Giovani LO CELSO scores for Real Betis in vs. AC Milan in Europa League


Giovani LO CELSO scored his first goal for Real Betis in their 2-1 win against AC Milan.

A fantastic goal by Giovano LO CELSO handed Real Betis the win in the Europa League. A great strike from outside of the penalty area was the second goal of the match.

For AC Milan, there was Lucas BIGLIA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN who started the match. LO CELSO played the full 90 minutes for Betis.


  1. many here trolling me Farmers but trust me i never knew there is farmer team or league in football. Farmer is a respectful profession like doctor or engineer or even teachers but when Man utd flop Dimaria start playing top label and doing shit while playing for NT i heard the word Dimaria only play against farmers and week league players are not reliable, only big club players are needed not matter but players from top league players are needed not farmers which we saw meza in world cup and I hope farmer pity kicked out soon after Lanzini arrival and benega come back

      • And the coincidence is messi-aguero have played with worst generation of midfielder in Argentina history where played with Ace midfielder at club label which makes the difference of their stats in club and NT respectively

        • Maschareno was very good for the nt he was underappreciated especially his passing range. The problem was he overstayed he should had quit in 2016 Gago could and should have been good but Injury finished him..
          Biglia was unbelievable good from 2014 to 2016 He should quit in 2016
          Banega never had a real run in the team like Masch and biglia did so is not fair to charge him Like failure…..
          In world cup our midfielder supposed be like this
          Paredes……….. ……. lo celso
          Not only a lot of footbal expertise agree with me ..

          • You should not compare biglia masche gago with KDV Silva Franan Busquets Xavi Ineesta raketic etc, 2011-2018 Argentina midfield generation worst in their history where a solid defense gave success in 2014 where worst defense make disaster in 2018, Had roman, ailmar etc played messi generation

          • in 2018 our line up should be Armani – marcado pazella otamendi Tagliafico – lo celso batigala benega – messi Aguero Dimaria but scientific research head Sampaoli prefer finished masche biglia even enzo plus farmers like meza and played with out no9 against France so that France team player easily mark messi

  2. We have great forwards..what we are missing is the linkup play between Midfield and forward..I would prefer Scaloni and team to experiment more on midfield and defense to get the best combination..especially in the wings..

    Having Messi or Ronaldo as No 9 will fail if midfield is not linking…

  3. Gallardo and almiron are the only candidates for our albiceleste job. guys i hear President Macri wants Almiron as our coach. will you all please help me with Almiron Tactical setup,is he a defensive coach or an attacking coach.Vamos Albiceleste

  4. I’m surprised few one are barking for Martinez, yes he has potential but let him prove in big matches, had icardi played against farmers like Guatemala or iraq could have scored hat trick but played against strong defense Colombia and Brazil with out any service, A world class attacker presence is enough for defensive stability after icardi taking of against Brazil, Argentina defense felt more and Brazil start attacking more resulting goal. Martinez is no where at NT label even spelleti prefer blade ahead of Martinez and a bench warmer at Inter make inter captain his back up which is impossible, after appointment of new coach our striker will e 1 Aguero 2 icardi 3 Martinez/simeone

    • Farmer KING, you are comparing apples and oranges. First of all, Inter is not the same as Argentina national team and is structured differently. Second, when Martinez came on we had more link up play in attacking third which Icardi does not bring. Icardi is a great striker and having him as an option is an asset but I think if given a chance Lautaro can do better for us. Time will tell.

      • obviously, he has no idea, he talks about farmers, but does not know the difference between apples and oranges, Only a ‘FARMER’ knows that.

      • “Second, when Martinez came on we had more link up play in attacking third which Icardi does not bring.”

        I noticed that too, when he came in our attacking improved

        • Romance
          Icardi played 6 matches , couldnt score goal , everytime same excuse he is no getting enough services from behind, its not the case everytime. But martinez is more mobile on the ground than icardi.
          Anyway i respect icardi for denying a regular game time offer from italy.
          He replied
          “I’m very grateful to Italian football for the opportunity it has given me, I’d also like to thank Prandelli for the nice words he expressed about me. But I have to be honest and sincere – I’m Argentine, I feel Argentine, and I’ve always dreamed of wearing the shirt of my nation. To actually do that would be the maximum for me.”

      • That’s not really matter Martinez is only Icardi’s sub in Inter. It’s time to refuse the sensless and simplicistic logic of straight translation club hierarchy into NT hierarchy. This is good for people who doesn’t think too much. Best player for NT is the one who suits best, not the best on paper.He might proves you soon such rigid following of club pecking order is far from NT reality. That regards not only to Martinez-Icardi case but also few others where people are so much bounded to club reality.

        • Not just that, If we end up tweaking and changing formations to suit certain players because they are used to this style and that at their club, the identity of the NT will be lost. Look at our formation under sampaoli, there was no identity for the NT because he switched formations to suit certain players which caused other players to play out of position.

          • L Martinez is much better than icardi
            Icardi isn’t mobile enough to play
            The NT.. L Martinez will be our
            Main strike years to come
            He is best strike we have since
            Aguero personally aguero is
            Better than l Martinez.

        • Portugal won as a Cr7 target man and Icardi not less than cr7 most probably win balloon dor after messi and only Argentinian should be the target man for Argentina and formation must be according to icardi ultimately if Argentina can’t score goals can’t win matches only messi can score goals then Aguero and higuain is famous for misses therefore Icardi is a must if Icardi carry Inter then Argentina too but icardi 3rd back up can’t be reialable at least at moment when best striker in the world Aguero available

    • I think icardi should be given more chances….people here forgetting Martinez replaced dybala against Brazil not icardi….for me Dybala and icardi can’t play together yet……there were no chemistry between them in Brazil game……l Martinez is not playing enough games for his club to challenge icardi for no.9
      He should leave inter ASAP

  5. I hope Santy Caseres is called up for November friendlies. Curios to see him partner with Paredes and Lo Celso in midfield. His passing is superior to Ascacibar’s whom I also rate very high. No 5 position could see some fierce competition in coming years.

    • “No 5 position could see some fierce competition in coming years”

      Think so. Though his former teammate form Velez, Nicolas Dominguez, seems to me even more attractive one. Watching the two together in central midfield in previous season I had some point of reference and always the impression Dominguez is more versatile one marking his presence in oponents’ penalty box regularly. Caseres is more like Paredes, bounded to his DM position and basing on passes delivered from the area. While Dominguez is box-to-box. Caseres more like Paredes sub.

      No doubt Caseres passing is better than Ascacibar.

      • I think Caseres is better in tackle and interceptions than Paredes, who was an attacking midfielder in his Boca days.

        I will put it this way, Paredes is a regista or a deep-lying playmaker, in the mold of a great virtuoso Pirlo. Nico Dominguez is a Tony Kroos or Veratti type of a player. Ascacibar is more like a young Mascherano minus long passing skills. Caseres – Redondo?

        Before anybody’s heads explode, those are comparisons or approximations in style, not in quality.

        • That’s a good representation Enganche. Guess all four of them will be part of the pool that will play a vital role in NT future. Hoping scaloni stays & we may be a surprise package of copa america19

      • Caseres is going to be a starter for NT. His defensive work is way better than Paredes. Caseres is always moving off the ball. I am not sure Paredes is ever going to match Caseres’ defensive work. I wont be surprised if Barcelona or Man City come calling next summer. He is the ideal replacement for Busquets.

        For the NT, depending on the coach, it could be either Ascacibar-Paredes pairing in a 4-2-3-1 or, Lo Celso-Caseres-Palacios in a 4-3-3. I would love to see the latter one with a possession based coach.

      • Both caseres and Dominguez are superb and both should be in the NT. I agree with Gonzalo that Dominguez is a more attractive prospect than Caseres.
        Caseres is a combination of a regista and a ‘5’ someone who could backup or even challenge Paredes while Dominguez is a combination of a DM, regista and b-b midfielder, basically an all rounder. Infact I am surprised that Caseres went to europe before Dominguez but I think Velez were more willing to let go of Caseres than Dominguez.
        In the end like I said above both Dominguez and Caseres are superb talents and I want to see them both in the NT asap; along with el Russo, Celso, Paredes, Acuna, Palacios, DePaul, pereyra (if he stays fit) and maybe even lanzini (if and when he recovers) I think Argentina’s midfield future prospects are looking good.

    • I have high hope for Caseres. But Ascacibar is going to be a starter soon for NT. I don’t think any of Caseres, Nico Dominguez can challenge this. He is a better version of young Mascherano. Dynamic.

  6. First of all, i am happy seeing Lo Celso having such a good game against Milan. The guy was just influencial in linking the defence and attack of Betis and he also scored a fantastic goal! He is a type of midfielder that we were missing somehow for quite a long time.

    Did anyone watch the game between Marseille and Lazio? I would like to add that Ocampos was one of Marseille’s best players (if not the best), arguably Marseille’s most dangerous player in attack and his running, pressing and dragging back to defend were non stop. I always liked this player and he also seems more mature now, he is very fast, physical, strong, he has very good dribbling skills and a powerful shot with both of his feet and he is also tall, 1.87m. For me, he is definitely an asset and quite surprised that he wasn’t called yet.

    • Agreed, Ocampos has found his groove in Marseille, he’s a player who has pace, skill, an eye for goal and defensive discipline and should be given a chance. Infact come to think of it Ocampos could make for a good box to box player like Maria was in Sabella’s system but unfortunately (or fortunately) he’ll have to compete with celso, palacios, depaul and pereyra for that position.

  7. Icardi’s strong point is being a poacher. He can shake off defenders, misled them to receive teammate’s cross or pass.

    Few members here said, Icardi’s goal Vs Milan was more of Vecino’s good cross rather his skill. That was good cross, but see how Icardi shook off Musaccio. He pretended to run in one direction then quickly changed direction which resulted in Musaccio’s imbalance and Icardi being free. He did that in split of second while he was watching the ball coming towards him. Only Cristiano Ronaldo can match such predatory skills.

    However, I believe he is not suitable for us. Most of Inter’s goal comes from crosses. See Icardi’s goals, most of them from crosses. We lack good wingers who can cross. Wing is our weakest spot. No cross, no goal from Icardi.

    Martinez is overall more suitable for us. He has Icardi’s movement, but much better on build up and possessions. He is also better with his feet.

    Brazil game is a testament. After Martinez arrived, we looked more dangerous and we could have score a goal in that time. Martinez for no 9.

      • “Icardi should still be part of the 23 though”.

        Of course. But we should now give the starts to Martinez. I also suppose he will suit us more than Icardi and even Aguero who most of NT games looked as player without enough devote. 1. Martinez. 2.Icardi 3. Aguero

    • what is surprising me Martinez is icardi back up at Inter can make icardi his back up in NT if you said Aguero then only its acceptable, Against Brazil Argentina became toothless while icardi taken off which makes Brazil defense more relaxed resulting goal after huge last 5min pressure

    • “Martinez is overall more suitable for us. He has Icardi’s movement, but much better on build up and possessions. He is also better with his feet.”

      I like that, one more thing though, Martinez excels at being defensive forward, unlike Icardi or Dybala. that does not mean to drop them from NT, but I think Martinez is a better overall forward

  8. Same old story. Fuck PSG… Best for us is what is best for NT. Lo Celso will be in optimal form playing for modest Betis.

  9. Best answer from Lo Celso to Tuchel and PSG staff. As I said in the previous post, I believe strongly in his partnership with Canales and Carvalho. I don’t think he’ll be just a sub of Canales or Guadrado. It’s so obvious, this kid can fit in every tactical system: CM in a 433 or 352 like yesterday, AM in a attack of 3 men, playmaker behind the forward in a 4231 and even DM like he used to do during few games last year with Emery.

    Also glad that the Betis coach finally made the right choice, there is no way to win with Inui and Boudebouz behind the striker in this 3421. Their main strength are their midfielders and so switching to 352 makes much more sense. This 352 becomes so popular this day in Liga, since Sevilla plays in this way, it has become unstoppable. I always have been a big fan of 343 or 352 because of Bielsa and would love to see the national team tries playing in this system one day even though I know a more down to earth 433 is currently a better fit.

    My 352 would be something like this: Mammana, Pezzella, Funes Mori-Bustos, Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, Cervi-Pity-Icardi. Can fully use the high potential of Bustos and Cervi, can play with those 3 creative CM and can give the total freedom to Pity(or Dybala).

  10. I am so so happy whenever i see this kid do well. I just pray he keeps getting regular minutes and gets recognition as a chief string puller in the midfield . It does not matter what club he plays for as long as he plays against the big ones in the league. NT has enough new talent to build a world beating team. Only patience is required for us to get there.
    All the Best !

  11. Until they r given ample chances to play at the NT. None of the player can prove what they can bring to the Table.

    That’s what our past coaches did, they didn’t gave enough chances to any new player. They always selected some but to simply rot in bench or given just like 5 to 10 minutes.

    An example Even in friendlies too Romero was always chosen to start, had any other goal keeper would have been tested we may didn’t had to face such a horror goal keeping situation in the WC 2018.

    • to be honest Romero was only best available option, Armani played in Colombia and rumored to make Colombia squad by pekarman but we should move on now because Romero is no more reliable now even saved Argentina multiple times before, our u20 GK proatau only hope

      • Romero was the best option available always? Reallyyy. From 2010 to 2018? That’s exactly the point. How can u know others r bad or good if they r not even played.

        We know that Caballero is disaster now how? Because he showed what he can do for us.

        Sabella, TATA, Bauza, Sampaoli(had it for injury Romero would have played in all games at the WC) all were saying Romero is their No 1.None were trying the back up even in friendlies.

        • “Romero was the best option available always? Reallyyy. From 2010 to 2018? That’s exactly the point. How can u know others r bad or good if they r not even played”.

          Exactly. I don’t get this why people are calling this or that player being our best option without giving the trial to others. Such statements are ‘a priori’ and it’s does not justified. Scoring goals for some big European club is not necesarilly the same as being best option for NT. The more in Argentina NT case where some players proved they are superstars only in their clubs. Best player for NT is the right player, player who will fit. The right player is not always the same as being most famous, best on club level or just best on paper.

          • No team this century win world cup with farmers, always full of superstar team lift the world cup except Netherland in Football or South Africa in cricket reason both are called chokers. With playing a team game only quarterfinal at best like Argentina 1998, Colombia 2014 , England 2018 but only full of superstar team won the world cup Spain 2010, Germany 2014, France 2018 most importantly world class players at their peck when won the world cup, Argentina best performance in world cup was 2014 because messi higuain dimaria masche biglia garay etc at their peck while worst in 2018 because players passed their best same theory apply for Germany too

          • Yuppp Gago is the perfect example, Ortega was such a brilliant NT player, Garay, Federico Fernandez, Maxi Rodriguez, Lucho etc etc.

            If any player can play brilliantly for both NT and for Club it’s even happier obviously like Messi. As an Argentine fan it’s joyful so see an Argentine player ripping apart in Champions league etc etc. But NT performance should be the priority no matter who it is.

            Dont we all get goosebumps representing our Nation. That’s special.

            There r always counter arguments. But the point is without being given ample chances we can’t disregard any player.Patience probably..

  12. …………….Romero……………


    ….dybala…..messi……lo celso….lanzini….

    Any better team for Copa than this team??????

    • because lo Celso was out of form, In form players can win a team matches not big names or past reputation/contribution

      • Yeah, just few days ago he was out of form and now, suddenly, in form. LOL. Too many kids on this site, too many people like flag on the wind. Without moral strenghts, reponsiblilty for their own statements and knowledge about players potenitall to keep one’s mind longer than few weeks. Many wanted Lo Celso out of starting eleven after Brazil game. Now he should stay…

  13. Hella talented that Celso and I for one am so glad that he’s out of PSG and into a better league with a decent club where he gets challenged on a regular basis. I really hope he keeps it up and tells Tuchel and PSG to go suck it.

  14. Case Ras and Mammana both back from injuries and started for their teams.
    Rumours Ghallardo to quit River if they fail to win against Gremio next week. Ghallardo was tactically outdone by Renato Gaucho.

  15. Lo Celso is too much class for this Betis team. They are not in his wavelength, understandable though since he is new there. Once they understand each other Lo Celso can wave his magic wand. I hope PSG get kicked out of the CL and meet Betis in EL at some point so that Lo celso can say hello to Tuchel.

    • 90% chance of psg get kicket out of group stage , liverpool and napoli looks stronger than psg because of klopp and ancelloti.
      After a great performane from lo celso, at the end he did a mistake which led a goal to ac milan , lo celso(a very talanted player) should avoid mistakes in dangerous area.

      • Agreed but cannot blame him, he involved in almost all most dangerous attack of the team, very smart pressing and always good sense in anticipation to help the team to win back the ball, the link between attack and defense.

        From what I saw, PSG has lot of weakness with its 4231, things get better when they switched to 343 but it was a quick fix, not sure if next time they will be so lucky. But individually they are so strong and can make difference in any moment even though the team does not play well together.

    • When he comes to the NT, misses couple of clear chances, or plays couple of bad matches, they will call for his head. Then his talent for the NT will be lost, forever, Typical.

    • Choripan mate It was so unfair
      That tuchal I mean psg manager
      Never give this lad fair chance
      Verratti and rebiot are not better
      Than him in fact lo celso is more
      Verstile and more end of products
      I’m sure if unai emery still there
      He would have been undisputed

      • Yes totally, Rabiot and Verratti have never achieved anything great against top European clubs except maybe only 1 game vs Barca in the past 4 years. I don’t see why they deserved more than Lo Celso. Verratti has great potential but he hasn’t progressed since 4 years because of his injuries. He was supposed to be the next boss of Squadra Azzuri but actually very far below the expectation. Rabiot is a very inconsistent player. He could play like Busquets and completely transparent in the next week.

        • Thank you candianroyal that
          You understood the point
          I was making cos there re
          Some guys in here bash
          Our jewells for no reason
          Without knowledge and not
          Been rational….
          I follow golazoargentina
          He brought his show football expertise they always talk highly
          Those following young players..
          Lo celso
          S caseres
          L Martinez
          So I mean we have to do research
          Before we bash or charge any player

  16. Lo celso again is one of the underrated
    Players i won’t buy that veratti and
    Rebiot re better than him no way
    Tell me the things they do that he
    Can’t do it … the problem is here
    They re a lot people here who
    Putting to much pressure our
    New generation want instant
    Success that will never happen.
    Overnight they need time
    Especially when the old guards
    Had to much those lads need
    Fair chance i know the real and rational fan will give chance those new players
    In the Nt.

    • The problem my friend, is that many people think that a player needs to be super star by the time he is 20, or he is no good. They forget that regardless of how talented a player is, they need experience which comes through exposure, unless they are Messi or Maradona, people want every young player to be a star right away

  17. Lo Celso began as a classic number #10 in Rosario Central but has been transformed into a box-to-box midfielder judging by his defensive stats. We need the best version of him for the national team.

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