Paulo DYBALA, Mauro ICARDI rumored to start for Argentina vs. Brazil


Paulo DYBALA and Mauro ICARDI are both rumored to start for Argentina.

When Lionel SCALONI’s team take to the pitch in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday against Brazil, they could be lead by a pretty formidable front line. Paulo DYBALA of Juventus, Mauro ICARDI of Inter and Atletico Madrid’s Angel CORREA are rumored to start.

Sergio ROMERO would remain the captain and starting goalkeeper but there could be some changes from the team which got a 4-0 win against Iraq. Here is the rumored eleven against Brazil:




  1. If this is indeed the final XI we will see a lot of good tests.
    So far we have seen the coach deploy two main types of midfield
    The 1-2
    -LoCelso-Palacios versus guatemala first half
    -LoCelso-Palacios versus colombia first half
    -Meza-Vazquez versus Iraq first half (the head scratcher)
    In this style the midfield wins the ball early in the opposing half, keeps possession and basically is meant to break down defensive walls by installing players with more attacking genes in front of the DM.

    Then we see the 2-1, the essential feature is where Dybala is pulled inside.
    —-Dybala—- versus columbia second half
    —-Dybala—- versus Iraq second half for 15-20 minutes.
    Here the coach is willing to give up a little bit of possession and invite pressure. In some ways it reminds me of France at WC where the ‘back 6’ soak it up but nothing ever threatens within 20 yards and ball is won back at top of box. The flip side is that it then creates opportunities spearheaded by Dybala with space in front.

    The Parades-Battaglia-LoCelso combo for next match now probably indicates coach recognizes the danger of employing the pure 1-2 or the Dybala 2-1 against the strong Brazil midfield where if ball is lost they could be cut open. Going
    ——LoCelso—— provides complete balance in the midfield now.
    If my guess is correct I will be holding my breath for Battaglia since he will have to do an insane amount of work from spying on Neymar when he drifts wide, picking his runs from his deeper No 10 role and also stepping in Arthur/Coutinho passing lanes while also at the same time delivering one or two good ‘tackles’ on Neymar disrupting rhythm. He probably gets the nod over Ascacibar in my view because of experience. Parades will be second cover picking up anything slipping through and possibly working long releases.

    LoCelso and Casemiro will have another fantastic battle. Here will be a big test for Icardi. In these 3v3 midfield battles it is always best if the center forward presses back on the deepest opponent midfielder essentially sandwiching him against your AM (LoCelso). Higuain was good at this and Lautaro Martinez shows an early understanding for this. We will see how Icardi delivers here which in my view is almost as important as will be his finishing from the wide balls that I expect Correa and Dybala to dump onto his head. I expect those two wide players to stick to the task of keeping up the pressure on the more defensive Brazilian full backs (now that Marcelo is out) and basically making sure the Brazilian attack is only channeled through the middle into the teeth of our midfield. Here the test is on Dybala to prove he can play as a true wide forward and not just do bad Lionel Messi impressions.

    Finally we will see Firminho (the obvious #1 nine for the yellows, god knows what they see in GJ) v Otamendi in a 2017 EPL clash. Both have studied each other so interesting to see who gets upper hand here.

    Lots of interesting battles and tests. Vamos Argentina!!

  2. Argentine u-20 draw 1-1 with Ecuador u-20 , maxi lovera scored for Argentine. Meanwhile juventus interested in Leonardo balerdi , inter following e.palacious , Valencia following Gonzalo montial & almendra.

  3. I think Gonzalo is the biggest manipulator on this blog, 25 years old pity martinez is still rotting there in river plate and 22 years old dimaria was already a star players at real madrid and probably was one of their best player.
    i am not telling pity matrinez is a bad player but he doesnt have ability to become a world class player like
    di maria was .
    Dimaria had some of fine performance of argentina i remember in last WC 2014 messi , dimaria and higuian combined for a wonderful goal against belgium .
    against switzerland on WC 2014.
    against germany in 2014.
    against nigeria and nithereland in 2008 olympic
    he was not bad against france also he looked completely differnt player after that wonderful strike.
    So calling gonzalo martinez better than dimaria is not justified by one uselless friendly match against gautemala,
    you the think whatever bullshit you want thinking is not a problem and some of of the members here may also support you here.
    Dont get me wrong, if i am praising hernan crespo it doesnt mean , i want crespo back in the team, me too also dont dimaria in the team, i accept he crossed his prime.
    Some people are comparing lautaro with aguero, i remember 20 years old aguero got cult status at athletico madrid, he used to play as a second striker behind deigo forlan there then he was of the best dribbler and decisive passer in the world, I think its early to compare lautaro with aguero.

    • IMO, Di maria today, this minute, is still our best option in his position. BUT We have to look for a proper replacement for continuity. Something We should have done 2 years ago, same goes for Aguero, Otamendi, Banega, Mercado and even Messi. I don’t think there are better players than the ones mentioned,yet. If we had done that before, the transition would have been smooth and WE would not be in this dilemma that we are in today. I will not be surprised if most of them, if not all, will be in Copa19.
      AS for Martinez and Aguero comparison, it’s not saying that Martinez will be more potent than Aguero, or even equal, but a promising talent that might fill the gap left when Aguero decides to call it quits. Since I am an Atletico Madrid fan, I am aware of Kun’s cult status in Atletico, I still think he is one of the best strikers in the world today. and the best available Argentina striker, today.
      I think Gonzalo is just eager for the transition than most of us, nothing more.
      Same goes with Mascherano. He is done in the NT, but He was one of the best DM in the world. and all we hope for, is find some player who will be as good, or even close to him in his prime. Only time will tell.

      • Again good ebo but I must disagree
        With you about di Maria I haven’t seen any player in arg shirt more
        Frustrating than di maria but aguero
        Otamandi banage re all top players
        Mascherano was best defensive midfielder in the world his passing ability was unbelievable… I think only
        Sergio buscates was a head of him
        In that position..

        • Frustrating, yes. But overall, his technical abilities and devotion surpassed that of any available player at his position. Tell me at that moment when he was playing for the NT, which player was available in his position who was a solid and sure replacement?
          When he had his moments, he was crucial. The problem with him is he is not supposed to play full match. I even think that he should play on the right some times.
          He was unjustly criticized for being a complete failure, Many called his goal against France a pure luck, tell me what percentage of shots at goal from such distance does not depend on luck when other players score such a goal?
          I am 90% expecting him to be in Copa19. Unless Povon and Martinez really impress the coach.
          So far, with his frustrating moments, I don’t see any one able to perform as good as him, for now. That does not mean I call to keep him in the team, but WE have to give Martinez and Povon the benefit of the doubt, better have a replacement before we cross him off.

          • i have so much respect for Di Maria. Love what he has done for the NT and club over years. Anyone that says Di Maria’s goal against France goal was lucky are either blind, irrational, or have an agenda. He was in the perfect position, took few steps and placed it exactly where he aimed. No luck involved.

            At first, seemed like Pavon would easily take over Di Maria’s role but hes playing like worse version of Di Maria. Well see what Martinez can do over time…

    • “So calling gonzalo martinez better than dimaria is not justified by one uselless friendly match against gautemala”

      It’s not only Guatemala. Also Colombia.

      So now tell me why no one, literally no one, was claiming here for Di Maria come back after the 2 friendlies with Pity Martinez? Why? Because people are sick and tired of Di Maria while Pity show new fresh energy that Di Maria lacks long time in NT.

      Di Maria in NT = one good game for 20. That are facts. It’s too little.

      • @gonzalo i like pity Martinez is better
        Than most Argentinean players who
        Plays in europe anyone who’s have
        Knowledge football can see those river plate boys re very good I mean
        Pity and palacios I can’t wait again
        To see them wearing Albicelestes shirt

        • The only thing why Pity Martinez was not called up yet few years ago was that stagnation in our selection. Pity shined yet 4 years ago winning Copa Argentina with Huracan.

          Palacios, Pity, Montiel – now it’s their time.

      • Simple reason why. Same reason why people are not calling for messi and aguero right away. Because we want to see others in action. Thats it.

        Pound for pound, Di Maria is still better. If Martinez was lighting up the stage, he’d be in Europe by now. Im am in no way downplaying Martinez but im not jumping to conclusions either to say hes 100% than Di Maria. Time will tell if hes better for the NT and its waaaayyyy to early to conclude. Slow your roll

        • You know why Martinez is better than Di Maria? Because it’s hard to be worse. Di Maria is poor 9/10 NT games.

          “Simple reason why. Same reason why people are not calling for messi and aguero right away. Because we want to see others in action. Thats it”.

          So go to comment after the friendlies. Some people (not me) have said: Martinez did more in 45 minutes than Di Maria in 10 games.

          • “You know why Martinez is better than Di Maria? Because it’s hard to be worse. Di Maria is poor 9/10 NT games”

            Baseless statement..just slander.

            “So go to comment after the friendlies. Some people (not me) have said: Martinez did more in 45 minutes than Di Maria in 10 games.”

            I’d say the same to those few people who are jumping to conclusion over 2 games. If Martinez is better, he’d be in Europe by now so we cannot judge based on league. For the NT, 2 practice games doesn’t mean jack shit. Meza proved he’s worldy in practice (1 game) but dogshit in real games. Again, time will tell if Martinez is better than Di Maria for the NT but as as of today, Di Maria is still better. Again, not to say he wont become better but i have to go with reality, not speculation. Also, my comment doesn’t mean i don’t want to see Martinez start or play for the NT…

    • you’re right about Di Maria and i like the end of your comment. I have great respect for what he has done. Its rare to see someone with his passing abilities. We were lucky to have him. Its a real shame horrible supporters talk so much shit about him.

      • “We were lucky to have him”

        Really? When? In crucial moments He was always eithoer out of injury or giving poor performances like in last WC. What’s the luck. He was rather like our constant bad luck.

        • Look, i understand the frustration, i’ve been there as well with him. But his absences due to injury hurt the team and that goes to show you how important he was. I still think the probability of winning the Final would have increased exponentially if he played. Even just a few months ago, he stepped up big time and scored against France because he is a *big game player that has quality and experience on the largest stages.

          Tell me, during WC14 and Copas, who do you think should have played instead…who had the talent to replace Di Maria? And for WC18, who do you think should have played instead?

  4. All care now scolani to stay as head coach
    I liked very much what I have seen from his
    Style it seems to me he is well balance coach
    Even can change infromation during the match
    Which is very good his selection of players
    Is superb all afa needs to trust him .

  5. So far…no major complains on selection…new faces..lots of new faces..

    the only adding messi..will there be an imbalance to the team? By the time, messi agrees to come to the team..the team would be already ready with Dybala playing a messi role..

    Messi should be play in midfield with Lo Celso and others..

    • I don’t think Messi will come back before March. Dybala and Messi can not play full match together. Both are known for not running. the only way I see it happening is if Messi plays right behind the strikers while Dybala playing on the outside , We strongly need an aggressive RB to achieve that. Right now, our weakest point is the RB.

  6. When it comes to playing Brazil, I don’t care who plays, We can field some of the members here, as long as we give those Brazilians a run for their life. VAMOS ARGENTINA

  7. This will be my starting 11 for the Copa 19.

    Bustos, Pezella, Otamendi, Tagliafico
    ——Paredes——-Lo Celso

  8. Ebo and cox4, i always enjoy reading your posts and apart the fact that fifa acted against us in wcs 90 and 94 i just want to add something in order to remind especially to younger Argentina fans in here the greatness of our beloved team: It was in wc 90 where Italy were the hosts and specifically in the semifinals where we faced Italy and finally beat them in penalties. The semifinal took place in Napoli’s stadium, San Paolo, and during the anthems of both teams almost all the stadium was cheering for Maradona and Argentina! This was never happened before or after in the history of world cups for any other team! This team is special and it is also special to be it’s die hard fan!

    Vamos Argentina Carajo!!

    • Spot on, I very well remember that.
      When Maradona scored the penalty after kicking the ball in the same way he missed against Yugoslavia a game before.

    • Yes i remember that game. we win but this game is historical and for one more bad for us reason.

      that game was the reason and the beginning of hunting against Argentina from FIFA
      the years followed till our days.
      as i guess you know that this game was ordered from FIFA of Joao Havelange for us to lose.

      Diego and the rest of our guys refuse and they succeed to destroy the plans of FIFA for Italy win the cup.

      What followed in final and in the years followed was just the punishment to us for not lose against italy for the game you are talking about.

      anyway my friend.
      old unforgotten stories 🙂

      • I remember my friend. After Maradona humiliated the Brazilians (the Brazilian defenders colided each other while Maradona was dribbling through them, ha ha ha, oops sorry brazilian trolls) he passed through Caniggia (one of my all time favourites) and he dribbled passed their goalkeeper and scored. When we kicked out the shitty yellow team in the quarters Havelanze didn’t want us to win back to back and they punished us the ways we all know in both 90 and 94 wcs.

        Old but never forgotten stories my friend.

  9. This should be my favorite system, kind of mix between Sarri’s style 3-men midfield and Simone’s(or Deschamps who probably inspired from Atletico) attacking line. I am big fan of those 2 football.

    I expect to see similar midfield to Chelsea. Jorginho replaced by Paredes, Kante by Battaglia or Ascacibar and Kovacic by Lo Celso(or Palacios when he recovers). Players quality is very similar. Individually

    In attack, same as Atletico, Griezmann replaced by Dybala(or Lautaro or Pity when he recovers), Diego Costa and Giroud by Icardi and either Angel Correa, Cervi or Pavon. The left side unbalance should be covered by Lo Celso. Icardi is very different from Diego Costa and Giroud type player. He does not contribute defensively as much as the 2. So let’s see how this can work. We definitely need our attacking players involve more in pressing, which is almost the key in the modern football.

  10. Ebo my friend about what we was speaking earlier you are really blessed that you see
    and remember both our world cup wins 🙂
    God give you health to see it third time.

    and to add too about 1990 final not only the fake penalty was given to Germans but 2 RED CARDS too.

    i will never forget that nightmare i lived then as long as i live.

  11. @ Gonzalo
    You say that the youngsters in the team only think of passing to him and are star struck by him..i think Messi should advise them not to be like that. The coach is there too but nobody is bigger or more famous than Messi. So it’s up to him to order the youngsters to play in the right way that is passing to the player in the best position and that each player is as important to the team as Messi

    • “i think Messi should advise them not to be like that”

      Don’t you think they will the more submitted to him if He instead of coach will ask such things? I don’t know the answer.

      • I think Scaloni can achieve that if he stays as the coach. It will all be clear by end of year. Messi has to stay away as long as possible to make that happen.

    • I think he just said that by staying away from the NT. Part of the reason he did not come back, yet. is he wants the players to play without him.

    • If Messi tells the players straight not to look for him all the time they run out of solutions, then he will be criticized for interfering with the coach’s job. Messi can only convince the coach and the players not to look for him ONLY if he manages to play less attractive football. I said it before, his curse is his greatness.

    • I don’t think so. Its up to the coach to enforce behaviour. The second he sees players doing it, he should do whatever it takes to change behavior – sit them them down, show them videos, threaten to bench them or actually bench them, explain the issues, and demand they play different. And if the same behaviour persists, thats the coaches failure. In Barcelona, you see his teammate supporting, making runs, doing 1-2s.. etc. They don’t sit there like scarecrows

      Besides, if messi does it (to Ebos points), hell be blamed for that.

    • Obviously Messi should also advise them how to play football or maybe instruct them how to run to create space and how to coordinate, how to do pressing… Etc. Messi is not and will not be a leader or a mentor even though he may be the best player ever in the football history. Don’t expect too much from him, he did already a lot.

  12. Guardiola played 5 left footed player at the same times .. Why can’t dybala and messi share the same pitch????
    Pace maybe cause dybala has lost his.

    • When was it? I don’t remember in any Barca he did it. The problem of the pair Dybala Messi is not about left footed but more a position problem. Messi, a false winger, need freedom in the middle and so the playmakers need to play on the other side(Iniesta, Coutinho) or in a deeper position(Xavi, Arthur, Rakitic)

    • This will be my starting 11 for the Copa 19.

      Bustos, Pezella, Otamendi, Tagliafico
      ——Paredes——-Lo Celso

    • They can adapt to each other but for that they need to play together, how many games have they both played together? 2 or 3 times I guess that too limited minutes.

    • They can play together but perhaps with a striker that presses and defends more. I’d probably go with Martinez or Aguero instead of Icardi if Messi and Dybala are on the pitch. With this said, fullbacks are KEY. Tagliafico and mystery RB would need to stretch the defense and support the wings during the attack. This would allow both Messi and Dybala to stay more central where they are most threatening.

  13. Off the Topic and Business, Guys Csabalala and Gonzalo, Why dont u both Agree to Disagree to Agree, that everyone will have different preferences and opinions and respect each others opinions? Instead of fighting each other again and again. U both r respected posters over here for long time. Come Onnnn.

    P.S: Now dont bash me.

    • @Mik

      waiting only for all our NT youngsters to fail is not really kind of opinion. THis is trolling. Show me when the guy is like supporter and not hater. He is quiet when our current players do well and emerges when anything is wrong. For example: Did you saw him being here when our U-20 team was winning on COTIF tournament? Never. He was active only during 1st half semifinal against Uruguay match because that was the worst moment of the team during the tournament. When in second half we bagan did better they disappeared and never emerged again during the COTIF. Did you saw him commenting after last win against Iraq? No way. 0 comments. He just waits for lost to Brazil or any other lost of this young boys.

      So please do not describre mere trolling as “one’s own opinion”.

      • We can’t expect others to say and behave like the way we like. If that was the case everyone in the world would have been happy. Isn’t it.

        Arguments are gud but fighting and Cursing don’t bring any fun for any one I think.why simply stress ur self.

        Was just saying by the way,Be cool.Be stress free. And enjoy the ride. End of the day we all would love to see us lifting a trophy either if it happens by playing X or Y player doesn’t matter. We deserve this, we have been waiting for long time to see that.

      • Thats a “pot calling the kettle black” reply. You are viewed as a senior hater and csabalala is viewed as youngster hater. Both you have said good things but also a ton of negative. Like Yin and Yang, match made in heaven.

    • some time before my friend i write them something close like you to stop fight
      but they didn t hear i get bored anymore with their fights and i just don t say anything.

      it is their business so i advice you to ignore their fights too like me.

    • Diego is full of passion. always was like this.
      Don t take him so bad. just don t give him attention if what he is saying disturb you.

      the most of times he has right but with his type of character he try show his point with wrong way.
      Diego is not politic person. he is saying directly what he has in his brain.
      good or bad he will say it directly in your face without care about the personal cost.

      as i said a lot of times he try show his point with wrong or rude way.

      but Diego is Diego.
      People loved him or hate him for what he is.

      He was never and he will never be one useful puppet of FIFA.
      just like Pele.

    • Maradona want at all cost that messi will not comeback , he is the biggest enemy of messi & always want that messi not win a WC because if messi win then people will call messi goat that maradona doesn’t like.

      • what you are saying is not true.
        it is something that you just guess but it is far from reality my friend.

        Messi is not Diego s enemy. Maradona coached him in 2010. did he looked like to you that he was his enemy?

        Diego critics everything and everyone in Argentina and generally.
        this is what he is.
        Diego can start speak about Messi and arrive to make critic to queen of England or Pope.
        he have opinion for everything and everyone.
        it is normal till one point.
        everybody of us we can have opinion about everything in life.

        this is not bad.
        Plus the journalists provoke Diego to speak.
        Do you ever see Diego start speaking to media alone?

        Media running behind maradona. not oposite my friend.

        something last my friend about Argentinians.
        even if one day (i wish honest to happened) Messi win the world cup for us

        BE SURE THAT for the Argentinians up to 30-32 years old MESSI WILL NEVER PASS MARADONA IN THEIR HEARTS for one simple reason.

        Maradona was never just football player as Messi is.
        Maradona represents the post war generation of Argentina.
        after the Malvinas war and the lost of our islands and the fall of dictatorship

        Maradona was the post war icon of Argentina that stand up in his feet and
        build again from beginning.

        Maradona take the country in his shoulders and lift Argentinians
        one period of time which was one of the worst period in Argentina history.
        Argentina was in the floor and was needed something to stand up.

        so in that hard time happened to come the football and Maradona
        and became the reason of all us in Argentina start feel proud again for ourselves.

        this things can t be overpass Messi. because we live in other era.
        The world was not same then.

        we can t compare the ages my friend.

        • I understands your love for maradona then answered me how can maradona …. 1. Compares messi with ronaldo 2. Not picked one of greatest Argentine midfielder of all time riquelme for WC 2010 3. Again not selected best ever Argentine rightback zenetti for 2010 WC , whenever possible criticised zenetti. 4. Maradona one if worst Argentine coach still he criticised other Argentine coaches even the good one.

          • yes i love Maradona for many reasons but except that part

            i am not hide myself behind my finger.
            so i am answering clearly my friend this for your questions.

            1. they asked him million times about who is better and he always said Messi BUT…. he was always in same time throwing nails against Messi about he is not leader character like Maradona obviously was.

            2.3.4 Maradona is not the worst Argentine coach. Maradona IS NOT COACH AT ALL. he never was and he will never be.
            Diego wherever he is going to “coach” a team he stays little bit there and pretend that he is football coach 🙂

            after or he is leaving or they send him off 🙂

            the only time that really try and take seriously the coach job was in 2010 for our national team.

            but as i said before as much he wanted to work hard to succeed
            DIEGO IS NOT A REAL FOOTBALL COACH and for that reason he failed in 2010 unfortunately.

    • Maradona was a good footballer, but he is a very bad ambassador. When he equals Messi with Christina, he has lost it.
      I agree with him that Messi does not posses leader qualities, but again, It was Maradona that made Riquelme leave the NT in 2009, right?

  14. Some people excited about or forward line Dybala – Icardi, Correa. But the formation is maybe my biggest concern. If I remember correctly they never had played together in NT. None of them impressed so far in NT. They could shine in one game and look really easy to dismantle for opponent’s defenders in other.

    • Yupp true, But i like those trio,Wanted to see them play together for long time. They r the baton holders of the next generation, And they are the most experienced(Next generation i m speaking of) in Europe and playing in reasonably great clubs each. But they need to be given some time at least some 5 matches, Icardi-Dybala duo would be great if clicked. The negative side is if they play badly against Brazil (Which they probably will, oopss) they will be bashed left and right. No one is patient.

      • So you are coward troll. Never comment here when Argentina is winning. Just like last time – 0 comments after Iraq match. Wait still for our lost to Brazil, troll.

        Disfigure of your trolling personality makes me funny rather than sick.

    • Absolutely. For once the midfield and defence looks good (at least on paper), but a poor forward line up. Dybala and Correa are Europa league level players ATM, not ready for international football yet.

      • It’s not that this forward line is poor. With club goalscorer like Icardi you can’t say such thing. All they have goals in good clubs. This is good on paper. But I have doubts wheter it will work in reality. I just want to say my forward line could be tottaly different. Still I think the three players deserves one more chance. For me the last (if will not deliver) for now.

    • I like the line up, but just like you I have my doubts. I don’t know how Dybala,Lo Celso and Correa are going to function together. Maybe the coach just wants to try what most are looking for.

  15. “We were not convincing,” Tite said. “We won because he had creativity up front and that was it. Brazil versus Argentina is never a friendly. We hope to be better for that.”

    Firmino will start instead of Jesus. Felipe Luis, Miranda, Arthur are also expected to start. Coutinho will start from right side as he did vs Saudi. The expected line up:

    Allison; Fabinho, Miranda, Marquinhos, Felipe Luis; Casemiro, Arthur, Renato Augusto; Neymar, Firmino, Coutinho.

    We have a better midfield. Lo Celso-Paredes-Battaglia is better than the Brazilian midfield trio. Individually , Casemiro is superior Battaglia, but Battaglia is not far behind. Battaglia has a better offensive game than Casemiro.

    Their wingers are ofcourse better than ours. Neymar-Coutinho vs Correa-Dybala, we are not even close. Icardi is better than Firmino individually. Their attack is playing together for a long time, they have an understanding edge. Our attack is playing together for the first time. Correa-Icardi-Dybala has 0 nt goal together.

    Felipe Luis is 33, Miranda is 34. At this moment, Pezzella>Miranda, Otamendi>Marquinhos, tagliafico>Felipe Luis, Fabinho>Saravia, Allisson>Romero. However, Miranda and Felipe Luis always plays decent for Brazil, so does Romero for Argentina. I would say in defense we are even.

    Overall I would say Brazil have edge, considering they have x-factor in Neymar.

    If we can defend well in the flanks, we will win. Our offensive game will be decided by Lo Celso.

    • Saying that, Coutinho did not play well vs Saudi. I don’t think he is that effective from right. Their right side looked non threatening overall with Fabinho as RB ,who hardly plays for Liverpool. Renato Augusto has good figures for his Chinese side, but he too is 30 years old.

      Arthur is average. He does not misplace passes, or does not loose the ball frequently but his passes are non threatening, short and side way passes. I don’t get the hype. Barca bought him for Brazilian factor. And without Paulinho, they don’t have any goal scoring threat from midfield , also lost his physical game for defense.

      And their defence did not look that composed as it was in WC and WCQ.

      • I would say with felipe luis in the mix, the brazilian defence is better. He is a good defender. I would have prefered marcelo for brazil, he makes their defence little more open.

      • Brazil is Brazil, But frankly speaking the IT Factor which Brazil used to have during the previous generations is gone. Every team has fair chance to beat them nowadays, before it was not like that, They were nearly Invincible during the past generations. Whenever we played them we have lost most of the times(I know the head to head records are almost even) But during the days of Ro-Ro-Ri we rarely beat them.

        It will be a stern test which is what we need right now, So that the Youngsters don’t get carried away, due to their wins against lower quality teams (Apart from Columbia which they drawn decently)

        By the way was it Columbia or Colombia. Am i spelling it right. (Dammit Googled it, It’s COLOMBIA, I don’t know for some reason i always type COLUMBIA)

      • Arthur is not average and his role is not to make the creative passes. His role is to link the defense with the offence. He can get out of pressure really well and help move the ball out of his half with his short passes and 1-2’s. Watch the game of barca vs spurs and you’ll see how influential he was that allowed Messi to stay up top instead of dropping deep a lot. He’s the type of player Barca needed. Yes, there’s parts where he can improve but he’s only 22. Don’t underestimate him just because he doesn’t look threatening enough.

  16. The thing is when Messi is there most of the times his teammates look at him for solutions when it gets tough. Well it sometimes works against Weaker teams, But against bigger teams it not work always, He won’t able to find the solution alone. (We all know that but just saying)
    But Now? it’s a different ball game, Each of our current player are hungrier to keep their places, Including Armani (Who wants to continue for long time, because he started so late for us, Which is okay i guess) They will become a team, Not depending on any individual player. I just hope when or if Messi comes back they still play collectively as a team, Messi can easily slip into and adapt to any teammates. It should be like a Cherry on top. Together we can achieve big things.

    • “The thing is when Messi is there most of the times his teammates look at him for solutions when it gets tough. Well it sometimes works against Weaker teams, But against bigger teams it not work always, He won’t able to find the solution alone.”

      Exactly, it works only against weaker teams. You can’t win a tournament without collective work.

      Personally I have serious doubts wheter any our generation of players will able to get out of Messi shadow. It all looks simple in theory. We build new, balanced team of youngsters without Messi. WHen they will show being collective, working, strong machine then Messi will join and make us even stronger. Big doubts here.

      Someone here described that in this way:
      “When or If Messi comes back every one will turn from Manual Mode to Auto Mode.That will again happen no matter who all r selected. Cant blame them too they r going for the easier option, Which is Just pass to Messi, Rest he will do”.

      The risk it will looks like that when Messi comes is serious. Sometimes “better” is enemy of good enough.
      Our players barely can’t stop talk about Messi even if he is not there let alone with Messi in the team. With Messi around they act like boys going to get autograph. Now, with his temporal rest, the legend of some BIG ONE for whom we all are waithing is even getting stronger.

      • Its a valid argument. He is too Big, Obviously the younger players will be fascinated with him. It’s up to the Players who have to believe in their ability and play for the Nation. “It should not be like they’re playing to help Messi” It will not work that way.

        • I think ONLY Messi can force the players not to look for him every time they run our of solutions, and that is a big part of the reason he wants to stay away from the NT. He should stay away as long as possible. He should make the decision to come back freely without any outside pressure from the coach or the AFA.
          Messi’s problem is that he is too good.

    • I think he will be a fascinating player. Just hope he takes good care of himself. Talent itself won’t take you to greatness, Need to be disciplined, So many temptations will be there. Just hope he keeps himself grounded.

    • There’s more interesting players to watch of this last U-20 call ups for Ecuador. Lovera, Barreal, Balerdi, Almada, Ayala, Chancalay, Gaich:

      Nehuén Pérez (Argentinos Juniors)

      Leonardo Balerdi (Boca Juniors)

      Tomás Chancalay (Colón de Santa Fe)

      Aníbal Moreno (Newell’s)

      Julián Álvarez (River Plate)

      Cristian Ferreira (River Plate)

      Francesco Lo Celso (Rosario Central)

      Maximiliano Lovera (Rosario Central)

      Alan Marinelli (Rosario Central)

      Gastón Ávila (Rosario Central)

      Adolfo Gaich (San Lorenzo)

      Elías Pereyra (San Lorenzo)

      Joaquín Blázquez (Talleres de Córdoba)

      Thiago Almada (Vélez Sarsfield)

      Álvaro Barreal (Vélez Sarsfield)

      Francisco Ortega (Vélez Sarsfield)

      Andrés Ayala (Estudiantes de La Plata)

      Nazareno Colombo (Estudiantes de La Plata)

      Facundo Mura (Estudiantes de La Plata)

      Jerónimo Pourtau (Estudiantes de La Plata)

      Pedro De La Vega (Club Lanús)

      Lautaro Morales (Club Lanús)

      Martín Ortega (Quilmes Atlético Club)

      Julián López (Racing Club)

      Fausto Vera (Argentinos Juniors)

          • First of all, that was irony.

            Second: this farmer Gonzalo Martinez looked better than famous big club’s Di Maria

            Third: nothing’s changed. You are perennial troll who waits now only for our lost to Brazil. You are in Hall of Shame of this site along with KidultHood. Nothing and never change that.

            Again 0 comment when Argentina is winning. I know it hurts too much when hated by you players like Pereyra and Cervi are scoring.

            So once again: FUCK OFF troll

          • What? Your were the biggest NT hater and our players hater for years and now you cry like a little bitch. What can i say matches against Guatemala and Iraq next time i will call my grandma and her Pensioners’ Club to play against Argentina LOL. Against Columbia we were shit without a single chance (no James Rodriguez) Brazil match will be a real test (btw your “oldies” won against them in friendlies 3 out of 4), so the win is the minimum with our better than Di Maria caliber players. And this is still not enough, have to create millions of chances, which are always there in friendly matches and have to play good collective teamwork too, because finally we are in the good direction LOL, i will look with open eyes.

          • “so the win is the minimum with our better than Di Maria caliber players. And this is still not enough, have to create millions of chances, which are always there in friendly matches and have to play good collective teamwork too”

            They need create milion of chances – LOL. Just like our oldies created in last 2 years?!

            I was claimin for drop some older players since 2-3 years. I was wrong? Poor friendlies, poor qualifiers, wasted WC. Under 3 coaches. Facts. Now your comment:

            Csabalala comment June 24, 2018 at 4:05 pm

            “Argentina-Columbia 3:0, Columbia-Argentina 0:1, if finally the right players’ll play how they can ARG will beat not even Nigeria, France too”.

            Sounds like Kidulthood. Kidulthood and Csabalala – 2 clowns.

          • the exact same happened, against Nigeria finally the correct players played and we won, against France crazy Sampa tactics (without centre forward, our only world class position) and Tagliafico (far from right palyer) mistakes cost us the WC, so i was right clown, no lets see am i right again vs Brazil? We will lose…so we can decide who is the clown…

          • “the exact same happened”

            You went so far to create even your phantasy world. In that we reach actually quarter finals. We won against France.

            The fact is we have not played good even against Nigerie, creating little opportunities against the weak defence team. Late winner save us.

            If we will lose against Brazil then what? You was right and we should back to oldies? LOL No way we are going in right direction.

          • “We will lose”

            Please stop makes me laughing and do not use the word “We”, troll. YOur “We” is rather Brazil. No way Argentina.

  17. We need to call up as many players as we can. Having a group development will form chemistry between them. For exple the more you train Icardi and Lautaro together, the more connected the become. Argentina have possesion based tactics so this is important.

  18. ARGENTINA V BRAZIL!! what could be better? The only thing that sucks is that I wont be able to watch it since its 2PM our time and I hate checking the score on my phone and the notification App beeping that comes with it.
    The last time ARG faced them in the Middle East or more specifically, the Persian Gulf, In Dubai, Messi waited til the last few seconds of the game to break their hearts.

    Who will it be this time, Dybala, Icardi, Corea??!!

  19. The only good thing that will come from one permanent Messi retirement
    is to leave us some Messi fans here and return back to support Germany Brasil or which country
    will be the next star system guy.

    i love you Leo but really those people will not be missed.

    • Theres more….another good thing will be we finally don’t have to listen to garbage spoiled petulant Arg supporters and toxic garbage media blamng Messi for everything and making up lies. But I’m sure they will find the next punching bag and will continue, especially the toxic media.

    • I thought about that many times. People will be surprised by how many ‘Messi fans’ started supporting Argentina because of the ‘medicine man’ as Roy Hodgson calls him, and many of them will keep supporting Argentina long time after he is gone. You see, loving the Albiceleste is an addiction, once you get a taste of it, you can not give it up! Thank you Messi for inspiring millions around the world to love and support Argentina. Of course some will just disappear, but I think the majority will keep supporting Argentina.

      • Spot-on Ebo. I became fan of the albiceleste because of maradona in late 80s and after he left i continued to be fan. Like you said once you become albiceleste fan you won’t give up. Messi is also the first argentine player who became the best player in the world since diego, that is big deal as we have been witnessing brazilian players becoming best over the years.

        • I became Argentina supporter since the days of Osvaldo Ardiles and Maradona sealed it. You are right. Many think that ‘Messi fans’ are Only Messi’s and ‘old stars’ fans, when in fact many of them truly support Argentina.

          • i jelous you my friend because you see us world champions.
            i was very small child and i don t remember anything from then.

            i remember my first world cup in 1990
            and i never remember myself i ever cry more than the day of
            world cup final.
            the day that Germans stole us the world cup. my father couldn t make me calm from crying many hours after the game.
            and i suffered for very long time after that game.
            i couldn t get over it easy.

            that game and that day i will never forget as long as i live.

            i remember my father words when i was crying the moments of ceremony when DIEGO was crying too.

            “please don t cry. we will have other opportunities to win it. life is not end here today. we will be back stronger “.

            well we arrive in 2018 and i still waiting for that day to come.
            in 2014 i arrive close again. i hope the 3rd time it will be the lucky time.

            thank God i taste the happy of Copa america win but this is not enough.

  20. Finally we can say a sensible line up from scaloni, Batigala and parades double pivot helped to win ball back with lo celso in creative role with a solid front three Dybala icardi corera. The above line up is the best possible line up available at moment for Argentina and ready to fight to beat Brazil

  21. Correa must play against Brazil because he can attack as well as defend and battagalia should also play because he is tall and strong and will break up the Brazilian tempo of game. Dybala and lo celso will have to create defence splitting passes. Paredes as usual will be effective in counter attacks with his long balls passing range.

  22. Swap Romero with Rulli and Batigala with pareyra, this is the line up i predicted Argentina should play against Brazil after match against Iraq. Scaloni may be using Batigala and parades together to cope with Brazil attack instead of pareyra who provide more attacking contribution and finally best front three Dybala icardi corera , the way Brazil played against Arab, Argentina beat Brazil sure

  23. Great lineup. Scaloni is doing a better job than highly overrated coaches we’ve got in the past. He’s been calling all the players we wanted to be included in the team, no politics, no bull shit.
    I love the team without both Messi and Mascherano, it just feels a real team.

    • Don’t include mache name with messi who used politics to make him soft target, you can say with out messi and Aguero

    • Don’t disrespect masche & messi who gave their all to win with argentina. Any one who is hating on messi isn’t fan of argentina. Messi is the pride of argentina and he will be back.

      • well said my friend.
        you don t know how difficult i hold myself to don t answer bad to some people here that show huge disrespect to Argentinian legends.
        those people give their blood and they sweat for years for the Argentina national team.

        and now after years coming some “genious of football ” which
        they learn Argentina from Messi and before him they was support other countries teams

        and those people speak rude without little respect.

        Messi Mascherano and generally ALL the retired players little or much they OFFER
        to the national team and they don t deserve ANYTHING LESS than one THANK YOU together with the APPRECIATION .

  24. Apart from Romero and Otamendi, this was an 11 which we all were waiting for long time. Now will it work against Brazil? It may or may not. But this looks like a far refreshing team. It will take time guys.let’s see how they r gonna cope against Brazil pressure.

  25. Rightly said el mongol. Dybala played really well he was involved in 2 goals scored by martinez and Roberto. It was because of his movement and passing that the two goals created. Yes its right that things can be improved but it will take time and fluidity will come automatically..

  26. i don t care so much who will or who will not start the game with Brasil.
    the only interest me is to see our guys fight hard inside pitch and win.


      • Yes I do. But this Saudi side is really playing with confidence, great confidence with ball. Triangles in the midfield, quick interchange and hard pressing. Pizzi’s work.

        They showed a way of defending. That is keeping a long and flat horizontal line.Back 4 remains close to each other, wingers covers rest of the flank.

        The only goal they have conceded when all of back four focused on Neymar’s counter attack after a mistake, wingers were not in defensive position, that freed Jesus in the left side who was picked by a pass.

      • I remember that game because Messi just walking around all the day.

        Compare that game to the game against Brazil where we came back from behind to beat them 4-3. Messi really run his ass off till last minute on that one.

  27. Dybala basically had his best moments in the last game when charged with playmaking rather then when asked to play as a right forward or a sideline winger. Let’s look at this a little more not in terms of the Pereyra goal, which was obvious, but in terms of the first and third goal.

    In the 17th minute Argentina start build up from the back in the formation they had shown at the outset – Parades in front of the back line and Meza and Vazquez flanking him to the front. Dybala is hanging out at the touchline. The lines are packed and this shape is completely toothless, but as the sequence builds Meza drifts forwards and outwards while Dybala comes back into the space vacated by him. Now he is in position to pick up one of the few proper forward passes played by Vazquez all day. The whole build up had been to the right but now after the interchange Dybala is central and he is able to release the ball between two defenders to find Acuna hanging out completely alone for the goal scoring cross.

    Similarly in the 81st minute Argentina are in the back 3 with the midfielders in a very tight square with each other. Acuna and Salvio are pushed up extremely high. Dybala in the playmaking role again recognizes this and floats an absolute gorgeous ball diagonally over the top to Salvio who has space to run and shoot. This causes the corner leading to the third goal. Then there is the second goal which was just brilliant.

    Now there was certainly some choppiness in regards to 1-2’s and things could be more fluid but I chalk it up to guys still getting used to each other. Point is against a packed 5 man bus parking defense with little room to run, it is actually Dybala’s movement and passing which provides the key on many occasions. Against Brazil who will play open we will probably have Locelso in the middle with Dybala outside as many suggested. This will be a better place to judge Dybala as a forward. But in the Iraq game it is not fair to judge him as a forward because if he had stuck to only that the margin may not have been the same.

    • If we have a formidable RB who will be able to play as a wing back efficiently, I see
      Dybala playing in his preferred role as ‘nine & a half’ or a second striker drifting inwards from the right wing joining the traditional #9 when we are in attack where they both get picked by the AMs/wingers/wing backs. Remember his goal against Barcelona a year ago?
      does it sound possible to you?

      • Thanks Choripan!

        Hey Ebo, I am agreeing here. The 9 half is a great role for Dybala and as you pointed out Juve had great success with Paolo using this and even released a lot of pressure for Higuain.

        The thing with the nine half is the intelligent striker uses this to find spaces between the CB line and the midfield line. In a team like Juve this was made possible by the use of Cuadrado as a pure winger as well as even Manzukic as sort of a pseudo-inverted-winger. Both of them created width for ‘cut-backs’, an example as you pointed out against Barca especially the second goal! Cut backs from width are extremely juicy for strikers and advanced midfielders since you get the ball at your feet while running towards goal and the CB’s are almost flat against goal. This is something teams drill religiously like set pieces. On other occasions they had DaniAlves and the swiss Leichsteiner to create this width through overlaps.

        Argentina have the personnel in the midfield to recreate this. Christian Pavon can play the wide Cuadrado role, and though Manzukic is one of a kind professional, you could possibly use DePaul or Pity in the inverted role. In midfield Locelso can handle the engine room role even though he has to play a bit withdrawn and deeper. Sadly though it is the right back where the albiceleste are lacking. Scaloni has so far shown that he really does not like to throw the FB’s forward on persistent overlaps in the final third. For example how many times do you remember Bustos right at the corner flag? Not that often right. Whether this is due to lack of players technical ability or just coaches defensive mindset is an open question. But if you push wingers forward but not enough FB support the shape goes bad and this zone between the two is where the opponent can press back the ball.

        Similar if you play Dybala on the outside waiting for him to drift in you have to use the RB to support him. Otherwise this is the channel the opponent will win. I know you mentioned you like to see him outside with Giovanni in the AM role but the RB makes me nervous. So yes as you said, the lack of a small piece and whole strategies come undone in football and why I prefer to see Dybala in the middle where a very strong midfield can be behind him. But again this is time for experimentation so I am not opposed to seeing this in a friendly to see if Scaloni can make it work.

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