Willy CABALLERO of Chelsea talks about his mistakes with Argentina at World Cup


Argentina international and Chelsea goalkeeper Willy CABALLERO broke his silence and spoke about what happened at the World Cup.

Willy CABALLERO did not have the best of World Cup’s for Argentina and a big mistake against Croatia saw him dropped for the rest of the tournament. Franco ARMANI of River Plate took his position and coach Jorge SAMPAOLI never looked back on his decision. Speaking with Sportia, here’s what CABALLERO had to say about his performance at the World Cup:

“They are things that happen in training, in matches and it happened to me. You can not control those things. I take all of the responsibility because it was a very hard blow for everyone. It happened at the worst moment and then I did not have the chance of a rematch (to play against Nigeria). When you make those kinds of mistakes, what you want the most is to play again to get rid of that thorn and to get everyone to trust you again, but I did not. From my side, I tried to support Franco (ARMANI).”

In regards to being dropped for Franco ARMANI, CABALLERO stated that SAMPAOLI told him he would be dropped:

“I had to respect the mister’s (Jorge SAMPAOLI) decision. I had already sensed that (he would be droped) through training and the press wanted the change but SAMPAOLI came and told me it himself. He had the courage to tell me. What was said between us stays between us. There was a lot of respect between the coach and I. He made his decision and I had to respect it. What was I going to do? No matter how much I wanted to show that I wanted to play, it was what it was. You have to turn the page and think about the next game.”

On the criticism he received from people:

“The criticism on social media was disrespectful. It was very difficult for me and for my family. I don’t know if it’s because the people wanted Franco ARMANI as the goalkeeper which is totally understandable when the country has a certain taste. But the one who takes the decision is the coach and on my end, I tried to support him when he would play so he wouldn’t be nervous.”

Willy CABALLERO commented on Franco ARMANI’s performance at the World Cup:

“We had to win against Nigeria and he did very well. He did remarkable. We should not take anything away from him against France because there were lots of things which happened like a penalty and a great goal. He did very well.”


  1. Believe In Something.
    Even if it means sacrificing your hair, your sense of style and leaving great players on the bench for Meza and Enzo.

    Just Do It.

    Presenting the Nike sponsored coach who is protesting against the firing done by the Argentina FA to him, Jorge Sampbaldy.

  2. Hands down, this guy was Croatia’s best ever player this tournament, far better than Modric, Subasic, Rakitic or Mandzukic.

    MVP of the tournament, the only reason Croatia got to the World Cup final. I don’t know how he didn’t get the golden ball award. Maybe FIFA gave him a golden comb or a golden clown hat later for his great achievement.

    Also Sampaoli, I will never forget your unique World Cup record, taking not one, but two teams into the World Cup final, France and Croatia. GOAT coach

  3. When I see his face, my mind wants to kick him in hiss ass, shoot him in his balls & kill him thousand times, thats it!! Don’t want to see his face any more.

  4. he sign with his stupid mistake the destiny of our world cup.
    we finished second and everything was over from the path we go in knock out stage.

    after that mistake we lost everything.

    So if i was in his place i would never open my mouth.
    he was lucky that even he was at world cup squad.

  5. He gave away 5 goals in 6-1 loss to Spain in the WC friendlies…He was only damn lucky to get another chance to play in WC as first GK , which is trust shown on him more than he deserved…He should have realized his mistakes only after the WC friendly match instead of doing it after that 3-0 loss to Croatia…a draw in that match would have also ensured a chance for topping the group

  6. Even though I feel bad for the man after all the DESERVED abuse he received but what was he expecting??
    He gave the game away to Croatia that started with a fucking amateur mistake and its not like he was pressured, he could have kicked the damn ball anywhere Except where he did!!
    This will hunt him for the rest of his life, he shattered the dreams of a whole nation and millions of fans around the world.

    Does he take all the blame? NO, but a huge chunk of it.

  7. The last one who I want to see is this guy. Even though football is a team game and no body does mistakes purposefully. Still hate him. Everybody waited for 4 years to see our beloved Argentina, instead we got this guy showoff and cost us.

    So he wanted to play against Nigeria too huh? Wholly f*** at least we got into the second round, had this guy started it could have been even worseee. The red signal was out after the Spain friendly itself. Still Sampa chose him which is unforgivable mistake.

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