Nicolas OTAMENDI of Manchester City could play for Argentina next month


Nicolas OTAMENDI of Manchester City could come back and play for Argentina in their friendly matches next month.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI might be able to count on the Manchester City defender when his team play against Iraq and Brazil next month in Saudi Arabia. As we reported a few days ago, some of the more established players of the Argentina team could find themselves back in the squad for next month’s matches.

Per a report by TyC Sports, OTAMENDI could be one of those players who would be included in the list.


  1. And no more Otamendis, Banegas, Salvios and the Musacchios. They offer nothing to the national team. A bunch of overrated nobodys.
    Some here consider Otamendi – worldclass. Really??! The guy is unreliable and accident prone. The only way he survived last season without much of a scare was because of the fullbacks , Walker in particular and his centre back partners. Now that Laporte has adapted to the premier league he has become the backup which is what he is.
    Musacchio is another Burdisso. Highly overrated!

  2. @ Mamoun,

    you ask me about Almendra. I don’t know you’ve noticed I had his picture as profile picture for some time so believe me I think about him good things 🙂
    One of 3 most worth attention youngsters in Primera in my humble opinion. With his physical conditions our future NT center midfield may be the more though for opponents. One of the younsters that shuld be called up as soon as possible.

    • Hypnotized is good words. We didn’t lost any goal in last friendlies (except maybe one moment Colombia was not even close to score), with all the defenders playing together for the first time and they want to stick somwhere there with new player. What for? THey have chance for third consecutive game together and we should give them the chance of going on in understanding.

    • More than form of Otamendi I’m afraind of introducing with the old players their old mood and loosers mentality. As Armani have said after last friendlies there’s much more enthusiasm now and fresh feeling of being part of something new.

      I don’t think this Scaloni team of equal youngsters needs mix with mentality of a bit spoiled stars.

      • I guarantee you NO Argentinean player that played in the last two friendlies think of otamendi having a “losers mentally.” That is crazy to me. Especially coming from you Gonzalo, Ive always respected your opinions as a fellow argentino but really?! Otamendi has won trophies at the highest levels… praised by Pep… one of the defenders of the year in the premiership… his one flaw is that he is argentino, and like us all that come from that blood… we start boludiendo at times.. but even when Nico did against France we was smart about it and only got a yellow. He wasn’t the problem in our World Cup defense either …defensively fazio, tagliafico and Rojo were, along with a slow and old midfield and our miscommunication with what the coach wanted to do in terms of pressuring…

  3. Please don’t get fooled by Otamendi’s performance with Man city. This man has been in pathetic international form last 2 years. He has been in receiving end of every goal fest!! Are we not going to learn any lesson from the disastrous world cup???

    • Agree. People are calling him our best defender without contact with NT reality. Another player who is our star club only.

      He is our best defender on clube level. In NT he is showing being as much fallible as few others CB. In fact he is really similar to Funes Mori playing aggresively and on the verge of red card. While Funes Mori have already some experience with Pezzella. And they didn’t conceeded a goal in last 2 friendlies. If Otamendi was there I suppose it could have been different giving his last NT games also friendlies and his horrible defending against Spain.

      Once again: WE DIDN’T LOST any goal in last 2 friendli playing Pezzella and FUnes Mori. Moreover strong Colombia most of the game was not any danger to our goal.

      • People forgot Funes Mori had started all the games of Copa America 2016 being good. By the way he partnered Otamendi. Funes Mori is not player from nowhere.

        He just came back after injury and need to regain full confidence but still his last firendlies performances were good.

        • i really like FM. Quick, tenacious, and great in air. Him and Ota were fantastic together. It was a real shame he got injured for so long. Pezzella + FM leaves me with confidence. Really hope he regains form.


      • If we have the same players every tournament with different coaches and still do not satisfied then your answer is: first blame players (Sampaoli add to that his good part) . The generation is older with every tournament and people still expectate they will play rather better than worse after passed 30.

        • Doesn’t work that way. We reached 3 final with these players. Last time we reached WC semi or final was in 1986 and 1990. It took almost 20 years and messi and co did it. For Copa, we made it to finals in 2004 and 2007 and prior to that, in 19993 for god sake. So yes, our players did well and now with these last results, you’re actually shifting blame to the players instead of the real problem.

          We couldn’t have watched the same world cup if you think Sampaoli isn’t at fault – changing tactics and formations 30 times during the qualifiers and wc. No shit we were fragmented and had no identity. Its so blatantly obvious. Playing 3 atb when not a single player has ever played in a system like that. Playing biglia and masche together. leaving lo celso on the bench. playing meza, etc. Are you also going to defend Bauza…

          People coming to defend Bauza and Sampaoli is incredible, I’ve heard it all.

        • You completely missed my point. No one said final is not suceess. But if you are looking for that in long time perspective you may see the genartion of players had their peak in 2014 and then are condescending. Bauza and Sampaoli are not only coaches under which they disappointed us (Batista?, Martino). It’ always easy to blame just one man instead a group.

          “People coming to defend Bauza and Sampaoli is incredible, I’ve heard it all”.

          You missed my point again. No one defend Sampaoli. But the fact is our oldies are poo since 2 years under different coaches. Poor in qualifiers, friendlies WC. Only blind man may see here coincidence and only coach factor as reason.

  4. Go for the win in copa America….aguero otamendi messi nd even di Maria should be selected for copa…..nd after we win the copa say last goodbye to all of them including messi….a tournament can’t be played for rebuilding a team…
    Nd I HVing a great feeling that we will win the copa this time for sure.

    • Messi will be at peck till 2022 and remain best Argentina player if not world best as mbappe Neymar Hazard can overtake

  5. Copa America squad should be like
    GK: Rulli Armani Romero
    DF: Otamendi, Pazella, F.mori, Foyth/manama, tagliafico, marcado, RB, LB
    MF: Benega, Palacio, Paredes, Lo celso, Ascaliber/batigala, lanzini/MF
    Forwards: Messi Aguero Icardi Dybala Dimaria Corera

  6. So, all set for Messi, Aguero, Otamendi, and Romero(I believe they will improve the team..but let them join later…after March..after we have a “team”).
    By the way, when is Banega, Rojo, Di Maria, and Higuain coming back..?

    • There are not many better options available for Dimaria and benega, they will be more useful to strengthen bench compare to farmers meza,pity,carvi etc. We have alreadyIcardi, F.mori so no need finished players higuain or rojo, transition is needed but with old+young squad otherwise situation become worst like Netherlands

  7. Otamendi is our best defender hands down! So of course he should be there.. and to the people whom think he won’t be there in 2022 so why call him now?! Because we do t get to the World Cup 2022 without “oldies!”
    Argentina has to win in 2019..2020 and 2021 so if otamendi, Aguero and whomever Else can help us win innthe “moment” so be it! I want our best team out there at all times! Our best players! And otemendi is our best defender NOW but may not be in 2022… so you keep someone like foyth under otamendi to learn for the next two years until foyth is ready … that’s how general managers work.. a mix between experience and youth

    • they can help us now but they cant help us in 2022! and giving them the spots now means we dont have a working team as all the guys who can play in 2022 never played a fucking match for argentina because we give the spots to the traitors who let us down year after year after year! they can all go to hell!

      • Argentina can’t win 2022 world cup by selecting row talent, but will miss the chance to win copa 2019 if not selecting best squad. Let younger players earn their spot no need to drop infrom old players for that 2022 is long way to go, in 2018 mache biglia higuain selected ahead of parades batigala Icardi was considered injustice which cost Argentina, at moment Otamendi Aguero benega deserve to be the part of the squad and will consider injustice if they can’t make it even in bench

        • alright..lets do it one more time!
          salvio-messi-di Maria

          looking good? good for a 1/4 final at the copa i guess!

      • Traitors if don’t want them its ok but atleast respect them whoever our young forwards they are not even close to oldies. 22 years old dimaria and higuian was already craking player at real madrid , 20 year old aguero got cult status at atlethico madrid, messi is messi. So admit it golden genration of argentina is over its corrupt AFA problem not utilize them. Other counteries would have won many trophies with these squad.

    • I don’t have alot of problem with some of the old guard being selected….AS BACKUPS NOT STARTERS.
      Kun backup for Icardi? Sure. Romero backup (or competition) for Armani? why not. Otamendi a backup for Pezzella? Maybe……..for now. Dimaria backup for say Pity on the left flank? Well I’d rather see Ocampos or Cervi or Depaul or A.Correa so I’d say no.

      • Armani is older than romero. Romero has not been a starter for his club since 2013 but it did not stop him from giving top class performance for nt. He is one of a kind, who is on another level while playing for nt. Romero is a legend, greater than goycho , only behind fillol and pumpido. We missed him last wc.

        • Otamendi and pezzella do not have similar characteristics to be back up for one another. Pezzella is a no 2. Otamendi is hard to define, but more of a 6 than 2. He has been made to play rcb but he was always lcb. Pair both of them. Otamendi in place of Mori.

          • Agree with Mafioso on funes mori. That guy is a ticking time bomb however fast or athletic he may be. Otamendi or Allen Franco should be considered. In future we should try to integrate Mammana in view of replacing Otamendi.

          • I like Romero but he’s a bench warmer while Armani gets regular football so Armani is ahead in the pecking order.
            Icardi isn’t out of form, it’s not his fault that he got no service from an underperforming inter as opposed to kun who has a great team like City behind him.
            pezzella and Otamendi are both CBs and thus they can back each other up, we’re not talking about a midfielder backing a CB or visa versa. Personally I don’t want Otamendi in the team, he’s overrated and whats more he’s a bench warmer at his club, Kanneman, Musacchio and Barboza should all be given a chance before Otamendi.

      • I don’t think we should take oldies as back up. If they will go there they will sooner or later start, no matter about form. Moreover it’s not worth of place to call up, say Di Maria, rather than Pereyra, De Paul, Pussetto, Rigoni or other.

    • He is our best defender on clube level. In NT he is showing being as much fallible as few others CB. In fact he is really similar to Funes Mori playing aggresively and on the verge of red card. While FUnes Mori have already some experience with Pezzella. And they didn’t conceeded a goal in last 2 friendlies. If Otamendi was there I suppose it could have been different giving his last NT games.

  8. Otamandi a long side kun aguero.. messi
    And mesch re the ones I have big respect for …. but I as I said before i don’t want them Back for the national team
    I believe otamandi is better than funes mori.. I will pick musacchio over both of them… he is a lot calmer and can come out with the ball … not making rush challenge like funes mori …as much
    As I don’t like it the reality is we will see
    Some old guards mainly money purpose
    But please not di Maria….. again

  9. Still our best defender. Adds grit and strength, passes well, and wins arial duals. He definitely needs a pacey partner next to him or cover from fullbacks. More importantly, he absolutely needs to show leadership and control his temper on the pitch. I did not like the way he lashed out during the WC.

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