Mauro ICARDI scores for Inter, Angel DI MARIA for PSG in the Champions League.


Mauro ICARDI and Angel DI MARIA both scored on Wednesday in the Champions League.

It wasn’t just Lionel MESSI and Erik LAMELA scoring in the Champions League. Mauro ICARDI scored the winner for Inter in their 2-1 victory against PSV. With the score at 1-1, a long ball was sent into the PSV penalty area. With ICARDI fighting to get the ball, the defender and goalkeeper clashed and ICARDI ended up scoring the open net for Inter’s second of the match.

Angel DI MARIA managed to get in on the goal scoring party for PSG in their 6-1 win against Red Star Belgrade. DI MARIA scored to make it 4-0 for PSG, a flick finish after the ball was sent into the penalty area.


    • Aguero>icardi it’s true but icardi still in 25 where Aguero is 31 after a year Icardi will overtake kun but Higuain is finished product in 2016, considering him is crime what Sampaoli did last summer

      • i am only talking about player’s abilities.
        i am not telling that higuan should be called to NT , but kun should be called for copa 2019 atleast then lautaro or icardi, beacause if kun is fit then he is menace inside the penalty box.
        And i still prefer lautaro over icardi.

  1. Only those players who are playing in champions leauge should called to NT because they are able to handle the pressure of high intensity game, others are just farmers.

    • “Aguero >>>> icardi.
      And even
      Higuian > icardi”

      “Only those players who are playing in champions leauge should called to NT”

      Both are written by you! You see how stupid you are? Hey, plz stop watching football, it’s not for you.

      • you sounds like a cocksucker, you better leave watching football watch kid’s football in superliga or somewhere else in the some shit league.
        you will get to know when brazil with tear the ass your shit players thebn you will suck your own cock.

        • You little faggot dipshit motherfucker, I saw on this forum many like you who know nothing about football. Never ever try to talk to people or tell them something yoo know little about.

          It’s the very first time I insult someone on this forum and you well deserve it, coz you are a lifeless, brainless, pansy faggot. You are one of the few idiots who always come up with useless comparisons instead of having a healthy discussion. You better go and watch porn movies instead of killing your time with something you know nothing about.

          Understood you dickhead?

          • If you have even learned as many things about football as you know abusive words then you will be able to talk to me about football.
            Anyway you are an ASSHOLE.

        • Don’t be so harsh on local players. Palacios, Pity, lautaro (recently moved), Armani are all incredibly talented. Pavon as well even though he hasn’t played great for NT. I’m looking forward to seeing them more.

  2. Higuain has scored – we know it… He must be back!

    In the package with Di Maria, at best. He also scored 😛

      • But transfer to a big european club and play regularly is one of the hardest thing, neither of our new wingers can tell it themself (and probably never will), even Lo Celso has failed.

        • Lo Celso has failed? How? Coz he moved from Paris to Betis?

          If that is the case then your favourite Banega failed too. Moving from Inter to Sevilla is a big failure.

          • My favourite? Sevilla is a much more succesful club nowadays than Inter, and imo stronger too. Several EL wins, where Inter failed, UCL quarter final, where they was equal good than Bayern, Sevilla beat Real Madrid 3:0, this is not an Inter caliber result mate. vs Barca will clear up how strong is Inter

        • Lo celso never failed mate
          Tuchel pushed him
          Last season lo celso was
          Reguler under unai emery .
          Your favourite di Maria was close
          To leave the club because unai emary
          Didn’t fance him … so my friend
          It doesn’t matter to me which club
          They play for as long they do good
          On Arg shirt and certainly di Maria
          Was worst in nt even biglia and higuain were better when it comes
          To nt..

          • Beating Real Madrid isn’t a big deal anymore, man. Even CSKA Moscow beat them which tells you how bad of a team they are this season.

            BTW, did you watch Icardi and his Inter team?

            You always come up with very cheap excuses. Previouly you were claiming that Inter won’t qualify for the CL and when they did it you started saying Icardi will flop at the CL. The guy is flying high now. Any other excuses?

          • Beating 3-0 to champions league winner isnt a big deal, sitting on 3rd position on la liga table which is one of the toughest league ahead of athletico madrid isnt a big deal.
            What are you smoking dude?

          • “Aguero >>>> icardi.
            And even
            Higuian > icardi”

            @Mrinal1235, you idiot, I bet you were on weed when you posted this one. How on earth you compare Icardi to finished-and-flop Higuain? I think you are one of those people who watch football with their eyes closed. You are obsessed with the big time flops that let’s down many occasions. Stop this fucking comparison that you are doing all the time.

          • Dadir10 now i am confident that you have ZERO knowledge of football,
            you are type of guy never watch the game just wanted to know who scored tapins and start bragging yor ass about.
            Higuian is a complete striker who continiously pressing the game , hold the ball, makes decisive pass unlike icardi who just shitting on the field till some give the ball to his feet just ahead of goalkeeper.

    • That’s like saying “Meza dribbled well” so according to seniors haters, he MUST BAAACK! no one is calling for Higuain, some are calling for ADM for bench strength.

      • Dimaria is nomore 2011-2014 still deserve part of the team to strengthen bench, at least 100times better than farmers meza, cervi etc

  3. River Plate will play the last edition winner Gremio in semifinal CL. The second pair may be Argentina – Brazil duel as well if only Boca will be the winner this night against Cruzeiro (Palmeiras already in semis)

  4. Icardi is the biggest talent in Argentina after messi and best South American striker after Ronaldo

    • Ummm…
      I don’t want to come off as rude, but what about Aguero and Dybala? Even Tagliafico has 2 goals under his belt and held Bayern to a draw at home. Icardi is good, there is no doubt, but the biggest talent in Argentina behind Messi? That’s a little too much. And don’t forget there is a certain Martinez right behind Icardi with Inter waiting for his chance to show what hes got as well.

      But thankfully they’re all Argentinian lol so strong talent for the now and the future.

  5. The viola youngster
    scored on his Argentina debut in a friendly last month, but there’s plenty of competition for places in the squad.

    “Pipita is very strong, the most complete striker in the league,” Simeone admitted, speaking to DAZN.

    “He has everything: he’s good on the ball, he scores goals and he helps the team. His quick movements are crucial in ‘killing’ the opposition defenders.

    “You just have to give him a metre of space and he’ll hurt you.

    “Mauro Icardi? Everyone thinks that when he’s not scoring he’s not helping the team, and maybe that true, but it’s made up for by the attention that’s paid to him for 90 minutes.

    “If you get the ball to him he’ll put it in the net, so he’s always on the defender’s mind.”

  6. Scaloni would work with under 20s …he is excellent in that…..making him full manager this early would be unwise….it can destroyed his future chances to be a manager of argentina

    • true let him achieve with u20 team and clubs before taking the huge responsibility of Argentina NT even beat Brazil

  7. Many players with great potential crumble under pressure. They can’t keep with the competition among the team mates and get sent back to their country or some low grade league but as they say Pressure makes diamonds… Lamela from the verge of getting kicked out from Spurs bench is close to kicking his selfish teammates out of starting XI.

    Last season when he came back from injury, he immediately impressed everyone, except Fraud Sampaoli and Selfish dictator Chinese league player Masche. Multiple occasions , he would be in a better scoring position but his over rated teammates wouldn’t pass to him. Pochettino has made him a complete midfielder. He can build up play, Assist, Cross(we haven’t had a good crosser for a while.. Dimaria shit as always) and Track back and defend like a defensive mid. Also he is a natural Enganche!!! If he continues his form Juventus will come back again for him. Hopefully He can reflect his club form when called up in National team.

  8. Icardi is the only Superstar player after Messi, age is on his side, next season Real Madrid move and future ballondor winner. Aguero is also hugely talented but most underrated player in messi-cr7 generation

  9. Icardi needs two things and he will score as many goals as you wish.

    1) Good crosses from the wingers
    2) Through balls from the midfielders

    • Plus playing full minutes, something he never get so far in NT. If Messi only scored 16 after 65 games for Argentina, no reason not to have faith on our younger players. They need to be given as much chance as Messi generation. Hell, Tevez only scored 13 , yet he had 80 caps.

  10. Icardi is like always right place at right time for Inter, Its only matter of time he will start being like that for us too.

      • Yup some of the Historical have got so many matches, Actually i thought that they r gonna play for us Infinitely. Had Masche and Biglia didn’t retired they may also had been considered. Goshh. Icardi is always on wrong time while chosen for NT, Most of the times because of Wanda he is injured.

        • Icardi first cap was last few minutes against Uruguay in 2013 where we already qualified. He played against Ecuador late in the game when we already secured the game. His remaining caps, he only played 1 half. That’s 5 caps but basically a total of 1 and half match.

          Dybala played few games in WC but he basically played only 20 minutes in total. Tevez had 80 caps despite never scoring for NT. Messi needs to wait 6 years before finding his goalscoring form in NT, 6 years! Before 2012, Messi had 16 goals but since then he has scored almost 50. The point it, the likes of Dybala, Icardi, Pavon, Martinez, all needs to be given as much chance as Messi and his friends.

    • Not to say Di Maria should be back to NT, but he scored winning goal at round 16 of 2014 WC and scored stunner in recent round 16 of the WC. He’d have been a hero if the team didnt have such terrible defence.

  11. Adolfo Gaich scored again for San Lorenzo in their win against Estudiantes. He also won them a penalty. He is really showing some promising signs of becoming a good centre forward. Only 19 btw.

    • 1,90 height. After good COTIF tournament already shows goalscoring mood in Superliga. I hope he will won the place in attack soon as Blandi still is the first choice.

      And I hope Bautista Merlini from the club will back great form after long injury. Once one of the most promising wingers in league.

    • As for such tall player he is quite fast and good on the ball. Not also scored but earned penalty after his individual action.

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