Angel DI MARIA of PSG comments on Argentina National Team, Copa America


Angel DI MARIA spoke about the Argentina National Team and the upcoming Copa America.

PSG’s Angel DI MARIA’s time with the Argentina National Team may slowly be coming to an end and he hints that it may be what the media want. Speaking at a press conference in Paris in regards to Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI trying out younger players for the next friendly matches, here’s what he had to say:

“I believe it was a general decision. Close to the World Cup, SCALONI would have thought that it would be better for the players to be a little calmer and try out others. It’s a little bit of what the press wants as well.”

“That there’s no permanent coaching staff picked doesn’t bother me. SCALONI is capable of doing this job. Walter SAMUEL’s arrival is very important. You have to be calm and know what’s left for the Copa America. We have these friendly matches left, after that in March there are qualifiers and when the World Cup gets here, we’ll see what will happen.”


  1. We should follow a team like Croatia. 4 years ago, they were nobodies, and we WERE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Now we are like the 20th best! They bred young players and mixed in with their senior players giving them experience and fitness! The seniors think, the younger players execute their orders! SIMPLE! WE HAVE SO MANY GOOD PLAYERS BUT WE NEED TO GET MORE FRIENDLIES SCHEDULED AND GIVE THEM MORE TIME!! VAMOS ARGENTINA!

    – A loyal fan from 2009, since I discovered Argentina, and my love for the team!

  2. guys did you all observe how entry of ronaldo in juventus has changed the fate of our future dybala ?? he seized dybala’s free kick and penaty and now see dybala is getting benched ,i am really worried for him ,he must leave juventus and join a not so popular good club asap or else he is going to ruin his career

    • Well this was bound to happen. Dybala could have moved to other club somehow where he can get consistent playing time. That S**t Cr7 is a virus, he himself wont play well for the team, Whenever a Penalty comes he is the first one to take it so that he take all the Glory. I Have never seen such a selfish player ever, never ever. Seeing him take all the Glory is one of the saddest thing to watch. Generally speaking undeserving people taking Glory is one of the hardest thing to watch.

      • yes brother this shit 7 is such a big disgrace who is backed by uefa and fifa both ,he doesn’t deserve 5 ballondors ,have you observed how sometimes he gets angry when his teammates score instead of him ?? he is a big dictator who had successfully benched our dybala

  3. Read between the lines. They chose not to take part in the friendlies because they are mad at us fans, press and the people who criticized them. They think the youngsters will bomb so we will apologize and beg them to come back as our „saviors“. The sad part is that there hasn‘t been played a game yet and people are beginning to beg them, imagine what will happen if the youngsters indeed bomb people will cry and beg them to come back. Romero is a testament to this thinking. He is now a „savior“ for many people but for me the biggest disappointment is that Scaloni called up Romero. I am pessimistic that we will renew and rebuild the team because people are expecting wonders from the youngsters from the beginning amd will not have patient so we will go back to our „saviors“ come Copa America if they lose some games.

    • Our youngsters need 10 games or so I think. There’s so many possibilities only on Di Maria’s or Banega’s positions that even if one youngster will fail we may take another and no need to back to oldies. In all this patient is most important. Unfortunately I know part of the reform supporters will claim for oldies yet after 2 weak/mediocree games from any youngster.

      • 10 matches? Are you jokin? Germany B in Confed Cup with 0 matches altogether, 0 experience won the tournament with good football, quality!!! young players start to click instantly, or at least show they are better than the olders, they are young, sharp, hunger. Bielsa young side clicked instantly too. 2-3 matches is enough to see our youngsters quailities and weaknesses, a young player wont learn to play football after 2,3, 5, 10 or more matches. This is bullshit.

        • Shut up troll. You proved to be mere troll of Argentina youthness. Lurking for any fail and hiding when they do well.

          • Hey Meza fanboy, after his clown of the WC performance ofc you hide like a chicken, your Speedy Gonzalez would rip every defense apart in your dream world, and that player is one of the best player of the PD, how bad could be the others? wake up troll, no sense your fanboyism like cancer, you see 1 or 2 better match from a youngster and repeat the youngster name like a parrot, you dont even know the players liar, how good is a young player its not your business, its for scouts and european clubs idiot, forget 23-25 years old farmer players

          • Who is the real troll maybe who said Del Castillo is more talented and will be easily better than Aguero, when 16 years old Aguero easily destroyed PD-defences and now clearly one of the best centre forwards blind guy, stop your predictions…

          • “Who is the real troll maybe who said Del Castillo is more talented and will be easily better than Aguero”

            You idiot can’t even read proper ot you are liar. I’ve said: He said about himself that can be better than his brother. If there was different find the my post and prove that. Troll.

          • The guy who was active during our last youth tornament only 45 min. Is this coincidence it were the weakest minutes our team during the tournament. WHen things bagan to look better in second half against Uruguay he dissapered till the end of the tournament (after all bad possible comments about the youngsters during the 45 minutes including stupid comparisons that our team must be weaker because Russia beat easily Venezuela 2:0 while our weak team defeated them few days before just… 4:0 – idiot logic ).

            You are embodies of all possible stupidity when it comes to proper youth players approach. This guy want to give a chance Higuain again and again, despite he didn’t scored in NT since years. He want to give countless chances Di Maria despite the fact he was so poor in 80% of his games in NT. While he have only 2 games for youngsters and they must deliver within the time or we should back to his beloved oldies.

            As if Rojo or Biglia shined since his first tournament (Copa 2011). As if Romero was solid since his beginnings in NT. As if Otamendi was solid during his first WC (2010). As if Zabaleta in his early days in NT hadn’t part on Batista lost’s against Nigeria and Poland. As if Aguero or Di Maria shined during 2010 WC.

            Embodies of stupidity and shortsightedness.

            And yes – most (no one is infallible) of players I’m talking as possible NT material are sooner or later called up. I wonder what would you’ve said about Lanzini when he was yet in UEA. I saw the potentiall yet then.

          • So, now I’m waiting for your prove of this alleged my words:

            “who said Del Castillo is more talented and will be easily better than Aguero”

            find the comment liar. Go now. I want to see prove or you are liar.

          • You act like someone hired by dark side who want keep Argentina football in this stand still by shooting at every youngster, every progressive initiative that will be step ahead. You will claim for Marias, Banegas, Agueros, Higuainas, and others despite the fact they luckily made 1/8 of last WC.

            You are not just conservative. You are anti-progressive or just, most likely, troll.

            Emerging only when it goes bad with our youngsters. As in was with Lo Celso being benched of late in PSG. I know yo’ve flet satisfaction.

          • Sorry but it seems like some scouts are still one step behind me when it comes to finding talents. Almendra and Balerdi on Barcelona radar are concidence? I mentioned them as worth attention before Barcelona interest.

            No one is infallibele but most of my names is really worth attention.

      • Andres CUbas evelutioned from simple destroyer into CM good on tackling but playing first of all positive football with creative passes.

        Juan Ramirez, Leo Godoy, Maroni, Mauro Ortiz are mentionable in Talleres.

    • Armani is breaking the Record Left and right by not conceding, Are River’s back line that good?? Or its a Fluke, Armani always does well for River, I still believe Armani can be useful for us. He has been consistently good for River. cant count him out only on the basis of 1 match against France in a crunch game. I like Armani than Romero for some reason. Let him form an understanding with the new back line. Then only we can reach a conclusion. After all its not like Romero is Invincible. Had he continued against Spain in that Friendly we still could have lost by 5 or 4. So its like this, Casillas conceded 5 Against Barca, that don’t make him a bad GK. It happens, If the back line is as bad as we have its always bound to happen.

      • Armani is very good no doubt. I think we just should choice between Romero/Armani to have place for 2 younger goalkeepers: Andrada, Rulli, Pourtau (Estudiantes) Unsain (Defensa), Werner, Rossi (Boca), Herrera (Talleres).

  4. Thank You for all your services to our NT, But Please for gods sake don’t come back for the Copa America. Its time to move on. This same message should be valid for almost all the other historical’s players too. Apart from Messi i don’t want to see any other historical’s, Not even Romero. We will loss with youngsters or may be we will take time to find better players than the historical’s in each positions. But its really time to move on, This cycle should have started its ending way back after 2014 World Cup. Its unimaginable all the Coaches Tata, Bauza, Sampa dragged them all the way till the 2018 World cup. And now we r left for suffering, Wait a Minute its not even begun, The Sufferings, Wait till World Cup 2022 Qualifiers to start its gonna be hell to Qualify to 2022, And ofcource the Copa 2019. Hope we put on a decent show that we don’t fall back too much in the rankings too. Had some of the younger players like Icardi, Paredes, Dybala, Taglaifico, Rulli, hell even Lamela been incorporated since 2014 we would have had a better core players to choose from.

    • Our youngsters have not played yet any game together in NT but I have already the feeling that even think about come back back to Di Maria and others will be step back and regress. We already choose harder initial times with youngsters in the name of something better in future.

      • I have a feeling that we will just be fine, guys . relax
        The kids did not play yet and we are panicking!
        It will just take some time, say six months

  5. Would love to see this for Copa:


    Lo Celso – Messi – Dybala

    Paredes – Ascacibar

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Kannemann – Bustos


  6. Di Maria is probably the last player that should dare open his mouth, hell even Higuian contributed more to the Albiceleste than him and that on by itself is a picture worth a 1000 words.

    We all waited and waited and waited, this will be the game or that he breaks out of his funk and show us all what we been missing……….a player using his skill, moves, speed and ability to create, score…..or just make things a little easier for other players and it never came, but on to the next game and another and another.

    I remember when he scored against France, a beautiful goal and I said to myself, “imagine if he scored like that and not necessarily all the time but sometimes, anytime……but it never happened”.
    There are players that I absolutely would defend and fight for tooth and nail to prove their worth.

    MESSI>>> the man did everything he could possibly do to make ARG a winner, he said thank you for the offer BUT NO THANK to Spain ……just IMAGINE what it would feel like to see him play for them had he chosen them over his country!
    Played in friendlies, a ton of them, for what? to add to his fame and fortune? I think not, a cash cow for the AFA. Paid the team’s security detail when the AFA couldn’t. Withstood all the attacks and insults he received from the second he started playing for ARG, always to come back and when he broke down in tears and quit, the whole world begged him to come back…only to come back for more insults and attacks.
    Saved ARGENTINA the disgrace of not making the WC on the last game…only to be labeled a stand in coach, a puppeteer pulling on the strings to control the team. former teammates calling him this and that…..oh he is not as nice as he seems he is this and that.

    Romero: Much respect and I for one always defended the man when others wanted his head. I forgot who it was around here saying something to the effect that SOB, Romero was lucky that he got hurt in the Spain game and missed out of the embarrassing Loss………did you think about that while watching Willy fumble the ball all over the pitch in Russia??? Find me another better goalkeeper and I’ll be very happy.

    Kun, and I STRESS that he is not on the same level as the other two, often described him as an 80’s super car, pretty to look at, you know its fast and very expensive but often broke down once taken out for a drive. Now, before the WC, finally healthy and looked it, he scored 2 and looked like he was capable of scoring many more but never given the chance…he should be given one still.
    Otamendi: not on the same level as the others, but deserves to stay.

  7. Di maria should not be included.From old guards only Messi Romero Aguero and Banega Pt deserves chances.Higuain Di maria should not wear jersey again.

    • No more this loser.

      From old guard Romero should be in team. Messi and Aguero should be considered if youngsters will not play good untill Copa.

      • “Messi and Aguero should be considered if youngsters will not play good untill Copa.” What? Friendly games against Nicaragua? or who means nothing, even our low profile farmer players will perform against them, even a match against Spain means nothing, i saw that Meza is a slow, amateur player, million miles far from this level. You sucked him to the sky, the player who will destroy every defense LOL, then drop him as always, and start to praise 10 new nobodies. Man footballers younger than 23 are not even talents.
        Loser? Loser is a player who is 24-26 years old and still plays in the weak argentine league, not only looser a bad footballer too (NT-perspective 1000%). Forget these nobodies, argentina players from local league only interesting below 21- max. 22, before this need to transfer in a stronger league to develop.

    • For me is not fair to blame all of them.
      To be honest with you people like aguero and banage those never had proper chance like rest of them. They were subs
      Most of the games Argentina played

  8. I will accept from old guard aguero Banega messi rest can f…off especially this d..g di Maria we have much better players than him on his position I olso.
    Don’t like Argentina press including Diego maradona talk rubish old the time

  9. I think for Copa America, we should try out a new type of squad. Messi, Augero and Dybala lead a team of youngsters. The other possibility is that we just have a team full of young players. Messi should play in the next World Cup, he will be 35. Zidane was 34 when he lead France to the 2006 World Cup Final! It can be done!

  10. The fans were pounding them because they never won anything. Basically no defense or creativity or leadership in the 12 years of Messi.
    And now even the next generation of Dybala LoCelso can’t get minutes. A sad state indeed


    from the day messi became the star of the team the media was after him & the team. It is not just few maradona fans but it is much more than that.

    • Argentine media is one of the worst media of the world by distance & one of biggest reason for team failure ( for ex after 1st match draw against Iceland this media create unnecessary pressures which might not required at the time because its happened in a big tournament). For demaria he should never be call again.

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