Argentina international, former Inter player Nicolas BURDISSO announces retirement


Nicolas BURDISSO has retired as a professional footballer after 19 years.

Former Argentina international and Inter player Nicolas BURDISSO has announced his retirement at the age of 37, through a post on social media. He played for five clubs throughout his career, one in Argentina and the other four in Italy.

He started off with Boca Juniors and played for the senior team from 1999-2004 before joining Inter. He stayed five years with Inter and joined rivals AS Roma until 2014 before joining Genoa for three years. He finished his career with Torino, spending one season.

With the Argentina national team, BURDISSO was capped a total of 49 times between 2003-2011 where he scored two goals. A member of two World Cup squads, he was there for Germany 2006 and was part of the 2010 World Cup tam. He won the 2001 FIFA U20 World Cup as well as olympic gold at the 2004 summer games.


  1. i remember him as RB that end up to be CB. just like Otamendi.
    he was not the best defender in the world but he was playing always with passion.

    anyhow little or much he offer to the national team what he offered so
    i feel to say one thank you as farewell.


    • Wise comment.
      I never felt he was a special player, though. BUT THANK YOU NICOLAS!
      To any player who put the white and sky blue Argentina shirt. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
      Even Gonzalo Higuain who cost us 3 finals(Not blaming him though, shit happens).

  2. This Burdisso played football for some of the Best clubs. He played for the best National Football Team.
    What did do you do n achieve, Random Tard, to be this arrogant & claim “Who cares”.

    Being an asshole is not a crime. But please try not to carry that as a badge of honour.

    • No one give a fuck about wherever he played he was always shit for argentina.
      And your personal comment what have i achieved shows your shitty mentality.
      So you better eat , mastrubate and sleep.

      • Mrinal – it’s time to change account. You have not really future here under the name. You did enough to be ‘bete noir’

        You already figures in HALL OF SHAME. Right next to KidultHood and Csabalala

        • @Mrinal1235, sissy, what do you know about Burdisso? You were pooping in a potty when Burdisso was playing for La Albiceleste. C’mon pussy-hole, I think you need some huge cock in your pussy to make you stop shitting on former Argentine players. Don’t worry I have one for you, you fucking poofter!

        • @gonzalo You better keep your liked boy image by just manupulating the facts,
          i dont need fake account, faking is your machination like your player gonzalo martinez faked his injury.

  3. Some random tards asking “Who cares” when some great Argentina players retire from football.

    This is a blog for Argentina football, discussion & news. Here we respect football players. We may be critical of many of them. But we respect them.

  4. Rumoured line-up against brazil:-

    Romero; Bustos or Saravia, Pezzella or Funes Mori, Otamendi, Tagliafico; Paredes, Battaglia, Lo Celso; Correa, Dybala; Icardi

  5. One of the overrated defender of Argentine football , talk too much nonsense , due to lack of quality defender getting chance after chance , I was very happy when he left out of the team….

  6. Burdisso, Samuel, Ayala, Sorin, Heinze, Zanetti, Collocini, any of them was better player than any defensive player of the past 10 years. It’s a big problem of youth development. We stop producing great defensive player. I am an old school guy who consider dribbling and passing are just secondary to a central back or fullback. A fullback should know better tackling than crossing. Today many football school don’t even teach the kids to tackle properly. Besides their tactical sense is also less developed vs 90s. As a result, we produce Otamendi type player, only good for a team which plays possession football.

    The football standard changed so much, mostly influenced by Spanish or Barca football, with this obsession of holding the ball. It just destroy the traditional type players like tall forward and strong central back. Argentina should follow its own path. We had Sampaoli who wanted to imitate Spain and it was a total fiasco.

    • @canadienroyal, paisano (I live in Canada too) I mostly agree with you but I think Otamendi only recently adapted to possession style of football as a result of playing under Guardiola. Before that he was every bit old school in his defending (he was an absolute beast in Valencia). Even now he is good in tackle, albeit a bit reckless sometimes. Garay too was easily one of the best defenders in the 2014 WC. Pezzella is also more old school; he’s a good defender and will do well in a team that plays a deep defensive line.

      From what I have seen from Sacloni so far is that he prefers much more direct approach to playing football and not just recycling possession a la Barcelona.

      • @eganche you telling the truth
        You absolutely correct…
        One thing some our friends here
        In mundo re saying otamandi is
        Rubish personally otamandi is
        One of the underrated defenders
        In world football.. I never see otamandi having realy bad game
        In Argentina shirt except that Germany game back in 2010..
        And that was maradona fualt
        Coz he played him out of position .

    • Burdisso and Coloccini were average defenders, Ayala great leader, but a bit overrated defender too, we were always outscored when he lead our defense in big tournaments crucial matches. Zanetti absolute world class, this type of full backs we lack. Sorin good player, Heinze the same, but technically rather bad.

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