Argentina international Giovani LO CELSO of PSG to sign for Real Betis


Giovani LO CELSO is presently in Spain as he is about to sign for Real Betis.

Argentina international LO CELSO doesn’t appear to be in the plans of PSG coach Thomas TUCHEL and the Argentine midfielder looks to be on his way out. According to several reports, LO CELSO is presently in Seville about to sign for Real Betis.

Per reports, Giovani would join on loan with Betis having a €30 million option to buy.


  1. A Classy young player who has a bright future, Well Betis is a smaller club compared to his caliber he have, But never the less he can at least have consistent playing time, Far better than rotting in the PSG bench. Hope Paredes follows same route somehow he has to get out of Russia ASAP. Simply wasting himself out there.

  2. Betis finished 6th last season and they are in Europa this season. They play possession based attacking football. Excellent choice for Lo Celso. Betis beat Real last year. He will meet Kroos again, I hope this time he can show his worth against him.

  3. I am more than happy to see a young and talented player ready to give up high salary for more playing time. That’s a very positive altitude, unlike Pastore and Lamela who prefer cash flow. I guess Emery would have hired him if he knew he is available a little bit earlier. Tuchel totally fucked up.

  4. Great move for him…….he should play as much as possible…….if he somehow didn’t end up going there then I heard rumours that in Jan Tottenham will make move for lo celso……he is so talented but he should learn not to loose ball in dangerous situations

  5. Good move. More important is to play against strong teams (even being in small) against strong opponents like Barca, Real than play for PSG against 2 levels inferior teams. Now he need comfort zone and starting eleven guarantee.

  6. Satien makes his player overperform in his system. This could be the BEST move of his career so far.

    He will get minutes, development and gain tactical intelligence in playing proper central midfield. I am crossing my fingers for this.

    And I hope Paredes moves to a team like Sassuolo, where he has chances to become a maestro unlike Inter.

  7. Very good decision to move from a farmer league and wish never join PSG again, A good season or two lo celso can be the radar for Real as modric as well as kross aging. Most importantly playing against tough opponents is good for lo celso development as well as Argentina then for money power PSG against farmers, i will be more happy if lo celso moved in sereA inter

  8. Talented kid who has a healthy dose of grit. I thought he’d ride the bench last season with PSG but he forced his way into the starting lineup. Betis isn’t a good team but hopefully he’ll do what Ascacibar did with stuttgart and excel with a mediocre team in a strong league.

  9. Loved his mentality, he wants to be famous by showing his ability and determination , not by sitting on bench of a big club and earn some easy money. Surely he will succeed in this challenge . This kind of mentality and ambition Argentina needs.

  10. Positive Move from Lo Celso. He wants playing time and doesn’t wants to remain as Bench warmer. Hope he gets his due playing time in Betis. A good club season coupled by good performance for Argentina can bring him back in the radar of big clubs once again

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