Javier SAVIOLA talks about Lionel MESSI and the Argentina National Team


Former Argentina man Javier SAVIOLA spoke about Lionel MESSI, coach Lionel SCALONI and how he would join his coaching staff without hesitation.

A team mate of Lionel SCALONI with the Argentina National Team, SAVIOLA was full of praise and stated that the change going on is the best thing for the team. Here’s what he had to say on the topic of Lionel MESSI:

“The best thing is to give him time and for him to come back when he has the proper strength to face other objectives. They have to form a team for him to be able to integrate into.”

On the changes going on with the Argentina team and Lionel SCALONI:

“Change is the best thing that could happen to the Argentina National Team along with the arrival of young people like SCALONI, AIMAR and SAMUEL.

“I did the (coaching) course with SCALONI in Madrid and it made me realize how much he knows about football. If they get good results, it will be difficult to remove them as coaching staff of the Argentina team.

“If they call me to join the coaching group, I’d go tomorrow. I wouldn’t even think about it.”


  1. Battaglia is one Midfielder whom we lacked in years, A tall strong guy who will be good against tough physical opponents like Brazil, etc. Ascacbiar is something similar to Mascherano mold which is also great. Paredes is like a true Deep lying play maker his passing range is the best of all we have. Lo Celso and Palacios like Box to Box. Pity, Vargas, Lanzini, Lamela. Its good to have a headache of abundance in Midfield. one thing which is great is most of these players r not identical, Each can bring something New to the Table.

    • After the 2 games we should continue with Pity at LM/LF. That’s for sure.
      With Palacios, Paredes, Lo Celso, Battaglia, Ascacibar we should not think about other CMs to start now because all the players impressed.

      The only position in midfield where is a bit ‘space’ for throwing new names is RM/RF:
      Lanzini, Dybala, Pereyra (?), Pavon, J.Correa, Lamela. Lamela is not the player (just my opinion). Pavon will be good only if Paredes is there with his long, traversal passes. Lanzini, Pereyra, J.Correa – my favourites. I’m not sure the position suits best Pereyra. Lanzini is injury prone but I think his styly fit to current bunch of youngsters.

      I would like to see Lo Celso being tested in the position (more right side like Messi) to see all together the midfieldes that impressed us in last friendlies:

      ………………….Paredes……Battaglia (Ascacibar)
      ..Lo Celso……………….Palacios……………….Pity

      • too bad , Lanzini will be out for about a year. he is NT material I hope he comes back stronger. I will still consider Eric Lamela if he stays away from injuries

        • I have contradictory informations. Thought he is out for 15 months (then I could not think about him sooner than after Copa). But he reportedly already trains.

          • I thought he could be back before the Copa, but it seems unlikely. I Think he is back at fullham, but I did not hear that he started training yet. I think he is continuing his rehabilitation and treatment after the surgery , for now he is only hitting the gym.

          • So we should not hink about him now. First he must back. Then it will took probably few months to see him in optimal form. I don’t see him being in ‘NT shape’ before Copa.

      • The above Midfield combo looks Fantastic, But were does that leaves players like Pavon, A.Correa and most importantly Dybala?

        I think only 3 of Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, Battaglia/Ascacibar can start for us so that we can accommodate Dybala. And Angel Correa will have to compete with Pity Martinez for his spot. As of now my Favorite Midfield trio will be Paredes, Lo Celso/Palacios, Ascacibar/Battaglia. No way Ascacibar and Battaglia Should ever be played together. There is no replacement for Paredes as per me his passing range is great, we don’t have player who can directly back up him.

        Or we can replicate your line up above too according to opponents and we can twerk formation to suit some players, Its always better to have multiple position playing players like Palacios, Lo Celso. Anyway our Midfield looks far refreshing now.

        Above everything, these guys should always play for us in every matches possible bar injuries.

        • Of courstse Correa may compete with Pity but Pity has 2 starts in a row already and in both game looked good. No need to disrupt the initial understanding he already have with other players, especially Palacios, his teammate.

          • I would like for Eric lamela to be called, he can operate as a winger/attacking MF. Pavon has good first touch, but then runs like a headless chicken. reminds of that run that Di Maria took before the final in WC2014 injuring himself and cost us the cup.

          • If we had anywhere chance for that club-couples in NT we should try this. The more both Palacios and Pity did well as far. Pity need to find himself in River a new with Quintero taking his previous position but I believe Gallardo will find place for both.

            Scaloni have said that the two and Alan Franco positively surprised him most. I believe he will start both them again.

  2. …………..Romero……..
    Gomez(injury) ..pazzella…otamendi..taglia
    …………. battalgia…..paredes………….
    ………Messi………………….lo celso……

  3. The three man midfield should be,



    This is how I want to see the players competing for midfield position.

    Any of those should be ready. When Scaloni came, immediately I feel we have a midfield.

  4. Brazil this, Brazil that. Let me tell you a few words about Brazil. They are not Guatemala indeed, but in my humble opinion they are not the world beaters as some people were claiming here. The proof? The world cup! They had one of the easiest groups, as always, they couldn’t win the only good team from their group (Switzerland) and when the time came to face a serious contender (Belgium) they were kicked out. So get of our backs with media’s overrated Brazil already!

    And another thing to add just for some people own information: According to our head to head battles especially about official games when Argentina was in a good condition, they could barely beat us. Moreover, the biggest defeat with the most goal margin in the history of Argentina versus Brazil clash was on Brazil, you can go and check it.

    • Agree, I am sick and tired of people betting on Brazil to Thrash Argentina next month. They struggled at the WC and they even waited to after 90′ minutes to beat Costa Rica.

        • …and We hate Brazil!
          I think it will be highly tactical game. We will play Egypt 5 days before, so any adjustments would be made after that match. I just Hope L. Martinez and Correa will be available by then. Pezzella/Paredes/Ascacibar will be able to disrupt the Brazilians play. We just have to find a RB who will be able to contain Marcelo

          • “We just have to find a RB who will be able to contain Marcelo”

            Bustos really managed well with Cuadrado. I think Cuadrado with his height is more inconvenient to Bustos than Marcelo. But still more safe option defensively is Saravia. I know him from Racing and Belgrano. Defensively Saravia is better than Mercado.

            Above all if you want to stop any individuality like Neymar, Marcelo, Cuadrado, Mbappe or anyone you never do that only by appointing best defender. You need collective cooperation of defence and midfield.
            Neymar on driblings may few times deceive (even humilitate) every of our RBs, Saravia, Bustos, Mercado, Gomez, Godoy, but if the RB will have back up in our DM (Battaglia/ Ascacibar), RM or other defender we can stop him.

            Remember Robben (in semi 2014) being better in few moments than Zabaleta or Garay, Demichelis but when you see already the ball in our goal all of a sudden Mascherano is saving us.

            Neymar one-to-one may humilate every RB if he will be left solely.
            Menotti have said Bustos against Spain didn’t stopped Isco and others becuase he was left alone. Our DMs were so poor.

        • Godin 11 : argentina is the real South american powerhouse , we got to three finals in a row ,that too in consecutive years not 4 years in a row , I wonder how many finals did brazil played after 2007 , most recent 2013 confed cup.

          As I will always tell you , argentina and argentines are always overlooked and underrated by the medias , they hate us , even europeans , so much so that , lets take example : deigo perotti one of the most underrated player ever , when I watch his vedios , I doubt who is neymar ,and yet players like jesus , malcom are treated like world beaters , as if they have won 200 Ballon d ors and having 300 million price tag .

          Nothing to say anymore , if one country flashes too much and get famous , the other one does the same thing by doing it on the pitch , where it matters the most.

          • 100%agree media somehow deny us
            If we had won all those finals we will be the best nation football in the world ..

            Argentina is only country can produce talents after talents without real project…
            I think european media envy Argentina
            Because of thier producing generation
            After generation without real economy…

      • Didnt Argentina beat Brazil the last time they played a year ago?

        and Brazil is supposed to be no.1 fav along with Germany at the time and we beat them when in very bad form lol. Germany was unbeaten in qualifier only to be dominated by Mexico and S Korea , which even more funny.

        Colombia recently played with many of their veterans that certainly going to play in next year Copa and we tied them and created more chance with literally new team!

        If we beat Brazil, you’d see haters saying its only friendly but when they beat us, they gonna claim they’re unstoppable lol

    • “I am sick and tired of people betting on Brazil to Thrash Argentina next month”

      Do not take the @Romance King seriously. He is doing still all possible things not to be taken seriously.

        • Some people can’t handle that we already did first step in right direction of new era in Argentina NT. The more thay can’t handle that because almost all new players left good impressions.

          I don’t care about the result against Brazil. The players of last friendlies should just be there. I still can imagine us defeated 0:1 or 1:2 with optimistic thoughts after the game if only the youngsters will made the impression we are progressing. They may learn a lot there.

          Smart coach and smart players will always learn on every lost that happen. If you are defeated you will ask yourself about reasons of the defeat not to make the same mistakes more. You will know how to prevent. Sometimes more dangerous than painfull lesson is win that brings overconfidence. CHile may lost to Argentina (without Messi) in group stage and win in penalties in final of the same tournament.

          • I don’t think they hate to see the NT with fresh blood. Maybe they are not aware of the talent available. I am sure they will come to their senses when they realize that there are other alternatives to most of the old squad that they are used to for about 8 years. how can you hate having players in your team like Lo Celso,Paredes, Ascacibar, Palacios, Battaglia and so on. I am sure that they are not aware of the talent of these players or maybe they play in rival clubs that they do not support. Some might think that the NT has to be full of stars, but That was our main problem, when the team is full of stars it becomes highly toxic, a balanced teams with 3 stars at most is more than enough.

          • “Some might think that the NT has to be full of stars, but That was our main problem, when the team is full of stars it becomes highly toxic, a balanced teams with 3 stars at most is more than enough”

            Think the same. Dream teams compilated of players best on paper rarely works. Like Argentina 2002 or 2011 under Batista. The third is our NT of last 2 years.

  5. At this point AFA shouldn’t arranged match against Brazil, if Argentina young team humiliated against Brazil 6-1 then they will be completely written off which i never wanted, as messi isn’t available Aguero is must for Argentina to give threat in Brazil defense

  6. Brazil is better than Argentina and Fifa ranking difference also show this even with best Argentina squad Brazil is clear favorite there is no point to play with out strongest squad for humiliation

    • really? Brazil was flying high last year in qualifier and we beat them 1-0. Germany who’s unbeaten in qualifier got thrashed by S Korea and dominated by Mexico. You think FIFA ranking really mean anything? Argentina once ranked #1 when they only reached quarterfinal at WC.

  7. Argentina and Brazil are arc rivals like Real barca in club and India Pakistan in cricket. We rival fans can accept final lose but not against each other. Imagine real playing against barca with B team then a garentee humiliation no matter to test youngsters or learning experience. Even with old guards real will lose against barca but not humiliated like 6-1. Argentina with out messi Dimaria Aguero icardi Dybala humiliated 6-1 against Spain as a Argentina fan we will forget soon but can’t digest 6-1 again Brazil

    • Actually I find it amazing how in just 2 matches the NT started to take shape. Anyone with a good eye in football can see that. Defense is shaping around Pezzella and the midfield is shaping around Paredes, Lo Celso ,Palacios, Martinez. WE still have many players to compete who are close or at the same level even higher level( Lamela,Lanzini, Ascacibar, Mammana) What I like most is that the players are going back to defend when we are under attack, if I am not mistaken, in 3 more matches we will be good to go. Strikers are abundance and should have no problem once the defense and the midfield solidly integrate.

      • “What I like most is that the players are going back to defend when we are under attack”

        That’s the balance we lacked before. And the sound equality of players. Everyone need to fight on the pitch.

        There are some players behind NT still we may call up instead of Vazquez, Meza or Di Placido but ATM I want to see the same starting line ups. It will be lost not to see once again even one of Lo Celso, Palacios, Paredes, Pity, Ascacibar/Battaglia. They need continue maintain the midfield.

        For me the starting midfield is Lo Celso, Palacios, Paredes/Battaglia (it depends on opponent class) and Pity.

      • Bataglia more complete holder midfielder than ascaciber… I can’t wait when lanzini come back and perform well…. will have the best midfielders for years pitty Martinez
        Seems to me a proper left winger he got goals in him… He plays with purpose…. I like a lot those generation midfielders come up

        When play less teams i will play lio paredas deep lying playmaker
        His long range passes out of this world even … time vickery was praising him a long lo celso…

        • Paredes is a true midfield leader, Ascacibar great in tackling and breaking up opponents play, I like both. did not see much of Battaglia, but he did well against Colombia. I am not worried about the midfield anymore. WE still have lanzini and Lamela. at least 2 of the above will evolve to be the heart of the NT. in my basic understanding, many consider the No.5 is the anchor of any team.

          • Pity is right choice for LM. Paredes right choice DM at least for less attacking teams. Battaglia/Ascacibar for strongest opponents.

            And still we must find somewhere place for Palacios and Lo Celso. If we want to have all them together maybe Lo Celso should play more on RM. Embarasses de richesse

          • I am basing my assumptions on a 4-4-2 (4 1 3 2) or a 4-5-1 (4 2 3 1) both require 3 attacking midfielders who can operate on the wings, too. that’s where the likes of Martinez, Palacios, Lo celso and dybala would be, I guess.

  8. It’s funny something so logical was lost since the Sabella days. You don’t build a team around Messi – you build a team and add Messi. The greatest player in the world can sure find a way to involve himself, but only if there is a team to be involved with. This year’s world cup was Argentina’s for the taking. They could have fielded the Boca Juniors team, added Messi and they could have at least made the final. I’ve always thought that Messi will perhaps win it as a midfielder in his older years, and it would be kind of poetic, as that his how Maradona did it in 86.

  9. I am confident we will beat Brazil 2-1. Mark my words and this is with the youngsters. What will win for them is the strong urge to prove themselves.

  10. Trust me Di Maria and Aguero will play great against Brazil, but after that for next 20 matches they won’t do anything. It’s always been like that. Even if we win with oldies. We won’t achieve anything. But even if we loose against Brazil with youngsters we will still achieve something.(I m not saying we will be loosing, I have confidence in the youngsters hunger,and ability)

    Its rather different opinions that’s it.

  11. I far as I know scaloni is our coach
    Everyone liked him already
    Off the topic some deluded fans keep saying Brazil will beat us 6 to 7 nil
    Re you guys off your head. For me anybody think that way is not Argentina
    Fan… probably they’re old guards followers because of thier name or
    Any other reasons… don’t get me wrong I have a lot respact for them
    But I do think thier time is up that is my opinion
    Brazil will never beat Argentina 5 6 or7 .
    under scaloni Argentina will not lose more than 1 or 2
    His team looked so compact plus he has samual whose coaching
    Our defenders… even funes mori looked world beater against Colombia
    Make my word those youngsters will surprise Brazil…
    They will play under no pressure if we play good and lose 1 or 2
    So be it… I have been reading different webs in the world football
    They’re Already starting worry about what is coming from Argentina ..

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