Inter duo Mauro ICARDI, Lautaro MARTINEZ a doubt for Argentina matches


The Inter duo of Mauro ICARDI and Lautaro MARTINEZ are both a doubt for Argentina’s upcoming matches.

Both players are travelling and will join up with the Argentina team for their upcoming friendly matches against Guatemala and Colombia. The problem is that it remains to be seen if they will take part in those two games or not.

For the Inter captain, it appears as though he could miss the first match in Los Angeles against Guatemala but would have a better chance of making it in New York against Guatemala. ICARDI reportedly felt pain in the quadricept of his right leg.

In the case of former Racing Club striker Lautaro MARTINEZ, he had some pain in his left calf. However, MARTINEZ is rumored to be fit enough to play in one of the two matches. Mauro ICARDI and Lautaro MARTINEZ did not take part in Inter’s Serie A match against Bologna.

Eduardo SALVIO and Gabriel MERCADO both had to pull out of the Argentina team due to injuries.


  1. Well there is a general vibe in here regarding The Argentina primera liga generally the players in Argentine League is always considered far inferior to the players in European League. Its true that the quality is low compared to Europe. its natural because the economic condition in Argentine leagues is lower so the facilities also will be lower. But almost all the current or ex generation players are originated in Argentina it always will be , Some got the opportunity to polish themselves in Europe while some achieve success some don’t. Ortega (Never made it big in Europe) Its so many things which make or break a player in Europe. Discipline and Dedication is needed. Which all will not have in life. Injuries also play a factor.

    I believe Argentine League players deserve more chances to showcase their talents. that’s what the Friendlies are for. Pity Martinez, Armani, Pavon are not smaller quality players by any means. Without being given ample chances we cant write off any player. At least play in 10 games then we will get better idea. Dimari, Higuain, Aguero, Romero have given so many chances, now the others too deserve it. let us see what they can bring to the Table.

  2. i agree Armani is not NT material. whatever you say every keepers in each national team were all experienced world class keepers, Armani does not have that kind of mentality or experience
    courtois won every thing at atletico and chelsea was linked to real madrid already and lloris were leading keepr in tottenham. and every other keeper are captains in europe league

    it’s not right to suddenly start argentina league keeper right away in world cup. it’s not just trembling or shit, he was just not experienced and good enough, he never faced those kinds of fowards, and national match is not a place to experiminet and give trust and shit… if they wanted to change romero you should have done that in qualifiers with Rulli, he was like top 5 keeper in la liga(73% save) … and proved shame he was injured in world cup season but with god’s luck rulli and romero better compete together it’s better than trusting old and aging argentina league keeper

    • anyway argentina league players should be only looked at if he is the right profile what coach needs. it’s not a top league to justify worldcup starting spot, you can play as a unit but you can only link each other and play as a unit if all players are good enough for each one;’s role. or you go back to rely on a single player again, like it or not it’s true, if you throw meza in worldcup final coach would trust messi’s individual brilliance rather than meza’s participation in the team again argentin league player should only be justified if they are top talents in the world or the profile coach needs….

  3. After Nigeria match had lot of expectations in Armani. But France proved he’s just not a NT material. He reminds of WWF Kali. Zero reflex action. For penalties just fix his centre of gravity in such a way. Not even making a small jump or moving aside. For Mbappe penalty he was looking freezes in his position. Also he is in his 30s. But again going for him is ineffable. Werner is another disappointment. Seems Romero will be our Gk for next two world cups. Pazella should be our captain. A real hope.

    • I agree with you on the points you made on Armani. The guy is not a NT material as shown by his performances with the NT. But I think Werner has time to develop his career if he is willing so. For him last night was a night to forget, but I think his defence had the bulk of the responsibility of that heavy defeat.

      • It really is embarrassing hearing people analyze Armani’s GK ability on two games. If you guys even bothered to watch him for River, you’d understand how good he is. But I don’t expect many posters here who bother with our league play.

        • Agree. People think it’s only youngsters needs the time, trust of coach and are shaky in the beginnings in NT. But fact is that most of our players, the older as well, are really trembling in first games in NT. You should never judge any player after 2 games. No matter young or old. Sometimes I think even the older feels more pressure as they know being 28 or 30 years old it’s their only and last chance to show themselve of the good side in NT. Generally I’m for younger goalkeepers now than Armani (Andrada, Pourtau, Unsain…) but at the same time far to judge him after his 2 games or so. Most likely he is class goalkeeper.

    • So you are discarding Armani after just one game?(of which one was a goal of tournament & another a penalty). I want Armani to be goalkeeper against colombia match.
      Maybe you havnt seen but I have seen Romero conceding 4 goal and 3 goal

      • What Armani did vs France was a real shame. Before the start of the WC I was one of those who admired his call-up for the NT. I thought he was good enough to be Argentina’s No. 1 and can easily fill in Romero’s position but it was the other way round. If Romero was in his place that day the result would’ve been different. Young GKs can have excuses for their blunders due to their inexperience but the likes of Armani don’t have that much excuse.

        • You make zero sense. Armani is top class. Perhaps you should watch River play. Then again, most people are Eurocentric fan boys who don’t give a shit about Argentine football but only care Argentina. Quite sad to be honest.

    • I think Armani is a solid GK and to judge him on his WC performance is hardly fair considering what a mess the whole campaign was.

      Most football fans, even the eurocentric ones don’t actually watch football enough to make an informed judgement, hence why so many people (not just on this site) think that if player A plays regularly for big team X then said player is good enough and if player B plays for a smaller team Y then he isn’t good enough. In other words many football fans sadly are like Rolando’s sister where she posted a series of stats to explain why Rolando should be ahead of Mordric even though football isn’t like, say baseball, where stats are everything.

  4. Maybe Simeone will be used to play Icardi’s role if he is off. I guess the lineup should be: Romero-Mammana, Pezzella, Mussachio, Tagliafico-Paredes, Ascacibar, Pereyra-Angel Correa, Dybala-Icardi. It’s not sexy but very balanced.

    My team B will be: Jara or Bustos, Kanneman, Mori, Silva-Lo Celso, Battaglia or Kranevitter, Acuna-Vargas or Lanzini, Cervi or Centurion or Pavon-Lautaro Martinez or Simeone

  5. Pavon MOTM of Boca – Velez. He made difference. His fast runs were key. Besides Boca experience is still too much for Velez.

    If we could to say good things about team that lost in last round of Superliga it’s again Velez. They will grow to to one of the best Argentina clubs (if the youngsters will stay there 1-2 years of course).

    62% posession on La Bombonera it’s not that easy however (having Pavon) counter attacking play fit Boca. Velez has big gap on CF position (after Maxi Romero left). Bouzat as RF and Ramis AM are total loosers.

    Vargas after being called up had not any briliant game, but the big potentiall really is there. To me it’s still probably most worth attention youngster in the league.
    But there’s second player of the team that deserved NT call up if the doors are so wide open to youngsters. CM Nicolas Dominguez is best player of the team every match in this season no matter they win, draw or lost. Totally different DM to Ascacibar but would be usefull alternative. Every game, every commentator is praising the kid.

    The positive is also that U-20 RF Alvaro Barreal (probably our best player on COTIF tournament) has debuted yesterday for Velez and left few good impressions. There’s something eye-catching in this player that let me expectate he will be close to Vargas level soon. Velez necesarilly needs counterbalance on right wing to LF Vargas becuause this team is easy to stop when Vargas is pressed as it is in last matches.
    The right wing of El Fortin with Bouzat and Ramis is totally impotent.

    Thiago Almada scored the only goal for Velez against Boca in reserves duel (1:1).

    • The midfield of Velez with things going well would be lie that within some time:


      • I watched that game last night…
        To be honest this is first time I saw Velez playing under heinze.. I agree with you… they play so good.. keep position so nice… I have high hopes for Gaby heinze to be a great manager I impressed with him.

        I olso like the guy who wears number 16 for Velez.. he looked so muture his passes were forward rather than side ways.. he looks like a real midfielder

    • Argentine liga should hire zabalata Nd some other players of England and start doing English commentary so that the people like us who dont understand Spanish can watched it with intrst ….I mean pre match and post match analysis make the match environment great….Brazilian serie a is doing the same so that Mexican league

    • Velez are a work in progress but the potential is there. Gonzalo i agree that Dominguez is fantastic and IMO should be called up for the NT. Robertone is a good player but should play more centrally like he did last season and as you mentioned before the team lacks attacking talent (apart from Vargas who is out of form atm) and that’s what’s hurting them.
      I (again) agree with you on Defensa, infact they have more up and coming talent than velez and like Dominguez I think Barboza must be called to the NT.
      Apart from Velez and Defensa, Godoy and Estudiantes are worth following, heck even Racing, Boca and River have interesting midfielders like G.Fernandez-Solari, Amandra and Palacios respectively.

      • Dominguez and Vargas maybe just beginnings of the contribution Velez will have in upcoming years to NT. Actually I don’t think Varas is out of form. He rather need to adapt to new situation- how to play with leader burden.

  6. If one of them will be out and Scaloni will go for CF should call up Benedetto to make up him a little that lost NT matches during 9 months injury. He already gave some briliant passes in Copa Libertadores and yesterday against Velez.

  7. scaloni’s goal should be a permanent coach untill qatar worldcup… if they know he will be permanent, they won’t neglect national duty. he should have the authority and control of the squad

  8. lol…. lautaro…….. someone tells him the reality. by the look of it, you won’t get much playing time in inter anyway it’s better if you impress and get continuity and confidence by playing all these matches guartemala is easy but colombia is real challenge. and i said lo celso is not midfielder because of playing style. in national match midfielder need to be good defensively. by himself or by attracting markers and support attackers

    lo celso is not that, his positional awareness does not link back 4 and support attack, he always try to have ball, run and attack himself, that is why i called him winger, he would rather ask pavon’s position. that is why i said scaloni should consider him as a winger

    that is why argentina had no choice but to call up enzo perez, mascherano is tooo old in national match and biglia is not a good defender naturally he was average mediocre deep lying playmaker, there is no one to defend in midfield and messi always had to drop deep and was not threat to opponent. does argentina not have talent in midfield or they are not using it well? glad ascacibar was called up but they need physical pivotes and b2b who are good at long shots too.

    • Good point on Lo Celso I totally understand what you meant but that’s not only his problem, it’s actually problem for almost everyone of the team during the world cup. Nobody cover each other, nobody ready to make the efforts to free space for others. That’s why our attack was harmless and when the opponents attacked, we have always feeling that there were more players on their side.

      I won’t blame on the players, it’s a lot to do with the coach too. Currently only 2 creative midfielders in this generation Paredes and Lo Celso, there is of course Lanzini but I see him in a more advanced position. We should rely on both in the future, in waiting for other new talents.

      • real issue is there are better winger who is defensively better type like lamela or joaquin correa, angel correa etc, and you should not rate a player based on french league stat it’s completely open league. i am not sure if lo celso will perform in national team depends on the coach

  9. ……………….Armani………………………


    …………. ascasibar……lol celso…………..


    ………………….. icardi……………………….

  10. I doesn’t worry me if icardi plays or not
    I’m looking forward. How scaloni’s team play.. especially from the back to attack
    I’m also exciting how is going to look like.
    Our new midfielders… after 10 years regime of mascherano and his friends

    • Agree, I don’t know why some fans talk about certain players, repeating the same mistakes over and over.
      I don’t care if he plays or not, don’t make it look as if we are doomed if he does not. He is not that big of a deal. No one should be. We want to see collective talented team to play as a team first. then worry about individual player’s talent factor. WE had the best player in the World but We failed because we did not play as a team.

      • You Absolutely right mate …
        But unfortunately some mundo followers’re following
        Certain individual players. I said before and I’m saying now. I want to enjoy watching Argentina again.
        I don’t care names

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