Atlanta United coach Tata MARTINO could become Argentina coach in January


Argentina FA president Claudio TAPIA talks Atlanta United coach Tata MARTINO

AFA president Claudio TAPIA appears to be a big fan of current Atlanta United coach Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO.

While many names have been floating around as to who will become the new coach of the Argentina National Team, one surprise name has come up recently. It’s not Diego SIMEONE, nor Mauricio POCHETTINO or even the name of Marcelo GALLARDO.

Former Argentina coach Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO received a lot of praise from president Claudio TAPIA. Speaking with Fox Sports in Argentina, here’s what TAPIA had to say:

“I have an excellent relationship with MARTINO. He had to leave (his position as Argentina coach) due to a very unique situation. We, the executives of Argentine football were responsable.

“I really like the work he did with the Argentina National Team.

“He played key matches and difficult matches without MESSI and he got results. He started a change within the National Team.”

Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO currently has a contract with MLS club Atlanta United until December and the idea appears to be that TAPIA would bring him in as new coach in January.


  1. Dafuq!

    Give Scaloni some time, he seems to be doing great as a coach!
    Also the two coach system of Scaloni-Aimar is not doing that bad at all so far.
    Martino sucks when it comes to performing in finals. Didn’t get the best out of a great Barca squad when he had the chance. Bottled it clean and simple in the Copa too. That man sits on the bench and does nothing like a dead statue and doesn’t even motivate his players.
    Ex Players like Scaloni and Aimar know how it is to bleed blue and white plus looking at those two friendlies Scaloni kinda seems to know the right team selection too and is finally bringing some tactics to Argentina, not seen in a long time

  2. It may b a good decision I think. Bcz this time the AFA is different, most of the oldies gone, new bloods came, good young coaching staffs came from former players. Tata may do something good in shaa Allah!

  3. Yeah perfect! Bring back the guy who’s the main reason why our team is in this horrible mess, Hats off AFA. Nobody can beat you this time, not even Spain FA.
    Why can’t they stick to Scaloni? All this hope for nothing then.

  4. If it’s between Sabella n Tata, i would take the later for a long term project.

    Sabella in my opinion didn’t do much to groom young talents in those 3 years. He was good n had a brain to use in WC 14. He played good attacking football during qualifications. But tata’s football wasn’t bad either. I can’t forgive him for the last copa final chaos.
    But still i think, for this young group, tata is better if it’s between sabella n him

  5. SMH, What about Sabella, At least bring him or Pekerman they both r cheaper also. (They both r old i know but they can do the job, They both r younger than Oscar Tabarez who is still the coach of Uruguay) If its Tata we r going to be doomed i guess, He failed in Barca with the Golden generation and he failed with Argentina too (2 Copa finals? Man you have to cut the cake with that base players which Sabella build). We may again have to face the frustrations for coming years i guess. As per my opinion.

  6. Martino could not be bad if not the fact once he trusted too much the famous generation and kept with them too long. I like what our team showed under him without Messi and few other famous players (Especially against Brazil in home).

    Martino is ok choice but I prefer Scaloni.

  7. I see the same fucking pattern here.

    The same pattern, where there is a lot of small talks, and then after a lot of bitching and moaning AFA behaves like AFA.

    Let me tell you whats wrong with Tata.

    * He didn’t give us the new guys which was required after the 2014 wc. At that time, it was the perfect time for that. Instead, he called up Demichellis to babysit Otamendi and Rojo. Yeah, he thought those guys needed a babysitter.
    * He is the worst coach in football in substitutions. He changes his striker at the 70 min marks- like clockwork.
    * I never saw doing any tactical change during a match. Remember two copa finals? Yeah, both matches were screaming for changes. The fat dude just sat in the dugout twiddling his fat fingers.
    *He’s a puppet. At Barca he was Rossel’s, and here he will be Tapia’s. He will sit on the order of Tapia, eat and shit on the order of Tapia.
    * To all the people who wants change and new players, lmao – under Tata you are going to get Di Maria, Romero, Biglia and Higuain for four more years untill they are 40.

    Okay, Rant over.

    • thx man! Shakehands! we Need someone else! i am fine with scaloni! he is the Change and fresh Approach we Need! with martino ist gonna be otamendi and di Maria over and over again! scaloni brings the Youngsters! it was just Guatemala but they played good…good moves…good Patterns…i finally saw a midfield again…i will stick with scaloni! he will bring the needed Change!

    • Funes Mori
      All was given chance by Tata. We didn’t have that much options in his time. He was limited by resources and players. Still he did good job. His time our defence was good too. I hope Scaloni stays too but it will be miracle to do that. Pocho,Gallardo,Cholo is only dream. Tata not a bad options.

  8. I don’t think it is a good idea. I will support Scaloni if his team can be competitive against Colombia and Brazil. We need a young and capable coach. Stick with him for some years.

  9. Why do I get that Never-ending-curse feel again? What a shame! Of all the worse possible options, AFA always shoves the worst one down our throat.

  10. I said before I will take tata martino over simeone and pochattino.
    My choice was Gallardo but some reason. He doesn’t like tapia and angenlaci.
    Now scaloni is my first choice… even tapia said he was very impressed him
    The players he called .I’m sure if scaloni beat Colombia and Brazil
    Convincely… He will have serious case to be full time manager…
    I hope that is the case.

    Tata…. those people who keeping accusing Tata not calling new players
    First the Messi generation were their peak at the time .. just reached
    World cup final.
    Second the afa were joke no organisation no project were place either
    Nothing just disgrace.. even thought Afa was Mess Tata
    Did wonderful job played proper football based position.
    He called new players like peryera daybla correa krenevieter funes mori
    He olso recall pastore banega lamela gaitan
    Just before he resinged… was going to lead the under 23s going
    To Rio for Olympics but the most Argentina clubs refused to release
    Thier youngsters.. in that Olympic team he was going to take
    Lanzini lo celso gio simeone ascaciber. List goes on
    I believe Tata martino was best manager we had very long time
    Unfortunately he was there wrong time …..

  11. Exactly same thing I just wrote on previous article that Tata won some matches without Messi. His tactics and play was bad when Messi return. Don’t judge me i ain’t bashing Messi but if Tata comes he should work on this. Compare the situation we are in Tata ain’t bad choice. I don’t agree that he was a failure. He took us Two final while AFA was in mess. There were no money,no leader. He still did the job for team sake. If he come back after leaving that multi million club than i obviously welcome him. We are not gonna get any young fancy coach to be realistic

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