Argentina team announced, Mauro ICARDI, Paulo DYBALA and many new faces


Interim Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has announced his list of players for next month’s friendly matches.

Lionel SCALONI’s list has been announced and the squad looks very similar to that which we have been reporting the last few days. A total of 29 players have made the team. We have 3 goalkeepers, 10 defenders, 10 midfielders and 6 forwards.

Here’s the list which has been released:


Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United)
Geronimo RULLI (Real Sociedad)
Franco ARMANI (River Plate)


Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla)
Marcos ACUNA (Sporting CP)
Ramiro FUNES MORI (Villarreal)
German PEZZELLA (Fiorentina)
Eduardo SALVIO (Benfica)
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (Ajax)
Walter KANNEMANN (Gremio)
Alan Franco (Independiente)
Leonel DI PLACIDO (Lanus)
Fabricio BUSTOS (Independiente)


Maxi MEZA (Independiente)
Matias VARGAS (Velez)
Franco CERVI (Benfica)
Franco VAZQUEZ (Sevilla)
Giovani LO CELSO (PSG)
Leandro PAREDES (Zenit)
Santiago ASCACIBAR (Stuttgart)
Rodrigo BATTAGLIA (Sporting CP)
Exequiel PALACIOS (River Plate)
Gonzalo MARTINEZ (River Plate)


Cristian PAVON (Boca Juniors)
Angel CORREA (Atletico Madrid)
Lautaro MARTINEZ (Inter)
Mauro ICARDI (Inter)
Giovanni SIMEONE (Fiorentina)
Paulo DYBALA (Juventus)

Out of those 29 players, only 9 were part of Argentina’s FIFA World Cup squad. Franco ARMANI, Gabriel MERCADO, Marcos ACUNA, Eduardo SALVIO, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, Maxi MEZA, Giovani LO CELSO, Cristian PAVON and Paulo DYBALA made the team in June.


  1. 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 :
    GK : Rulli
    RB : Mercado
    RCB : Pezzella (C)
    LCB : Kannemann
    LB : Tagliafico
    RDM : Ascacibar
    LDM : Paredes
    RAM : Salvio
    CAM : Dybala
    LAM : Acuna
    ST : Icardi

    Subtitution :
    GK : Armani/ Romero
    RB : Bustos/ Di Placido
    RCB : Franco
    LCB : Funes Mori
    RDM : Battaglia
    LDM : Lo Celso
    RAM : Pavon/ Correa/ Meza
    CAM : G. Martinez/ Palacios
    LAM : Cervi/ Vargas/ Vazquez
    ST : L. Martinez/ Simeone

    The reason is they played almost all matches last season (2017/2018).

  2. A step in the right direction overall, in terms of bringing in the next generation and getting rid of most of the old guard.


    Why are Acuna and Salvio defenders?

    Are we playing wing backs?
    I hope not.

    I hope they aren’t doing a Sampaoli.

    Just play guys in the positions they play week in week out.

    I would get rid of Armani,Romero,Mercado,Salvio and Franco Vazquez and replace with a similar but younger players, these would be
    Walter Benitez,Fernando Monetti, Leonardo Jara, Rodrigo De Paul and Lamela.

  3. Team selection is good but we are still lacking in defence. In central defence specifically. We need some strong central least 1-2 world class central defender.

  4. Near Perfect Selection, We couldn’t argue more, Lamela is one name missing but cant argue more, He should have been selected in place of Vazque(Who is not young anyway why would he bee selected now??), Goal Keeping selection is not good in my opinion it should have been, Rulli – Russo – Andrad/Porteaue. Anyway no one can please all at the same time. but has to say most refreshing team of last 8 years… Vargas – Palacios for me is the most exiting additions just WOW when was the last time we seen someone playing for Argentina who was under 20??.

  5. Overall good selection except Vasquez & ocampos. Hoping they play Ruilli in playing 11.
    Squad is 29. Assume they will further trim it to 23.

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  7. Its good that Giovanni Simeone is included, Diego Simeone knows that if he becomes the coach of Argentina, selecting his son is justified becos the previous coach has selected his son before. This increase the chance of Diego Simeone managing argentina.

    And Giovanni is a good backup to Icardi also.

    My lineup:

    Bustos f.Mori Pezzella Tagliafico
    Ascacibar Lo Celso
    Dybala Pavon
    Icardi Lautaro

  8. Rulli – RB F.Mori Pazella – Tagliafico – Ascaliber – Parades lo celso – Dybala Martinez – Icardi(c)

    • i am happy for the players.its very long time argentina use new generation.Scaloni tactical setup and Players love for jersey will decide our fate in copa 2019. please someone tell me more about palacios of river plate.He is only 19 years old and regular starter in River Plate.

  9. Acuna and salvio are wingers at their clubs, the same mistake Sampaoli made. he had them play as wing backs and they failed

  10. I love it. Love it love it love it. Romero has 10+ years of play for sure, goalkeepers last a long time. This team is lethal and I can see Argentina haters trembling, omg they might actually get it. They’re scare because they always count on Argentina to shoot itself in the feet, always, and Argentina always obliged. French defenders were gleefully shocked that Argentina would make their job so much easier by benching BOTH Iguain AND Aguero. Unthinkable, Unbelievable but true. And by the time Aguero came in, and scored, it was too late.
    So this is a very good start so far, no Messi and mostly new faces. BUT. A big one, we are back to square one if Scaloni does not use good judgment, does not use these players wisely and does not put in a whining formula. Prior to these horrible games Argentina always looked respectable, balanced. Like Brazi, like Germany, capable of effectively protecting the goal. You just don’t score three goals on Germany that easily, you just don’t. We took in thirteen in three games, 6, 4 and 3. Spain, Nigeria and Croatia. Unthinkable. I have my fingers crossed. Let’s see.

  11. Satisfied with this …..i m looking forward to see matias Vargas…..Nd really upset about that oldie Italian selection ….let’s see what happens….and can some1 give me info about Juan foyth ??….is he still injured?…..
    Nd I think Roberto perreyra could hv been given a chance as he is aggressive type player

  12. Satisfied with this …..i m looking forward to see matias Vargas…..Nd really upset about that oldie Italian selection ….let’s see what happens….and can some1 give me info about Juan foyth ??….is he still injured?…..
    Nd I think Roberto perreyra could hv been given a chance

  13. I believe there are some guys on this list they are going to be integral part of the next generation Argentine NT.
    In my opinion they are dybala, lo celso, tagliafico and ascacibar.
    Rest will have to show their worth and compete with others including Icardi.

  14. Scaloni called up for USA tour also three U-20 players to spar with senior team. Leonardo Balerdi and Andres Ayala from COTIF team, and GK Manuel Roffo.

  15. Feels so refreshing .. All Baldy had to do was show some balls and drop Masche, Biglia, Rojo, Higuain and taken some of these young players we would have won it . It was the easiest world cup to win after 2002 . fuck you bald twins Fraud Sampaoli and Selfish dictator Masche!!!

  16. Many asking who can be the captain, i think Icardi because he is the proven one among all new players unless old guard romero again our no1

    • May be for temporary Sergio Romero will be the captain because of his experience. We know when Messi is back he will be the captain. If AFA really wants a new captain it will be a tough decision because of so many inexperienced players on the team.

    • Player with most caps is usually the captain. there is a long list before Icardi can take it, he will never be a captain, regardless.
      You have Romero, Dybala, Mercado, Correa, Acuna,Funes mori, tagliafico, Lo celso,Salvio all have more caps than the woss Icardi

      • Angel correa is a promising player but sadly he and le celso are not getting enough chance in their clubs …
        And gonzalo check out videos of paredes especially his long range passes his play of style is quite similar to that of pogba bdw I was disappointed with the performance of pavon in Russia and thanks for your reply

    • Why is Armani in??? This dude is, in my opinion, worthless. Extremely bad positioning. He could have stopped at the very least one of those four goals with simple good positioning. On the second goal, that came too quickly, and changed the direction of the game, you can agonizingly see him move way too far from the correct position. He came from one hand, passed the right central point, and kept moving. When the ball was struck he had no chance because he didn’t plant. Good goalkeepers move just enough and plant. On the third goal, again, bad reading, bad positioning. Guy not worthy of national team, but we’ll see.

  17. So many completely new players: Rulli, Kannemann, Franco, Di Placido, Vargas, Cervi, Vazquez, Ascacibar, Palacios, Cervi, Pity Martinez, Simeone

    Pezzella, Bustos, Paredes, Lautaro – with little experience as well.

  18. Leonel DI PLACIDO…how he got the chance..? I never heard of him. Anybody mentioned his name here before…?
    As per whoscored he’s a good player though.

    • Yes, we were mentioning him as one of 5 good prospects on RB position along with J.L.Gomez, Peruzzi, Salazar, Bustos. In fact Gomez from Lanus was our favourite till the time he got injury and his place in Lanus took… Leonel Di Placido. He was best assister among fullbacks once.

    • if this happen i would say, tapia is the dumbest person in this world.
      a player still in playing is going to be a national this thought come in mind.disaste.

      • Money in their pockets is the only thing they care. Messi refused to play next friendlies which means less money for them. May be they are bring ing masche to seduce messi.

    • Hope those reports are false. Masche will be another disastrous pick. No so much that he doesn’t know football and cannot coach, he knows but rather because of his horrible lack of humans qualities. And like you say, he’ll make it his own personal gig where he rewards and punishes. In this case young, deserving and talented players will be frozen out again. Icardi will be frozen out for purely personal issues that doesn’t concern the majority of Argentina fans. Argentina will suffer yet again. Tapia said hiring Sampaoli was a mistake, bringing in Masche will be equally bad. Scaloni and Icardi should save Argentina, take matter in their own hands and handle business in these two upcoming games. Just put on numbers and squash those rumors. If Scaloni performs it will be difficult to take it away from him, difficult. But he has to perform, meaning get excellent results. Cotif is totally meaningless. Nobody of value played there, this is different, specially against Colombia. Put numbers and shut them up.

  19. Otamendi refused the call up. He was in the list. He said not now. He needs time to recover from wc disaster. I would say this is a good move from him.

  20. Icardi is going to captain Argentina because except Romero Noone captain material and for Argentina no longer no1

  21. Why Funes Mori? Guy wasn’t even good enough for Everton. EVERTON!!!! Why Acuña? Why Salvio? Why Armani? Smh!

    No Kranevitter? No Mammana? No Musacchio? No Jara? Angileri? No Centurion? Joaquin Correa?

    Let’s see how the new fish do. Colombia would be the only real test. If we don’t score at least 4 past Guatemala, that would be very disappointing.
    The real challenge will be the USMNT and Brazil in October. The US is also rebuilding their team and have done very good recently, almost beating France in their home ground. And Brazil is Brazil. I’m looking forward to those matches, as we will see what we have!

    Vamos Argentina!!!

    • According to your logic Joaquin Correa is not even good enough for Sevilla. So why do you complain about his exclusion?

      Mammana? Seriously? I think it is very difficult not to know that mammana has been injured for last 6 months or so. Do you really follow Argentina football or what?

    • Mori is quite solid as we all saw in copa cent but he’s been injured almost the entirety of last season so Everton brought on a replacement and now Mori is off to Villareal. If he works his way into the starting lineup he could be quite useful.

      [No Kranevitter? No Mammana? No Musacchio? No Jara? Angileri? No Centurion? Joaquin Correa?]

      kranevitter isn’t good enough, Mammana is injured and won’t be back until the end of the year at the earliest, Musacchio is a good defender but he was sub in milan, Jara is solid but there better options, Centurion is Banega 2.0 i.e. he showed up drunk to training and was reprimanded and J correa is talented but inconsistent.
      Angeleri I agree with you, he’s very talented and could give Tagliafico a challenge for a starting position.

      • Yes, the player I miss only is Fabrizio Angiler. I could take also J.Correa instead Angel and one of U-20 players Pourtau/Balerdi/Almendra to give them fell how is to work with NT. But these are peripherial objection.

    • A hell of a player, like you said a pure talent, yet to reach his full potential though. The interesting thing about Cervi is that he’s actually a CM but somehow, someway managed to book a starting position in Benfica as a forward.
      I think he’s every bit as talented as Dimaria and has a better footballing IQ, whether he will be as good as Dimaria in the coming years is yet to be seen.
      Angel Correa and Lucas Ocampos are similar players to Cervi and both should be watched, infact I’m quite shocked that Ocampos hasn’t been called up.

  22. So Mr. Vazquez after representing Italy in two matches gets a chance to play for Argentina. This guy is an opportunist. When he knew he had no chance of getting a call, he opted for Italy and now that many seniors are gone he said he would want to play for the country of his birth. He is anyway touching 30 and is no good investment. In fact Javier Pastore, who is of the same age is way better than him. And Lamela at 26 could have been a better long term project material.

  23. Wow gud list….Di placido and Palacios are surprises….if I have to nitpick I would say only one of romero or Armani was needed and also no need of simeone(for now) so that other players get ample time to play

  24. good list now give them an exposure of atleast 10 international friendly they can have a chemistry….lets play with big heart..vamos

  25. Let’s wait and see, this list consider as a tryout list, as the year goes by other players will make their case , changes can be made later on but let’s think positive, vamps Argentina.

  26. Meza again? Holy shit… I’ll be watching the game until he enters the pitch, or other way around – not watch when he’s on the field, and start watching when he’s substituted. On the other hand, excited to see what these other boys can bring to the game.Cheers and peace.

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