Rodrigo DE PAUL gives Udinese 1-0 win against Sampdoria in Serie A


Rodrigo DE PAUL has added another goal to his name, this time in Udinese’s 1-0 victory aginst Sampdoria in Serie A.

The former Racing Club man has now scored two goals in Serie A this season for Udinese, the first coming in a 2-2 draw against Parma. He has already scored half of the amount of goals which he finished with last season with only three matches into the season.

Also in Serie A on the weekend was Giovani SIMEONE scoring and assisting for Fiorentina. While DE PAUL is not in the Argentina squad and has never been capped, with performances like these, he could find himself in the Argentina National Team fairly soon.


  1. Coco injured yet again, Lanzini and Lamela, very talented players but unfortunately they’ll end up the way of Gago with their never ending injuries. Lets just hope that Pereyra manages to get over his injury woes.

    Rigoni apparently had a good game but to be honest I was never too convinced about him and I still remember him missing an open goal against Venezuela in the WCQ. Still I wish him the best because if he does manage to break out and become a top player it could only mean good things for Argentina.

  2. Rigoni is not playing like rigoni….he looks a different player now….he is not only scoring goals but doing quick 1-2 with Atalanta players….impressive

  3. Roma vs Atalanta
    Atalanta leading 2-1. Rigoni with a debut goal, as I write this he just wasted a chance. Papu Gomez not playing.
    Pastore with a golazo but very quite from then on.

          • Almendra and Balerdi are important players now for Boca. Pellegrini for Estudiantes. All they have a chance to play Copa Libertadores this week. Maroni trains with Talleres. Pourtau [robably also not released by Estudiantes

    • The likes of Chancalay and Carranza who both had some minutes and also goals last season haven’t featured at all this term. On the other hand, 18 year old Tomas cuello of Tucuman and 17 year old Veron (replacement for Nico Gonzalez) are getting minutes this season.

  4. Angel correa is the real player , man this kid is a beast , apart from his dribbling ability and pace , he has got tremendous strength . Ramos has to eat his own shit , when defending against him, he tickles ramos ass like he is a high school defender , not only him , but other world class defenders .argentina shouldnt waste him anymore , his prime is still to come , but he is already raping spain .

  5. Not many AM I could take over De Paul. For me more worth call up than Lamela, Ocampos, A.Correa, Vazquez let alone think about recall Di Maria

    • If he doesn’t get call up very soon he may end up choosing italy.
      But I don’t believe he is better than A Correa this lad is very good
      A Correa is one of those players that we underrated

      • Correa problem is that he is not team player as far. I’m not mean he is egoistic but that he is sometimes prestidigitator on the ball when depend on himself but really sloppy when it comes to collective play understanding. One of biggest Argentina talents of last years but he is individuality. When he only starts to dribble he can’t pass correclty. his passes are usually out of tempo

        • Fair reflection mate end the day I want see Argentina manager picking up the young and hunger players.
          Playing attacking football as collective I don’t care which club or which league they ‘re playing..

          Another thing I watched last 20 minutes for Boca game last night.I liked the way they were playing especially in the middle

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