Gabriel HEINZE on Lionel MESSI not playing for Argentina: “I understand”


Gabriel HEINZE has given his opinion on Lionel MESSI’s decision of not playing for Argentina as well as the rest of the other players.

The current Velez coach knows a thing or two about pressure. Having played for the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid just to name a few, he’s no stranger to criticism. And when asked about captain Lionel MESSI’s decision of not playing for Argentina next month, he gave an answer. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s a consequence of everything that has happened. It’s entirely his right to take that decision but hopefully he keeps playing because he’s a player we have to keep enjoying.”

HEINZE was often under fire by fans and the media years ago after a big mistake for Argentina in a World Cup qualifier. An experienced player having taken part in many tournaments with the National Team, HEINZE said that he would understand if MESSI decided not to continue.

“I also I understand if he decides not to continue because what has happened with these players is something which should not be allowed.”


  1. Everybody seems to concern about his time at N/T . All are free to comments about him. Messi need to be understand and full support from all his teammates and fans as a human and player. We are placing all the burden on his shoulder and ask him alone to do all the things.

    Lets enjoy his talent and be blessed to watch him do his best. He has done and give everything to make football as a beautiful sports and worthed to watch and enjoy. He may not won the WC but he won the hearts of million fans and give lots inspiration to the young generation to achieve and become a great player.

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