Argentina confirmed to play Mexico twice in November


The Argentina national team will play two friendly matches in November, both of which will come against Mexico.

Lionel SCALONI will have two last matches to test out players to close 2018 and both matches will reportedly take place in Argentina. Mexican federation spokewoman, Beatriz RAMOS confirmed it all on Wednesday stating the following:

“We have reached an agreement with the Argentina Football Association for the FIFA date matches in November for Saturday the 17th and Tuesday the 20th in cities to be decided.”

There are rumors that one of the matches would take place at La Bombonera with the second outside of Buenos Aires. The official Argentina account also confirmed the information with a tweet.

It would be the last two matches of the year before a permanent coach for Argentina would be selected in December.


  1. If this is the case, then it is better to play one friendly with u20 and other with senior team. No need of playing senior team against mexico twice.

  2. Well, I have been writing very less and reading more this days. Here are my 2 cents

    1. The result of this friendlies only matter to increase the confidence of these young kids. For that sake I wish them for a good game against both IRAQ and BRAZIL. if we can beat Brazil the self belief and confidence of this kids will go sky high.

    2. Playing two back to back matches against Mexico will not do any harm. They are a good solid side and will test our kids. So I see this as a opportunity rather than a waste.

    3. The fake injury drama by both River and Boca is an absolute disgrace and against the integrity and interest of the NT. Big Clubs in Europe have released Argentine players , and they also have UCL and league matches to cope with. So this theory of “Protecting players to travel before Copa Liberators SF clash” is nothing but gross ignorance towards your country and its requirement. How the hell Barros Schelletoo says ” its not imp for the NT to play so many friendly matches”. Wherefrom he gets this audacity? cuts a sorry picture of Argentine Domestic Football.

    4. Recently there has been some personal slandering going on in some threads which is not at all wanted and appreciated. My humble request to all concerned parties to stop this immediately. We all have our opinions and are different individuals so opinions will vary . This does not mean we stoop low and start attacking someone persoanlly.

    Hope Sanity prevails.

  3. I think the AFA is broke, don’t have money for travelling. Maybe
    Or they have the mentality of : If you want to play us, come to us.

  4. Absurd. What can you possibly learn from playing the same team again in 3 days.
    AFA falling over its own feet in its hurry to showcase their incompetence. Probably will get a good crowd and decent gate money so what do they care. morons. meanwhile after november only 4 games till copa and this is their preparation.

      • I think we will have to disagree here. I am of the view any competent coach/player will adapt to an opponent after a half. Testing yourself out over four halves is unnecessary.

        When time is limited it is more important in my view to make sure you see a wider variety of players, permutations, techniques and strategies. this gives you more data to game plan for future since your sample of matches is so small. For example, mexico will probably play a decently open game as they usually do. In which instance I wouldn’t mind seeing how they do next against a bus parking team regardless of first result.

        In these friendlies I do not consider wins or losses that is important or even the quality of opponent. I just want to see different data gathered for different types of players duels and match ups. Let’s not forget that though they won against guatemala, a minnow, they still were quite flat in the second half. tight, but flat.

        • Valid point of view, actually very realistic how you explain it. Maybe they are just broke and don’t want to travel, and that was the only opponent they could find in such a short time. in that case, you can not blame them. Let’s hope for Mexico to follow different tactics and strategy for both games. and Let’s hope that Scaloni will use the second game to fix the mistakes of the first. Maybe it’s all AFA can afford. Choripan was probably right in calling the matches a ‘practice’

          • Yeah, I don’t think its unreasonable to think they are broke given they couldn’t even pay for security recently. Quite sad. Hopefully they make the best of the opportunities presented to them. Excited for tomorrow!

    • Scaloni is all about giving young kids opportunity. Mexico is a great opponent, not elite, but World Cup level. If he calls all young kids, he can field two different squads at equal pressure. Its good for comparisons. The all start work of Paredes vs Guatemala means nothing on the world stage. We need quality opponents, even it its x2 in a row.

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