Argentina line-up confirmed against Guatemala friendly match


The Argentina starting eleven for the match against Guatemala has been confirmed.

As we reported earlier in the day, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO will captain the team with Geronimo RULLI as the goalkeeper. Here’s the starting eleven:


Argentina Guatemala
Argentina’s line-up against Guatemala.

No one in the team will wear the number 10 shirt for the two matches this month.


  1. 1 minute silence to all whom said:

    Lo Celso needs more playing time.
    Funes Mori needs more playing time.
    The youngsters will struggle, this is ARGENTINA (you need to be reminded every time).

    Yes it’s Guatemala, BUT the balance in defence and midfield was good. Rulli was great but I want to see how he’ll cope with more shots at him.

    All the people that only care about outscoring previous results it’s all about BLENDING the new guys + a win. 2-0 or more is fine + clean sheet. Scaloni brought Ascacibar, having Ascacibar on means our manager didn’t care about outscoring the game he was happy with 3-0.

    Ascacibar defensive midfielder Scaloni was thinking:

    1, clean sheet
    2, possession based football (because we were winning + a goal is a bonus)
    3, give his debut
    4, strong defence

    He wasn’t thinking let’s get 7-0 haha if we did this against France my days. Also in Copa Messi-Romero-Otamendi will be the only people I want to see. To be honest Romero and Messi is good. I’d like to see if Scaloni can handle Brazil which tactics and pressure.

    Gonzalo Martinez did more then Di Maria does in one game and he’s only played 18 ish games for River.

    There’s so many more good new guys.

  2. My picks after the match

    The good:
    1) Lo Celso: He has cemented a place in our midfield for next few years. Should he continue to develop he will be our Kroos
    2) Ascacibar: Every where, tackles, interceptions. Most positive point is his dynamic with long passes and running forward. The new Mascherano for sure
    3) Palacios: I do like him a lot. We haven’t seen that kind of midfielder with Albiceleste for a decade: decently pacey, skilled, visionary, and energetic. Our new Lucho Gonzalez

    The so so:
    1) Gio Simeone: Apart from one clinical finish and work rate, he was quite off the bar
    2) Paredes: Good passes but slow. He is kind of 199x players. Modern football require more dynamic. He can be an asset next to Ascacibar against strong opponents
    3) Savaria: Some good overlapping runs and cross in first half. Quite off in the 2nd
    4) Tagliafico: He can become our next Zanetti. Professional, hard working, not shiny but reliable

    The bad:
    1) Pavon: Pacey and hardworking but he forgot his brain home. He is becoming another Di Maria
    2) Vazquez: I was big fan of him … 5 years ago. Why him now?
    3) Kanneman: I was excited to see him but very disappointed. Looked nervous next to a younger partner (Franco).

    Other defenders and Rulli just did not get a real test to assest

  3. PAREDES and alcacibar were everything MASCHERANO and Biglia weren’t throughout the World Cup, yea I know it’s only Guatemala but potentially these guys are good.

  4. Lo Celso, Ascacibar, Paredes, Palacios – unfortunately we must drop one of them for Colombia. I think Lo Celso and Ascacibar are must.

  5. Half time:
    Lots of good things to see.
    Lo Celso clearly the diamond amongst the 22.
    Palacios looks so promising, really great to see.
    Pezella passing the ball well with parades in front of him being the perfect cover.
    Rulli ball distribution looks nice. But, neither him nor the CB’s were ever under any real pressure so can’t really say how their ball movement would look against better opponent forwards.
    Simeone started slow but seems to be taking over the box. Would love to see him against even stronger CB’s in the box.
    Both full backs haven’t had to work too hard against an opponent without any pace and playing defensively but they seem to maintaining shape brilliantly so that’s good to see.

    Now I’m going to say the one thing for which I’m sure I’ll get hated. Pavon. Always looks fantastic when he picks the ball deeper and has running room. And I’m sure everyone will mention that. But whats up with his final attempt. Whether its a pass or a shot, that final ball is so disappointing always.

  6. Argentina banging Guatemala one after another! Top class services from midfield. Pavon, Lo Celso, Palacios, Parades, Martinez are doing fantastic job. Rulli’s ball from the back also good so far.

    Those headers should have buried though! Simeone-Pavon partnership is promising imo. Simeone was kind unlucky some situations. His finishing in 3rd goal says a lot about his mentality.

    In defense we are still lacking something……may be E.Garay type a calm defender. Hopefully Colombia & next month’s Brazil match will say everything about it.

  7. Nice to watch. Pavon should use more brain than muscles.

    Lo Celso is doing good part of the things Messi could do here.

  8. Palacios and paredes give us the much needed composure in midfield. They’re actually drawing the opponent midfielders towards them and aim to free up our wingers. Brilliant by Scaloni.

  9. Where are those who said most of this team is farmers. Where are those who said after old generation we are zero. You guys forgot this is Argentina…which has abundance of talents.
    Very rarely I felt this team playing their first match together. Most of them are debuting..!

  10. There were no doubts on the ability of Rulli with his feet. He’s showing it. But still he has a lot to improve. Only player surprised me is Peredes & the RB. Both of them did well. Especially peredes.

    And in total, Midfield looks stable & playing like they have been together for years. It’s a promising start. I’m happy Guatemala came before Colombia match.

  11. Wow I’m liking what i see. ..

    Pity and pavon- playing great out wide, their pace is crazy quick

    Someone missed 2 scores 1, that’s what forwards do.

    Midfield looks great.. paredes, Palazios, and locelso…

    Defense hasn’t really been tested..

    Rulli- great distribution! Not used to seeing that

  12. Yeah. The defensive mid fielder is probably Paredes. But there is no proper destroyer and that may be the weak point. But surely more creative. Looks fresh like a blooming flower.
    Vamos Argentina. Do it

  13. Nice. Excited to see how our midfield will start. Won’t expect a great smooth start. But I’m sure, boys will try their best.
    It’s good to see Pezella in team as well

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