like Riquelme) in Messi that’s the Version which we can use in 2022, He don’t have to start and complete the Move, He can start it someone else should complete it. But before that we need to find Attacking players who dont Squander the Passes which Messi will give no matter even if he is 35. Higuain , Aguero, Dimaria has always been wasting Messi’s passes. Lautaro – Icardi Combo May be?? That combo sounds great on paper.

  2. I watched the game and Messi seemed to be taking it easy and not forcing the issue but truth be told his passing to connect with the attackers is out of this world, somebody can correct me but who is a better passer?

    • Nobody. May be ever. For ever really, Messi passes to forwards are out of this world. Etched in my mind is the pass he made, during Olympic 2008 I think, to whom and what game exactly I don’t remember. On the ground, between multiple players, opponents and teammates, and from a distance. I have never seen a pass like that’s ever. It was unreal, the vision, the creativity. Wow.

  3. Had Messi chosen Spain 2008-2012 generation instead of Argentina, Messi was considered as great for NT like club label, respect Messi sacrifice and love for country instead of criticising

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