AFA confirm that Walter SAMUEL will join Argentina staff


The AFA have confirmed that Walter SAMUEL will join the Argentina coaching staff.

As we reported a few times, there were rumors that Walter SAMUEL would join interim Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI’s coaching staff. Per a tweet from the official Argentina account, the former Interand Argentina international will join the coaching staff.

Walter SAMUEL will join up with the team for the friendly matches next month.


  1. How’s Pastore doing at Roma?? Noway want him in NT now, But he was Magical or Should i say Magically Inconsistent. Actually worried about Lo Celso, Paredes and Dybala 3 core players who have to carry us for coming years. Mammana still recovering??. At least Angel Correa, Lautaro, Icardi, Ascacibar, Taglifico, Rulli r getting consistent playing time.

    • Paredes is doing very well but hopefully he’ll move out of Russia soon and Dybala was only benched for a game so it’s still too early to get worried. Celso’s situation is worrisome I agree, but I think he’s got the talent and the grit to re-earn his place in PSG.
      Mammana is still recovering and probably won’t be back until the end of the year.
      Lautaro was benched last game (played for about a minute or so) but on the positive side, Vietto, Simeone, Cervi and ocampos are all doing well up front, also pereyra, caseres and depaul are all doing well and it bodes well for Argentina’s midfield.

  2. Argentine young players are so good that they are not even be bother to start……it hurts when I see Giovanni lo celso , Paulo dybala and others on the bench… far it’s the season of oldies aguero, di maria, messi ……higuain is also looking sharp for Milan then there is Papu Gomez…..but I want young players to perform..

    • Lo Celso has problems with new coach. That’s why he’s not even getting single minutes.
      Dybala has competitions, he has to perform at highest level in every matches he plays. But still I believe this benching will be mainly due to rotation policy. We will see him in next match.

  3. Mamoun, Sergio, Chintu Paul, Godin, Rhaelyn and others… What about Defensa y Justicia?

    Independiente – Defensa y Justicia 0:1

    Defensa since few years is best example how to live out on good level just depending on loaned, unwanted in other clubs youngsters. Beccacece also is doing good job there. But generally it’s something more – it’s all club politic.

    They play on 2 fronts. Few days ago dominated totally Banfield in first game of 1/8 Copa Sudamericana but couldn’t find way to net.

    LB/CB Lisandro Martinez, CB Alexander Barboza, DM Leonel Miranda are among best players ont their positions in league.

    Blanco, Unsain, Nico Fernandez, Togni, Bareiro, Huguenet, Molina, Mauricio Tevez

    • They are best along with Velez and Estudiantes when it comes to youngsters use but in contrary to the 2 clubs they are not products of club academy.

      • Thaller is another promising CB. There’s still also Jose Luis Gomez. All the players from Lanus you mention I consider worth attention though I value most CM/Box to box Gaston Lodico.

    • The best thing happened to DyJ this season is they got beccacece back. You are correct their young defencive unit((actually except Guiterrez everyone is young in that team)) are doing great with Miranda being standout player so far this season.

      • Against Banfield in Copa Sudamericana I saw the youngsters team operating so much good on the ball. Possesion football. Miranda was best in league in last season when it’s going to correct passes while Lisandro Martinez and Barboza are unusually good passers as for defenders.

    • Sadly I don’t have much time to catch up on Primera streaming but I certainly follow what is going on. Defensa is a blessing for the Primera. This is a wonderful strategy to make use of talents produced by other teams and giving them a chance if not most of these players will either rot in the benches of Boca or River or go to lower leagues in Europe and completely get lost. The best thing is they are competing very well thanks to the good selection of coaches too. Now the next best thing to happen would be for someone from Defensa to get a call up to the selection. One player who moved from Defensa to Europe, Nicolas Stefanelli was the joint top scorer in Sweden last year. Nicolas Fernandez is continuing his good work from last season, but hopefully he becomes the most successful of the Fernandez brothers (Leandro and Brian).
      Also good to see Bauza giving regular playing time for Lovera at Central.

      • With the door open wide for youngsters to NT actually it would not be so unreal to see a player like Barboza, Lisandro Martinez or Leonel Miranda being called up.

        It seemed at the end of previous season Lovera will be starter fo Rosario Central. But his position under Bauza is not that good so far though still he comes from the bench. One of our best U-20 players.

    • Goals scoring defensive duo barboza & lisandro Martinez impressive as usual. One of the virtue of the team is they move the ball very fast & dangerous on counterattack but they lack good attacker.

    • @ Gonzalo

      Defensa is a solid team, but I don’t have the same vested interest in them as i do with velez and estudiantes. Barboza is the main attraction for me when it comes to defensa, that kid’s got something special and i can’t believe that River let him go.

  4. As much as i like Scaloni’s player selection the problem is he himself sees as a interim coach(Cant blame him a position Which is assigned to him by the AFA), Which will not help us on long term basis. I still believe the AFA made a mistake by not choosing a proper coach and implement a project. There was nearly 2 months time too. Now we r simply wasting whatever friendlies which is left this year. Scaloni’s playing style and whoever the next coach’s playing style will be definitely different, Also the player selections too will be different. Pekerman looks an ideal candidate now because of the situations and candidates left, he wont be that much expensive too. May be AFA have been waiting for his Columbia term to finish. Its ideal time now to grab him. He will rejuvenate our Youths surely. Sabella is another option left realistically speaking. Otherwise Scaloni has to do a miracle to carry on, Guatemala looks easy but Columbia, Brazil will be tough. Nothing much to do apart from waiting.

    • Jose pekerman to old mate the project needs young manager like Gallardo.. let us see how scaloni do first few matchs he could turn out to be good manager

      • Agree, a young manager is needed for me Simeone is the best because he is a proven European coach. I don’t hype South American success as bauza or Sampaoli or Tite had same track record, yes Tite with any European coach Brazil easily win the world cup. South American coaches struggled against European team is nothing new

      • Younger Manager is what we all prefer, But realistically speaking there is near to None, Simeone, Pochettino, Gallardo are lost cause, They wont come, They don’t want to, Almeyda and Almiron shown public interest but as of now their chances r slim. (Almeyda is almost gone he is followed by Costa Rica i guess)

        See all the above younger ones don’t want to be our Coach apart from Almeyda and Almiron. So logically speaking Pekerman or Sabella r only alternatives, otherwise Scaloni really has to impress(Which we all want to see). But it is really tough ask. Its Argentina the Coaching job should have been prestigious, But unfortunately we r a mess, So most coaches don’t want to put their hand in this Hot water .

        I believe anyone whoever it is chosen, Should really desire or want to do the Job, Not like Simeone and Pochettino or Gallardo who at this stage don’t want to coach us. There is no point in compelling them.

        • because they are the coaches who wants full control if simeone gets it, I’m sure that he will accept Argentina coach offer

      • Agree, let’s wait and see.
        Remember Pep took over Barcelona when he was 37 and won the treble in his first season as a coach.
        Scaloni might surprise us all. Most important point for a coach is to pick the right players for each position, which he seems to do well.

  5. Wheter it will be good addition time will tell. No need to excite already just because we know him very well and respect as player. After all these raptures over Sampaoli appointment we need to learn being more cool.

  6. Next: Roberto Ayala to also join the AFA coaching staff, Ariel Ortega, Jose Chamot, Kily Gonzalez and Nestor Sensini to follow in a few months as well.

  7. what a great addition to the coaching staff ..highly experienced former coach of nothing ?? lets pluck more ex players out of the air !!

  8. Good addition, a solid staff is almost as good as a coach himself.
    I can honestly say that so far so good, from the addition of the interim coach to all the new faces we are about to see but I hope all that doesn’t distract from finding a proper coach.

    Question is: what happens if this stand-in coach does well! then what?

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