Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI confirms team vs. Iraq, DYBALA starts


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has confirmed the starting eleven against Iraq.

Sergio ROMERO will start as the goalkeeper and while no Mauro ICARDI in the line-up, Paulo DYBALA of Juventus gets the start. Here’s the confirmed team.


This would be the first cap for Rodrigo DE PAUL of Udinese.


  1. Acuna as LB is fine. I still remember his nice performance in the match against Peru in the qualifiers which was imo the best match under Sampaoli, not the best result though but the team played well in that match. Better than Ecuador, Brazil match. Overall, Acuna played well there at LB, unlike Salvio at RB.

    • My friend, Di maria in that match played inverted winger, on the right, as I remember. Acuna plays as a left winger day in day out at his club, as you said he can play LB. Sampaoli had him play wing back, the problem with that is the player gets lost in the heat of the match and forgets about running back to cover and defend since he is used to play as a left winger. If he can get used to playing as a wing back, then that will be ok.
      Same story with Salvio, he is a winger in nature and he tends to forget about running back to defend when we lose the ball. Players get accustomed to their ‘where about’ on the pitch and can get lost in the heat of the match.

      • In the match against Peru, Papu Gomez played as LW and Acuna played as LB. You are correct about Salvio. Even Salvio’s positioning as a RB is awful because he is a much offensive player. But Acuna can defend and cross well. So, Personally I think, Acuna as LB can work. I recommend you to rewatch the highlights of the match vs Peru again mate.

  2. Expect Dybala this line up looks C grade Argentina team anyway Iraq isn’t big enough where Argentina B team is going to play against Brazil, i hope Icardi Dybala Corera trio against Brazil

    • empty rumors without any aspect of real.
      don t believe this rumors my friend.

      Masche if he ever be a coach it will pass many years.

    • No one argues or denies that Mascherano was instrumental in the NT during his best years. Forget about the last 2 years where he should have stepped aside and make space for younger,more energetic players. But truth to be said, He was among the best DM Argentina ever had.
      I think he will work towards becoming a coach, but not in the near future, say 5 years from now. He is not entitled at the moment or in few years to become a coach of Argentina. I expect him to be a successful coach because he has leadership qualities. Most good DM become good coaches. Pep and Simeone where very good DM.

  3. Paredes is the missing name.

    Mexico just confirmed that they will play Argentina on November 17th and 20th in Argentina. Yes, you read that correctly, we play Mexico in Argentina TWO times in Argentina.

    • If Paredes is there then the 11 looks way better. I thought it was Meza, Vazquez midfield. I really don’t think Vazquez is someone we need at this stage.

  4. To be frank this looks bad 11.Iraq is good defensively I heard. We will find it tough to score.But he is giving chances to everyone that’s really appreciateable. A coach who is logical.He don’t take guys just to train and to sit them on bench I guess unlike most others.

      • I have to give u on that point. But he messed it up in the WC with the historicals.But whatever Scaloni is doing its gud. Giving opportunities to youngsters, there is nothing we can do. Even if we loose still we have to keep calling the current players.

        We don’t want the historicals playing for us in these friendlies right?

        • You completely misinterpreted my point. Imo the same bunch of youngsters should be called except 2-3 changes, if necessary. We want continuity, not like Sampaoli calling more than 100 youngsters and confusing everyone. I didn’t mention historicals at all. I don’t know why you people are so obsessed if the senior players.

    • Although, until now, Scaloni is doing a good job. He ain’t calling 100 players like Sampaoli. He has like 35-40 players in his radar and is maintaining continuity with them.

  5. So propably vs Brazil an over-defensive team will play: Romero—Saravia-Otamendi-Kannemann-Tagliafico—Ascacibar-Battaglia—Cervi-Paredes-lo Celso—Icardi

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