Sergio AGUERO scores for Manchester City in Champions League win


Sergio AGUERO scored goal number 8 of the season in Manchester City’s 2-1 win against Hoffenheim in the Champions League.

It wasn’t the best of starts for Pep GUARDIOLA’s City as they let in a goal in the first minute. Luckily for Pep and his team, they have Sergio AGUERO as the striker scored just six minutes later. Leroy SANE received the ball inside the penalty area and pulled it back to AGUERO who controlled it, avoided the challenge and scored.

Impressive numbers for AGUERO this season.


      • The problem is that WE got used to his magic, When he does these things, it’s not special from the Lion. And Some asks him for more and more. He sits the bar really higher than anyone can achieve. 11 years of consistent Excellence.

          • There is nothing left to describe Messi in the Football Dictionary, By the way LUKA MODRIC just named as the Best in the World by Fifa, And Messi didn’t even make the Freaking top 3, Irony is he keeps playing greatly, They don’t even understand that Its called the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD which includes all leagues and Tournaments.It not for the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNING PLAYER. If they want to proclaim some one to be the Best in Europe for their satisfaction just do it for them selves just make it, BEST PLAYER IN EUROPE or FIFA Player of the Year. just remove the God dammit BEST IN THE WORLD Tag, Which 75% of the humans know that its Messi. (I m not saying 100% because there r around 20% who Still believe Cr7 is Best and 5% who foolishly believe other players r best – “Sighs”).

  1. I think Fillol and Goycochea were our last outstanding goalkeepers. Everyone since then has been average, in my opinion. Some might say Romero is better than average but I disagree. Armani needs to be playing more for us to draw any conclusions.

    • EnganChe: i totally agree on fillol who is considered one of the great keepers worldwide- a brilliant keeper who is easily our best of all time.

    • For the NT atleast Romero has been just as good as Fillol and Goyco and I’ve seen all 3 play. We knock on Romero due to him not playing for his clubs but for the NT he goes into superman mode.

    • Romero was easily among the best keepers for WC14 and both copas. I get that he’s second keeper for club but that’s not reflective of his NT performance. What more do you want from him??

    • Hopefully someone will be coming and consistently be good for us. There should be a sense of security which none of our recent Goal Keepers r providing Everyone keeps making mistakes after mistakes.. As per me Abondanzieri was our last Safe Goal Keeper. He was not outstanding and all but was okay. (Atleast we didn’t had head ache)

  2. Most of the Current Players market value will increase a lot because they now r playing for Argentina NT, Pavon, Vargas, Palacios, Pity etc etc will soon be going to any European clubs, I just hope they all end up in right places. Will be better if it is in Italian Serie A or La Liga. Not a very big club were chances will be low, And Neither too small club too which may get relegate too, Lo Celso got into a nice club i guess. Everyone cannot be expected to peak too early in their careers, Some may take little time.

    There is a Young Argentine Goal Keeper in Real Madrid (Youth team or something)whom Scaloni rates highly. Its been long time since an Argentine GK in a Big European Club?? (Romero & Caballero well)

    • Great game in second half. Independiente also had their chances. There should be penalty in first half for El Rojo. Anyway River was the better team.

    • River will make it. This team is so strong in the midfield and quite solid behind with talented but hard working players playing safe, smart and collective. Always well placed and very hard to break. The players look always fresh because of their coach’s good management.

    • Then who is it better option for argentina name it??…..rulli? Who is mistake prone or Romero who is just a bench warmer and when he played he gets red card.
      Right now armani is the best option …..he is stylish goal keeper remind me of David James of england

    • France conceided 3 goals against Argentina, 2 goals in the final, the second one was even worst than Armani mistake against Croatia. Does France ever consider replacing their goalie because of that? logic please. Romero conceided 4 in 2010 quarterfinal but only conceided 4 in 7 matches in 2014 World cup, 2 goals in Copa 2016. Solid and organized defence will make the goalkeeper better.

      • Very True. By the way Armani Mistake against Croatia?? It was legendary Caballero who did catastrophically against Croatia. Against France we were generally bad, Armani was unfortunately on the receiving end, Had Romero was there still the result would be exactly same (Its not as if Romero is Buffon or Oliver Kahn who r Superb). Mistakes r like which Armani had against Independiente, that’s basic mistakes which should never be repeated.

        Any way the Goal keeping remains an ache less heel for us. I don’t know i cant trust anyone i guess. No idea. I think Abondanzieri type safe GK is okay for us. Not too flashy and all. But at least error free. Not brilliant. But be safe.

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