Paulo DYBALA scores for Juventus vs. Manchester United in Champions League


Paulo DYBALA scored the match winner for Juventus in their 1-0 win against Manchester United.

It was DYBALA’s first match at Old Trafford and he made sure it was a memorable one. DYBALA scored the only goal of the match, his fourth of the tournament.

A cross sent in by Cristiano RONALDO looking to find CUADRADO ended up on the foot of DYBALA.


  1. For a long time, I believed that the success of Barcelona was solely in the fact that Messi played there. His injury certainly upset me, but I made a bet on Real .. And when I watched the online broadcast on, I wanted to cry. This account was too unpredictable for me. 6 goals from the match, I did not expect.

  2. Bad game from Inter or other words best game for barca under Valverde, Icardi got no service, Icardi should move from Inter from bigger team surrounding with better players

    • So much for ‘Mbappe’ who people called him next Messi. What an overrated ‘marathon runner’. missing 2 clear chances, he will end up just like Balotelli. too much hype and no delivery.

        • Salah is much better than him technically. better ball control and first touch. and has better scoring instinct. I don’t think he will be as good as Henry, he depends much on his speed and physical abilities to outrun defenders, if you block his road, he will be out of the game. Some might say that he is still young, Ok, then the older he gets the slower he becomes. I doubt it very much that he can stay at this level for 5 years. Once players figure out how to stop him he will be doomed. You see, a player who can be easily marked effectively is not that great of a player.

        • but he is 6 years older, and on his absolute peak, before the last season Salah was only a good winger nothing more, technically Salah not a genius even, only a little bit better, Mbappe still improving, i see more killer instinct in Mbappe, bit faster too (fastest player on the planet), better acceleration, and more intelligent in his movements, where was 19 years old Henry compared with Mbappe?

          • @Csabalala, You saw Mbappe today vs Napoli. He should have scored at least 1 goal out of 3 clear chance but his overall performance was very poor. I don’t see him any potential talent except pace and today he was completely LOST in the game with a very well organized Italian side.
            So I don’t think he will reach that peak even after 6,7 years. He can be a second Henry but never ever be Messi.
            For me, Messi is the greatest player of all time no matter whether he wins the WC, Copa or not.

  3. Latest rumor is schelotto, almiron, scaloni and mascherano are the candidates now. I don’t know how true is this.

    Last 2 games will be vital for Scaloni.

  4. Ajax vs benfica – 1) salvio & cervi nothing special. 2) German conti – acrobatically goal line save of taglafico’s shot & costly error 90th of the match led crucial goal for ajax ( his pace reminds me of fazio , if he can’t improve pace it will be difficult for him ) 3) taglafico as excellent as always & will be very soon end up at big him ( presently linked with Barcelona & arsenal )

  5. River plate disappointed me today …..palacios was not him today …he was not energetic ….I think Barca scouts added him the extra pressure today….never was a big fan of pity….pratto should hv started…..everyone is talking about montiel I saw nothing in him but he is definitely a good marker but again he is just 21 he will improve

  6. Martino is a name that is sounding a strong candidate.
    It look that the only way he won’t become the boss is if he refuses.
    This is laughable.
    Tapia wants to beg him to become coach.
    Tata even lectures like he is some wise man.
    He was a puppet, never rebuilt, 2nd place, and left us in a bad position in the qualifiers(many people forget this).
    Short attention span is what is killing us.
    We hop from coach to coach and player to play.
    In some years we will beg Bauza and Sampaoli to come back.
    Martino had his chance and blew it.
    With him in charge I lose hope.
    The only one who brings me some hope is Scaloni.
    We will hire a known failure instead risk and high reward coach.

    • Still I doubt Scaloni will risk rest of his reputee and hire Martino instead of Scaloni if only the november games will looks good. I believe our hope is in the two games. That could be irrational to take another one to start again so late as in March. Scaloni already did a good job as I think we know more than a half of starting eleven names.

      Tapia just needs to have someone close at hand in the case if Scaloni failed against Mexico. Tapia needs to be prepared for both cases. So he is sounding out Martino as easiest emergency choice.

  7. Dyabla is one of the best player in the world.That is not quetionable. We have lots of great talents . In arg.n team dybla roll is limited.bcz thr is no free space for him . We have enough playrs in each areas. I think dybla can play in a he is a second striker.
    In other spots we hve better players .In other places he need to compete with messi dmaria etc. IF messi comes i prefer this lineup..

    Pity/cervi messi/dmraia
    Bataglia/ palacio paredes/perrera
    Acuna/tag saravia/ bust

    Mori pezella

    • Good

      I believe we need now a team with top speed,good counter attacking skill, high pressing ability …tactics to keep supply towards icardi/Lautaro and give free role to Dybala/ Locelso/Depaul

      So this present squad is good for that
      Only concern is coach
      Bcoz a coach must not be under threats rather coach should be given long run..(imo atleast copa)

      • River didn’t impressed but didn’t deserved the lost too. In some moment in first at the beginning of first half it looked like River is going to dominate Gremio but finally nothing of the likes. River had more initiative but without good opportunities (2 shoots of Palacios and Maidana headers ). On the other hand Gremio didn’t deserved the win. If I remember correctly they had not single shoot till the situation in second half after which got corner kick to score goal.

        This is rivalry when one mistake may be crucial for both games. Maidana missed two headers after corner kicks, Gremios score on such situation).

        Armani had not much to work.
        Montiel had rather quiet game.
        Pity Martinez with some good runs on the left (he was so much fast comparing to the defender who marked him), cańos but his crossing was not very good this day. He and other River attacking players were perfectly blocked and prevented to operate in the middle areas.

        Kannemann got yellow after countless skirmishes with Maidana and will not play in the revenge. He was actually good as whole Gremio defence.

        Palacios didn’t impressed much but still I think he was subbed too early. He and Pity didn’t played some time recently so it looked like didn’t showed 100% possibilities.

        River will have massive task in revenge. And will need luck to gets through.

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