Paulo DYBALA hat trick for Juventus in the Champions League


Paulo DYBALA scored a hat trick for Juventus in the Champions League.

With no Cristiano in the line-up, Paulo DYBALA was in the starting eleven and scored three times for Juventus in their 3-0 win against Young Boys. It was three very different finishes from the Argentina man.

The first one qas a lovely first time finish off a cross by BONUCCI and DYBALA made it look easy as he gave Juventus the 1-0 lead.

DYBALA added a second goal, this time easier than the first one as he pounced onto the rebound to make it 2-0 for Juventus.

And the third goal was the easiest as it was a number 9 like finish, a predator inside the area, DYBALA scored from just in front of goal.


  1. Positive vibe, good!
    It was a hattrick of course, but lucky hattrick I think! See his goals & u will understand!
    We much more in need of actual hattrick qualities!

      • Absolutely, he clearly lost control of his team and it can be seen on the players body language before the game against Croatia. It seems that Sampa wants to play a certain way which the team never really understood.

        Good manager should be able to take out preasure from the team instead of reacting like maniac, panicking on the touchline which only add more preasure to the team. Look at Sabella,Del Bosque and Loew.

        Sampa reaction on every game on the touchline was the same as Diego in 2010.

  2. I already see some people saying how Icardi and Dybala needs to step up their game in NT… really?

    How many times Icardi actually play full minutes in NT? ZERO. 3 times he played as late sub and people expecting him to get hattrick in 10 minutes? How many times Dybala played full minutes in NT? Maybe once or twice?

    These guys should simply play the whole game without being replaced so they’d have the confidence. Messi scored merely 16 goals after 66 games for Argentina and he always play full minutes.

    • i too would like to see Icardi and Dybala play the ENTIRE game against Brazil. These guys are clearly our “stand out” attackers and they need play time.

      • Yes, they should play a full game. Icardi first cap for intense, was 8 minutes against Uruguay. He came in against Ecuador in last 10 minutes when Messi already secured the game. That counted as one cap even though he barely played quarter of the game. Another example… Dybala played 3 games in recent WC, yes its 3 World cup games but he only played 20 minutes in total which mean he basically avereged only 6 minutes of each game lol.

        Dybala cannot score in NT because he’s only being thrown in as supporting cast not because he’s part of the manager actual plan. That’s the big difference. Icardi was captain at Inter, Dybala was given the no.10 at Juve. In national team, they’re being treated as supporting act. The main team all these years has been Messi and his friends.

  3. this is what should happen when one loses their place for any reason from loss of form, injury etc as then when they do get the chance to play again they take it.

    a good lesson to any player and for the n/t to remind any player who is lucky enough to donn the shirt
    “no one owns the n/t shirt they are merely keeping it warm for some one else” and “play every game as if its your last”
    now we are seeing some real competition in the n/t and with real competition not only does someone want your shirt they can actually take it off you and this is some thing we have not seen in the last 10 years- i like this change in thinking a lot.

  4. We ddon’t need Messi, 1 Dybala is enough to shut some stupid CRy7 fan girls in online. They hijacked Juventus official facebook page! Pathetic glory hunters trolls!!

    Congrats Dybala! You just put your name in a short rare list of Argentine names who scored 3 goals in Champios League football. Hope to see similar or better performance against next friendlies with Argentina. Vamos!

    • Your final sentence is exactly what the emotional “oldie” haters are missing. Key word – FUNCTIONING MIDIELD.

      Not sure if it’s works but i would love to see Messi, Dybala, and Aguero on the pitch together at some point.

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