Nicolas TAGLIAFICO scores twice, including wonder goal for Ajax in Champions League


Argentina international Nicolas TAGLIAFICO scored twice, one of which was a wonder goal for Ajax in their 3-0 win against AEK in the Champions League.

In his debut match in the Champions League, Argentina’s Nicolas TAGLIAFICO did not disappoint as he scored twice, the first goal of the match and the last one. The first one was a finish any number 9 would be proud of. Similar to Marcos ROJO’s goal for Argentina against Nigeria at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a side footed finish by TAGLIAFICO gave Ajax the 1-0 lead.

TAGLIAFICO’s second goal, the third of the match, was a wonder strike. In an advanced position, TAGLIAFICO lifted the ball and beat the goalkeeper to finish it off in style. An incredible match by the left back.

Nicolas TAGLIAFICO joins Lionel MESSI and Mauro ICARDI as the Argentine players to have scored in the Champions League this season.


  1. Armani and Andrada r 2 beasts in Argentine League. Goshh either by hook or crook Armani rarely concedes huh. He is a sloppy stopper, But he stops. It dose not have to be stylish, but stop the God Damn ball from getting inside the net. That Armani does greatly. Its not a fluke that he didn’t concede for nearly 1000 minutes.

  2. Hello Gonzalo,
    Do you remember the streaming site you posted for watching L’alcudia tournament. It starts with ‘K’. Can you please post it here. I lost all my bookmarks

  3. Nicolas admitted on Dutch TV that the goal was a lucky one. He intended a cross but the ball ended in the net. Great goal nevertheless.
    The way he fell down after the “cross” says it all. His first goal showed great ability, certainly for a defender.

    • We should give cervi more chance….his first touch and ball control was good, only the final pass was missing…..he is 24 he can get better but right now he is not Argentina national team material….we seriously lack quality left winger who can take on defenders for fun like di Maria was at his prime

      • Pretty dire no one of prime di Maria is available at LW. Maybe Martinez or Pavon in the future. Also at striker, aside from Icardi and Aguero, no one is even close. Lautaro is the only one with potential.

    • Seriously man you can’t give up on a player because they have one bad and game against a top team like Bayern no less. Cervi is a highly skilled, versatile and hard working player and he is definitely one to look out for.

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