Mauricio POCHETTINO of Tottenham Hotspur says no to Argentina job


Mauricio POCHETTINO has put himself out of the running to become the new coach of the Argentina national team.

The current Tottenham Hotspur boss has been linked with his country’s national team but he has stated that he still has a contract with his club. Speaking with DirectTV, here’s what he had to say:

“That they think about me for the Argentina national team is something which fills me with pride but I have a contract of four more years here. So that possibility is not something feasible.”


  1. Would you want to leave a highly paid job to work for peanuts in a situation where you have little real control over the direction of the team and putting other programmes into place. Working in a nest of vipers who have no idea about football ?

    I don’t blame Pochettino. I suggested him many years along with Zubeldia to coach our u17 and u20 sides eventually moving to seleccion manager. But the AFA and the mafioso hid away millions which are yet to be recovered that could have paid their salaries and improved the domestic game. That boat has sailed. It is time to stick with Scaloni and his staff maintain continuity via Aimar and Placente from the u15 onwards. A cheap option but certainly the only logical one.

    People criticizing Scaloni are stupid. As the manager would you decide to play all out attack or maintain a high line again. Especially if your potential job is on the line ? Or damage the confidence of several of the young players in the side ?

    All top class sides build from the back. It has been an Achilles heel for a decade. And it looks like with a new crop of laterals and centrebacks emerging that situation is turning around at last. Blame the AFA for the lack of production of top class keepers. It is an issue that has been mentioned as on the former WC blog for over a decade. No reviews or inquiries. No look at how youth clubs and canteras are looking at coaching youngsters in this position. No career plans for many young keepers who if they show promise end up going abroad and rotting in reserves or being moved around on loan or not even playing at all.

    You look at players like Carrizo, Martinez for instance and Gazzaniga who have barely played first team football for years. Werner wasted a season last year and now we have Musso at Udinese also bench warming.

    Brazil looked at the issue and have always had specialist coaches from an early age for their teams. They consistently despite the stereotypes produce excellent keepers.

    Scaloni’s game plan was excellent and well executed. The problem lies with the two deep midfielders Paredes and Battaglia. They did not carry the ball forward or pass quickly or incisively enough to create chances. Most if not all the attacking play came out wide and Martinez was the player to supply the one incisive through ball in the whole game.

    Both need to be replaced. They were mirroring Biglia and Mascherano.

    Suggestions quad wise:
    Arqueros: Armani, Portau, ?
    Defensores: Saravia, De Placido, Tagliafico, Pezzella, Otamendi, Quarta, Barboza, Kannemann
    Centrocampistas: Asascibar, Caseres, Palacios, Dominguez, Lo Celso, De Paul, Pavon, Cervi
    Delanteros: Icardi, Dybala, Martinez, Aguero, Messi

  2. I don’t care what people said about him
    I will take Tata martino then any other manager
    Except scaloni… and I was gutted that
    Sampoali didn’t get chance to get
    His revenge i could imagine this
    Young squad with his attacking stlye.

    • Dear godin
      Remember that italy then spain matches

      Against italy — young squad and we won with a good performance

      4 days later against spain —
      ( OOOPS )

      Like he did not see the disasters that Mascherano , Biglia and Higuaín were doing

      and guess what he did …. he blamed Bustos & Paredes

      8 years old kid could do better than this

      • Against italy the good performers were banega,lanzini,dimaria,lo celso and paredes was horrible against italy. And italy was going through crisis so even an average team would have defeated them.
        Then against spain everyone was horrible except lo celso, meza and otamendi.
        Bustos was the worst player against spain after caballero.

  3. Scaloni, Aimar and Samuel should continue. This troika can correct each other’s mistakes and all are open to fresh new talent that is our future. A new coach would only have 2 friendlies in March before deciding on his Copa squad in June.

  4. i have NEVER seen la seleccion look soo hopeless offensively as I did with a scaloni vs Brazil… 37% possession.. no transition.. he defended with 10 and dybala couldn’t act as a starter to counters !
    I take that back.. the ‘90 final vs Germany without caniggia was depressing as well…

    • I don’t think it’s totally Scaloni’s fault, the players did not live up to our expectations. Mainly, Dybala,Icardi and Lo Celso, the three everyone was calling to see together.

  5. I have a dream to see Bielsa as Argentina manager again. I don’t really remember him as an NT manager. I know it’s a stupid thing. But still at least he may not say NO.

  6. It is an already know fact, how many times they r gonna ask same questions to Simone, Pochettino, Gallardo. Forget them they don’t want to coach the NT. They want to Coach when everything is settled in NT. What the F***, who needs them when everything is settled.

    Support should be given when in need. I respect Bauza and Sampaoli on this. They supported a Nation’s hope when needed the most.

    Forget this 3. But who next? Tata is the only viable option. Well what to do we may have to get used to him. He won’t go to Mexico. Tapia is too gud.

    Scaloni has impressed but AFAs pride won’t allow them to stick with him I guess.

    They should have hired Gareca, he was a viable option.

    If Scaloni is not continuing it simply means this 6 months and friendlies r wasted as the new coach will need time and matches to implement his styles. This is not easy. Nor its is magic. That also means we r doomed for a Copa humiliation. The new coach may can completely discard Scaloni work too, that also is a possibility.

    • right, If they get rid of Scaloni in December, there is no time to prepare for Copa19 under new coach who might as well change the whole approach and waste 4 months of rebuilding. What a dilemma. AFA continues to be a joke.
      Best is to keep him,or at least keep him involved.

  7. Oh No, what a fucking surprise! I hate to say this but I’m say it anyway, I said that him and Simeone WILL NOT LEAVE THEIR POSH JOBS TO COME COACH ARGENTINA AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT TIMES ON THIS FORUM.

    Talk is cheap and bullshit runs the marathon, these two have said ARG is a dream job, fills them with pride, so humbled that their names are mentioned yada yada yada FUCK THEM.
    I’ll give Sampaoli credit even though he was a freaking imbecile, he left his job that probably paid him millions to get paid almost nothing and the entire nation breathing down his neck but he did when his country came calling, unlike these two cock suckers.

    • I don’t know who asked this A hole to come and coach the NT.
      Even Sampaoli was a huge failure as a coach, Actually, I agree with you completely, the only thing I respect Sampa for is that he left his job that paid him millions to train the NT.

      • We dont even need him, as i earlier said marcelo gallardo or ricardo gareca would be a better choice, i dont why peolpe here denying tata martino , he is not a bad coach.
        Leave this fat ass alone, atleast he should not have said directly no.
        I waiting for totthenam to be kicked out of champions league in group stage and even they dont qualify for CL next year.

        • I still remember when he announced that he will leave Sevilla to coach Argentina.
          He said: Sorry but my country came calling, and I can not say no.
          this is exactly what he said :
          “My dream from a young age has been to manage my national team. My country has the clear intention of offering me the job,” Sampaoli told reporters on Friday.

          “I’d only leave here if it were to go and take over my country. It is an offer that I would not be able to refuse.”

          Too bad he was such a poor, hard headed and weak tactician for the NT.

  8. The only coach I would be happy with is Gallardo, If not then Scaloni is the best available. the rest can go to hell, Money Hungry bunch of A holes
    Coaching The national team is an HONOR, not a JOB.

    • For sure, I’d also like to see Gallardo at the helm.

      Wish they would stop asking poch and simeone cause it ain’t happening. In addition to money and fame, they want to be on the pitch daily and aren’t ready for the pace of national duty.

        • Gallardo never said that he dreams of coaching the NT then say it’s out of the question. like the others. Plus, He is there in Argentina not in some big European club. He is Young, energetic. I think him and Angelici are sort of don’t get along

  9. hmmmm yes i was always sure poch would instantly leave his 3.5 million g.b.p per year job for a 250,000 g.b.p. job per year, im also shocked sim wont leave his 4.5 million job per year for the job…what is going on that people wont take such a drastic pay cut but then again who would want to be an afa puppet!!!

    • Poblo d you right first it’s all about money
      Second poch and simeone won’t leave
      The club job anytime soon… to be Frank
      I won’t want ethier of them anyway
      I like pochettino stlye more than simeone.
      One thing thought weather people like it or not .
      Afa is in f..kin mess no one wants that job
      Except scaloni that is the reason I like
      Scolani more he is there and trying to
      Rebuild compatative team.
      While so fancy coachs turn thier back
      In thier country .. I hope scolani become
      Successful manager for Arg and his future

  10. Thank god, while Poch is a fine coach, his Bielsa-esque style probably wouldn’t get argentina anywhere and it wouldn’t be an improvement over Bielsa, Tata or lex luthor’s bald reject brother sampaoli.
    Scaloni is a solid choice, he’s calling all the right players (except Lamela and Barboza), solidifying the defense and re-installing the grit and spirit back into the team, let him learn and grow with the team and maybe by 2022 Argentina can be competitive.

    • I swear I like bielse he is amazing coach
      That stupid collini gave fake penalty
      For England cost us that world cup
      But let’s stay with scolani…

  11. If t’s true tata will be Mexico manager
    Than I’m sure that scaloni will be official
    As permanent manager for Arg
    I say again I have more faith for scolani than all other candidates and he will
    Prove a lot of critics wrong..
    There some so call arg fans here in moudo.. I’m telling you soon you will start
    Worrying when scolani and co start to click ..

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