Javier PASTORE backheel goal for Roma, Emiliano RIGONI double


In a match which produced a few goals by Argentina internationals, AS Roma and Atalanta drew 3-3 with Javier PASTORE and Emiliano RIGONI both scoring.

Javier PASTORE scored his first goal for new club AS Roma within two minutes of the match. A lovely backheel flicked goal by the former Palermo and PSG man have Roma the early lead.

However, that advantage was wiped off following Timothy CASTAGNE’s goal. Former Zenit man Emiliano RIGONI gave Atalanta the lead as he was fed in one on one with the goalkeeper and slotted the ball into the back of the net. Emiliano RIGONI struck again, this time in the 38th minute as once more he was one on one with the goalkeeper.


  1. Now that’s Called Magical. A Magical Player, He is like an Illusion, looks real, But its fake.LOL.. But a Heavily wasted talent. He and Banega together should have bossed our Midfield for last 4 years. Sadly those 2 played together only 1 or 2 matches. Instead we got the Legendary Biglia – Mascherano Combo what a Disaster…

  2. Pastore was anonymous in the first half and outstanding in the second.
    Rigoni looked like he had been playing in Serie A for years. Atalanta look an exciting team, hopefully he makes the most of it.
    Waiting for Pussetto to get started now.

  3. Wonder goal from Pastore…However he is a sort of player who will never play/perform consistently . One match he is on top of his abilities and the immediate next match he will look like an amateur . With the immense talent he still has I really feel for him. Never developed according to his potential and sadly I think the NT doors are already closed for him.

    Secondly, Rigoni deserves another go for me.

  4. Most of you guys are jumping the gun!
    RELAX. The new selection of players did not play a single game yet, and we are panicking.
    Talk about this player is on the bench so he is not good for the NT, that player is hot and scored a goal, while the season just started. If a player sets on the bench for couple of games does not mean he is bad for the NT, or he is not in form, maybe that is a blessing so they can work harder and improve over all. The coach will pick the roster for each game based on players status before that game, some might show improvements and some might show decline in form. plus each game may require certain tactics that some players don’t fit such tactics, so they just set on the bench.
    I am sure We will be fine with or without Messi and any other ‘old player’.
    Age does not dictate player performance, the history is full of great examples. What is crucial for the NT to succeed is a smart coach who will be able to establish certain group of players who will melt together and form a team regardless of which club they play for, remember this is a team sport and does not rely on individual talent most of the time. Yes some players might make a difference in a match or two, but such player can not and will not always carry the whole team through.
    When next tournament comes around, the coach will find it compulsory to pick the best player for each position, and will find it difficult to ignore any player who is in form and capable of adding to the group just because he is past a certain age.
    Let’s wait and see what Scaloni has for us in the coming months, I think he will surprise us all.
    I am a big Messi admirer as you all know by now, but if the NT clicks and plays better if he is not around, then be it, he will be gone anyway sooner or later, Let’s imagine that Messi is retired already and let’s just go on. so why you guys worry about it that much?

  5. The thing is us fans… re overrite our players bit too much. we have to move on.
    let’s forget old generation including pastore or any other player whose is over 28 yrs old please let’s give time and chance. The new generation.
    Remember let’s not over excited our players when they play few good games.
    Than we quickly start criticise them .
    After couple bad games like f… Argentina media. I don’t care how bad we play in the future. But I don’t want to anyone from old guard to come back… including big man messi. I don’t give s… if some of us re followers of certain players

    Remember we support Argentina not individual players.

  6. Another wasted talent…….the never ending list of Argentines who could have been something and never developed into anything special except for a highlight here and there.
    I hope Dybala doesn’t become a statistic.

  7. Pastore one of the greatest players ever…………..for making a youtube highlights video! Seriously he’s always been a talent but seemed to be mentally weak and his time is up.

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