Argentina FA President Claudio TAPIA: “The Argentina national team is growing”


AFA president Claudio TAPIA has come out and spoken in regards to the new coach and the Argentina national team.

Speaking to the media, TAPIA confirmed that a decision will be made at the end of the year to decide on who will manage Argentina. Here’s what he had to say:

“We haven’t spoken to anyone, not managers, not coaches. We have to be respectful towards SCALONI, AIMAR and SAMUEL. They are doing a great job, the Argentina national team is growing.

“We had the chance to see kids who are growing. We played against Brazil, the best national team of South America.

“There are five or six players that weren’t taken into account. Before the World Cup, we didn’t have PEZZELLA, SARAVIA, BUSTOS, ASCACIBAR, PAREDES, BATTAGLIA. The future is not that far away. We have the heritage, we have to keep working and at the end of the year, we will decide.”

As we reported on Thursday, Tottenham coach Mauricio POCHETTINO has taken himself out of the running to become the new manager of Argentina. There have been other names being mentioned, the likes of Diego SIMEONE, Marcelo GALLARDO and Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO, but as TAPIA mentioned, a decision will be made in December.


  1. Make a solid & strong defense(a trustworthy goalkeeping also), put Messi at the play making area with these new young midfielders & bring these young strikers! Thats it! & of course Scaloni, Aimar & Walter r doing nice job really, give them a permanent chance! Hope that good days of Argentine football is coming! In 2019 copa & 22 wc in shaa Allah!

      • shut the fuk up, why are you trying to incorporate older players, the reason we are doing this is to prepare for the next generation! Leave messi alone!


    in other words,
    Pochettino, Shut up. No one asked you to come and coach the NT

  3. Even cost wise ,,, scaloni, aimar and samuel is better than any coaches AFA have in mind .

    They will bring back a very important feature we miss in the last 8 years which is playing good in the national team is the way the player can get a contract with big clubs( not talking about marketing the players for money like some coaches do )
    But making the player shine under the national team

    Need any examples ?
    Wait and see Saravia 7 months from now .

    If things goes naturally ,,, he will always feel grateful for the shirt ,,, Which ( in the long term ) will be translated to National team first ,,, then comes my club

    This is the spirit that we missed

  4. Once Sir Alex Ferguson said ” Attack wins you matches and defense wins you titles ”
    so those who are complaining about Argentina playing defensive should know that is the reason we lost to France at the first place.
    messi and co. played for 10 years together thats enough….
    only messi deserves to be in the team no one else……
    also we should be patient…..
    no coach in the world could do better than this with players playing together for only 15 to 20 days maybe ?….
    chemistry of a team gets better with time…..

  5. Scaloni has done everything that Argentina needed, fans wanted and no other coaches have done.
    Getting Young Players into the mix, Fixed the Defence creating a stability.
    If you are new to football only then you ll crying about the attack. It does not happen overnight. If u give Scaloni Time he ll fix that too. But everything does not happen at once. If he went attacking the score would have probably looked 3-0 defeat for Argentina by now. He almost pulled a draw with a new squad. I know its not our playing style. Our playing style is attack. Then bring Sampaoli back. We all know what happened. Be reasonable with your wish list.
    I m with Team Scaloni. Give him time. He ll bring the attack with strong defence. A thing that we been missing since Sabella Days.
    Vamos Albiceleste.


    Scaloni will stay if only good results will be there against Mexico.

    • no thats where u are wrong, you cannot expect to make a great team in 3 months, thats complete bull. I would like to see you try to make a world cup winning team within 2-3 months. We cannot have immediate results, we must give them time. People like you are the ones that cause problems, so be freaking patient.

  7. Pochettino and Simeone are good, but Scaloni/Aimar/Samuel can be as good as them!!!
    For AFA, they can’t hire any matured and world-class coaches like Pochettino and Simeone.
    But we can grow another good coach, like Scaloni/Aimar/Samuel. Argentine players are just smart and high football IQ.
    AFA just needs is a good system, which is similar to what Pochettino and Simeone have in their clubs. Give our coach trust and respect, and hire a good sporting director to lead them at an executive level.

  8. Pochettino, Simeone are 2 world class coaches. They are still young and want to work day to day and earn money. They are not dumb. Look at What happened to Sampaoli who gave everything up only to end up destroying his reputation.
    There is no career for Sampaoli so he will coach small or obscure teams from now on.
    There are in a too good position to risk destroying their reputation because becoming coach means dealing with people who dont keep promises, keep word, keep the agreements and hand ruling power over the coach too players and financial interest.
    Dont blame them myself.

    Then there are some guys who think Romero is better than Allison.
    Those fans really try to make us believe that Tata Martino and other failures are better than those two.
    Rejection must hurt but keep it real. Pochettino is World Class and he will leave Spurs soon but for a bigger team.
    OHh he won no titles!!!
    Which title should he have won?
    Which title was his to win?
    Manchester united, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City are all bigger clubs than Tottenham, 2 of them backed by tycoons and a money machine in Man Utd.
    How many signings did Tottenham make this summer? – 0!!!
    He built the current Tottenham!
    Be rational! Not delusional!
    He is World class and it would be great to have him but we cannot.
    Let’s move on and give Scaloni a chance at least till the Copa.
    Barcelona and Real Madrid gave chances to Guardiola and Zidane. Give Scaloni a chance because none of the other candidates are convincing. We have nothing to lose. We must rebuild.

    • It’s true for me pochattino is world class manager I like his style of play too
      Mate I knew long time ago those two will not manager arg anytime soon.
      I more convince scaloni will stay that is what my logic tells me
      It’s between Tata martino and scaloni for now that is for fact..
      Weather we like or not but I’m hearing Tata is going to Mexico..
      If that is true i’m 95% sure scaloni and Co will continue

  9. Tapia walk your word now. Let the team grow… don’t bring in clowns and disrupt the growth… Tinelli is waiting for you at the other end if you or your side-kick play the mafia.
    AFA needs to start the youth programs as promised… what are we waiting for?
    what is Jose Pekerman upto now? Will he or won’t he for another run of youth program for Argentina Football.

    • Chalz (and nice to see you around) I think he is done with football when his contract with Colombia runs out. He is probably no fan of Tapia either or the other pigs in the trough.

      He was great in his time with Tocalli for the youth teams. But we need younger coaches to bring those players on now. Time to pass on the torch to Placente and Aimar. Plus they can instill their values and both were model professionals into the kids.

      Tapia is out of his depth at the AFA but if he has the least sense he will retain the current coaching team. Pochettino is an excellent manager. His player development is something else. It’s just a shame it is not benefitting Argentina and when he was at Espanyol I would have liked him to work with the u17 and u20 with Luis Zubeldia.

      It is possible Foyth is angling for a move from Tottenham on loan if he cannot get first team football. No reliable source but he needs to play regularly. It’s a crucial time for him to develop.

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