Lionel MESSI not expected to make Argentina squad for the rest of the year


Lionel MESSI is not expected to make the Argentina squad for the rest of the year, this per several reports.

While there were rumors last week that the Argentina and FC Barcelona captain would make the Argentina squad for next month’s matches in Saudi Arabia. However, a few reports have come out today stating that the number 10 will not be included in Lionel SCALONI’s squad when it gets announced this Friday.

The Argentina coach is expected to speak with MESSI at the FIFA Best gala on September 24 to discuss his future with the Argentina team.


  1. Dybala will ruin himself he he doesn’t leave juventus againt starting from the bench that moron ronaldo will never let him start.
    by the way tagliafico been best player of ajax today nice goal effort and good crosses.

          • Against France all of our defence sucked big time.

            Do you have other world class left-backs waiting to fill his spot?

            Besides, any fullback would struggle against Mbappe.

            Tagliafico is one of the few our players that came out the WC with some degree of decent performance

          • Csabalala was always along with Kidulthood in hating our youngsters, Tagliafico as well. So he will keep on denying. Even if Taglia was one of our 2-3 best players on last WC.

            Such people will never admit Argentina youngster proved them already to be wrong.

          • Mbappe was Tagliaficos man, yes the others was really bad too, but against them Mbappe came with full speed, because Tagliafico didnt mark him correctly, so they were completely vulnerable, the left backs task to defend against the winger before that speed up, in that match Tagliafico was in nowheres land, not support the attack, and not defend against Mbappe. So why not played Mbappe God-level in the other matches? he was average, just only us a real monster…

      • I remember how they were harsh on him after his debut game against Brazil. They even didn’t let the guy play a second game. It’s laughable how some Mundo members are quick in judgement, especially when it comes to the local players.

        • I remember that very well. Taglisico was long time ago player for NT.

          Sadly it’s true. New, young players, specially from local league must deliver within 1-2 games in NT, if not they will throw out while it’s clear most of our talents just needs some time and coach to trust them.

          • No, he will be always mere farmer. Just your closed horizons keep you blind for potential from other clubs than the biggest.

  2. Within few hours big quarter final of Copa Libertadores Independiente – River. 6 players of last Scaloni selection to start (3 on every side). And maybe som others potentiall future call ups (Montiel, Benitez?). So there’s a lot to watch.

    2 hours later Boca plays Cruzeiro.

    Unfortunately Atletico Tucuman lost their first leg to title defender – Cruzeiro.


    I don’t get the drop of Vargas if Meza still will be there. Vargas still has a lot of time and first need to regain his club form but not Meza over Vargas. Andrada deserves call up. Otamendi, Salvio are still just taken into account. I doubt Scaloni will back to Salvio.

    I like Saravia and Bustos to be there again but Di Placido deserved some minutes. It’s Saravia who was the player called up instead injured Mercado, not Di Placido. Di Placido was first choice of Scaloni so I don’t get that he had not any minute.

      • I think so. Believe he will soon back to scoring and assisting in league as it was last season when he was second best assister in league after Pavon.

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