Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI on MESSI’s absence: “We should play like a team”


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI took to the media following his team’s 4-0 win against Iraq.

The Argentina manager noted positives from his team in the win and spoke about the upcoming game against Brazil on Tuesday. Here’s what he had to say about the 4-0 victory:

“I look at the desire to win, to attack and to continue scoring goals. It was a good test.”

SCALONI noted that the players were “extremely tired” due to the travelling. In regards to the match on Tuesday, SCALONI expects a good one.

“We will compete and have a good match, there’s no doubt about that.”

He also mentioned that MESSI’s absence has obliged them to play like a team.

“I hope MESSI is in the future, he is the best player in the world. If he is not, we should try to play as a team, that is the idea, that we play as a team and we are difficult to beat.”

As for his future, SCALONI knows that a new coach is set to appointed in December.

“I am [in charge] now until November and then I am not. I hope these players can continue playing in the national team. I hope whoever comes, if he wants, can add these men with the other great players. The idea is that many of these guys, why not all, continue in the national team.”


  1. Frankly speaking that Scaloni is the man who is building the team after an earthquake in 2018 wc & he is doing his job nicely. May be it would be the right deision to give him a chance permanently. We saw many big & great coaches previously & also saw the result every time! From all aspect, can’t Scaloni continue?? The answer is, of course YES!

  2. i support scaloni 100%. I want him to stay! i dont give a fuck about the copa! we cant win it anyway! a new coach only would mean the same old team again. but scaloni can build a team that might perform well at the next wc. nobody is taking us seriously anymore. we have to rebuild our brand and that takes some years. but that wont happen when the new guy keeps calling up di maria and the likes over and over again just t o reach the quarters at the copa next year.

  3. Not really understood..what he meant about Messi..

    even if messi is back..we should play as a team..not just playing together when messi is not around

    May be he feels…i am done with the National Team..

  4. Copa lib ends in November 28. So that makes persuing Gallardo easier. Pochettino won’t leave Spurs,not until end of the season. Martino leaves Atlanta in December.

    So Martino and Gallardo are realistic choice. I don’t want Martino back. Never appoint same manager twice. It always fails. Basile , dunga, scolari, bianchi are good examples.

  5. it became more clear now that all those hoped that Scaloni will remain as coach more than December will not see that happened.

    it is not the time now but i am very curious who will be our new coach.

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