Mauro ICARDI volley goal for Inter in 2-1 win against Tottenham in Champions League


Mauro ICARDI scored for Inter in their 2-1 win against Tottenham in the Champions League.

It was his first ever match in Europe’s premier club competition and Mauro ICARDI delivered with a fantastic goal. Tottenham were leading 1-0 at the San Siro through a goal by Christian ERIKSEN. With five minutes from time, ICARDI received the ball outside of the area and with a volley beat the goalkeeper and drew Inter level.

Late in injury time, Matias VECINO gave Inter the lead to down Mauricio POCHETTINO’s men. Erik LAMELA started the match for Tottenham. Lautaro MARTINEZ did not play for Inter.



  1. Why it’s between Aguero – Icardi? I think Lautaro Martinez will be more usefull for Argentina than Both Icardi and Aguero.

      • He really have not to score tons of goals to be already usefull for Argentina. If talent is there goal will comes both club and NT and we may give him credit of confidence and let him start in upcoming friendlies. Some our strikers are scoring tons of goals in club while in NT looks often so helpless. On the other hand players like Palacios. To be honest he didn’t shined in River before being called up. He emerged in A team april/may, then was good but didn’t yet his full potentiall. Still someone saw enough potentiall in him to take him already to NT and we see it’s good move. We need coach with vision more than only someone who will depend on best statistics.

    • some mundo followers like star names like icardi
      Yeah aguero is the best strike Argentina have no one can deny that
      Whichever reason all those manager never took full advantage of him
      Instead they mainly focus Messi… but aguero has been under used
      For previous managers.. again I don’t get it this boy lautro martinez
      People giving him too much hype already … please let us wait for him
      We already started overriting our players like english press do to
      thier players… The only strike I can think of after kun aguero
      Is gio simeone so far due to his hard working willing to sacrifice
      For his teammates… lautro martinez still jury out for him

    • let Lautaro come back from injury and find his spot in inter then he will be considered, Gio simeone is Florentina main striker and only reliable after Aguero Icardi

  2. So many people making ridiculous comparisons between our strikers..

    Kun is still at an elite level (if healthy). He is the most complete striker we have, he gets involved in build up, can dribble, can shoot, is cold blooded under pressure (huge!) And for his size is quite strong and decent in the air. Its ridiculous to write him off, he should be in the squad until minimum the next copa.. not to mention his relationship with Messi, which will be a factor on his return. If having Messi means having Kun, lets do it.

    Comparing Icardi to players like Kun or Dybala etc is silly. Icardi is the closest thing to Batistuta we have had in a loooong time. Icardi is like Klose.. he is a pure #9 target man and a poacher. He has incredible finishing ability from crosses and has stature. Judging him because he doesnt build up (like say kun or higuain) misses the point completely. Icardi is twice as good the target man as anyone else we have, but he is only useful if he gets service, if he gets the minimal and shitty crosses he got last friendly.. same way Higuain got close to zero service the past 4 years.. having a #9 small box poacher will never work. These players need service, Higuain was breaking records at Napoli because every single pocession resulted on a cross at his feet. Not so with Argentina.. we try to dribble and pass our way into the goal.. over and over.

    I think Icardi should be starting and we should have at minimum 1 good crossing wing player (a dani alves type) and a good central midfielder that can feed him through balls (paredes, locelso, messi, etc). So far Pavon seems to be the one with the instinct to put that cross in.. they need more time together.

    Out of all the new potential, Lautaro has me the most exited. He is as good a poacher as Icardi, while also having physical tenacity and the ability to build up play. If we dont play with crossing wingers, we should start him up top.

    #9s = Icardi, Kun, (Lautaro)
    Supporting strikers \ playmaker = Messi, Dybala, Lautaro.

    We have a stacked forward lineup, as always.. what we need is a functional defence and midfield. You dont win tournaments with forwards only.

    We have a lot of new youth filling those voids we had.. players like Locelso, Paredes, Perreira, Palacios, Lanzini etc are the future.. once we get that central core humming, any of our forwards will score for fun.

    • Forgot to add Lamela.. I still think he is key. Right now, my lineup for copa:

      …………. icardi ……….
      ……….paredes……. Locelso……………

  3. Icardi should be our super sub.
    In my opinion using him considering his lack of service to team play is problematic for Argentina nt.
    In Copa we should play Aguero, Messi & one new gen guy in forward. Icardi should be the super sub to find winners.

  4. Aguero this , Aguero that. The man hasn’t played an entire season for over a half a decade. And we all know what he brings/brought to the national team. His time is over. Add to that City looks better without him as a team. More fluidity and good football.

  5. a great ending yesterday. few thoughts
    – icardi was clearly having an anonymous match & then the moment of brilliance changed it all. a lighter version of Ronaldo for sure.
    – having said that for icardi to be successful in NT , he will need a good crosser from the wings. Its critical that we have some good crossers identified & they should work in tandem with Icardi.
    – i still rate aguero way higher than icardi. Apart from the brilliance – aguero also contributes in the build up & the chemistry with other attackers. But Aguero at the best expires with Copa 19. So the future of NT is clearly dependent on how well Icardi & Dybala sync in.
    – Simeone has great work rate . But i think he is not there at the highest level. He would be a good useful backup striker & surely part of our 23. But Simeone cant be our lynchpin if we want to be world beaters

    • No disrespect mate I saw enough Icardi
      He is not what Argentina need…
      I have hight hopes for
      lautro Martinez and gio simoene
      To be our main strikes for come
      Years if the both preform highest level

      • @Godin11,
        I have my doubts on icardi too. No question on his finishing, but his work rate and involvement is minimal.

        On the other hand, Gio Simeone always gives 110%. He gives the impression that he will only get better with age. Icardi has a lot to learn from Simeone’s attitude.

      • I have not seen lautaro much. Hoping he comes out strong . disappointing early injuries has kept him off the friendlies & Inter matches. Looking forward. But surely Aguero is needed for Copa 2019.

    • Agree with everything.

      Simeone leaves a lot to be desired. Hes short and small so he cant hold the ball well or bully defenders. He rather slow and doesn’t have the pace of Aguero so he’s unable to be defenders. Arially, he’s ok but Icardi (even Higuain) is much better. I really cant see this guy leading the NT and striking fear in opponents. Guys like Aguero and Icardi can change games on their own, simeone aint that guy for now. Neither is Alario. Our striker choices are a bit worrisome.

    • Rodrigo depaul is a great crosser and I said previously that he’d be quite useful for when icardi is playing. Paredes is another great crosser and with those 2 Icardi could get the service that he didn’t in the Colombia match.
      Aguero is the best striker Argentina has, infact he might be the best striker in world football period but he’s injured yet again and may not feature tomoro with mancity so he’s not exactly over his injury woes.

      The good news is that Argentina has a variety of strikers; the creative ones like Dybala, the physical/combative kind like Simeone and the physical-creative kind like Lautaro. Lets not forget that Lamela can do some serious damage when playing upfront (remember his days at Roma), but for a striker to succeed they need a creative midfield behind them and hopefully Scaloni will get a chance to do that.

      • hoping to see DePaul, parades , pavon & even Bustos excel on the crossing department. That is mandatory for Icardi to be successful with NT. Also explains why he has looked so dull in the NT colors till now.

  6. Many are criticising icardi did nothing till 84min, Cr7 also did nothing until score but icardi is born winner

        • What makes icardi or cr7 special even they played poor entire game but their focus still remain constant unlike messi, with a minute can make the difference. Messi contribute more unlike cr7 or icardi but if messi out of from team suffer if icardi or cr7 not in the game still make a difference in minute

      • He didn’t win anything yet indeed but he doesn’t have the players cr had in real madrid and he is only 25 years old.

        It is mind boggling that some people tend to forget that he is the main reason that inter participates in the champions league as he scored 29 goals for them last season despite the fact that he spent quite a long time out due to injury. Yes, he is not an all around player but he is already one of the most prolific strikers in the world so we should give credit where is due instead of praising the overrated brazilians all the time!

  7. We need a player like Icardi who can change the course of a match from nothing. Even if he comes in from Bench in the last 10 minutes. And we never tried Messi and Icardi long enough to give the combo a shot. Maybe 3 matches so far and not even full time.

  8. I know icardi score sensational volly
    My opinion he is not suitably for the national team… 84 minutes he didn’t do
    Nothing… definitely we can’t play together
    With dybala as both re lightweight
    We need players who press and hard working… up front

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