Angel DI MARIA snatches late draw for PSG vs. Napoli


Angel DI MARIA’s injury time goal was enough to get PSG a point in their 1-1 draw against Napoli.

Both times Napoli took the lead in Paris and both times they let it slip. A loss for PSG would have left them in a difficult position, only two matches into this seasons Champions League campaign.

A curler of a shot by DI MARIA stole the show.


  1. I Think the main issue right now for Argentina is who will coach this Team.Scaloni will never going to get the job on permanent basis.I read few days ago the statements of coudet,becacea as well as milito. I think nobody knows who will get the job.In this forum there are lots of old Posters here i am just curious to know about JORGE ALMIRON TACTICAL SETUP when he is in Argentina club LANUS. In my humble opinion he is having a very good chance to get the albiceleste coaching role.

  2. Copa XI – Armani – saravia otamendi pazella Tagliafico – Lo Celso Parades Benega – Messi Aguero/icardi Pavon/Dimaria
    Argentina will be the real threat to win copa with a line up like this

    • Armani? I wouldn’t say he is our best keeper. He conceded 4 against France, goals that, if David Ospina of Colombia can save for Napoli, Romero can save for Argentina. Specifically the penalty and the Third goal. The penalty if he had just stayed still could’ve saved it, and the third goal, unacceptable.
      “Oh but he’ll learn”… he’s 32, I’m sure that what we see is what we’ll get out of him. I prefer Rulli in place of Armani, but over all, Romero for #1.

      – Romero
      – Rulli
      – Anyone who knows they won’t play

      • GK is worrying for Argentina, Romero and Rulli both are out of form so according to club performances I’m just preferring Armani, Against France was Armani 2nd cap and situation during Argentina world cup 2018 was similar to India 2007 cricket world cup and even players knew disaster will happen

      • Armani still great and with his form, he should be apart of the squad. Probably would have performed much better against France if he started for the previous 6 or 7 games. Try to not hold that game against him.

    • if Sampaoli played with this line up instead of Enzo/biglia/masche Argentina could have played Final against France instead of round of 16 because of esay draw and who knows Argentina can beat France in final

  3. You Argentinan people are the reaso why the team never performed, nobody can perform under that much pressure learn with portugal, they never put pressure on Ronaldo, even when he didn’t deliver they never critised him but you had the best in the world and all you do was 11 years of criticism. This is why your players feel better play in their clubs.

    • you nailed it. We have a spoiled petulant fan base along with the toxic media. And then things go wrong, they cry and insult our players, completely demoralizing the team. Also, we havent had good coaches….

  4. Lo Celso goal is the other face of the coin!
    Now will people call for Lo Celso to stay in the team and give him support, the same way they supported Di Maria and called for him to come back because of a similar goal?

      • Age means nothing sometimes, Maldini played till 39 and got best defender Award in Europe. History is full of players who performed better when older.
        The point I was trying to make is: All players need support, regardless of hate/affection towards any one of them. It’s consistent performance that counts. and not because one scores a goal here and a goal there.

        • Age always matter, some players peck too early or peck very late on the same time some players past their prime early where some players maintain their prime long. You can’t compare mandali with others, T sliva was once best South American defender turn farmer at 34

          • Dimaria past his best, i have huge expectation with pavon but Dimaria should be in 23rd squad 100times better than farmers like pity crevi

    • 90% of current and past players play better for their clubs, because of one thing my friend.
      immense pressure on players to deliver.

    • He did you cuck, Biglia was immense for Argentina in the 2014 WC. He has always given his all. Last WC he came hurt and its not his fault Sampoali was an idiot and called all slow veterans. Show some fucken respect. Biglia delayed serious arm surgery to not miss a call up with the team.

      • All players give their all, but the media and some fans put tooooooooo much pressure on the players. Even with Masche and Biglia, Sampa could have won the WC if he was little bit smarter.

        • 2018 Biglia and Masche were way past their prime. Biglia should never have been picked especially after that injury and Masche who was already playing in China should have been taken only as a sub, even as sub Masche would be a burden on the team. The unfortunate injury to Augusto Fernandez led Biglia back into the starting xi!!!!!Aging bodies ,mediocre defenders and crazy high line defense!! Our players couldn’t handle it at all!!! Spain thrashing meant nothing for Imbecile Sampaoli!!

  5. Brilliant goal by LoCelso. Great performance by him against AC Milan. 1 assist & 1 superb goal. Real Betis Midfield is so fluidic & free flowing . wish to see NT like that asap.

  6. Seniors vs young, Old vs New
    I think both will end up failing if we and the media keep this mentality.
    I started believing that the new generation of the the NT are suffering from immense pressure to deliver good results right away.
    They might be saying to themselves:
    “WE have to win, to prove that we are worth playing for the NT,
    WE have to play good, score goals, to prove that WE better than the older players,
    WE have to win, so the media does not grill us, curse us, degrade us like they did to ‘Messi and Co’
    WE have to win because Messi is not there.
    failure is not acceptable
    a draw is not acceptable
    WE have to make sure that Brazil does not win
    We have to win”
    One Bullshit article degrading, demeaning, blaming Messi, or Dybala, or Meza or Icardi, or Lo celso …etc in social media could find itself circulating the news and reaches the player(s), don’t you think so?
    There goes the moral and the spirit of the team. It’s all clear in the game against Brazil, our players and the coach were under so much pressure to deliver right away, because they think if they don’t, they are doomed.
    I think every player currently has that in the back of his head. How do you explain that most of them play good for their clubs, and when they come to the NT, they misfire.
    We need patience and support to the new players before writing them off.

      • Do you notice that, when 2 teams play an important match, what sometimes one coach says?
        WE will play without pressure, We are the underdogs so there is no pressure on the players.
        People always underestimate the moral state of the team. Players are used to pressure, that is natural, but when the pressure goes beyond their abilities, they will fail

    • “It’s all clear in the game against Brazil, our players and the coach were under so much pressure to deliver right away, because they think if they don’t, they are doomed”.

      That’s why I can’t tolerate the stupid comments of people which want to tell us they need to deliver immediately. Some people want desperately show us the old guard is/was better ignoring the fact they had around 100 caps in Nt. 100 is not 2 or 5.

      They are extremly inimical to our new generation.

      So please don’t tell me I have some personal problem with some member here. I can’t just accept someone who is hostile of our future. This is more than being negatively biased. This is deliberated, regular, hostile propaganda of defeatism.

      If you want to wait for every wrong of our youngster so do that. But you will sooner or later regret that being ridiculed:

      “Really Argentina’s attacking midfielder Lo Celso will be fckin Canales sub this year? Unbelievable and folks said he was PSG-material
      this guy should be the absolute star of this team instantly, unmissable”

      • I’m with you gonzalo…
        We must let this new generation
        Play without pressure that is
        The only way we can achieve
        Something.. but some mundo followers so called arg fans
        Will never stop attacking the
        Young cos either they followe
        Particular play or they don’t
        Support Argentina at all..

        • What Supporters of a team do?
          They support their team and players, in good and in bad. Many who request that young players deliver right away, are just out of reality. WE will end up repeating the same mistake. WE SHOULD NOT CALL SENIOR PLAYERS AT THIS MOMENT OF TIME. BECAUSE WE WILL HURT THE MORAL OF THE TEAM. in other words, the new players will feel of themselves as failures.

      • That tells why WE were good in defense against Brazil, Players and coach were really worried about getting thrashed like many were predicting, and that itself made them weak offensively. WE HAVE TO GET BEHIND THE PLAYERS and not push them to the brink of failure. Just watch the game and look for players behavior, you will see that. Destroying young promising talent will make us go back to zero.
        When I went to the stadium and watched Argentina vs Colombia,I sat 10 feet away from the Argentina Bench. I felt the pressure on players, they looked really stressed out, miserable, worried, with no support at all. I felt really bad for them, knowing what they have to live up with.

        • Specially Dybala and Icardi, they looked really worried as if they never played before.
          You guys need to understand, filling the gap of what the seniors left behind is not an easy task, specially knowing that some commentators in the Media and some fans are waiting for the slightest mistake of the players to bash them and call them losers. some say get rid of them and bring back the seniors, ridiculous.
          Do they expect to build a great brand new team in 2 months?

          • Sadly that is the situation Arg in
            At moment only God can help them
            If they lift copa probably the pressure
            Will less forget the mainstream media look here in mundo..
            Some people couldn’t wait arg play
            A bad game see what happened
            When we lose Brazil.. no disrespect
            Even kidu came back to bash us
            So my bro I will stay positive I hope
            We win copa I never put pressure
            The team I support you know bro
            Is like loving lady whatever
            She made mistake you will always find exuscus .. I’m like that to
            Argentina last 19 years
            Viv albicelestes 💪

        • gonzalo, godin11 and Ebo Farmer BOY
          yes, yes and yes-i agree with what you all are saying-teams are not built overnight and some will come into this set up and look like they always should have been their where as others will not makes the grade-that is life but until we try and try again we will never know, its a cycle that never should end, as they say “no one owns the n/t shirt they are just keeping the shirt warm for some one else”
          the old saying their is no “I” in team is so true but sadly every coach up till now cant see beyond that 1 player hence we have not had a team of players of a long while but a team of individuals-luckily it seems those days are over under this new coaching set up and long may it continue.

      • There are those on the far ends that either love youngsters and hate seniors or love seniors and hate youngsters, and many fall in the middle in that they love and respect both.

        There is a flip side to what you’re saying, as the same thing can be said about seniors.

        1) “That’s why I can’t tolerate the stupid comments of people which want to tell us they need to deliver immediately. ”

        I will not tolerate stupid comments that seniors need to deliver immediately. You may say “well they’ve had their chance” but that couldn’t be any more arbitrary, based on your own personal bias against the players. I’ll leave it up the coach and players, given how much they’ve bled for the NT, to decide whether or not they are done. Im not saying they should be playing into their mid 30s or 40s by right, but in late 20s and early 30s and not only INFORM but integrate with other players, i’d call them any day.

        2) “Some people want desperately show us the old guard is/was better ignoring the fact they had around 100 caps in Nt. 100 is not 2 or 5.”

        Same thing for youngsters. People are so excited to prove why they are better and talk all this shit about seniors ignoring the fact that they were great, relatively successful and are still inform today.

        4) They are extremely inimical to our new generation.

        They are extremely inimical to our old generation.

        5) I can’t just accept someone who is hostile of our future. This is more than being negatively biased. This is deliberated, regular, hostile propaganda of defeatism.

        And i cant accept someone that is hostile to our great senior players.

        Overall, everyone needs to be supported or else its going to demoralize the squad and that isn’t acceptable. Both seniors and youngsters need our support.

        • “There are those on the far ends that either love youngsters and hate seniors or love seniors and hate youngsters, and many fall in the middle in that they love and respect both.”
          Finally, some words straight to the point, extreme solutions did not and will not work.
          Our situation is bigger than this player or that. We find ourselves in the same spot about 10 years ago, when many were bashing Riquelme and saying We don’t need him now, We got Messi. going from one extreme to the other will keep us in limbo

          • In 2010 we missed Roman riquelme
            He was my favourite player ..
            I think Leo paredes can be bit
            Like him if they coach him proper
            Do you remember Diego took veron
            And left behind Roman riquelme as
            Alway a lot of things goes against arg like pressure coach decisions
            Media.. so on

    • Wise words, my friend. Its becoming increasingly clear that one of the major issues is the nasty fan base and media. Unfortunately, most other teams do not carry such a heavy weight as Arg. There was a really good article put out by Di Maria that he touches on this issue and how it impacted him emotionally.

  7. Reading some comments I really shocked
    How can some of us compare the players who have
    100 caps than the one who still to reach 10 caps
    To me that is illogic unfair

  8. PSG’s 4231 has its limits which were seen yesterday, Di Maria, Mbappe and Neymar are all vertical players who like taking risks. Verratti and Rabiot are talented but overrated, they need an additional midfielder like Lo Celso for pressing, holding the ball and for the transition but he is on loan, what a dumb decision. Di Maria didn’t play so well. 1st half he played as number 10, 2nd half he was used as a left midfielder/fullback until this lovely goal which saved his match.

    On the other side, Simeone’s Atletico was dominated tactically by Dortmund. As usual, Simeone planned to play safe and counter-attack but he left his fastest player Correa on the bench, as a result, no target for the counter-attack. He realized that too late when his defense was completely burnt by those fast Dortmund’s players, especially this young Hakimi.

    Despite his goal, I may be tough but I wasn’t so impressed by Dybala. I think actually he made some poor decision several times, not quite inspired and expect him do better than that. But the good thing is I saw him making much effort in defensive tasks. Anyway it’s Juve’s philosophy, he has to work hard for the team otherwise he’ll be on the bench like last year.

    • agree on Dybala. he was wasteful ……. to me our best attack -midfield is
      Pity ACorrea (orLamela)
      Palacios Parades

  9. Defence of NT has improved otamendi and pezella looks solid, tagliafico too, still unsure about saravia one match is not enough to knot is place in RB.
    But still our attack looks hollow , they can only score in friendlies against gautemala and iraq not against decent teams like brazil, uruguay, columbia even chile and peru.
    Our midfielders looks good but only defensively none of them threatens opposition by going forward except lo celso.
    So messi , aguero, dimaria, banega, otamendi ,romero is must if argentina wants to win copa america else it will be again it will be exit of argentina in the mid of the tournament.

    • “So messi , aguero, dimaria, banega, otamendi ,romero is must if argentina wants to win copa america else it will be again it will be exit of argentina in the mid of the tournament”.

      Yeah, after all the players above are guarantee so high level as 1/8 of WC.

      • I talked about attack in WC we had worst defence among all 32 teams.
        When defence was good argentina almost won 2014 WC if higuian didnt shit.
        If you think argentina will win copa 2019 in brazil without any oldies then you seriously problem or you dont understand anything about football, you just making the list of young argentine players in superliga.

        • “If you think argentina will win copa 2019 in brazil without any oldies”

          Not any, but only Romero, Otamendi and one of Messi/Aguero should be considered. Still none of Messi/Aguero till april/may. First we need to know the quality of current forwards.

      • Argentina team selection was worst in 2018 reason they failed to progress further of the tournament, only Romero Aguero Benega Otamendi Messi Dimaria deserve to be the russia plane but higuain Masche Biglia Enzo Caba rojo etc cost Argentina

    • With all respect, to inject new blood in the NT, We have to support the young players before any senior player, because the seniors time is up. WE don’t want to inflict any damage to the morals of the new players like we did to the older ones.

      • the core team have to be ready until March, Argentina must go for copa to win instead of eying 2022, Argentina is trophy less since 25 year and should end trophy draught next year so Argentina have to go with strongest squad no matter what

  10. Di Maria had his numerous chances and more often than not he played like a headless chicken for us, with zeo footballing brain. Lo Celso and other players may or may not shine for the national team but since the likes of Di Maria and Higuains were given many chances, it’s only fair to extend the same opportunities to the younger generation.

    Time to move on. For Copa America I would only keep Messi, Otamendi and maybe (big maybe) Romero as a squad keeper.

  11. Boca Juniors with and without Benedetto is really not the same team. He came aorund ’80 minute and sored 2 nice goals especially the second.

    Still nothing is certain for final of CL. All 4 teams with chances but River task seems to be incredibly hard.

  12. “Angel Di Maria has been involved in 36 goals with Paris in all competitions in 2018 (24 goals, 12 assists)”
    “Dybala is now the all-time fifth top goalscorer for Juventus in the history of UCL, with goals against Bayern, Dinamo Zagreb, Porto, Barcelona, Spurs, BSC Young Boys and now Manchester United.”
    Aguero was rested for match-up against Tottenham monday, fine.
    Messi injured, but had he played, would most likely assist and score his fare share against Inter.

    – Pottecchino and Simeone, apparently the best Argentine Managers in the world, one loses a historic 4-0 against Dortmund and the other can’t even win in the Champions League Yet.
    – Icardi, the one to succeed Messi once he’s gone, absent against Barcelona.
    Lauturo was an improvement but came in too little too late. I for the life of me can’t see why he didn’t start with the absence of Naingollan.

    People say Di Maria still can’t contribute to NT and that it’s easy to play for PSG, yet we think Lo Celso is the next big thing when he was loaned out by PSG to Betis for not being good enough?????
    Remember that equalizer against France in the WC? It was even considered a puskas nomination but later unfortunately removed.
    But Lo Celso scores from distance against……… Guatemala… and he’s the next big thing?

    We need to accept fact, we still NEED the “old guard”, like Messi (obviously), Banega, Aguero, and maybe even Di Maria.

    Keep in mind our recent friendly performances have sent us down to 12th in Fifa rankings, ranked lower than Switzerland, Denmark, England and Colombia? What a shame! TBH the only reason were ranked top 20 is because of Messi, otherwise we’d be lower.

    Defence is finally settled, with Pezzella, Otamendi, Saravia and Tagliafico, great! But we need to fix the midfield and above all, attack. As Simeone is showing, defense can only get you so far. You need to score goals to win, simple.

    Argentina NEEDS to win the Copa America to restore our national footballing image, because it is severely damaged at the moment. But we cannot, repeat, CANNOT do it without Messi, Aguero, Banega and even Di Maria.

    • “Angel Di Maria has been involved in 36 goals with Paris in all competitions in 2018 (24 goals, 12 assists)”

      This is really good argue for people who joined support Argentina one few months ago and do not know about base fact that DI Maria club and Di Maria NT are two different stories. To that: Is that really so hard to shine for PSG against other weak French league teams.

      • Dimaria played against farmers, real Madrid Dimaria was world class still i would keep Dimaria in 23rd squad even any coach will select rumours scaloni call up dimaria for November friendlies

      • I don’t know… lets ask Lo Celso, Pastore… oh wait, they couldn’t.

        Di Maria has done alot for the NT.
        – Scored the only goal against Switzerland to send Argentina to the quarter finals in 2014.
        – Scored against Chile in the Copa America Centenario when Messi was rested. (P.S., so did Banega). Also in the conemebol qualifiers beating chile 1-2 at home.
        – When Messi scored a hattrick against Ecuador to qualify us to the World Cup, guess who assisted the equalizer…. Di Maria.
        – He provided a much needed spark against France and was our best player behind Messi that game.

        I’d be here all day if I had to list everything. Higuain, yes blame him, bc had it not been for him, Argentina would already be world champions and 2x Copa America winners.
        But don’t blame Di Maria, thanks to his support Argentina has gone far, only for him to miss out on finals due to injuries. I guarantee you if Di Maria played against Germany, we’d be in a whole new situation. Again, had he been fit to play the full 90 against Chile in both finals, we’d have a different outcome. He was subbed out for both early due to injury.

        And he has done all this played out of his position.

        So don’t use him as a scapegoat, that is being very unfair.

        • “He provided a much needed spark against France and was our best player behind Messi that game”

          Nah, he was so much like Di Maria in that game. THe goal was his only moment of briliance in whole that tournament. Way too little.

          “Scored the only goal against Switzerland to send Argentina to the quarter finals in 2014”.

          As above. What he did in WC 2014 apart that goal? If not the winning goal that game against Switzerland could be named his worst in NT because of countless losts and poor crosses.

          • “Higuain, yes blame him, bc had it not been for him, Argentina would already be world champions and 2x Copa America winners”.

            “And he has done all this played out of his position”.

            I don’t use him as scapegoat becuause he was not the only one who disappointed us.

            But what you are doing are just easy excuses. HIguain and “out of position”. So is Di Maria justified for being shit in 80% of his games in NT?

            Maybe you should take the question conversely:

            What would do for us for 10 years some other players in Di Maria position getting ALMOST 100 GAMES in NT?!!!

            I suppose more than Di Maria.

            10 years and 100 games men!!! Is that really much what he did in 100 games the single moments? Give the 100 games to other winger and you will see him probably being much more usefull for us.

          • If your idea of success with the national team is goals, then that’s a bad idea to go off. Remember, hes a midfielder/winger.

            Look at Giroud for example. Didn’t score a single damn goal during the World Cup, but was crucial to france. Why? His hold up play, to give time for Mbappe and Griezzman to get forward. Goals alone is not enough to judge a midfielder/winger. We all know he’s no Neymar, Bale, Hazard who score for fun, but he’s there to simply be a threat.

            Would Brazil want to face Martinez, who they have no idea who he is, or Di Maria, a proven winger?

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he should 100% be a starter, but at least be on the bench because his quality is undeniable.

            I would prefer a front three of Aguero-Messi-Pavon, but if say pavon is not beating his marker, who else could you bring on? Martinez? Not much an improvement.

          • let another winger played for real like Dimaria then he will also get 100caps why Argentina give a mediocre club winger 100caps yes Dimaria had quality though failed to replicate club performance in NT

          • People are still circulation about the same categories:

            “Di Maria, a proven winger”. What is the level for us to prove something? NT. Not club. There’s no proven winger for us than the one who is proven in NT. How is Di Maria proven in NT? In fact he is proven to be good just once in a while. Everytime We have to count his NT performances to 10 or so to see something good from him. So, taking it in the way I don’t see him proven in regular good contribution. Countless losts and wrong crosses and he is proven? There’s no other player who cost us so much nerves in recent years. He and Higuain. He is proven on getting on our nerves.

            “Would Brazil want to face Martinez, who they have no idea who he is, or Di Maria, a proven winger?”

            Again, it’s not really about popularity or fame. Neymar was probably so keen and willing to play against such unknown player as Saravia. And atually it doesn’t end good for him.

  13. That’s absurd. Di Maria scored a goal, one goal (not hat-trick) and some people already want to see us stepping back and call him up. We have too many options on his postion. Everyone who is following Argentina players see that there’s potentiall unless he is like Csabalala who live only in 5 most famous clubs world and disdain the rest.

    We know the song very well since years with Di Maria being “our best”… only in club level. That’s really means not much thesedays. His time is done. 10 years in NT, 3 World Cups, 3 Copas. He had more chances than deserved. I bet none of current NT players will got the number of big tournaments. Di Maria is one of our biggest disappointments becuase of big expectations.

    • Gonzalo leaves matter about that idiot club hero Maria.he’s done in national team.No more expectation on him.have maximum time .it’s it.leave. heproved so many times he cannot win with nation.he wants to become great player than messi. That’s caused many times hedidn’t return pass to messi in the box in so needed times.l noticed that so many times. He is senseless and selfish too.time to give chance to young guns .failure or win no problem. More chance is to win for young guns in future.but no more tournaments to spoil for that idiot. Move on with new gen new plan.idiots Will bark.dont mind

  14. “Di Maria saved PSG ass, still hole different level than Gonzalo Martinez and co”.


    so why he is so shitty in NT? His club performances means nothing long time. We learn that rule: club/NT two different stories. He scored one late goal home yesterday and you’ve said as if he was author of hat-trick.

    • Only NT matters and fact is Di Maria didn’t looked recently good even in NT friendlies. Pity Martinez looked good.

    • One late goal?, still 5 assists and 4 goals, Gonzalo nobody Martinez, King of Atlanta cant even produce in the weak argentinian league, and flopped totally not even vs Columbia in a tingli tangli friendly match in Libertadores too, Luciano Acosta LOLOLOL, old fuck Rooney, Villa and Giovinco destroy that league completely

      • Give me more such statements. I must to have this for your further embarasments. Like with Lo Celso or Benedetto today. They made you fool as always.

        • fool as always? LOL we all say our new midfielders and defenders are Europa League caliber players, but not Champions League, whats your problem? They prove it day by day i was absolute correct, bingo (Paredes, Lo celso etc etc etc), but dont be surprised that against the big boys (UCL-level players) we can play only anti football, and still lose…

        • You are a coward chicken, play with 10-20 nobodies versus 1 (Di Maria), and if one do something well after the lot of bad matches, you are here to prove i was wrong LOL Benedetto first good match this year after a lot of shits, but if this player would have been Gonzalo Martinez vs Gremio you would be here again (after a lot of shits too). Lo Celso detto, first match where he shows something finally after a lot of fails, man you are a clown, if Lo Celso is such a good player, this should be his standard, not the exception, man he is argentina attacking midfielder for God’s sake, next year maybe in Champions League?

          • “Benedetto first good match this year after a lot of shits”

            You even didn’t know he was injured 9 months. That’s your ‘knowledge”. Ignorance plus arrogance.

          • “but if this player would have been Gonzalo Martinez vs Gremio you would be here again”

            I’m here always. Unlike you – only when something goes wrong

          • “Gonzalo Martinez vs Gremio you would be here again (after a lot of shits too)”

            So if he was so shitty why he was actually called up?

            Because he is so fucking good long time.

      • BTW Pity wasgood against Colombia. Go read comments from Mundo. The prove he was good: people still want him. Not Di Maria.

  15. Why people are just repeatdley calling new generation.For Di Maria’s place we have Lanzini Lamela Acuna and they are better than current Di maria,For Augreo or Banega we do not have proper replacement same is the case for Messi(Augreo is way better than Icardi,Lautaro Martinez Simone and Banega is better than any young generation midfielder) If we have better option we should go for it.There are less than 10 matches in a year of a country so we can not judge him properly.Player’s club matches give more accurate idea about his potential where he plays regularly but some players may fall in exceptional cases.

  16. Palmeiras was too fair and rather dumb to save Boca Juniors in the group stages, the same case what mexican Tigres did with River Plate in 2015 group stage last round, then River beat them in the final, now neairly the same happened.

    • The same shit from you as always. Instead talk about win you are talking about some lost as if Boca was winning yesterday just thanks to Palmeiras grace. Go off with your mole works. Little advice: you mighr support Colombia along with KidultHood.

  17. No current player are better than Aguero Benega Dimaria leave the best in the world messi, six player from old guard messi Aguero Dimaria Benega otamendi Romero where otamendi n Romero already in the squad and Dimaria rumored to be part of November friendly, All of them should be the part of copa

    • No legend please
      We have to sacrifice legends for the future
      Otherwise we have to call up them in 2022 too

      Keep faith in youth….results may not always be good …
      But we have given lots of time to dimaria banega etc etc
      I also like them but then how we can make a team for future

      • Argentina giving opportunity to young players in friendlies let them prove better, no need to sacrifice copa for 2022 transition need to be happened smoothly rather than hurry, for Dimaria Benega Otamendi Romero Aguero are irrepressible for copa if Argentina not found better solution until March

  18. Angel Di Maria has been involved in 36 goals with Paris in all competitions in 2018 (24 goals, 12 assists), at least six more than any other Paris’s player in that spell.
    That includes Cavani, Neymar, Mbappe…!
    Can he produce this for NT at a consistent level..? At least for next Copa..? We want a trophy somehow. Its been a long waiting…!

    • Most assists in last 10 years in europe.
      1. Messi – 213 assists.
      2.mesut ozil- 203 assists.
      3. Angel dimaria – 159 assists.
      4. Cesc fabegas – 154 assists.
      5. Juan mata – 141 assists.
      Dimaria’s record is still exiciting despite s, he passed his prime.😜😜😜

  19. No disrespect to anyone please don’t
    Be matter at me .. i know di Maria
    Has a lot of fan base here in mundo
    But for me i don’t care if he scores
    Goals after goals for psg i won’t want him no way near in the Nt again having said that realistic speaking i can see him
    Come back to the NT. I hope that isn’t
    The case one thing I’m sure is
    When messi back di Maria kun
    Banage will be there personally i won’t
    Want messi bk either i have my reasons
    That doesn’t mean i don’t like messi
    For me messi is the best player I ever
    Seen in my life i would love to messi
    To win copa and wc with Argentina
    But to do that. you must sacrifice a lot.

    • My friend, you need to get away from so called ‘Messi and friends’
      Aguero and Di maria have more chance to come back than Messi. Because Messi might just refuse to be back.
      I am not calling for any one at this moment, but I told you a week ago, don’t be surprised if DM comes back, do you remember?
      What fans want and what the coach will do is totally different things.
      Still discrediting or disqualifying certain players is not a good thing for the moral of the team in general. Let’s face it, the so called ‘Messi and friends’ were not in the NT because of their influence, but simply because they were the best at the time. There was not more options to have, maybe because the younger players were not given the chance to prosper and grow with the NT, But again let’s face the truth, if the criteria for one player to be called to the NT is his club performance, then by all means they all deserved to be called because they were performing good for their clubs better than any one that was available, and still do perform excellent for their clubs till this day. Now the project we started is to inject new blood into the NT, again, based on what? on performance for club. that’s why when coaches scout for new players they travel and watch them play for their clubs. so that is the criteria that all coaches go with, you don’t bring some one who is not good in his club and say, let’s call him to the NT because he might be better than playing for his club.

    • If Copa America is tomorrow, How would you form your team?
      The rational answer would be form a team made of players who are performing well for their clubs.
      WE will not go to Copa tomorrow without a cohesive group of players.
      Luckily, the Copa is not tomorrow, So calling Di Maria or not, Aguero or not, Messi or not, ….etc is not today’s talk.

      • @ebo my friend I’m glad to have you here
        Honestly i do.. as Arg fan first thing for me
        Is Argentina to win especially copa America
        In the back yard of brazil..
        Coming to your argument there ‘re a lot of things
        I and you have in common at the same time
        We have different opinions certain things
        Like dm. bro for that man he has nothing to offer for
        Nt he has more opportunities than any other player
        He was consistently disappointed that is that
        Aguero and banega I love both of them
        Personally they never had same opportunities as dm.
        I would take aguero than any strike same goes banega
        was best midfielder we had last few years sadly we
        never took full advantage only Tata martino gave him
        more running in the team and he played good..
        Do I want aguero and banega back for the NT?
        Yes in the short term not a long term .
        But for dm not because in his position at the moment
        Arg few good reasonably players like pity Martinez
        I wached river plate game against germio
        He played alright but one thing i notice about him
        He was more direct beat his maker so quick
        Wich i liked so there for I want see pity more in the NT.
        Bro at the end day I want see Argentina dominating
        World football.. that is my dream

        • IMO, it was not because of ‘Messi and friends’ that WE did not win.
          first and foremost, it’s the tremendous pressure put on the NT from all that garbage Media, till this day our young players are suffering from that. Dybala and Icardi are playing like shit for the NT? why?
          Four Players did not show up for Brazil match, and said they were injured but played for their clubs.
          Messi missed 2 crucial penalties.
          Banega missed a crucial penalty.
          Higuain missed 3 clear chances.
          Don’t you think that their morals is destroyed?
          and WE are still going the same road destroying our young players, just repeating tabloid news and the likes of Liberman words.
          I explained that before. I will explain it again.
          How many times ‘Messi and Friends’ influenced the team.
          Messi brought his friends starting 2010 and he failed to win a trophy
          Messi brought his friends in 2011 and he failed,again..
          Messi brought his friends in 2014 and he failed,again..
          Messi brought his friends in 2015 and he failed,again..
          Messi brought his friends in 2016 and he failed,again..
          Messi brought his friends in 2018 and he failed,again..

          Now the million dollar logical, rational question:
          Since WE all agree that Messi is eager to win a trophy with Argentina – He has man many trophies with Barca and think that will give them all up to make win something with Argentina –
          A person, regardless of how stupid and dumb and ignorant, would have seen that from the first or second time that this way did not work and would have given up on the idea the first or second time he tried that and failed.
          The truth is Argentina played will all the way from qualifiers to the final game of WC2014 and both Copa15 and Copa16, do you deny that?
          in WC 14, Sabella was hit with injuries to Aguero and Di Maria. Higuain and palacio missed clear chances. now if higuain scored that one of the 3 chances in those 3 finals, would ‘Messi and friends’ be heroes? wining a game mostly comes to that one play? so just for that single play that one player misses, they are all losers ? What a logic!
          Copa15 and Copa16 was tata’s fault+Pressure on players. Tata played will to the final only to change his tactics in the final. Go back and watch the games

          • 100% agree ebo . Now looks like you are the most rational blogger of this site , you analysis always on valid point unlike here many bloggers analysis on their personal favorite player.

    • Agree with u @Godin11, Exactly my thoughts too. But different people so obviously different opinions, For me apart from Messi i don’t want to see any other older player, No matter Whoever it is.

      Well its up to the Coach whoever it is, Hopefully the Coach saga somehow will finish soon. Because everything in Football starts with Coach. That’s the most important position. Lets sort out that first.

      • What WE all want is to win. WE could not win because the Moral of the team was, and still destroyed as a result of all this BS.
        Do you think that the younger players don’t think about that when they play for the NT?
        Our opinion on Which Player to have and which one not to have, does not mean shit. All we need to to do is to support the players. at the end, it’s the coach’s criteria that should prevail. and it will be hardly unlikely that the coach will ignore certain players if they are in top form. The Only player I doubt to be called in Copa19, is Higuain. Again at the end, if for example, DM plays such an important role in PSG this season, and maybe wins CL, just saying maybe. Do you guys think that the coach, -who ever will be- will gamble on leaving him out of the NT? specially if some young players do not deliver, like Pitty or Pavon? I doubt that very much, because The coach will be grilled by the same fans and the Media who were asking for him not to be included in the first place, and say: hey but he was good all season, he scored 50 goals, he won this and that, he changed, ….etc.
        Don’t forget what happened to Riquelme in 2009 when most were calling for his head, and say: WE don’t need him, We got Messi now.

        • That is right our opinion don’t matter
          Is th coach who will choose
          the best 23 players according
          to his knowledge. Us fans can
          agree or disagree but one thing for me I will always support Argentina
          No matter who plays.
          will i be happy to see certain players
          Back no I won’t

          • You know, I went back to read France and Argentina WC match thread on mundo few days ago. Do you know what all of the members Who are grilling DM now were saying when he scored that goal? Go back and read it.
            The true Fan will always support his players when they win, and will lift their morals and spirit when they fail and simply say, HARD LUCK. not demean, degrade, dishonor, deny and curse them along with their friends, families and fan base.

  20. We should not talk about Di maria this guy is consistently inconsistent.In big matches he either gets injured or turned out to be average performer.We have Acuna we do not need him either in copa or friendly he gonna screw us.

  21. Dmaria .fantastic shot..
    Actually he is good in Right wing not in left. Still he is important player for arg. I m confident if he plays right and messi on false9 that can be a good linkup ply with him.on right pity or lanzini looks good

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