Giovani LO CELSO, TAGLIAFICO, SIMEONE and SCALONI comment on Argentina win


Several of the Argentina players spoke about the team’s 3-0 win against Guatemala.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI as well as goal scorers Giovani LO CELSO and Giovanni SIMEONE all spoke about the win. Captain Nicolas TAGLIAFICO also commented on wearing the armband. Here’s what coach Lionel SCALONI had to say:

“I believe we completed the objective, especially in the first half. Hopefully this guys will be the future of the Argentina National Team.

“We did what we wanted in the first half. I leave very satisfied, we were very intense in the match.

“They understood very well what it is to play with this shirt. We are very happy that a lot of these guys were able to play for the first time for the National Team.

“We will surely make changes for the second match.

“I think Renzo SARAVIA is a very intersting player. Today he showed what he can bring. He had a great match.”

Captain Nicolas TAGLIAFICO spoke like a real leader, saying that the team must be united:

“It’s good to be united, even off the pitch. We want to build a team for the future. We have to fix a lot of things, we are just in the beginning. I believe it was positive.

“It’s very beautiful to wear the Argentina shirt and wearing the captain’s armband is something unique.”

Giovanni SIMEONE, who scored on his Argentina National Team debut said this:

“I’m very happy. I have great team mates that gave everything to win. Beyond the opponent, there was a lot of anxiety to see this new Argentina. In the first half, we did everything we had to do.

“As a kid, my dad would always tell me that one day I would be here. I believe this is the road to follow.”

Givoani LO CELSO, who scored the goal of the night commented on the match:

“I’m very happy for the match the team played. We tried to do what the coach asked of us. We know the responsibility which comes with wearing this shirt. It’s important to start off on the right foot. Now we play Colombia, a big National Team.”


  1. Messi should return to the NT. He must be there for that friendly.

    Only to munch some Asados in the stands and chill out watching the kids play.

  2. Team from training:

    Armani; Bustos, Pezzella, Funes Mori, Acuña; Battalia, Paredes; Meza, Dybala, Cervi; Icardi.

  3. I would love to have Messi back but … not now. We are at a very important building stage. If Messi really wants to win the world cup best time to come back would be during the qualifiers. I believe Messi even at age 35 would still be a quality striker and a very good Play-maker . Yes our disastrous world cup campaign was mainly due to lack of speed as old players were holding most important positions and they unable to play high line pressing game, but you got to understand Messi don’t rely on speed anymore, he is all about accuracy now. With young legs in our midfield and defense , Messi can blend in perfectly. So, best time is to comeback after the COPA, for the qualifiers.

    What the team right now is needs is to make these new guys play together till the Copa. We need to have at-least 3 players for each position , just in case someone gets injured. Having solid back ups is key to winning short competition like the World Cup. Also, Its time to bring Lamela back now. He is destroying his career in Tottenham. He was in sublime form end of the last season. A smart coach would have picked him and Perroti in the world cup. But we all know what kind of Idiot Sampaoli turned out to be.

    • Messi will not play 60-70 percent of the matches in next 4 years if I assume he will play 2022 World Cup. We will get enough matches to set our team without Messi.i am not worried about Messi coming back and playing one or two friendlies.

    • I am sure la Pulga was watching his beloved Albiceleste play Friday night and how could he not like what he saw…..the better they continue to improve the better chance he gets back and contribute positively to the team and vice versa.

      ONE thing worries me though, who will take over the team if any and how will they change things for the foreseeable future?!!

      Are we satisfied with this coach? we are now but what about a year from now?
      Who is the best Serious candidate for the job NOW?

    • The paradox of all of it may be that Messi will have best chance to win WC when he will not be so good having 35 years or so. Why? The other players will take the responsibility as Messi no more kind of saviour (maybe joker only).

    • We did not lose because of speed or the older players. We lost because of dogshit tactics. Sampa is by FAR, the biggest reason for our poor performance. If you were to put youngsters instead of “oldies”, the results would have been even worse.

  4. I want Messi to come back but I doubt he will this year. I liked what I saw Friday night, I said that I wanted to see speed and SPEED I saw and I LOVED it. Watching ARGENTINA fly all over the pitch and chasing the ball wherever it went was wonderful and I want to see more.

    The test is coming against Colombia and I hope we see more of what we saw few days ago and it starts with the defense being tested and Rulli who didn’t do much. He was good in his passing and finding the open players but that was against Guatemala.

  5. Lot of us here including myself like to see the midfield Paredes-Ascacibar-Lo Celso but so far they have never played together. I think when that happens, Paredes will probably play in a deeper position than the other 2, Ascacibar will move a lot between staying deep and pressing high, more like a box to box than a classic DM. It’s actually the same system used by Chelsea and Juve currently. Lo Celso need to bring more intensity in defensive mode and need to be faster in transition, even though I found him quite good in his previous game. I am always supportive to him but he need to know there will be more competition in the future in his position, including players like Palaccios.

  6. Please messi refuse it don’t come bk
    I know messi care Argentina.
    If he come back most of the old guard
    Will come back that for sure .
    Than we f..ked big time
    I will have messi any day but please not now. We already start new era.
    Stay Barca with your family.

  7. The future of national team and the future of our young players is not depend if Messi play
    in one friendly game against Brasil or not.

    if he play it will be just one of 11. only 1 spot.
    so young players can play.

    if AFA need Messi for the money then i am not against that.

    we don t need him of course but it is clear that AFA need him for the money he brings.

    with all the respect to the friends here and without mood to argue with anybody here
    i don t know if guys in your countries you don t have so big financial problems

    but in Argentina we have huge financial crisis.

    sure everybody here because you love and interest about Argentina you know it.

    so if AFA which like Argentinian state we are broke
    then every Pesos Dollar Euro or whatever is needed and it is welcome.

    So if it is necesery Messi should come play only for the money.

    • Yeah some south american countries are fighting against economic crisis … it would be better messi joins argentina ….without money u can’t do anything… good wishes are with argentina

    • I understand that. But depending so much on Messi as money maker is also shortsighted. The sooner we build new team that will be competitive for best NT of the world the sooner we will have source of money independent of Messi fame. Messi will not the golden goose forever. He passed 30.

      First of all Argentina clubs have to learn how earn more money on their talents sold to Europe. They must learn it’s better to keep the talents 1-3 seasons more, let them shine in local league, make hype over them to sell on 2-3 times higer price then.

      Now they sell the talents immediately for 2-3 milion value transfers. They need more patience.

      • Yes true what you are saying.
        This is the sports point of view.

        The financial point is view is other.

        so i can t argue with you because you speak correct about your view.

        the truth is for the present that if we use Messi we win money and we lose about team build and if we don t use him we lose money and we win about building.

        we can t win everything.

      • I don’t understand why Brazilian league charges a premium but plays from Argentine are bought cheaply. Time for arg clubs to add $10-40m per transfer.. Europe will pay.

    • “if he play it will be just one of 11. only 1 spot.
      so young players can play”.

      This is the clue. Messi never was just one of 11. As far he almost always overshadowed the rest. The constat problem with our youngsters recently was that they came to NT just like Messi fans and not equal partners. Endless words in interviews how they are proud and honoured to play with him and how they will first of all looking for him on the pitch.

      Messi impact on team is so huge that I’m against his come back now for several reasons. I don’t want to see Messi taking all that in his own hands to score another hat-trick (as it was once against Brazil) and players like Lo Celso, Paredes, Ascacibar, Palacios, Pity as attendants.

      I don’t see Paredes kicking the same long passes immediately to our forwards with Messi being there. Messi will drop back to get the ball from Paredes and do playmaking work. Paredes will be reduced to attendant like Biglia.

      • These are very sane words indeed..when Messi plays,it somehow pressures others not to look for openings themselves, but rather involve Messi. Atleast it seems like this.
        Don’t get me wrong. Messi is indeed a great blessing for Argentina and has single handedly saved many games for the team. But the point is, the situation is often that, the framework has become so messi centric that it doesn’t allow anyone else to be saviour,but Messi alone..others often seem less daring,and content to pass ball to Messi and stay back and watch what magic he’ll produce.

        • You absuletly right
          We all love Messi but is not right time For him to come back
          The more he stay away The more benefits for the youngsters I mean in terms as team . So They can grow up as unite team not relying on any individual but Messi there again
          It will be choes

        • Ghostdeini once said: sometimes you need to cut off the big tree to let the small trees grow.

          I know this is too harsh and maybe too radical poit of view (if Messi is the big tree). But if we have not really cut off the big three once and forever but we may do that for some time I’m for that. The little trees needs more light. No more in big tree shadow the little trees have to be also a bit scorched by sun (lost one or two games) to adapt and be weather-beaten.

          Leaving the allusive words I believe our youngsters need first of all learn how to depend on themselve.

  8. There are rumours AFA is determined to bring back Messi for friendly against Brazil. They called the friendly important game. They try to convince public we need now Messi. But we really don’t need him now. At least till Copa.

    Please Messi, refuse that proposition, in the name of better future of NT. Be smarter than AFA. They want you now to make money of. The opponent, the city of luxury on Arabian Peninsula where the game will have take place – no coincidence. To that they need Messi to draw attention and make more money.

    There’s no consequence in AFA decisions. If we have already said A we should say B. Taking one step with new team we need to make another. We can’t step back. Lo Celso, Palacios, Paredes, Ascacibar, Pity Martinez, Cervi and others – there’s enough talent to have great midfield in near future.

    We won with Brazil in first game under Sampaoli. Did that made our team better we just won it? I don’t think so. We need to take the game against Brazil and any other till Copa just as time to work with new generation and not another Messi World Tour.

    • I think people noticed how reduced is Mundo comunity with Messi absence. If Messi was present on these two friendlies now the number of comments would be twice the time or more we have. Moreover most of the comments come from the same memebers.

      What I want to say. It’s not only some kind of indicator who is Argentina fan first of all (over Messi) but it’s also good measure of fact how much more money AFA may earn with Messi in. Popularity of Argentina NT with Messi is really golden goose for AFA.

      • @Gonzalo,
        The match wasn’t telecast in the Indian sub continent. That means most of the supporters from India, Bangladesh and probably Pakistan couldn’t watch the game. The satellite channels are connected somehow. I couldn’t watch the game from Bangladesh. Most of the time you see some Indian newbies in this forum flood the comment section trying to prove their love for the Albiceleste. They couldn’t watch the game. Hence the lack of comments Lol.

    • I guess someone need to kick on Tapia’s head to put some sense to him…clearly the organizers want to market the match as messi vs neymar and they must have offered AFA a huge amount for messi’s inclusion.
      Personally i want messi to return only on march friendlies until then let these group play

    • Lo Celso in not Messi but he really is doing pretty good part of the Messi contribution and still we have the kind of comfort feeling he is just one of eleven, the team is somehow more balanced; team of equal men. Let them face the challenge of playing against Colombia and Brazil. Even if they will lost I believe they become better team after that. They need the experience.

      • @Gonzalo,
        I always thought the temptation to use Lo Celso in no. 10 role would be too much at some point. But still I believe he can offer much more to the team as CM. His combination of creativity and work rate makes him a rare kind of player. I must repeat he is the same type of player as Kevin De Bruyne. I hope Lo Celso improves his defensive side of the game with regular football. If we put him at CM, we can always use an additional no. 10 (you-know-whom-i-mean :D) with less work rate upfront.

    • Yes, really seems to be something to do with the business. Those friendlies should be seen as steps for team building, so I totally agree that it doesn’t matter the outcome.

    • Messi will not ,should not come back in 6 months at least.
      I personally doubt that he will come before then.
      Even if he comes back after that, he should not play a full match.He should be used as a “Joker”

  9. In my opinion Tagliafico should continue as our captain, he has been a real captain throughout the match. He reminds me Sorin, another left back. I know it’s too early to speak like this. But still, this group must continue. And captaincy was really another burden for Leo. He must come and join the team as right forward, to make an already great team, (i believe this boys are capable of making Argentina great again) an unbearable NT.

    Another positive thing I’m seeing with tgis group is that, all of them are very important players of their club and regular starters.
    Now looking forward to a real test for the boys against Columbia.

  10. Damn Paredes is good in Corners, I believe he should always take it. Its been long time since we have a great Corner kick taker. He swings it well something like Riquelme used to do,he can improve too.

    Against columbia would like to see the Midfield trio of Paredes – Ascacibar – Lo Celso along with the Forward line of A.Correa – Icardi – Dybala.

  11. Dybala may be the least interesting player right now , but mark my words , he will be the guy who will spearhead the argentine national team for years to come , with a great team like this he will be only unstoppable .
    Its only a matter of time when he explodes in the international stage
    ” a real argentinian no 10″.

  12. Who know, maybe against Colombia it will be quite different team:

    ………………Pezzella….Funes Mori
    Bustos/Di Placido………………………Tagliafico



      • Hey farmar league… meza is not that bad player He was a victim of bad tactics.. I feel sorry for him sampoali
        Through him in to the ocean for wrong time.. meza play just 5 games
        You can’t charge him for 5 games only Same goes to povon and Armani

      • Meza has shown the skills but he was’t mentally ready for the world cup.. Got very nervous poor guy.. Should have been Lamela and Perroti for Meza and Pavon.

    • Now Battaglia and Acuna pair playing in midfield for sporting. If we play 4231, it can be,
      Rulli should start every match.

    • I really hope not, use the same line up with maybe 2-3 changes, maybe let Ascacibar start alongside Celso and Paredes for more defensive grit and cover, also If either or one of Dybala, Icardi are available use them along side Pity, who was fantastic against Guatamala. The important thing is to keep most of the team intact and see how they do against a much stronger opposition and then make the necessary changes for the next friendly.

      • We should give the opportunity to everyone, who can participate in the next WC.
        By next March we will have a starting x1…! We have to be patient.
        LoCelso-Ascacibar-Paredes midfield is the one we all want, but we need competent players in each position. If Battaglia, Acuna, Meza can compete with them its great.
        Else we have to find other players suitable.
        I think the player selection is far better now.

      • Mamoun, Insider

        you are both right. I would like to see mostly the same team against Colombia to build on understanding in the team. I would like to see again all them starting, without Pavon and Simeone. With Ascacibar.

        But on the other hand the bench players deserved for chance as well. We really lack more fiendlies to give enough starts all players.

        • remember you are allowed 6 subs a game, so basically almost everyone could get a chance, however since these kids haven’t played alongside each other at the youth levels and don’t play together at club level (with some exceptions), I think a starting 11 should be picked and should remain intact with changes made only when a player under-performs.

  13. Hopefully Dybala plays against Colombia!

    Loved the midfield of Paredes, Lo Celso, and Exequiel Palacios!
    Hopefully, Pereyra gets a shot as well! He is too well in form to be ignored! Lo Celso is good, but he has barley played so far this season. Well see what he’s got against Colombia on Tuesday!

    Defense has yet to be really tested, so hopefully we’ll see what they got against Colombia as well!

    The players who were disappointing IMO were Pavon, Ascacibar, and Simeone. Also ever player that came on second half as they didn’t do anything. Right wing is weak in attack, so either Messi or Dybala should be placed on that side, along with Aguero proving that he is still the #1 choice for that spot, with Icardi a strong #2!

    As I said after the World Cup, this team WILL get better, because the catalyst I believed that were harming this team were Mascherano and Biglia! Now they’re gone!! So we WILL improve! With guys like Paredes, Palacios performing, it’s very motivating!

    Again, I was expecting at least 5-0, but the performance was encouraging enough! Let’s not forget Guatemala has just finished a 2 year ban from FIFA, so they are not the finest team to play against. Teams like El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, would have put a better challenge. This is merely a morale booster for the real challenge against Colombia Tuesday!

    If Messi could score a hat trick against Ecuador with the likes of Mascherano, Enzo, Di Maria, Bendetto around him, imagine what he’ll be capable of doing with Paredes, Palacios, Lo Celso, Saravia providing cover for him when he drifts, and with Aguero at Top!
    I still hope to see MAD play in the Copa America! Messi, Aguero, and Dybala would be better than Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, and Coutinho could ever be!

    Vamos Argentina!!!!

  14. Argentina needs to change Forward line for Colombia match, Defense and midfield looks solid, Rulli as GK is best thing beginning for Argentina and hope it will continues only RB is concern and Dybala Icardi and corera must start

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