Argentina club Boca Juniors Confidential documentary available on Netflix


Netflix have partnered with Boca Juniors and released a documentary about the Argentine club.

In a different type of news, Netflix have announced and released a Boca Juniors documentary. Here’s the sypnosis of the documentary:

β€œPlayers, fans and staff of soccer powerhouse Boca Juniors provide an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Argentina’s legendary club.”

The documentary presently has four episodes online and has substitles available.


  1. Acuna, Cervi, J.Correa, Pity r more than Capable of playing in left Wing and could compete with each other for long years too. Right side is where Pavon, A.Correa can compete each other. I m not sure which particular position players like A.Correa r suitable for, they can play multiple positions like any where in the Forward line in a 4-3-3 formation. Rigoni also is worth notable. Generally our Right Wing is weaker compared to Left Wing options.

  2. As a Argentina fans we can accept final defeats but not against Brazil, and humiliation will be suicidal for fans. As Brazil play with their best XI then why not Argentina??? At moment messi is unavailable so Aguero is must to give threat to Brazilians, if Argentina played against Brazil like Colombia match then forget winning but chances of humiliation

    • “As Brazil play with their best XI then why not Argentina???”

      1. Argentina ATM has more important aims than just show his most famous players

      2. Who said our most famous players are guarantee of better result?

      3. We won under Sampaoli against Brazil 1:0. Argentina fielded the best team, Brazil not. The game had not any important impact on things that happens later to coach, players and fans.

      4. Lautaro Martinez is enough good to play against Brazil. Brazil may play with Gabriel Jesus we may play with Martinez.

      5. It’s clear you need to see big names rather than make another step in team building process.

      • Troll as much you can but 1986-87 born captain only lift trophy loris(2018), messi or godin(2019), Neuer or Ramos (2020)

    • Can you explain why Aguero is needed? Bcoz of his past or present? He said he is in the best possible shape in his City career and his manager says so. But what has he shown except a hattrick against ” Huddersfield”(the only PL game he scored)? Missed glorious 1v1 against Arsenal which he should have squared it to De Bruyne and the same thing happened against Newcastle where he had 3 players to pick out who were through on goal. Not even mentioning the Community shield( yeah he scored two..).

  3. There is a growing problem on our wings. Pity Martinez, Cervi, Meza and Pavon – none looks capable of nailing down a regular starting place. Pavon seems to have stalled. He doesn’t know what to do after receiving the ball. I don’t know if there’s anyone as good as an inform Di Maria who can keep the place for the next 4/5 years. Joaquin Correa had a great season last year. I hope to see him against Brazil. His one touch link up play will be a good addition with our young CMs.

    • What’s problem on left wing? Didn’t Pity looked as right man in the right place. Ha has all the abilities to be player for years. Looked better than Di Maria in recent years NT. Absolutely there’s no reason not to start him again in upcoming friendlies. THe right wing is another story.

      • Better than Di Maria in recent years – that’s right maybe. Because Di Maria has been below par in recent years. I watched our last game against Columbia. I thought most of the good work was done by Palacios on the left side. With a better left winger, we could’ve created some clear opportunies from the left. I didn’t notice many going to the byline, crossing it or cut it back to the danger zone stuff from any of our wings.

        • As far as Pity will keep the level of last games he should start because we will have already some initial stability as he starts 3rd game in a row. His understanding with Palacios is already good and shall be better.

          “I don’t know if there’s anyone as good as an inform Di Maria who can keep the place for the next 4/5 years”

          Seriously? It’s good for us. We had the one Di Maria for years and that was not good. The guy fucked up about 80% of his NT games in recent years and still he was starting because there was not sound rivalry of few players.. It’s better to have not such one. It’s better to have rivalry then the general level will be higher.

          ATM Pity should start again. I know some poeple really want to see Correa but there’s no reason to start him over Martinez now.

          • @Gonzalo,
            When you have a player who is an undisputed starter, that means he is better than anyone competing against him. I wasn’t mentioning Di Maria’s recent performance. I was mentioning his quality when he was at his prime. He was absent or, injured in all the finals we lost. Yet we failed to replace his contribution to our team with another player. I am referring to that level of quality. I haven’t seen it yet in our current crop of wingers. I am not saying discard them from the team. Some players need grooming and some are needed for tactical reasons. So whatever we have is a blessing. What I am saying is that we had a problem at the center of the park for a long time. Now it looks like the problem is gonna be on the wings.

          • “When you have a player who is an undisputed starter, that means he is better than anyone competing against him”

            Yup, but that does not apply to Argentina last 2 years when players like Di Maria, Higuain, Biglia, Mascherano were starting despite their poor performances and despite we had also other options, probably better. We just opened the doors of NT and already it’s clear we were really closed to quality that is always somwhere there in this football nation.

    • You are right to some extent. None guaranteed or earned their place at wings. Pity, Cervi, Pavon, Correa anyone can win the place. They all have to raise their level and earn their place. They have talent.
      Need to try Pereyra and Lamela too.

      • @insider,
        Lamela is probably the most talented in this group. But he is neither a pure winger nor an efficient attacking midfielder. Most of the time, I see him making a difference off the bench for Tottenham. He is not the same player as a starter.

    • I don’t get it how can we give up povon that early… The boy is good in my eyes
      He didn’t do bad any match he played for the NT.. certainly he didn’t do
      Worst than di maria… Honestly we don’t need di maria anymore
      As we have so many good players like pity Martinez j correa cervi
      Even Robert pereyer can play there….
      We can olso play three attacking midfielders inter changing positions
      Like lanzini lo celso and palacios so in that case definitely…
      We ‘re not require di maria services anymore …
      I appreciate his efforts in the NT… even thought I wasn’t his fan.

      • @Godin11,
        I haven’t given up on Pavon and I don’t want Di Maria either. Pavon was supposed to be our biggest surprise in the wc. That didn’t happen. Rather he is looking more and more confused on the ball. Of course, he should be included in the squad. But right now, he looks like someone who needs guidance from a good coach to reach the next level of his game. Otherwise he might end up like Sevilla’s Jesus Navas. Lots of speed and energy but frustrating afterwards.

        • As I said IMO Pavon side is right side and he will be good if Paredes with his long travarsal passes will be there too. In this conditions we may use Paredes speed. If not I don’t see him better on the side than players like Lanzini or J.Correa.

    • I also want cervi, pity Martinez to play all the games in LW…..but they aren’t close to the level of di maria…..di maria is world class but he is old now to play 2022 wc….he shouldn’t be bother now…..for me di maria was better player than messi for argentina…..i really think if he had played in the 2014 final we would hv won the world cup…….Martinez , cervi ,ocampos, lamela , perreyra etc have the big boots to fill

  4. Battaglia is bit of both paredes and ascacibar , the thing which I absolutely love about his game is his aggresiveness, and rough playing .
    I always wanted players like him . right now we think we need some hot headed players who will fight like a beast …….with no mercy.

  5. This chorale of “Brazil going to thrash Argentina 6-1, 9-0 etc etc without the old guards ” needs to stop immediately. We have just started to move forward and there is no need to step back again immediately. If we put these young stars alongside Messi Aguero now they will again forget their responsilbity and will just pass the ball to Messi and wait for anything to happen. Absolutely no need for this. I am pretty much sure Argentina will not loose. Scaloni has made the defense and midfeild look compact. It will be just a matter of being tactically disciplined and keeping things tight in the back against Brazil. The only Concern is the RB option. I am not sure how much equipped Saravia or Bustos is to handle Marcelo/Neymar/Costa. May be we have to incorporate Mercado in here if he regains his full fitness.

  6. Is it strange that all our RB and LB possible players r from Argentine league? Tagliafico recently joined Dutch league which increased his chances hugely. RB is still a head ache position. LB for now looks a
    Safe under Tagliafico. But need a backup too. Which Acuna is not.

    I think in all positions we need minimum 2 alternatives so that it’s easy if 1 gets injured we have a backup which should be tested too.

    • Dutch league didn’t make Tagliafico better player. Not within the short time for sure. He is just now more attractive and obvious choice playing in Europe.

      Fabrizio Angileri from Godoy Cruz is 1st option for being Tagliafico sub.

      • Yupp Tagliafico already was good in Independente were he was the leader that naturally makes him a captain material, glad that new coach like Scaloni is calling more Argentine league players, Not only called up but starting also, there was a time the Argentine league players were selected only for filling the bench. Atleast some of them will defenetly be our core players like Pity, Palacios, Vargas(Have huge hopes from him) Pavon, Placido, Bustos etc. Armani too.

  7. Why u guyz making so much hype of Brazil……Brazil is not that good ….it lacks agility ….to defeat Brazil we need a good counter attack players di maria Nd aguero were good in counter attacks for Argentina……may be pavon simeone/icardi can replicate them…..I m just worried about casemiro….for me casemiro is the most important player for Brazil …. I m not worried about their attack they lack pace… will be a great game ….i think Argentina will be able to win against them…..Brazil players are just over hyped nothing else….I don’t see much difference in Brazil Nd argentina in talent….except for casemiro

  8. I found Jara is quite OK, wonder how fans here think about his level comparing to Saravia and Bustos? Me I think none of them really outperform others.

    I wonder if it may be better to use a center back to play as right fullback, like what we used to do with Heinze/Chamot/Rojo on the left. But except Mercado, don’t see yet any center back who can do that. Maybe Mammana can.

    • RB position is still to some degree enigma. Though I didn’t see reason to not continue now with Saravia and Bustos (the first as starter for me). However Jara, Leonardo Godoy, Montiel still make me not thst sure about question we have choosen best RB.

      • I am skeptical of how Bustos will fair against neymar or douglas costa(whoever is on his side). even world class fullbacks struggle against them. Do we have a defensively better RB than Bustos? How is leonardo Godoy of Talleres?

        • I have the doubts as well and for that reason Saravia is the option when we need play more defensive against better attacks of opponent. But Bustos has a lot to offer going forward. Giving him the next starts we will see him doing usefull runs. He needs some time. He is fine on the ball but to show the lightness and confidence of decision making needs to feel the psychical comfort of being important part.

          A bit of him from training:

      • I don’t think Bustos needs so much time. He has really something to offer and things to improve. He looks like someone who will learn quickly. Wheter he is right choice time will tell.

        Meza as RB? Nah, we have proper option of natural RB somwhere there in Superliga.

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