Gio LO CELSO, Gonzalo MARTINEZ, TAGLIAFICO in Argentina eleven from training


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has put out an eleven in training on Monday which had captain Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, Gio LO CELSO and Gonzalo MARTINEZ.

In the last training session ahead of the match against Colombia on Tuesday night, coach Lionel SCALONI tried out a different eleven from the one that was tried over the weekend. Here was the eleven in training from Monday:


This means that Nicolas TAGLIAFICO comes in for Marcos ACUNA (who played as left back over the weekend), Giovani LO CELSO for Leandro PAREDES and Gonzalo MARTINEZ over Franco CERVI.


  1. A.Correa should start in …he deserve a start…against Colombia it’s going to be a very tough game…each and every players should be given hard runs…..

    Want to see icardi dybala scoring goals
    Locelso Paredes mastering the midfield

    But it’s not so easy

  2. I want to see more of what we saw Friday and the defense tested, especially Rulli who never impressed me and NO, playing against Mighty Guatemala does NOT count.

  3. I think Bustos should have played against Guatemala and Saravia/Di Placido against Colombia. Bustos is better than Saravia in attack but Saravia is no doubt better on defence.
    In last game of Colombia against Venezuela I saw Cuadrado attacking often on left flank. He is one of main threats. If I had to choose I could take Saravia to mark Cuadrado. The Colombiano may take also right flank and here Tagliafico is better choice than Acuna to put press on him.

    First of all Argentina need to stop maybe one of the best playmakers on the world currently (probably best in South America) – Juan Quintero from River Plate. The Colombia tactic looks simply to some degree as the ball usually pass through Quintero and when he gets the ball there’s always immediately a movement somwhere there in forward line. The attacking players know he will pass them. Quintero prefers more right side of midfield. There it will be: Tagliafico, Battaglia/Lo Celso and maybe Pity Martinez (if the line up above will start) who must put the pression on Quintero. I’ve said Pity Martinez for some reason. Maybe Scaloni want gives the chance to Pity for some personal rivalry he has with Quintero. I mean Pity recently in River is usually coming from bench as Quintero stroke with great form.

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