Argentina players and staff land in United States ahead of matches


Players of the Argentina National Team as well as the staff have landed in the United States.

A new dawn is upon the Albiceleste with many new faces in the team being called-up. Two friendly matches in the United States against Guatemala and Colombia are what is next for interim coach Lionel SCALONI.

On Sunday night, AFA president Claudio TAPIA as well as the staff and the local based players made the trip to Los Angeles. Last minute call-up Renzo SARAVIA as well as Franco ARMANI who played two matches for Argentina made the trip. Here’s the full list of players presently in the United States:

Renzo SARAVIA (Racing Club)
Franco ARMANI (River Plate)
Alan FRANCO (Independiente)
Leonel DI PLACIDO (Atletico Tucuman)
Fabricio BUSTOS (Independiente)
Exequiel PALACIOS (River Plate)
Gonzalo “Pity” MARTINEZ (River Plate)
Matias VARGAS (Velez Sarsfield)
Maxi MEZA (Independiente)
Cristian PAVON (Boca Juniors)

One of the players who was at the World Cup with Argentina, Cristian PAVON, gave his thoughts on the upcoming matches.

“These matches are used for us to show off. I think I feel like I’m one of them now, although I went to the World Cup, we are all kids now. A new team is being put together. I haven’t spoken to SCALONI, now we’ll talk calmly.”

One of the newer players on the team, Matias VARGAS gave his opinion on being with the Argentina squad.

“You can’t count the amount of times I have spoken to my brother and father about being in the Argentina National Team. It fills your chest and gives you goosebumps. There’s a change in the team and I hope to take advantage of it in my own way.”


  1. Palacios, Vargas and Pity Martinez from the above are the ones i would like to see perform. Its usually Midfielders whom i have a soft corner. After so much time excited for a Friendly match. Usually its the usual historical players now its different. Cool lets see what they r gonna bring.What will be Scalonis style??

  2. Wait! OCampos is not in the call up? WTH! A strong physical presence in the advanced left position with the willingness to track back has long been a weakness for the NT and the best player suited for that is not called?
    Am I missing something?

  3. i really missed to see the national team playing.
    2 months pass from last game and really i miss to see team play.

    in this point i don t care so much who will play and who will not.

    i will enjoy anyway both of 2 matches.

    • Goes without saying! watching ARGENTINA play is always special and I am as excited as everybody about all the new faces and looking forward to seeing young, talented, SPEEDY and the key is speedy, I wanna see speed to burn on defense and attack.

      Been keeping up with the U.S. Open and watching Del Potro Fans wearing the sky-blue and white in the stands is always nice.

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