Mauricio POCHETTINO of Tottenham: “I want to coach Argentina and Newell’s”


Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio POCHETTINO has stated his desire to coach the Argentina National Team as well as his boyhood club Newell’s Old Boys.

It’s an important week ahead for Mauricio POCHETTINO as his Tottenham host Lionel MESSI’s FC Barcelona at Wembley in the Champions League. But ahead of the big match, the Tottenham coach spoke to Marca about his two dreams as a coach. Here’s what he had to say:

“I want to do a great job with Tottenham and to be able to win a title. We are happy to have been able to change the culture of the club and its way of working. On a professional level and no one will be able to get angry, is to one day coach the Argentina National Team and to coach Newell’s Old Boys, the team which saw me born.

“They are the two dreams I have along with going as far as possible with Tottenham. To always win. It’s the philosophy.”

As for who is the best player in the world, POCHETTINO has no doubts that it’s Lionel MESSI:

“For me, (Lionel) MESSI is still the number one (player in the world) and will be until he retires.”


  1. “Pepo” De La Vega he looks good isn’t it. An interesting player in the making. He has some kind of an Aura around him. Not all players will have that. Looks something special.

  2. Whoever the new coach is, maybe he can be open-minded enough try to contact the national futsal coach and try to incorporate some futsal ideas (i.e. speed of thought, ball control, fast transitions, passing triangles, high pressing) and winning mentality into football. After all, Argentina is the current world futsal champion. Futsal did have some impact on Barcelona’s and Spain’s style as well.

  3. Martino wants Gonzalo Martinez in Atalanta.

    Pity will not play today against Independiente in second leg of CL quarterfinal. Still feels pain in muscles after Superclassico.

    Still the game is going to be exciting.

    Independiente may field interesting 4 man defence line with 3 current/former NT players: Bustos, Franco, Sanchez Mino on LB (called up under Sabella and still not old) and one apparently having the chance for NT in future – Figal.

    River no doubt favourite.

  4. Ronaldo is selfish player, Dybala has talent but have to winner mentality not loser that’s why Icardi is miles ahead of him and will win ballondor

  5. I’m still hopeful AFA considered a foreign manager, Argentine coach sometime become clueless because of extra pressure it’s not a coincidence that Argentina was title less since 25year despite aec coaches like bielsa pekarman or best player ever messi. Argentina badly needs a foreign manager and i hope Mourinho become Argentina coach, Mou had won everything just needs world cup trophy in his bag same for messi too

  6. Mauricio is the one of the best coach in the world ATM…there is no question about it….he is very highly rated and already HV rejected real Madrid this season….I will be waiting for him to coach argentina one day.

  7. Come on, Pochettino cannot be another Sampaoli. Look at the number of his players or previously trained by him in the last WC semi finals, it’s just impressive. Especially and ironically his contribution for England. Most of them were nobody before working with him.

    But, the key point is he will never quit his current job for coaching the national team. Let’s be honest, it will never happen. How much he is gaining PER week? AFA or newell’s can never afford that.

    Anyway his football style is similar to that of Simeone, Scaloni and Gallardo. Same generation, same school, influenced by the very tactical 80s-90s Italian football mixed with modern aggressive football. So I don’t see any upside to let go Scaloni for onboarding another one just for the prestige. The outcome will be roughly the same.

  8. Defensa y Justicia of Beccacece once again winning (1:0 away against Godoy Cruz). Gaston Togni goal (after long key pass of Barboza) and Alexander Barboza shine.

    • Yup,

      Velez ATM is most attaractive team in the league for talents hunters. Vargas, Dominguez, Barreal, Almada, Ortega, De La Fuente, Robertone, Delgadillo, Cufre.

      Vargas now has peace to regain his form. When he will do that is one of the best in league. Sooner or later will back to NT

      CM Dominguez at the beginning of the season is best of Velez. He shined also yesterday. One of the players that would go to NT soon.

      Barreal (best Argentina U-20 during COTIF tournament) debuted few weeks ago and show promising moments.

      I hope ALmada will shine on Sudamericano next year along with Barreal and other 17 years old one -De La Vega.

      • Yes @gonzalo i’ve noticed the abundance of talents in this team along with the other big prodigies who’ve already made appearances in their clubs such as De La Vega , Matias Palacios and Matias Pellegrini. Not to mention the players from the Le Cotif winning team. Argentina has so many upcoming talents around. Just hope the right coaches ( youth and senior ) are hired to groom them. I’m very confident that this national team will be a formidable one very soon like those good days.

        • No doubt the coaching factor will be crucial for our future. Talent is there.

          I recommend to watch Velez full matches.

  9. Their is no chance poch will be coaching the n/t in the next 5 years as club football pays him far to much-3.5 mill g.b.p per year, what he says is exactly what any argentine manager should be wanting to aspire to and that is to one day coach the n.t, their is nothing wrong with his words and we note their is no time frame for this in his words.

    lets pretend the afa actually has money to hire someone like poch (ahahaha) any way atm poch is not ready to coach the n/t, hes a great man manager and his players past and present have so much respect for him but he has them every week to build these type of relationships as opposed to once in a while with a n/t where its far hardier to build them.
    also of note he has won nothing (I of course hope that chances this season πŸ™‚ but for me id not be happy for him to take over the job tomorrow as hes not ready yet for this large task-perhaps in time he will be but as always only time and afa politics will tell.

  10. I would rather like to see Gallardo coaching us than Pochettino. As per me Simeone, Gallardo, Pochettino in that order the preference, Whatever happens Pochettino should not become England coach, That will be disturbing. Simeone and Pochettino release clause itself would be higher which at this point AFA wont be able to afford, Where as Gallardo is a possibility. Well lets wait and see. Scaloni can carry on as per me. Never want to see Tata again as our Coach.

  11. I’m telling you mates pochattino is more close
    To manage England than Arg. Forget about him
    I like his style thought. But I life with the reality
    I mean he won’t coach Arg and we don’t need
    Him either because we have lio scaloni.
    My vote is for scolani…

  12. please no phochetino, he will turn sampaoli 2.0, Simeone will be the best for Argentina but Gallardo is the possible and better choice for NT. As past history says even a best coach turn clueless putting extra pressure coaching own country, i would like Mourinho as a foreign Argentina coach

      • For Argentina point of view Mourinho suits better than Pep. Mourinho won ucl with Inter, pep failed with even Bayern and don’t think win at city. Messi saved pep but yes pep used him properly but Mourinho can win out big name playing team game. And please don’t compare Mourinho man utd with pep city, let pep achieve what Mourinho did in Inter with out messi 1st. Messi made enrique pep ucl winner, and this year valvarde too.

        • one more thing I would like to add, Mourinho with this Liverpool side would have won terrible where Klopp failed even remain tireless this season too. Noone better than Mourinho in competitive tournament not even Pep. Mourinho will be available in January and AFA must consider a foreign coach even i will be happy with Gallardo

          • lol man…
            I dont think Argentine football style match at all with Mourinh. He is a good coach, no doubt. And please dobt forget he failed with Chelsea… He is not yet won anything with ManU. What he did with Real, he got all the great players available. Even Real was a better team then Barca at that time but failed just because of Messi alone. And he dont like Messi.

          • Mourinho style and era ended and Argentina have a style and mourinho doesn’t suit that and plus his behaviour is too pathetic.Don’t connect that to tango

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