Argentina U20 team announced for friendly match against Uruguay


Lionel SCALONI has announced his Argentina U20 team for the friendly match against Uruguay on Wednesday.

A total of 22 players have been called-up for the match on Wednesday, some of which took part in the COTIF tournament which was won by the Albiceleste. Here are the players:

Gaston AVILA (Rosario Central)
Francesco LO CELSO (Rosario Central)
Alan MARINELLI (Rosario Central)
Maxi LOVERA (Rosario Central)
Manuel ROFFO (Boca Juniors)
Agustin OBANDO (Boca Juniors)
Aaron MOLINAS (Boca Juniors)
Nazareno COLOMBO (Estudiantes de la Plata)
Andres AYALA (Estudiantes de la Plata)
Elias PEREYRA (San Lorenzo)
Adolfo GAICH (San Lorenzo)
Facundo MEDINA (Talleres de Cordoba)
Alvaro BARREAL (Velez Sarsfield)
Francisco ORTEGA (Velez Sarsfield)
Thiago ALMADA (Velez Sarsfield)
Matko MILJEVIC (Argentinos Juniors)
Nehuen PEREZ (Argentinos Juniors)
Luis INGOLOTTI (Aldosivi)
Martin ORTEGA (Quilmes)
Anibal MORENO (Newell’s Old Boys)
Tomas CHANCALAY (Colon)
Franco CAMARGO (River Plate)


    • Bauza plays only with seniors…and instantly made one of the best teams, Velez with their youngsters a mid table-team maximum. If you have not money you play with a lot of young guns and want to sell them, but trophies only a dream.

      • Fuck off money big clubs lover. We will see. Why I should hear predictions of man who never watched single game of Argentina league. Please to comment about your European top5.

        And where’s my comment on Del Castillo going to be better than Aguero, liar?

      • Besides no one said Velez is title competitor. They have weak links and not enough experience. But their young player are best in league.

        If it was all about money, Boca could have not zero goals and 1 point after 2 rounds of new season. You’ve said expert they are best club in South America. Transfers and money doesn’t makes you best at once. Maybe for some time. But not yet,

  1. Taking into account how poor are Bouzat and Ramis in Velez it’s time to give minutes U-20 players: Almada and Barreal.

    • The goalscoring was going to be the problem with this Velez as we believed and I believe the lack of a top forward is also affecting Monito Vargas’ game. Velez never expected Zarate to desert them and they didn’t have time to sign a proper replacement. I would n’t mind Heinze throwing in Nazarene Bazan an out and out striker.

      • Agree, before Zarate it was Maxi Romero who began build playmaker-striker understanding with Vargas but he was soon selled.

        Now Vargas has not player with striker instinct in penalty box

  2. LB Marcos Angileri another outstanding performance for Godoy Cruz (against Newell’s). Made assist. Player for NT. RB Abecasis shine as well.

    • And CB Tomas Cardona, another young prospect on the position, has scored having really good game.

      Godoy keeps good level despite they lost within a half of year 2 most creative players: Gaston Gimenez and Pol Fernandez.

        • 24 years old and play in a small argentine club is more than enough. (Godoy Cruz play reactive counter-attacking football with zero possession, small team mentality) We see after 1 good season (Pol Fernandez, Gimenez) big local teams buy you even if you older than 19-20, he’s not in this caste atm, then next step is european experience then…

          • “Godoy Cruz play reactive counter-attacking football with zero possession”

            Thanks to Whoscored you may get such conclusions but no relevance here with quality of Angileri left back playing.

            “24 years old and play in a small argentine club is more than enough”

            I heard that so many times from you and never understood why you can’t feel ashamed having so narrow-minded concepts of good football player.

          • “I heard that so many times from you and never understood why you can’t feel ashamed having so narrow-minded concepts of good football player.”
            What? Me and hundreds scouts all around the world versus your incompetence, egoistic youth proaganda. Ok i know you hate whoscored, scouts, big teams playing niveue, the facts when you need to realize your tall stories of our youngsters, you built a paralel universe from our league and from youth players far from reality, and designate others liar, oldies lovers, fanboy who is realistic and want to wake up you from your dream world. The Goebbels of this forum, so my job to fight against false propaganda.

          • You have proven as troll of this site. You’ve proved that not only during COTIF tournamentt.

            “small team mentality”

            What’s this? Definition?

            Have Papu Gomez small team mentality because he was playing in Ukraine and even failed there? Rigoni also didn’t looked yesterday against Roma as someone with small team mentality despite fact he origin from Belgrano Crodoba and even failed in Zenit.

            Your concepts are so much stupid.

            FUCK OFF TROLL

          • Besides, you cantradicted yourself,

            Silva cannot be good player as he failed few time in Europe and most importantly is WEAK CLUB PLAYER. Your own criterions moron.

      • I don’t care about Velez winning trophies, I care about young players developing and making the NT strong again, hence why I am following Velez and Estudiantes and hence why I want to see more of Palacios at River, almendra and Baleri at Boca, Angeleri at Godoy etc…….
        Bauze used the oldies with the NT and the result was nearly missing out on the WC, for Argentina to regain any self respect the next manager need to find a balance between using the up and comers with the veterans because we all saw what happened when that bald lex luthor wanna be idiot used the oldest team in the tournament and not give dybala and celso much (or any) playing time.

  3. After Leo Balerdi another U-20 player, Adolfo Gaich from San Lorenzo, debuted in Superliga. His teammate from club and NT LB Elias Pereyra had another very good game for San Lorenzo. Pereyra and RB Mura (Estudiantes) are promising fullbacks. Pereyra on LB will have strong rivals in Francisco Ortega from Velez and Ivan Erquiaga from Estudiantes.

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