Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI on his team: “They put in an incredible effort”


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI is very proud of his team, despite the 1-0 loss to Brazil.

SCALONI has stated that while it hurts to lose in the way the team did, he’s very happy for the team. Here’s what he had to say after the match.

“The result is secondary but it hurts to lose like that. The match that these guy had, it was very exciting. They put in an incredible effort. They went toe to toe against a team which has worked together a lot longer than we did.

“I’m extremely excited and happy for the work the kids put in. Doing what we did today, we’re going to war with the whole world.”


  1. To the pals here who have been watching Argentina NT football way way back: Some say possession based attacking football is the traditional Argentina way. Is it true? I know it depends on coaches who chose which style to play, but generally speaking, particularly the former players(non-Argentine as well) have said that Argentina way of playing is more like “win at all costs” and “the warrior mentality”(If you want a name: Crespo;but I’ve heard from others as well especially non Argentine) and it was the Brazilian way that was “joga bonito”. All these maybe coz of the Bilardo and the Bilardistas who came after the Menotti era or maybe not, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking what was the Argentina way before the Menotti era? or there’snt such thing as “Argentina way”?

    PS: My view- There is no right or wrong way to play football especially in international football, in club football you can argue there is a right way(esp when it comes to big clubs) or not. And apart from Spain and Germany(a little before) post 2010 I didn’t/don’t see any free flowing attacking football consistently played by any other team. Even that Spanish “tiki taka” had its criticism of boring sometimes. With the limited time the national team coaches get it’s hard to produce that kind of football, never mind winning. You have to take into account the above said teams had their core players from a single club which makes it less hard for them to play that kind of football.

    • Brazilians have joga bonito and we have la nuestra: extreme skill and dribbling and guile mixed with physical hard play; passionate beauty and violence. Doing anything to win. It is our old style. La nuestra. our way.

      It is this style that produces a Lionel Messi who sends the ball over 11 Iranian defenders to find the goal after being blocked for 92 minutes and which makes Nico Otamendi lose his mind in the 92nd minute being one goal down. Two side of the same coin for la albiceleste.

      Having said which, I agree, in world football it was more like barcelona and bayern winning and not spain and germany. The way to win internationaly nowadays is to do it the french way. Stingiest defence first and foremost always and extremely efficient in finishing your modest few chances. And again, like you said, its because you meet barely meet 6 times a year, about 40 to 60 days only per year. It is almost impossible to put in a complicated system. The basics have to be perfect first. This is what Scaloni is getting right.

      …unless of course you take all the players from River Plate or something.

      Interesting side note- Many people said, ‘saudi arabia played brazil better than argentina’. I wonder if they know 6 of the 10 outfield starters of Saudi are from the same club! The time you spend together almost as important as individual skill nowadays.

      • “mixed with physical hard play; passionate beauty and violence. Doing anything to win. It is our old style. La nuestra. our way.”

        I started watching Argentina right at the start of Menotti era (late seventies). But I think your description of ‘Argentina style of play’ is still live till today. Which Batigol also described as “win at all costs.”

        • Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina all had progressed in major tournaments with the help of handball. Suarez did it in 2010 in which Uruguay eventually won the shootout. Brazil scored against Argentina in Copa 1995 with that hand of devil. Argentina in 1986, we all know who did it.

  2. To be honest scaloni isn’t a good tactician yes his team selection was awesome but team performance against both Colombia and Brazil not upto the mark. Totally flopped in offensively, many here mundo supporting scaloni for dropping senior players isn’t a big deal, Argentina is in the kind of situation any permanent coach do the same, let scaloni earn tactical experience with u20 and club label, Argentina NT isn’t for experimenting with a inexperience coach

  3. Except for Pekerman and maybe (big maybe) Gallardo, nobody else is available.

    So Scaloni, it is.

    Also, some folks tend to forget (e.g. Csabalala) that even playing a more defensive style of football is in our DNA as well, it’s called Bilardismo, named after Carlos Bilardo, the original Bilardista, who led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup title in Mexico.

    Everything is valid in pursuit of victory, even if it means getting a little dirty. If Simeone were coaching Argentina today that’s exactly how we would have been playing. That’s how Sabella often played too. So I don’t understand why some people are complaining about Scaloni’s defensive approach against Brazil.

  4. Scaloni is good with media. He knows what to say to them.much like sabella. Sampaoli was the worst when it comes to media. All he talked about is Messi, it was creepy.

    Scaloni’s player selection is also good. I don’t think any other manager would pick saravia for nt. Paraguyan azarmendia was also a great find, though he declined. I mean some dual national is playing great for Cerro. You have to very good scout to find that he is eligible to play for Argentina.

    His tactics? I would say mixed. We will know for sure in next two games.

    I am 50 50 about scaloni. His lack of experience is a drawback. We had a bad experience with Batista. But he was selected based on one game, Spain 4-1. Let’s see if scaloni can improve further from Brazil game. Mexico will be a valid test for that.

    • Two easier game is coming vs Mexico (who are in very bad form, lost against USA, Chile and humiliated by Uruguay, perfect matches to see something in attack too with a lot of goals, chances, fluid build ups, possession etc., if these wont realize, let him go where he want, clueless amateur, who need to learn. We are a dominant powerhouse, not the new version of Greece 2004.

      • Stop create before every game your stupid, special expectations to this team talking still how our another opponent is weak (if win is expected) or how strong to crash us, how we need to win creating countless chances and more stupid “standards” of good game. Stop inform us what we must and must not. So clear all that is your personal war against new project man full of ill will.

        According to your previous standards and expectations this team is already not worth continuity so stop with your predictions/expectations because, as you see, people want Scaloni and the players to continue and no one cares about your false and forced standards that completely unfit to reform stage.

      • Csabalala, you crack me up sometimes. I’m not sure I wholeheartedly agree but there is some truth to what you’re saying. Mexico isn’t in good form and we should see how Scaloni handles attacking. So far, Scaloni did poor assist against Colombia and Brazil. If this becomes a pattern, we need to consider alternatives.

  5. Scaloni has to stay for the continuity of our progress. I’ve seen enough to support him and if given a chance would plead to the FA to retain him. Any change in coach now would just disrupt the morale of the team. On top of that the lads seem to enjoy working under him. Tapia has to have some guts to make this crucial decision.

  6. I just hope all players will fit for Novemeber friendlies because it’s going to be:


    ……………Lo Celso…..Palacios

    …and I like it.

    • Also wonder to see how could do Nicolas Dominguezform Velez as Paredes/Battaglia sub. Battaglia is defensive minded. Dominguez is so much versatile.

      • I think the same. I’m not confident to Pavon still but he deserves more chances. I feel we lack faster wingers against Brazil. More traversal long passes to them from Paredes and Lo Celso is needed.

        Battaglia is alternative for Paredes against strongest opponents.

        And yes, De Paul deserves more minutes. Much more. Good sub for Palacios or Lo Celso. I would not mind if he was coming in for Lo Celso in games when Giovani doesn’t shine as it was against Brazil. De Paul has similar playmaking abilities.

    • I Like your line up but still love see icardi before we give up on him…may be Pavon can be a good combination with him.
      And also Armani can play in one match and romero in other

  7. Sarvia is best choice as Right Back his heroics are nothing like Meza’s 20 minute display.Bustos should come as sub or should not be selected.Otamendi and Pezella great pair.Mussachio should be added in the list.Defence is good.For midfield once Lanzini Lamela And Banega come everything will be solved.Only Augreo Messi and Banega along with Romero should come from old guards.Our starting as well as substitute player are good so I think we can win next Copa America.Paredes is slow with Banega we do not need him.Ascacibar should be in the pitch.I am happy for Lautaro Martinez and Franco Cervi.Both of them will going to be crucial for Argentina if they can save themselves from injuries.Our most talented player like Lanzini and Lamela are injury prone that hurts especially for Lanzini.He can only play four matches in row even for West Ham.He is a valuable asset he should take good care of himself I like his clinicality in front of goal.

  8. Miranda (who scored that unnecessary goal)
    Is 5 years younger than scaloni ..
    Made me realize that brazil will go in a very bad period sooner or later
    Younger coaches can have a lot of positives
    Maybe they read what the writers and even the fans say about the team
    Scaloni was a video Analyst under sampaoli
    So he knows that pain when your reports or opinion is not heard … same like all of us here

    So please AFA do a good thing once

    Sign the contract with scaloni , aimar , and samuel ASAB

  9. Csabalala October 17, 2018 at 3:23 pm
    I dont understand our “full backs” praises, we have not world class players there, a good full-back attacks and defends at the same time, yes Saravia was not bad defending against Neymar, but he was in only defense mode, man he was zero attacking task, but they unbalance our team completely, yes they can defend but only with zero attacking job, not give to our team width. -2 men in attack compared teams with world class full backs, in modern football this is unacceptable, one of the main reason we score few goals, the other is midfield attacking creativity. (too defensive formation). Always the same problems…

    Buy some glasses. Saravia pushed plenty of times forward and was always an option but Paredes was too slow to pick him out switching between himself and Battaglia most of the time. He even rifled off a shot from range something our fullbacks for years have not even bothered with since the days of Chamot.

    • Yes, he still had some attacking contribution including shoot, runs and crosses. Even without the contribution we could be happy and surprised with the massive defensive workd he have had to do to stop Brazilian left wing. Some people were expecting to see Neymar playing havoc on the side. The reality was quite different.

      • He is best Argentine rightback & one of most impressive player . whenever I see him I wonder how he not selected before & for me 2nd rightback would be Gonzalo montiel. What about your thought ?

        • I just thought the same. I just thought about Montiel as the second choice. And Montiel will be called up. Maybe even for November games. He is fast and connect realy well with attacking players of River. Another player in age that allows him to play also in next Olimpic Games.

        • ???

          Really none of them. All they deserved for yellows but not red.
          I didn’t saw such fighting spirit since long time in Argentina.
          We have played like CHile of the good side.

  10. @ Pablo D
    Your comment ‘Romero is like Dracula with crosses’ is the funniest one in all my years on mundo. LOL.

  11. Dybala cannot cover lots of distance, so its better if he’s playing close to the goal right behind the finisher which is either Icardi or Lautaro. Otherwise, Dybala should be on the bench.

    The team was great overall but certainly lack the pace going forward and no direct threat/creativity from midfield.

    Lamela should be on the team, he’s in great form again this season and deserve it. He’s still young enough to be part of the main team for 2022 WC. The team used to hit back on counter through Messi/Di Maria speed or crossess but nobody provided that right now, and Lamela certainly could fit that bill.

    I had no idea how Romero still on the team if you’re going to really build a new team. The only two players from previous generation that still at world class level are Kun and Messi and that’s it.

  12. Finally watched the match and it was certainly……….useful! Lots of things can and should be learned from the match:

    > The team played like a team defensively but not offensively, which is ok because cohesion takes time and luckily this team has time.

    > I must admit that Otamendi has done very well and can still be useful but I still want to see Barboza (or perhaps Mammana when he fully recovers) tried along side Pezzella.

    >Saravia (who never really impressed me) did very well and impressed the hell out of me but like one poster said Gino Perruzi also impressed against Neymar and then nothing and Meza taught us to be wary of possible ‘one match wonders’. Still Saravia showed lots of potential and in a position that Argentina is in desperate need of reinforcement so I really hope he continues his progress.
    I would also like to see Abecasis tried out and perhaps even Mammana and create a real competition for the RB position and keep everyone on their toes.

    > Regarding the midfield, well as I said already they did their job defensively and quite well infact but creatively they are still lacking and that’s to do with the lack of playing time these players had together and Scaloni’s tactical structure and changes. You all noticed that Argentina improved drastically in the first 15-20mins of the 2nd half and that’s because they were playing in a 4-4-2 formation like so:



    This meant that Dybala was more central thus making Brazil’s backline more nervous because while Dybala’s lack of pace makes him easy to control when playing wide on the right but his positioning, skill and reputation makes him harder to control when he plays more centrally. All this put pressure on Brazil’s backline to stay back thus limiting their support to the midfield while Argnetina’s now 4 man midfield had a much easier time dealing with Brazil’s 3 man midfield and their speedy wide players including Neymar.
    When Scaloni felt the itch to make further changes and brought in Salvio (not a central player) for the central Celso and Pereyra (not a wide player) for the wide Correa, the above formation lost it’s structure and cohesion and Brazil regained control quickly.

    And finally the attack:

    >Dybala continues to disappoint and I don’t think he’s suitable when playing against top teams where pressing and tracking back is required but his talent is undeniable and he could be useful in a 4-3-1-2 system where the one could be a creative midfielder ala Lanzini or pity or Lamela and Dybala would play more high up and centrally while pairing up with Icardi. Speaking of Icardi….

    >Speaking of Icardi…. he shouldn’t be blamed because he hardly got any service and that in it’s self is a BIG issue. The midfield must perform it’s creative duty and provide the 9 with service and that’s something that Sceloni or whoever takes over must address and it should also be noted that Lautaro has shown to be more impressive than either Icardi or Dybala so neither of these 2 should get comfortable because Martinez is right on their heels.

    >Angel Correa disappointed throughout most of the match and coincidentally played his best when playing midfield in the first 15 mins of the 2nd half, this explains why simeone chooses to use him as a wide midfielder.
    Correa to me is like Maria, bags of skill, 3rd lung, a real live wire but also acts like a headless chicken often and as such I think he’d be more suitable as a supersub coming in the last 20 mins of the match and wrecking havoc on tired defenses.

    Overall it was a very useful match to play, a match that showed the team’s progress defensively and also showed the team’s need for progress on the creative and counterattacking side of the game, which naturally requires more time to build chemistry and understanding between these youngsters but like i said this team has time.

  13. Nothing personal please guys ignore csabalala.I’m sure he is Brazil supporter
    He should f..king worry his yellow
    Overhyped sh..t Cos albicelestes
    Young hungry lions will come .
    Thier back yard and will lift the copa.
    I’m telling you that is distiney..

  14. Argentina has nothing to be ashamed of, Brazil is a team that bee playin together for years and they can’t even break Argentina defense, what Aguero Dimaria and Messi were there

  15. no brasilian yellow rats entered today in Mundo as i see.
    that is good.

    as about Scaloni i don t have good or bad opinion for his stay or not but
    in same time i don t understand from where come all this excitement about him from some fans here.

    if we compare him with Sampaoli s nightmare then i am with you guys 100%.
    but generally he have done some things in correct road true
    but he have not convince me yet that he is the coach we are looking for.

    if he stay i will support him sure.
    if he will not stay i will not cry.

    • Spot-on cox4. Scaloni could be another batista but i rather gamble on him than bring back tata who couldn’t integrate young players in the team.

    • Maybe he is not tactically sound,yet. but to preserve the spirit of the project.
      I just don’t want a new coach who might disrupt the project. If a new coach is hired, Scaloni should be involved.
      By end of year, things will be clear.

      • Bro i feel exactly same spot on.
        But i think scaloni is more direct stlye and flexible coach according
        The four games he manages
        I believe that game against Brazil
        Was different circumstances and
        It’s one off that is why he set up like that.
        I believe he will not set up that
        Approach again cos Argentina is not
        Team who plays that stlye ..
        Attacking is thier DNA that is why
        I’m more hopeful.. I’m thinking of long term and we don’t want the
        Project to be distrub.. true

    • That’s because you like many fans, wants an instant improvement. Not going to happen regardless who’s the manager. Managers like Cholo or Pochetinno had countless matches to improve their team , signing this or that players while in national team, you only work with them few times a year.

    • Perhaps most of the excitement comes from selection of new players. For defense, we’ve been solid for the past decade…that was our true strength even though we had Messi, Aguero, etc. To your point, Im not that excited just because he’s doing better than Kamikaze-Mr-No-Defense-Sampa. I think a 2 year old has better defensive acumen than Sampa. I’m worried about offense, Scaloni hasn’t shown anything yet. We did well against crappy teams but we looked completely lost offensively against those that matter like Brazil and Colombia. I actually hope he proves me wrong and will surprise everyone next game…we’ll see.

      • The way I look at it, fixing the defensive department is Scolani priority. Its obviously Argentina weaknessess during the World cup. They scored against Iceland and Nigeria but then conceided scrappy goals. They lost against France despite scoring 3 goals!

        When defence is solid, most of the time you’d be able to progress far in tournament, that’s the fact. Sabella’s had to deal with injuries problem but his team still reached the final without scoring many goals. Spain scored only 8 goals as well when they won in 2010. Chile didnt even score in those 2 Copa finals.

        As I mentioned before, Messi only has 16 goals in 65 games before Sabella took over the team. He only had 2 goals after 12 games, nobody scream to replace Messi or saying he’s not good enough as our forward. In case nobody notice, Aguero only scored 1 goal in national team in his first 7 games.

  16. I dont understand our “full backs” praises, we have not world class players there, a good full-back attacks and defends at the same time, yes Saravia was not bad defending against Neymar, but he was in only defense mode, man he was zero attacking task, but they unbalance our team completely, yes they can defend but only with zero attacking job, not give to our team width. -2 men in attack compared teams with world class full backs, in modern football this is unacceptable, one of the main reason we score few goals, the other is midfield attacking creativity. (too defensive formation). Always the same problems…

    • If we wont have absolute world class players in these crucial positions (full backs, who defend and attack simultaneously, midfielders who defend, attack, create at the same time on the highest level we always be totally unbalanced, and we dont have these players. Yes we always will score a lot of goals against Iraq, Haiti and Guatemala but always few against top teams in important matches except our world class strikers. When Tagliafico was in attacking role against France, Mbappe won the game single handedly, creating a balance team only possible with world class players on the highest level.

      • as i earlier meza or angel correa can be good choice in RB position but scaloni in trying too safe to work on it their defensive abilities are not bad.
        Barcelona made a proper midfielder as RB, sergio roberto.

    • “Saravia was not bad”


      Totall nonsense from you. It’s impossible to hold Neymar, (Coutinho, Felipe Luis were also on the Saravia flank) and attack in one game. The game was similar to tournament conditions. Against such dribbler you can only defend and still need a bit of luck to hold him. Zabaleta was so attacking-minded in City. But playing for NT nowhere near the attacking contribution, especially in tournaments where he was concentrated on defence. First of all do not conceed. As RB You can’t go ahead with the ball on the flank leave behing Neymar, the more being aware how this Brazilian team loves counter attacking game. Such behaviour from Saravia could kill us yesterday.

      Keep reality man. Too much ill will from you. Besides Sarvia still did some runs ahead…

      • Branco-Cafu…Thuram-Lizarazu—Roberto Carlos-Cafu—Zambrotta-Grosso (yes he was an average player, but played phenomally on the WC)—Ramos-Capdevila (so-so)—Lahm-Höwedes—Lucas Hernandez-Pavard…the most world class, but at least modern-minded full backs, attack attack attack with good protection too===Balance

    • France didn’t have worldclass fullbacks(the one worldclass sits on the bench), Croatia didn’t have , Belgium didn’t have,Germany didn’t have(talking recent history only)…Apart from Brazil and Spain nobody has…
      For the current world champions, both Lucas Hernandez and Pavard offer nothing potent upfront. Both are average going forward. Worldclass attacking fullbacks are an asset to the team no doubt, but they are not essential like a worldclass keeper, centre back or a midfielder. They are the core, not fullbacks.

    • what can I understand that you want Saravia to attack and leave the whole flank open for Neymar so you can see that he played great match ?
      I will ask you a question. Can Marcello go forward and attack on the flank when Messi plays on the right flank ?
      No fullback can ever attack if he faces world class winger. period.

      • This is not really worth attention, the malicious hints of Csabalala. He had said that that Neymar is laughing at playing against Saravia and that Brazil will crash us. Now he need to do something to deny Saravia and Argentina defence quality. Man full of ill will. Never will admit being wrong on some thing.

    • Sure but given the RB gap left after Zabaleta (I love that warrior btw! Mercado did well too), it’s exciting to see a defender shut down Neymar. Can’t blame fans for praising. Let’s hope he continues defending well and is able to support the offense. Also, His lack of offensive support is on Scaloni. No one including the midfield did well attacking. Missed passes, no cohesion, no 1-2s…..pretty dreadful.

      • Agree, the whole strategy yesterday was more defensive than offensive, so no logic in asking the full backs to attack, relentlessly!

  17. Why everyone is attacking angel correa , this guy helped a lot in defence , yes he didnt provide that much threat in attack but none of out attackers did that it scaloni’s tactical fault or may be his plan.
    he also earned a penalty but refree denied it.

  18. I think as of now AFA is in hole.All the options r almost gone. I have feeling that they may keep Scaloni till Copa 2019.

    Goal keeping position is still an ache less heel, Same as like coaching there r no good options left. Armani… Andrada is good on his feet that should increase his chances..

  19. A must have from the new generation :

    a must call (providing coming back in top form)

    Older squad :
    As coach sees fit. in steps. one by one to keep the balance, done after all the above have their fair playing time.

      • Lamela to me is not new generation, he was part of older squad. He had 23 caps.
        I like the guy very much though as he can play in multiple positions.

        • 23 caps but if you look at his time (ghostdheini provided great summary of his minutes), I don’t think we should group him into same bucket as senior players.

          • He had around 10 starts. I’m open to every young player but I have doubts about him. Moreover not sure it’s his turn. We have already called up in NT players that deserves more minutes: Pity, Pavon, Pereyra, De Paul, Cervi. De Paul and Cervi had not started yet.

            And when Lanzini will back I would rather go fo him than Lamela.

          • I would take Lamela ahead of De paul and cervi. I like the guy, but When I group him with senior players, that’s because he played with them more than the rest, so he is familiar to them.

          • @ebo

            Down to 26 players, not sure who to cut!

            Defense –

            3 Keepers

            4 Fullbacks
            ? RB

            3 CBs

            2 DMs

            6 Mids
            Di Maria
            Lo Celso

            5 Forwards

            3 Strikers

        • 23 caps is small number of caps for player of his age.

          Tevez has been useless in NT after 2006, yet he got like 80 caps.

          Lamela is only few years younger than Messi generation players and most of 05-07 generation has 70-100+ caps.

          Hell, Messi only scored twice after 12 matches in national team.

      • Lamela and Preyera are multiple position players. Lamela is injury prone. We are not looking for just 11 players, WE need 23.
        usually there are couple of players on waiting list to fill the roster in case of a last minute injury for any of the 23. just like what happened with Lanzini right before the world cup, Sampaoli had to scramble and call Meza.

          • I think Pereyra is still more versatile than Lamela. More natural in movement style. I think like the coco/ducky style of running and extremely one-footed style of kicking/passing is still some kind hindrance for him.

            My suppositins. Nothing is proved but I feel like Lamela is not the player we need. Time will tell

    • @ebo you right that has to be the starting point.
      We ‘re crying lanzini i have high hops onice
      He come back.. he will be main link
      Between the midfielder and the attack
      I will add up montiel and Franco
      Montiel can play anywhere in the
      Back comfortably.

      • From what I’ve seen in Colombia and Brazil match, I don’t think he is a must have, along with Dybala and Icardi. Dybala only fits one formation and only plays good in one position. 9 1/2
        I had good impression of LO Celso, but in Brazil match he was absent. I give my vote to Palacios. Icardi was always looking for that perfect service. a good striker should be able to score a goal out of half chances, and Icradi got couple of them almost in all his caps, but he did not make anything out of any. A good striker needs to position himself in a way to have more chance of getting served. Icardi does not excel at that.

  20. It will be extremely naive to believe that it’s feasible to replicate barca football in a national team except Spain. It took Barca years and working on daily basis to develop such a football. Before Guardiola, City started already playing this high pressing and ball possession football under Pellegrini. The national team do 1 gathering per quarter which takes around 5-10 days. In this condition, how do you expect to build the automatism between players?

  21. Best news: we found our RB.
    Paredes, Battaglia earned their spots.
    Biggest worry: Icardi and Dybala do not score for NT. In the past decade we had some of the best strikers on the planet with Aguero, Higuain and Messi but except Messi they scored far less goals for the NT than their clubs. Is history repeating itself with Icardi and Dybala?

    • Now it’s time to give the starts to Lautaro Martinez. Dybala needs be left in peace for now. Should sit on the bench. Needs time. Next friendlies whole attacking line should be different:

      ……….Lo Celso………….Palacios

      • I think we need faster wingers than Dybala and Correa to see full advantage of Paredes long passing.

        Not a big fan of Pavon but he may be better than Correa. Is faster. Also will contribute in defence. Both Pavon and Correa have problems with decision making but still I think the Pavon’s pace is decisive to take him rather than Correa. There’s also J.Correa but I will not talk much about players Scaloni didn’t called up yet.

          • The names you mentioned are also my favourite wingers. ATM Pity and Pavon should start on wings and, realistically taking, I think Scaloni will indeed put them to start against Mexico.

          • Mrinal

            This is what makes you not really worth attention in opinions. Extreme arrogance. I just recorded your post to confront with J. Correa future.

        • He is obvious starting choice now. Dybala and Icardi must wait now for their another chances. We don’t give up on them but they need break on the bench.

          • Unless Icardi can learn how to position himself in order to get served better, and do some serious forward pressing he is not fitting well.
            Dybala is a mystery! he is suffering from positional identity crisis.

          • ATM they are like another example how mere compilation of biggest stars is not always best idea for team. Will got more chances in future no doubt.

      • Some are saying Pavon has no talent! Well they better look good, because this guy will make us forget about Di Maria. Yes sure he is not that good,yet compared to Di Maria’s glory days, But he is the only one I saw in the new generation who will make us forget about him. All it needs some more experience, and experience comes with time. Pavon and Pitty are here to stay.

    • Richard: to be fair on icardi he was offered no chances at all and the biggest problem is we are not creating many chances.
      ive always said in a big game a striker might only get 2-3 chances a whole match, we have seen in the past this happening but sadly we have had strikers who are unable to take these, so far I cant really say this of icardi as hes bearly had half chances, yet alond missed easy ones as they are simply not being offered to him.
      I feel this will change as atm I think scol is trying to fix the back and the mid defensively 1st.

      • Pablo, hopefully you are right. In the CL matches Icardi worked very hard but in league matches he is rather subdued. Dybala is far from his best form. Maybe Gonzalo is right and we should push for youngsters. Even in goal as Romero is still poor at crosses. Spain, England and Netherlands have a bunch of youngsters who are doing great.

        • Richard: youngsters are great and we have some very good ones, as always some will make it and others not-such is football.
          Dybala is fast becoming a problem as he is getting chances but is just not standing up like we expect and have high hopes from him, I really hope he ups his game very very soon or else he could be in trouble.
          rom is a good shot stopper and nothing else, kicking is woeful, distribution is poor, does not command his area and is like Dracula with crosses.

    • Haha..oh yeah!!

      I want both Scaloni In. I liked that player Scaloni who tried to eavesdrop on the conversation between the Mexican coach and one of his players.

      On a serious note, I think Scaloni played better in that match than Burdisso in the whole tournament.

    • @gonzalo i know 90% scolani will be arg manager.
      The reason been he has done very well
      Plus afa had no option all the candidate
      They wanted aren’t available so that leave them
      One option and it’s scolani.
      I know a lot people bashing him
      His set up against Brazil I have not doubt
      He will be a balance manager.
      When lanzini come bk he will link man
      Between the midfielder and the attack.

    • @gonzalo, I wish we could group our selfes and make our opinions heard to the AFA about scaloni staying, I know that they probably will not care but i feel as loyal fans we should send our msg across. For the first time in years and i mean long years I see an argentina side that has the potential to be something great, and i’m sure also true argentinian fans feel the same way

    • If Messi and Aguero are coming back, the only coach who will be able to integrate them with the ‘Farmers’ is Scaloni. I don’t want a new coach who will start all over with the young players. and end up eliminating most of them.
      I think Scaloni is doing the right thing, integrating old with new players in steps as needed, and that’s the key to establish balance. He was successful so far by bringing Romero first, then Otamendi second.

      • I’m little worried with idea bringing both Messi and Aguero once again. Not because of quality but becuase of spirit of the team. I would like to see Lautaro doing enough good in next friendlies not have back to Aguero name. Lautaro needs do something what let us forget about Aguero. I prefer to stay with idea of introducing only Messi (only Romero, Otamendi, Messi out of the oldies) in sooner or later future. I don’t want to see Messi and AGuero together once again if Martinez will score more before Copa. Scaloni is young coach and with the bigstars both there it might be incredibly hard to implement tactic in a way young and plastic material allow to do.

        Another thing is team spirit. I don’t want too many players that lost all the finals in past. It stays with people. I’m afraid mentality of losers. The enthousiasm we have now in team would be crucial thing. Awerness of being part of completely new Argentina is important. I doubt Aguero will back with completely new spirit.

        • Even with Messi, I don’t think Scaloni will call either one Messi or Aguero if he sees they will harm the team spirit. I back L.Martinez to be main striker ahead of Aguero, Icardi in the near future. He will not call Aguero before letting L. Martinez settle first. and that’s why I want Scaloni to continue.
          I am not a fan of crossing out such players before we settle first.

        • @gonzalo
          First, I agree Lautaro should be tested as first striker in the Mexico games. But I don’t agree that the Messi generation have the loser mentality and should be dropped for that reason. They have 3 back to back finals, won sub20 WC, olympics. What have the younger generation accomplished? They have barely advanced to sub20 WC. And how can you say that Messi for instance is having a loser mentality? That goes beyond me.

          Further, think of Germany losing finals 1982, 1986 then win in 1990. Losing 2002-2010 in semis or final before lifting the WC. No one accused the krauts to be losers back then. Why should we now call the so called Messi generation to be losers?

          If Messi and Aguero would continue in NT, we should instead be grateful to have more choices and cherry pick the players who are fit and cohesive with the rest of the team.

          • Chemistry and team harmony is very important. I don’t consider Messi’s generation as losers but if their presence put negative influence on team (not necessarily bad influence), I would prefer to move on with next generation. It’s very human, Martinez won’t be able to perform at his best if Aguero is there, due to Kun’s huge fame. The next generation has nothing to compare with Messi’s both in talent and honours but they will carry the Albiceleste the next decade, let’s face it. As in my other comments, I’d add the old guards if that help to empower the system both in technical and mental terms. Recalling both Messi and Aguero seems to be a counter-progressive to me. Unless the current strikers can’t score until Copa, do not call Aguero back yet.

          • “Recalling both Messi and Aguero seems to be a counter-progressive to me. Unless the current strikers can’t score until Copa, do not call Aguero back yet”

            Agree. Also I don’t want to see again the two famous friends isolating themselves from rest in their friendship and fame. If Lautaro will scoring before Copa no need for Aguero

  22. Agree with you, Coach Scaloni.. Those players showed their effort… You and your coaching team gave your effort also… Salute…. I hope that you can build our Argentina National Football Team for Copa America 2019 and then for World Cup 2022… 🙂 Your coaching team’s and our Argentina National Football Team’s performance : 4 games played. 2 W 1 D 1 L are great achievements.. (Thanks, GOD…) And I hope that you and your teams (coaching team and our Argentina National Football Team) will beat Mexico in November…, twice… 🙂 And beat whoever the opponents also after the games in November.. 🙂

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Support Argentina National Football Team, no matter what….

    GOD bless…..

  23. It is evident that Scaloni is building a team and that’s what a good coach would do like we witnessed with other giant football nations. Give the job to Scaloni as he’s doing everything right so far and probably the best coach we’ve had since Pekerman’s days.

    Scaloni should stay, it’s no brainer.

  24. Scaloni should stay. he used a young team in which the best goalscorer is Otamendi. even though Argentina was able to compete with 2 of the best national teams in the world. Argentina drew against Colombia and lost against a stars studed Brazilian side by only one goal scored in the injury time.

  25. – I want Scaloni as coach even if Gallardo begs to be coach. I simply dont trust Gallardo, my Spiderman senses say do not trust that guy.

    – everything in here is either black or white, no grey area.
    Messi: why dont we act like grown men or women?
    How about we built a team and not a 1 player dependent team.
    It’s simple!
    Built a team, if Messi is able to play then great, if not we must be prepared.
    We dont need to exclude anything or banish anyone.
    Just be open
    Minded about it and leave all our possibilities open.

    – Nervous wrecks:
    Last time Vazquez played, mind you against Iraq people were cursing and stamping him a bad player! Now I see people calling for him!
    Pavon was branded also bad and now people are calling for him.
    The same for Banega.
    It will not be long and we will beg for Meza again.
    I also read tata is a great voach and we need him. What?
    Now it seems Lo celso is being branded bad.

    – I suggest go read DADIR’s (sorry if not written right) post in the othe thread.
    The defense was great but the team was just like the World Cup 2014 team. The defenders dropped too low which caused the midfield also dropping too low and so it was that the attack was isolated.
    He named the cause and he hit it on the head.

    – Scaloni is not a defensive coach he just plays according to the strengths that are available at the moment.
    He can switch it up and you will see that if he gets hired.
    Guardiola this Guardiola that! His first tear at city was terrible and only in the second year he got them playing like he wants them.

    – these players will not be wlways on this level, dont think now think in 4 years. They performance arrow is pointing up while many other teams is pointing down.
    People who think this Argentina team is going to beat teams left and right need consuling for being delusional just like the ones who thought we would lose 7-0.
    We hit rock bottom at the world cup, ground zero. We are not there anymore we have improved and will improve even more. I would say we are at 3/4 out of 10 potentially.

    – dybala for me is no playmaker and I am puzzled why all the people think he is. He needs to be around the box where he can be dangerous eith his shot.

    – Argentina need to destroy and rebuilt a long time ago, now is the time like it or not.

  26. Scaloni. He has restored the faith in this Argentina team. Of course losing to Brazil is bad but we are on course. I am seeing most of the fans are happy. It’s not fair to give 2 more games and then take him out. He should be our coach for the Copa and if we do well there then he should continue. Once Pity Palacios Pavon and Armani are back we will be stronger. Hope he plays Foyth at least 45 mins next match

    • Argentina parked the bus … when does argentina park the fu#%in bus!!!! 35% possession!! What are we Bolivia!!! Horrible disgrace … bring in a new quality coach… any coach can defend with 10/11 players .. transition offense was nonexistent … NO GOAL SCORING CHANCES ..

      • I wish Sampa the baldy could park the bus. If he was a better bus driver, we would have been World Champions. The loss to France when we were 2-1 up still hurts me every day, and twice in weekend!!!

    • Brazil trashed every one in friendlies prior to 2014 WC , only to conceided countless goal in WC itself. Even in recent WC, they topped the qualifier easily yet they couldnt beat Switzerland and Belgium. Statistic isnt always good indicator. Germany was also unbeaten in qualifier but had an even worst World cup than Argentina.

  27. Forget about getting a high profile Argentine manager, so no Simeone, Pochettino or even Berizzo and Bielsa any time soon. Gareca, Almeyda and Martino are not coming either. The best we can hope for is Gallardo but honesty I don’t think he would have done much better than Scaloni has so far.

    My vote is for Scaloni to stay at least until we play Mexico. Those two games are more crucial for him than even Brazil game in my opinion.

  28. 100 Dollar question!!! Whats on Tapia’s and Angelici’s mind now??
    Are they still going for a change with a big name or retaining Scaloni? we’ll have to wait and see if these guys are really Argentines or just another mafia.
    we actually have a wonderful bunch of youngesters… have the same 30 players roaster for a long time… surely we will see wonders with this ‘TEAM’.

    • I agree. The players seem to like and respect Scaloni. Its starting too look like the Simone’s ,Gallardo’s and Pocchetino’s of the world are not coming. KEEP Scaloni, he’s surrounded himself with a good coaching staff and he seems to have free reign ( at least for now) on who to pick and choose for the team.
      The future is NOW. Stay the course and let him grow with the new young players.

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