Lautaro MARTINEZ scores volley for Inter, Gonzalo HIGUAIN scores first for Milan


Lautaro MARTINEZ scored a fantastic volley for Inter while Gonzalo HIGUAIN managed his first goal for new club Milan.

Roberto PEREYRA wasn’t the only Argentine player to score a volley on Saturday. Newly signed Lautaro MARTINEZ continues to impress in pre-season, this time adding a volley to his name. MARTINEZ scored the only goal in Inter’s 1-0 win against Atletico Madrid in the International Champions Cup.

From one Milan team to the other, Gonzalo HIGUAIN scored his first goal for his new team AC Milan. HIGUAIN’s goal was the only one for Milan in their 3-1 loss against Real Madrid. With the score at 1-0, HIGUAIN’s curled shot from the edge of the penalty area beat the goalkeeper to draw Milan level. However, Madrid would eventually add two more goals.


        • Heinze said he is ready for 1st league. Vargas, Dominguez, Robertone, Ortega, Almada, De La Fuente makes Velez No.1 team for talent hunters.

          • …………………Pourtau



            Why you ask? Confused Almada with Almendra? On COTIF was Almendra, other outstanding talent. Almada was close to be there as well but finally stayed in club. He was with U-20 team in Russia to spar with seniors during WC and even had played once as the only junior on the senior side on training.

    • Only Palacios was in the other list in another article. The other 4 were new names. Gaston Togni (had been part of NT junior levels but performed below par), Alexis MacAllister, Andres Cubas and Almada (there is the same sensation sorrounding his introduction to the one there was when Barco appeared first).

  1. Great goal from a player with a lot of potential. This goal reminded me of Ronaldo’s goal vs Turkey in 2002 WC (I saw many goals like this one, but this is the only one that reminded me of Ronaldo’s). Maybe this guy is gonna be a super star and that’s the reason my memory went back 16 years. Hope he will be part of the under-construction-Argentina team.

    • To be fair although he scored the beautiful goal, he didn’t perform very well in the match. He was quite sloppy in possession. He needs to be quicker in decision making. Like needs to know when to release the ball quickly or if he needs to keep the ball.

      • No wonder Spalleti had some harsh words for him. He reckons Lautaro needs to get a lot of his basics right like releasing the ball, ball control and things like that before he can make an impact.

  2. I don’t/can’t watch Argentine league as it’s not telecasted here in India. Do you know any sites that will give analysis and highlight of games?

  3. @Mik

    “For some reason I like this guy” (Colombatto)
    not only you like him and there are sensible reasons. I belive he will rather climb the rather of his career because Serie B is not his level.

    • gonzalo, i am fan of you.
      ur informations about argentina football are much better than other you have any facebook id.

      i am hopeful about colombatto.but playing in a serie b team is not upto standard.he is tall and very good vision with long range accuracy.he was dubbed as new redondo two years back.he was the first guy from that un20 team went abroad.but ascasibar,lautaro, simione are having better time than him.i think he should have stayed in argentina for couple of years.

      • Thanks sunnyh1n1,

        it’s only Argentina football passion that I’m driven by to search for informations.
        For several reasons I have not facebook. You may also get a lot of informations from Golazo Argentino or Tyc Sports, Ole.

        And I will follow Colombatto as well till better times.

        • diario ole,tycsport,golazo i know about all of these.but i got information about robertone, almendra from u.ur information is more authentic.
          btw,cagliari may sell colombatto next friday.

          • Sunny,

            “cagliari may sell colombatto next friday”
            I have already information from you I had not 🙂
            You see we complement each other. I hope he will left the club.

            Most of the informations you can’t find in net I have are gotten straightly from my watching live games of less known teams and players. For example I don’t see anywhere interest on Nicolas Dominguez DM of Velez, I’m impressed for a while. But I know he is worth attention. Another Superliga live matches follower, @Mamoun, may confirm that. To be informed best you should just follow full matches. Stats are not good source of knowledge (supplement at best). So many good players never looked impressive according to stats.

    • Why is any Argentine Primera Liga Clubs not interested in him, He is clearly struggling in Italy to find stable playing time in a Quality team. He wont be that expensive too. He didn’t even play in the Argentine league till now is int it? There is something about the Left footed Midfield/Play makers players that make them unique Messi, Dybala, Lo Celso, Colambatto seems to be another addition. Well no comparisons but just saying. When on earth are we going to see all those young players in action for us in Senior level???

      • “L’arrivo di Filip Bradaric (26) al Cagliari mette alla porta uno tra Luca Cigarini (32) e Santiago Colombatto (21). L’Unione Sarda fa sapere che il club rossoblu, dopo l’ingaggio del croato, entro venerdì prossimo ha intenzione di cedere l’ex Napoli e Parma oppure l’ex Perugia e Trapani”.

        So there’s a chance Colombatto will leave Cagliari and go to better place for him. Hopefully to some Argentina club (place where most likely will find himself there), where he never had played in 1st league. Our talents needs mentall comfort and feel home wherever they play to show best. He has the same problem Cubas (Talleres) had, Mauri or Iniguez (still in Udinese). I have no doubt they are gifted but their European clubs apparently could not made conditions for their developement.

        • roberto pereyra could be a good addition for argentina for the next phase.he is a workhorse and has good skills.injury ruined him.if he can manage that,will be handfull for both club and country.

  4. @ Godin11

    It’s largely subjective, some (those of us who love Argentina) will say Argentina’s and some (those who support Brazil) will say its Brazil’s, it’s alot like people arguing whether la liga or the premier league is the best league.
    Personally i can’t really comment because I don’t watch brazil’s liga but when one looks at the copa lib (SA’s equivalent of the champions league) it’s always very close between argentina’s and brazil’s clubs.

  5. i am really eager to see the CB pairing for new look NT squad. While Otamendi definitely can walk in till Copa 19, it will be great to see a new pair . The options seem to be:
    RCB – Musachio , Mammanna, Martinez Quarta
    LCB – Pezella , Funes Muri , Rojo , Barboza , Walter Kannemann, Conti

    I think long term will be Mammana & Conti with Musachio & Pezella as subs.

  6. Can anyone please tell me which one is better league. Argentina super league or Brazilian league because I was listing radio while I was driving some journalists in south America was saying. Argentina super league is the league to watch .
    Is Argentina superliga the best in south America?

    Thank you …

    • It’s hard to say. Two competitive leagues. You may see that in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. Both the leagues have 5-10 strong teams which may win Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudamericana. But here’s my advice: if you are Argentina NT fan – better watch Argentina Superliga 🙂 As Mamoun have said, it’s addictive.

      • Thanks mate:that is exactly what he was saying the journalist who is based in South America {Argentina superliga is the one to watch} .

        But like me is been brainwashed by English premier league.

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