Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI talks Lionel MESSI, Angel DI MARIA, BANEGA, more


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI held a press conference on Monday to discuss a number of topics.

Many people have given their opinions on either Lionel SCALONI, Lionel MESSI or the Argentina National Team the last few days. Beginning with former Argentina coach and football legend Diego MARADONA, the former number 10 said that SCALONI is not fit to coach his country. In reply, SCALONI said:

“I have nothing to say about it.”

In regards to the topic of Lionel MESSI, the two were reportedly set to speak at the FIFA Best gala but MESSI has to opt out due to family reasons. However, SCALONI did mention that the two spoke.

“I talked to MESSI about 10 days ago and after that we took a final decision that he wouldn’t be called up. We spoke about how the team played because Leo sees everything.”

The new list also included Manchester City’s Nicolas OTAMENDI, who makes his first appearance since the match against France. On including the City defender on the list, here’s what SCALONI had to say:

“OTAMENDI’s been called-up since we think he’s a good player for the Argentina National Team.”

The likes of Angel DI MARIA and Ever BANEGA were also a topic of discussion for the Argentina coach. SCALONI said this on the pair:

“I explained to them the situation, that we want the players called up to be the same ones, because we want continuity and to see if they can or cannot continue playing with the Argentina National Team. There’s a chance that the two can be called.”

Sergio AGUERO, who scored on the weekend and continues to play well for Manchester City was also spokem about.

“His level isn’t surprising, it’s how it always is. But I didn’t talk to him, we are trying to get the players to come and give their all. And the forwards we have now can ahve the chance to show that they can play for the Argentina National Team.”


  1. If there is no Messi then we don’t need others like Banega aguero Otamendi Dimaria etc etc

    Now we should focus on this new squad..keep patience and give them more playing time..

  2. I think Banega is overrated here in mundo….may be he is in good form right now but he was never at highest level…he doesn’t know how to mark the man …..even di Maria is better player than him when he plays right mid field…..I think di Maria best position is right mid field with ball at his feet he is one of the best in the world….I really think di Maria should be call on copa America ….I don’t want banega

    • I agree. He will be world class one game (say Nigeria).. but be a lethargic ghost for the next 5. We have better and younger options. LoCelso for example is 1000x better for the team.

  3. Wise words. How he reacted to Maradons claims was good to hear, No Controversy. Any comment about Maradona would invoke either good or bad reaction from the public, Its always better to stay away from answering such questions. I think after the upcoming friendlies we would get far better view of Scalonis tactics. Brazil gonna test us, New questions will be asked , How Scaloni is gonna react that’s gonna be key to his stay. Unfortunately we wont be having any friendlies against European teams anymore. But i still think Scaloni wont stay after this year. AFA is planning something. All signs r pointing towards that.

  4. Out of the older generation that played in the World Cup, only Aguero, Messi, Otamendi, and Banega should remain.
    – Banega’s performances for Sevilla have been far too impressive for him to be ignored! What we lacked in attack against Colombia, Banega would help bring more creativity in the midfield along Lo Celso and Paredes.
    – Messi is Messi, soo… yea!
    – Aguero is too on form as well, Guy can’t stop scoring!
    – Otamendi is the most veteran defender we have, and we need that experience in our back line!

    – Higuaín, Di Maria, Mercado, their days are numbered! With Icardi, Lauturo, Simeone, Aguero, why do we still need Higuaín? He’s a has been.
    – Di Maria? He always gives 💯 but there are just far better options now for Argentina, with Pavon, Martinez, there’s just no need.
    – Mercado? We’ve got Saravia (who’ve I’ve been saying should always been called up along with Jara) and apparently Bustos, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

    Messi, Aguero, Otamendi and Banega can still be of great use to us, and still have a couple years left in them. Also, Banega is already building the chemistry with Franco Vasquez, so how they combine in Sevilla, they can do the same for Argentina, strengthening the midfield. Along with in-form Pereyra, Paredes and such. The move for Lo Celso to Betis is probably the best thing for him rn. Exequiel Palacios I’m very excited for!

    Things look good for the future! But with the experience in the field leading the youth, Argentina will once again be a force to reckon with!

    Vamos Argentina!!!

    • “Banega’s performances for Sevilla have been far too impressive for him to be ignored! ”

      We just heard that too many times before. And that never was translated into something special for NT.

      • Well, he’s obviously no Xavi or no Iniesta, but he’s probably the best we’ve got. And he’s never produced? He hasn’t featured nearly as much as Di Maria, Mascherano, Biglia, Messi etc and he’s still done very good!

        In 61 appearances for Argentina Senior level, he has been involved with 37 Wins, 16 draws and just 8 losses. He said also registered 7 goals for Argentina as well. Games like Croatia 3-0 Argentina where he didn’t come off don’t count, because he didn’t feature lol! But he has a very good Win and loss record for Argentina, so saying he doesn’t produce is just not being fair.

        Banega can still be very useful for this team, provide the bite that they need in attack along with Paredes and Lo Celso!

        Like I’ve said before, Aguero and Messi are also still needed! But surrounded by hungry youth, this new Argentina actually has a chance to win the Copa America in Brazil’s backyard (to make it even sweeter)

  5. Comment:I appreciate AFA decision not to hire full time coach instead of sticking with interim coach and scaloni doing great job. By the end of this year Core Argentina team will be ready and much needed transition also completed. Then full time coach to choose best squad for the next friendlies before copa. Aguero Benega Dimaria and Messi will be the part of Argentina team from next year for sure, Otamendi and Romero already in the squad. I want Simeone to become Argentina coach bu chances are rare but i will be happy if Gallardo become coach which is almost certain but not Pothecinno who will turn Sampaoli part2, I would like AFA to appoint Mourinho as foreign coach for Argentina

    • many supporting Scaloni as permanent coach because of his team selection must remember transition have to be happening and scaloni just doing his job. Let scaloni prove his worth with U20 team and club, Argentina team is to big to handle by theoretically unproven coach even top coaches failed to absorb pressure that’s why I want a foreign coach Mourinho

  6. Good to let newbies play to prove to AFA they are capable. Besides, Aguero doesn’t need to play friendlies to prove anything. We all knows he’s our best #9 at the moment. Those that disagree are biased emotional fools, blinded by their shitty hatred of seniors. I expect Aguero, Icardi, and Martinez to lead our attack. Simeone is blah….

    • Let’s no be emotional about aguero thing
      Every arg fan know that man is the best strike Argentina have i said long time ago
      Is not about individual star.. right now
      Arg need a balance and well organised side… Personally I have hight hopes for
      Lautaro he is kind aguero type strike
      For me icardi he hasn’t prove other than that he is good goal score for inter Milan
      For me i will take gio simoene over icardi.

      • I couldn’t agree more than Arg needs a balance and well organised side and Aguero poses no conflict, only strengthens.

        Icardi does need to step up. Disappointing to some extent but i think he’d perform better under Scaloni (rather than 2 awful Bald Fraud and Bauza) i’d like to see him continue. Martinez does remind me of Aguero, really looking forward to him.

        • Mate I’m telling you lautro will be like aguero
          The boy will be good but that spellatti said
          He won’t play him and icardi together
          That bit worry for us .

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