Lionel MESSI scores twice for FC Barcelona, Erik LAMELA for Tottenham in Champions League


It was the Lionel MESSI show in London at Wembley as FC Barcelona won 4-2 against Mauricio POCHETTINO’s Tottenham. MESSI was in spectacular fashion and every where on the pitch for Barcelona. He played a massive part in two of the four goals while scoring the other two.

For Barcelona’s opening goal, MESSI played a ball from deep in midfield which cut through the Tottenham back line to find Jordi ALBA. France’s World Cup captain Hugo LLORIS came out but ALBA passed the ball to COUTINHO who scored.

The second goal was MESSI sending in another perfectly weighted ball into the area and it eventually found Croatia’s Ivan RAKITIC who scored arguably the goal of the Champions League season.

As for MESSI’s two goals, the first one was a genius goal. He started it and finished it. A low pass sent in as Luis SUAREZ let it roll in between his legs and MESSI passed the ball into the net for Barcelona’s third goal.

Barcelona’s fourth came right before full time as MESSI received the ball with a lot of time in the penalty area and a predator like finish scored the insurance goal.

There was one more Argentine player who scored in the match but for Tottenham. Erik LAMELA scored the second goal for his team, a great one at that from just outside of the penalty area. LAMELA received the ball on the edge of the area and beat the German goalkeeper to score his first of the Champions League season.


  1. I think football sometimes as simple as using ur best strength. Remember when Zanetti was excluded?

    Need to be rational. If Messi or Aguero or Otamendi are the best, we need to use them. That’s said, let’s give the team time to settle first. Messi or others coming now won’t really help and besides will only tire Messi.

    I’m so proud Messi is argentine.

    • In case of Messi, Aguero, Otamendi NT performances are the criterion wheter they are best. Messi proved he is best, Aguero and Otamendi not really.

  2. Its good to see Lamela doing good at big stage. Had not for his injury he would have been useful for us, As he can play on various positions in midfield. Hope he complete this full season injury free. Lanzini also similar case. Strange that the Names of both r similar. But there is one problem of too much players who play in similar areas, Its a nice head ache by the way.

    Paredes-Ascacibar/Battaglia-Lo Celso-Palacios cannot be altered they r the engine rooms of the Midfield. The Attacking midfield and Second forwards is where there so many players of similar styles. Messi(Well he plays everywhere) Dybala, Lamela, Lanzini, Pity, Pavon, A Correa etc etc. we cant take all of them i guess. By the way sad to here about Palacios injury.

    Its absolute disaster to think that Messi haven’t wont a single senior trophy with us?How could that be even possible had it for the crap Coaches of Bauza, Sampa, Tata, Maradona, Batista, etc etc.Its utter disaster. Sabella should have stayed for Copa 2015. At least the only manager who had an idea of how to use Messi & Co. Damit. He deserves to win for us and for himself.

  3. Messi is something different. This guy is so fit that even at the age of 35 he will be quicker and better than most of the players in the world. Don’t count him out yet. One last shot at glory will lure him back. But the national team needs to get their shit together and so far under Scaloni its seems like we are headed in the right direction.
    If Lamela continues his form Juventus will come calling . He needs to move out of that shit league to Italy or Spain!!!

  4. Watched the game from start to finish and Messi was Messi and It didn’t seem like he was going 100% and could have scored another 2 against a solid defense. His passing is simply sublime, I asked before and I ask again, name players, any player with better passing skills!
    Messi is a MUST for ARGENTINA, for him and for all of us.

    One quick addition…. Messi, Kun and Otamendi (NO One Else) are a must for COPA and I hopefully La Pulga available in Qatar.

    • LONDON — Mauricio Pochettino certainly called it when, the day before his side met Barcelona at Wembley, the Tottenham manager admitted he could not find a solution for dealing with Lionel Messi and that he just told his players to relish the experience of facing against arguably football’s greatest-ever player.

      “I am not going to try to find a solution,” Pochettino said on Tuesday. “I am going to say to the players: ‘Enjoy playing against Messi.’ This is the type of player that you are going to remember. For your ego, it’s a thing that you are going to tell your kids and grandkids.”

      Pochettino’s players will not forget the Barcelona captain in a hurry and neither will the 82,137 fans who saw the 31-year-old deliver a masterclass performance, in which he scored twice and orchestrated so much more to inspire Barcelona’s 4-2 victory over Spurs in Group B of the Champions League. (ESPN.COM)

  5. No disrespect to anyone we all starting
    Again I mean we getting emotional now when we see some old guards scoring
    Goals in big games for thier clubs
    It’s nothing new they have been doing
    In years.. I know everyone has his favourite players. Example some mundo followers were screaming for lamela be in the team rightly so.. but the question is where you going to play him
    If you say in no 10 role that is dybla
    Position now if you say again.
    Right or left winger we already got
    In the team too many wingers
    I said before it’s impossible to call
    All inform Arg players.. let us
    Allow scaloni to manage the team
    He knows what he is doing .

    • Scaloni is a substitute coach.. he is testing young players for the Head Coach whom is coming in December … all these players whom scored the last two days should be on Copa team.. Messi, Dimaria, Lamela, Icardi, Aguero , dybala and then Throw in Banega and otamendi… quality at its HIGHEST LEVEL.. champions league

      • 100% agreed except Lamela, Dybala, and Icardi should play as much as possible until Copa. They definitely need more NT experience. The other guys can integrate easily so they should wait until we have an solid team.

    • Reacting to messi doing well isn’t new either. Im not anymore excited today than i was the last time i saw him play and for the decade prior at both NT and Club level.

      i think Lamela, Dybala, Lo Celso can all be on the pitch together even though they’re all enganche type players.

      what about 4231 next game with Lo Celso and Lamela starting off deeper than Dybala under 442 pessing like lunatics. That front line plus Paredes are all not afraid of shooting outside the box and all excellent dribblers and passers. The only problem is that we lose pace on the wings but hell, if suarez and manduzdik can play there, i think well do fine.


      Lamela – Dybala – Lo Celso

      Paredes – Battaglia

      Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – ?


  6. Lamela was the scariest guy today. (Who will scare Messi! )
    Not calling him to the squad with his recent form is criminal, especially with no messi in team & not letting Dybala to settle.

  7. Lio messi dominating matches is something I will never, ever get tired of! The guy is a point of pride for Argentina and Argentine fans everywhere. With that being said however I still don’t want him back until a worthy team is a constructed, a team that can handle it’s business without him.

    As for Lamela, HOT DAMN!!!! The kid’s on crack! I haven’t seen him play like that since the River and Roma days! With Pity and Palacios both out Lamela must be called.

    • Pity’s exclusion isn’t confirmed yet and he may play vs Brazil. About Lamela, I think we all need to see him play for the team and entertain the fans with his great skills. He really deserves a call-up. I think Scaloni is kerping an eye on him and he’ll soon represent Argentina once more.

    • Lamela is a natural enganche player like with river and the u20 Argentinean national team… he could play next to palacios in a 4-3-3 under Tata’s double enganche System …

    • Lamela actually played well in Copa 2016, scored few goals but Tata decided to fielded Di Maria again for the final even though he just returned from hamstring injury.

  8. It’s absolutely bat shit crazy that some Mundo users hate seniors so much they think Messi and NT should part ways. Y’all are way too irrational and emotional..

    What a great time for Argies

    Di Maria, Lamela, Dybala, Messi, Icardi all scored in important CL matches

    • Mate please understand me guys
      Messi does every much in fcbarc.
      Is nothing new.. we know di Maria
      Playing psg fantastic. When it comes
      The most important thing for me…
      Which Arg he does nothing but
      Frustration.. to be honest lamela
      Icardi dybala they didn’t had much
      Chance for the NT we have to wait
      And i see

      • Well, you should know Argentina has the worst midfield line to play with. The last time Argentina had a good midfield line was in 2007 Copa America, then Maradona came and threw Riquelme out. Then you know what happened in 2010 World Cup quarter final with Germany? Argentina’s problem isn’t the forward line. Argentina has the world’s best forward line but to kill that, we have the worst midfield line and poor defense. Argentina don’t even have a good goal keeper, is that also Messi and Di Maria’s problem? Do we have someone like Riquelme today? Someone like Burruchaga? Forget that, even someone like Kante, Pogba, Matuidi, Iniesta, Busquets, Modric or even Rakitic. These players are world class midfield line, Argentina doesn’t have a good midfield line. The one good midifeld player Argentina had was Ever Banega and the other one, Manuel Lanzini. Lo Celso is promising but trust me, just remember the game against spain which we lost to 6 goals before the world cup. That is the quality we are lacking. Not a single team from Argentina Super Liga can even win against Sevilla or Atletico Madrid, forget Real Madrid or Barcelona. It is easy to put blame, but the truth is Argetina needs to find a good holding midfielder, that is N0.5 and attacking midfielders, No.6 and No.8. Yes, and a decent goal keeper, without that even Maradona at his 1986 World Cup form can’t win with Argentina.

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