Federico FAZIO scores in AS Roma loss to AC Milan


Federico FAZIO scored for AS Roma as they lost 2-1 to AC Milan.

It was the Argentina man’s first away goal in Serie A in over a year which drew Roma level at 1-1 late in the match. However, an injury time goal by CUTRONE goal meant that Milan took all three points. Three Argentine players started for Milan as Lucas BIGLIA, Mateo MUSACCHIO and Gonzalo HIGUAIN were all in the starting eleven.

For AS Roma, both Federico FAZIO and Javier PASTORE started the match.


  1. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/player-analysis/exequiel-palacios-river-plate-argentina-tactical-analysis

    Nice Article about Palacios. Very Interesting player.

    With Lo Celso, Paredes, Ascacibar, Palcios, Vargas. So Many young guys with so much variety in between them. add to that the little older Lanzini, Lamela, Battaglia, Pity Martinez.. Voilà our midfield on paper looks so refreshing, than Mascherano, Biglia, Banega, Enzo… Biglia, Banega, Mascherano, Enzo…Banega, Enzo, Biglia, Mascherano… Goshh all our past 3 coaches tried these same Guys damit. Pastore, Augusto, Lamela, Lanzini were injured always so there is a case for them. But Still REALLY??

    • Big man @mik…. our problem is not finding talente… Argentina will always produce. Talent after talent but we misused most of them.. and waste.. I hope our youth have proper coaching this time.
      Club and country

    • Stop taking shit about El Jefecito. He was never an issue until Russia. Truly talented, I love what he has done for the NT. Shame he tanked in Russia.

      • No one is freaking talking Shit about any freaking player, Its because of the past 3 Coaches since Sabella we r now in a catastrophic stage. The renovation now we are doing it should have started after 2014 WC.

  2. Racing and Rosario Central play in a moment for top position in league. Rosario Central have best youngsters in league along with Velez, Defensa and Estudiantes. Most players in last U-20 selection (with few still omitted, like Rivas). Bauza though still pefer experience. Nevertheless Lovera (after U-20 trip to Uruguay) should get some minutes today as well.

    • Palacios had a good game and I think Nacho picked up an injury.
      Hey Gonzalo have you been following Defensa? Barboza is amazing as usual but his defensive partner Martinez is equally as amazing, I’ve never paid much attention to him before but he’s one to look out for.

      • Maybe you didn’t noticed but I was mentioning here about Lisandro Martinez few times recently. Category ’98, former U-20 player. He and Barboza are probably most creative pair of defenders in league. Martinez long passes are really outstanding (good dribbler too). Last 2 games he had played not as one of the 3-man defense along with Barreiro (also former U-20) and Barboza but as left back and did the role also quite good. With Barreiro, Barboza and Martinez Defensa has defenders exceptionally good on the ball. Add to that Miranda with his correct passes, Togni, Blanco and you have team of youngsters that can play posession football.

        I had watched Defensa yesterday game and they deserved win IMO.

        • Oh now I remember you mentioning him but as usual when it comes to Argentine prospects and la primera I’m always a few steps behind you.

          Yeah Defensa deserved to win and like Godoy they have one hell of a young, defensive unit, infact I am going to add Defensa and Godoy to my watch list along side Velez and Estudiantes.
          Angeleri, velez’s Dominguez, Barboza, Licha Martinez and Pellegrini, so many prospects and I can’t forget Abecasis who isn’t isn’t a jr I know but he may make more of an immediate impact for the NT and Argentina is really lacking in the RB department.
          Heck even River and Boca have Palacios and barca targets Almendra and Balerdi respectively and they’re worth looking out for.
          I don’t care about what anyone says, I have alot of optimism for the next 4 years.

    • Looks like Battaglia and Acuna had played double pivot for Sporting. I was curious about Acuna in CM long time. I suppose the position should fit him though I never saw player with No.9 on the position.

      Maybe we should try with the two on CM in one of friendlies

      • Yes, I’ve always said here that Acuna has been misused for years, he should be used as a box to box, similar to Matuidi, able to operate as winger from time to time. Wish also Battaglia could have a chance with NT as well soon.

        • Yup, guys, Scaloni and Aimar are following club games their players and maybe it will be some indication about new posssibilities in NT.

    • Problem with Battaglia is that he has little control. Doesn’t know how to pass very well and cannot dribble great. We can certainly use a destroyer but I think Ascacibar is better.

  3. Off topic: once promising youngster from Velez Maxi Romero has lost his place in PSV first squad and is now playing for the second team in a lower league. He missed first six months due to injury, but now recovered lacks class and form. Sad.

  4. Talleres – Godoy Cruz 1:0

    Andres Cubas with another superior performance for Talleres. Also Maroni has started and made assist.

    Defensa – Belgrano 1:1

    Defensa Beccaecece almost all over team of youngsters. In starting line up only one older player: Unsain, Martinez, Barboza, Bareiro, Togni, Rojas (Uruguayo), Miranda, Blanco, Fernandez, Huguenet. Only one older player was Rius. Few former U-20 players.
    They yet need to start winning but it’s impressive how the team dominated solid and experienced Belgranos. They’ve played posession football like Velez, though without enough shoots. What a pity Nico Fernandez is so short. Would be great forward otherwise. With the height is still outstanding.

    • With ex-Boca Cubas, Maroni and Pochettino (he is so much similar to Lo Celso), Komar contribution still I think Juan Ramirez and Leo Godoy are two motors of Talleres.

      San Lorenzo – River 1:1. Palacios with assist. Colombia with Quintero along with James will be no doubt stronger team with good coach hired.

  5. dybala was starting to be benched in big game but ronaldo’s arrival nailed his playing time. lo celso is winger like di maria scaloni should not consider him as midfielder.

    alan franco is another short and slow defender like otamendi i don’t know why argentina coaches like this kind of defenders. is he really good at cutting with intelligence and accelerating?

    in midfielder and fullbacks they need someone who is never tired and always move to make triangle in national match. on the wing i’d rather use big man like joaquin correa or lamela..
    Franco Vázquez i don’t really know abut him wish he turns out like nzonzi for argentina

    • Lo celso is a winger? since when? With all due respect but that’s completely false. Celso played as a CM since his days at Rosario and did so most of last season with PSG and the only times that he didn’t he played as a DM.
      Celso is the type of midfielder that can do box to box and if Scaloni doesn’t use him as a midfielder then he’s an idiot the likes of which only Sampa and Maradona can compete with.

      • Yes to me his best position is creative CM. Emery used him as deep-lying for several times, same position as Jorginho with Chelsea and Pjanic with Juventus, it didn’t work well because PSG does not have 2 strong defensive box to box players around him, unlike Pjanic who got Matuidi/Khedira and Jorginho who got Kante/Kovacic. I’d like to see him in a midfield of 3 in partnership with a real DM and a box to box. My first choice would be Ascacibar and Pereyra. Ascacibar very dedicated to defensive tasks, can press high and can bring intensity. Pereyra is similar to Vidal and Nainngolain, can play in a lot of positions, besides he has powerful shot, can strike from distance, 1 quality that has been missing for us. This 3-men midfield may be our midfield for the next 4 years.

        • I like your midfield Canadian, but i would use Paredes instead of Celso, who isn’t as dynamic as Giovani but more creative IMO.
          Pereyra would make a fantastic addition to the NT if only he manages to get his injuries under control. It’s odd really because when he was at Udinese and then his first season with Juve he used to hardly ever get injured but then his second season with Juv is where his injuries started really piling up and continued last year in England.
          It’s frustrating really that talents like Lamela, Lanzini and Pereyra (all River products btw) seem so injury prone because they all could offer so much to the NT.

  6. Dybala’s condition is bad after the arrival of Ronaldo. Now team wants to play a better formation that suits more to Ronaldo. Dybala is more suitable in 4231 or 442. But Juventus playing 433 and wants to use a hard working winger at right side.
    Ronaldo won’t give any free kick or penalty to Dybala, that’s his main strength.
    Dybala is better quit the club in January and go to a club which can offer a regular playing time. I don’t see him shining with Ronaldo.

    • Yes for sure. As Juve will never give up their 3 men midfield, the only way for him to exist is when they play in 4312, behind Cr7 and Mandzukic. But it really depends on the coach’s will. My guess is they will keep on playing in 433, which is the best system for Cr7 unless Pjanic injures, then they may switch to 4231 with Dybala. Unfortunately I have the feeling that it will end up like Pastore with PSG, less and less playing time. A loan during winter seems to be the right option.

  7. Tata is a realistic and conservative coach who used to rely on experienced players with simple tactics. The current situation is very different from 2014, all senior are old now + Messi is off. Now the main task is to rebuild a team from scratch, to help developing young players and make them ready in 4 years, so I don’t think he’s the good fit.

    Everyone knows that Pochettino is the best option, just need to look at the number of players that he trained and who achieved the semi finals of this world cup. It’s just insane. But we all know it’s quite impossible for him to leave Spurs. Maybe at this moment, the only one available and qualified is Burgos. He has now quite decent experience with Atletico and he should be even more hands-on than Simeone. I guess his profile may work. Besides, Atletico’s football style is a very efficient football, which worked very well with France and Uruguay.

    • Damn! I was hoping to see more of him. He had a great game last night. He made at least 3 passes forward that led to goal scoring opportunities. He was the lynchpin for Villareal.

    • Thank god its just 2-3 months, I honestly thought he tore his ACL, which means he’s out for most of the season.
      Caseres really surprised me, he was good with Velez but honestly Dominguez (his defensive midfield partner) was better and i didn’t think Caseres would adapt so quickly to la liga, not to mention that his style of play is more of a regista than a pure DM and that’s something that Argentina really needs.
      Wish him a speedy recovery because the kid may turn out to be an important piece of the puzzle.

      • I checked his rating and stats in the first two matches. He got 7+ rating in both matches, probably match highest rating in the 2nd match. I thought he was playing as a RM. Then I watched him in the last game and surprisingly, I found out he was doing all this from a DM position! He was playing like he has always been at Villareal. Imagining a squad with both Caseres and Ascacibar is giving me goosebump!

  8. There is absurd rumors coming that TATA MARTINO is also a candidate Now and Masche too as a director or advisor(Whatever)Really?,The last thing we want is now Tata as our coach, Let it be rumors only i wish, Tata wont take us anywhere he is already a proven failure, (Reaching 2 Finals is not an excuse) He is not good in selecting Youngsters, Masche he is not experienced in coaching and he will not choose some players like Icardi(Who should now be one of our main players) Scaloni is better than these 2, His player selection is already the most refreshing in last 8 years(Even if the situation demanded it, But Selecting Palacios and Vargas is impressive which i think most of our previous coaches wouldn’t have ever done even if they r in same situation)

    I really hope Scaloni puts up a good show that AFA r compelled to let his be our coach, If possible for long time.

    • Mate… talking about failure for Argentina coachs.. since 1993 any manager who come after that was failure not only tata martino….now
      I really want scaloni to impress and carry on as our manager.

      • Presently, the reputed Argentine coaches (Apart from Cholo, Pocchetino, Gallardo) are not interested in taking up the Job. The rumors surfaced becoz Tata has said somewhere that he is not going to continue with Atlanta post December.

        Secondly, I still think that Tapia is in Pursuit for Pochhetino and that’s why Scaloni will remain in charge till Copa because post June’19 release clause of Pochhetino reduces drastically and will be in manageable proportions for the AFA. Still Pochhetino is a Bielsa follower and thus I am not sure if he is the right candidate.

        • Agree with you mate…. But they said that tapia and Tata have good relationship that is why they bring those rumorses but for now I want scaloni stays show his worth I hope.
          He surprise us win us for copa America.. for me I don’t like simeone ‘ and pochettino since they don’t want to coach the national team
          Let them stay thier f… clubs.

          Argentina will always have good managers.. I also want Pablo aimar ‘diego placente’ Walter Samuel to become great managers in the near future because they’re loyal to their country…

      • SABELLA?? The Only Coach since 1990 to take us to the Finals of a God damn WC that’s a Success for me. Getting to the Copa America Finals with a base players which was already build is one thing (That’s what Tata did). But rebuilding a team completely from shambles is another thing (That’s what Sabella did).

        The only coaches whom i would like to see return are either Sabella or Pekerman none of the other be it Bielsa or Tata or whoever. But Both Sabella and Pekerman are old that’s an issue, if you think like that (Oscar Tabarez Coaches an Uruguay with a Walking Stick which is sickkkk) Anyway its my opinion which doesn’t matter.

        If AFA goes for TATA due to whatever reason we cant do anything about it unfortunately. Its not like we have had Catastrophic Coaches before too i guess. By the way I would take Pochettino any day over Tata Martino, even if he hasn’t proven that much by winning that many trophies or not, but he is great in Player developing England r unfortunately benefiting from it..

        • Mate I said while ago … pochettino is top manager manager no one can deny what has achieved for spurs.i like his stlye too he is attacking manager he more suitable to Argentina than simeone… have said all that I’m sure he won’t be Argentina manager anytime soon… that is why I don’t care about him anymore…

          For tata how the earth he could rebuild the national team When afa was shambling and disgrace. I remember that tata martino was going to manager under 23 for Olympic games in Rio and than what happen most Argentina teams refused to release thier youngsters and he resigned….. we can’t blame him for that.
          I believe he is good manager.
          That is my opinion.certainly he played better football than sabella..

          • That I agree we played more eye pleasing football, defenitly. But Sabella gave us more confidence, We’ll when Sabella took we were in utter disgrace than when Tata took over, AFA was always in shambles as per me. Anyway I respect ur opinion everyone have their choices. Any way AFA is not reading this hehe.

  9. Really happy for Lo Celso. He has done wonderful job by moving from that club now mange by an idiot. He could have told earlier that Celso isn’t in his plan. But he only utter when only Spanish market is open. But talent like him isn’t gonna rotten in bench. Wonderful move. Spanish league is pure learning ground for a midfielder to grow more. Now i wish Paredes to move from Zenith. I really wanna see Tuchel gonna regret it but more unlikely as French league is shiit.

  10. San Martin – Huracan 1:2

    I don’t know does anyone remember Nazareno Solis, one of the talents with wasted period in Boca, who was near to go for last Olimpic Games. He shines now for San Martin.

    Argentinos Juniors- Lanus 2:0

    MacAllister brothers are driving the team ahead. I like especially Alexis (still only 19), with his playmaking gifts (goal last night). But left back Kevin is doing pretty good job as well.

    17 years old Gonzalo Veron (already around U-20 Scaloni team) has started and scored winner for Argentinos.

    Lanus in deep crisis.

  11. Argentinos juniors with their first win of the season. 17 year old Gaston Veron made his first start and a great goal. Lanus playing with a lot of youngsters are struggling. Already rumours that Almiron would return to the club.

    • If Alexis MacAllister was born just few days later he could have play now for our U-20 team and be good addition. Still teeager though looks more mature.

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