Franco CERVI, Gio SIMEONE, Alan FRANCO and more named rumored for Argentina call-up


More names are being rumored to get called-up to the Argentina squad.

Interim Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI reportedly has more names in mind that he wants to call-up for next month’s friendly matches. As we reported yesterday, Geronimo RULLI, German PEZZELLA, Ramiro FUNES MORI, Leandro PAREDES, Santiago ASCACIBAR, Matias VARGAS, Mauro ICARDI and Lautaro MARTINEZ are all set to make the team for the matches against Guatemala and Colombia.

However, per TyC Sports, there are more names. Franco CERVI of Benfica, Giovani SIMEONE of Fiorentina, Alan FRANCO of Independiente and Fabricio BUSTOS also of Independiente are expected to make the squad.

Furthermore, there are 9 players from Argentina’s World Cup squad which should also make the matches next month. Franco ARMANI, Gabriel MERCADO, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, Marcos ACUNA, Eduardo SALVIO, Giovani LO CELSO, Paulo DYBALA and Cristian PAVON. Sergio ROMERO is the 9th player but that would depend on his recovery.

It also appears as though Angel DI MARIA and Nicolas OTAMENDI are being taken into consideration and have been told so by SCALONI. But the interim coach will give Franco CERVI and German PEZZELLA a chance.

If the names being mentioned are true, here would be the list:

Geronimo RULLI

Fabricio BUSTOS

Marcos ACUNA
Giovani LO CELSO

Franco CERVI
Eduardo SALVIO
Cristian PAVON


  1. …………………Rulli


    …..Lo Celso…….Paredes…….



  2. …………………Rulli


    …..Lo Celso…….Paredes…….



  3. I like the list but Mercado. There should be also place for Pourtau/Andrada instead Armani for Battaglia/Almendra, Fabrizio Angileri, J. Correa/A.Correa/Pity Martinez instead Simeone.

    Good to see another Independiente player after Tagliafico, Bustos, Meza – Alan Franco (for sure better than Magallan). Good to see Bustos. Good to see Cervi. Pezzella. Ascacibar, Paredes. And first of all good to see Matias Vargas.

    But here is much more positives ahan negatives.

      • Gonzalo : the best thing for argentina players is to move to italien league , not spanish , only italiens promotes as much as argentines as ever , its the best place for argentine players , you also see , that most young players are establishing there, if you compare with other leagues , italy has most number of argentine players.
        They live happily , the develop there , they became the best there .

  4. I think with the Players available 4-3-3 would be good, 4 Defenders with Lo Celso – Ascacibar – Paredes in Midfield and Lautaro/Angel – Icardi – Dybala as Strikers. It looks good on Paper, It Always looks great on paper by the way…

  5. I am sure that Di Maria, Banega, Otamendi, Aguero and Higuain will continue to perform well with their club but we should move on and try with new players. In 4 years they will be too old. There is no need to call them back.

    • higuain and Dimaria lost their best and seems otamendi a bench warmer this season after loparte arrival only Aguero and messi still in prime but can’t last till 2022 so its better to move on but I would like to kun and messi in copa

  6. Well I don’t agree that Acuna is an average player. I understand why people think he does not have the level because he played as winger or as fullback with NT. I see him more as a box to box midfielder, similar to Matuidi, who was also an average winger before being converted to midfielder. He will be 31 years old in 4 years, so still ok. Unlike Salvio, he knows how to defend. The only constraint is his profile only fits for a 433 system, along with a pure DM and a CM.

    I am very supportive for 433 or 4312 because that gives a better protection to the defense, which is still under construction. The list of players looks inline with my expectation. Just surprised why Mercado and Salvio are still here. I like to see:

    – Lo Celso or Paredes, Ascacibar, Acuna in the midfield
    – Dybala as playmaker/9-half, hope that Vargas will have some playing time
    – Icardi as forward
    – Martinez or Pavon as false winger/striker, but I actually prefer Angel Correa in this role, unfortunately he was not chosen.

    Cervi will probably step in as a super sub. When Lanzini recovers, I am also keen to see him as playmaker and move Dybala as Icardi’s partner in attack.

    I can see lots of players who like and know defending. Will be a very exciting start with these new players.

  7. What is Funes Mori doing there? And the same goes to Salvio.
    Is Mammana still injured? Battaglia still in feud with Sporting?
    What about Kannemann? Is he good enough? He scored against Estudiantes in the CL away leg for Gremio last week, didnt he? He was linked with a move to Serie A as reported here weeks ago and also to Everton.

    • Mammana is like Varane 4-5 years ago, certainly talented but not tough enough yet. Hope that he can find himself a good club to grow up. Zenith is no good for any Argentine players. I really hope that all of them will leave during this summer.

  8. Mercado was not needed, Its strange to see Romero again.The man is immortal i guess, All our coaches r obsessed with him, Its true that he has always been decent for us. But isn’t its the time to move on?? One of the main reason Romero looks decent is because he had better understanding with the Defense which will obviously happen because he has played so many matches for the National Team along with Otamendi – Garay – Mori – Rojo etc etc. Give a New Goal keeper a chance to build an understanding with the New defense. We all blame Fazio – Armani blunder in that match against France. How did that happened? How many matches they have played together? ZERO. Its bound to happen. Its time to try someone like Rulli, Andrada, Musso etc.

    Angel Correa should be there, Gio Simeone well i don’t think he is that good. But still great to see so many young faces. Everyone deserves chance to showcase their Talent.

  9. No need to select Acuna, Marcado, Salvio. Salvio & acuna very average. We need new rightback like montial & jara not marcado. Happy to see varges , Alan Franco.

  10. The line up ( if true) looks refreshing and after a long time I am really looking forward to see Argentina playing with this young guns.

    Let’s move on from the old guards and try the new kids on the block. We all know what to expect from the old guards, so if at all required they ( only Dimaria, Banega Otamendi ,Aguero and may be Rojo depending on his club form )can be reinstated before or during the copa. For Messi, I believe he will play in the Copa next year in Brazil and hopefully by then we can built up a team not depending on Messi ,and the GOAT can play as just another player. We have good enough talents to become a competitive team within next 2 years and hopefully AFA starts a project which is long overdue.

    Having said that if the young guns fail in first few friendlies (Specially against Colombia, United States and the rumored match against Brazil) we have to be patient and give them time rather than pressing the panic button and re-calling the old dinosaurs once again.

  11. We hv no talent in defence …..we hv to admit these defenders are not world class so we should hire Diego simeone type manager who knows how to defend

  12. I expected battaglia to be called up. He is as good as Paredes . His ball distribution skill is even better than Paredes . I think Paredes and battaglia both should be been included. Give you thought guys .

  13. Rulli – Bustos F.Mori Pazella Tagliafico – Ascaliber – parades Lo celso – Dybala – lautaro Icardi (c) Sub- Pavon, Gio Someone, valgars

  14. already given an opportunity to acuna, salvio, mercado and armani nothing has happened. no use of these guys. please let them go out. get new players like foyth, nahuen perez, axel warner and agustin almendra. those players should show their skills to European countries so that they will get chance to purchase by European clubs

  15. All due respect and lot of loves towards him i really don’t want to see Di-Maria anymore. Well maybe only super sub or something. We have new good potential player to replace him

    • Once upon a time Dimaria injury ckst Argentina but since copa 2016 Dimaria presence cost. Dimaria, higuain, Biglia, mache cost this world cup

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