Rodrigo BATTAGLIA out of Argentina squad, KRANEVITTER possible replacement


Rodrigo BATTAGLIA of Sporting has ruptured his knee ligaments and is out of the Argentina team to play Mexico this month.

The former Argentina U20 man had to be substituted off due to injury in his team’s match against Santa Clara. He was taken off after only 30 minutes. There are now reports that Matias KRANEVITTER of Zenit could possibly replace him.

Argentina will play against Mexico in two friendly matches this month, the first on the 16th of November in Cordoba and the second on November 21 in Mendoza.


  1. Kranevitter was suppose to be the next big thing in our defensive midfield position, But somehow he didn’t click or convinced. Ascacibar should start now. Probably the best number 5 we have now.

    Hope Nico Domeniguez gets into the NT mix soon, If Scaloni continues we might see some more new young faces soon. Only thing is he don’t put himself into pressure and call back some of the Historicals back for the Copa. Which we wont be able to win it anyhow. Lets stick with the growing process and form a good group by the time of Qualifiers..

  2. Dominguez> Caseres > Kranevitter

    I saw in full games, few times Dominguez and Caseres along together on defensive midfield of Velez. That was good point of comparison. Nico is more versatile and has probably more potentiall to work with.

  3. Defenders and Defensive midfielders tend to be better if older.
    Younger ones mostly are reckless in their tackling.
    DM needs to be smart and experienced in tackling and breaking up play.
    Kranevitter is the smarter choice. He is known for his clean tackles and breaking up play.
    Not undermining Caseras, but I think he still has plenty of time ahead of him.
    Not every time a younger player goes down we look for another new younger player to take his place, because we will be replaying the same process again, what would we do with battaglia when he comes back, if WE are going to invest time in Caseras. I feel we will be losing direction. One good match with villareal and all are calling for him.
    Kranevitter was there in the NT, so he is familiar with the atmosphere.

    • Argentina don’t need farmers like krane, young players must be called up more and more to gain experience and show their potential which will draw attention to big clubs

      • caseres looks like young busquets, experience and senior players are of course needed in tournament or world Cup qualifier but in friendlies maximum young players should be tried

      • “Argentina don’t need farmers like krane”

        So just because Caseres has played few games in La Liga he is so much better than Kranevittter? Everyone in here knows you are the last man to share his knowledge.

        I bet you even didn’t saw Caseres in any full game. I prefer him over Kranevitter but your statements are just pure idiotism.

        • same concept, big club players vs small clubs, some just watch big clubs names and not interested in other potential players in other clubs which is forgive me to say, stupid. I like kranevitter just because his tackles are clean. But WE don’t want someone to replace Battaglia permanently, Caseres time will come, for sure. Again. If kranevitter is called, then I give total support to Scaloni.

          • “some just watch big clubs names and not interested in other potential players in other clubs which is forgive me to say, stupid”

            Yeah, you know how I want to eradicate this stupid categories of selection.

            My favourite was Dominguez, but as you’ve said it never should go so far with out favouritism to talk about our not favourite players as does the guy above. Especially if they are still young as Kranevitter.

          • gonzalo

            You know how I think of this, many people think by shopping in a brand name store they get the best stuff, meanwhile you can almost always get a better deal in a smaller ‘Farmer’ store.
            I bet they described Leicester City players 3 years ago as ‘farmers’ until they won the premier league with total success.
            For sure, players like Mahrez, Kante, Vardy, Drinkwater, Albrighton, Morgan … were all farmers to them.
            They now describe the young NT players as farmers, soon they will start saying oooh, they are stars.

      • I am sure you never watched Kranevitter playing for River, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid or Zenit, You just follow which club a player plays for, and judge him on that, only.
        He went from River straight to a big club (Atletico Madrid) when he was 22. Now if he stayed in Atletico Madrid without playing time, will you still consider him a ‘Farmer’? of course not, because he plays in a big club. Ridiculous!

        • “Are you gonna tell me that Paredes and Mammana are ‘farmers’ too because they play for Zenit?”

          I think he once said that

    • Kranevitter is mostly in bench for zenit and moreover he was not that great when he played last time for NT. We need players who play consistendly
      I see caseres as a back up for Paredes, so for battaglia’s vacancy, Marcone or nic. Domingous is better( although I dont follow marcone anymore )

    • @ebo
      bro your arguments are always right
      I 100% get it but krenevieter still young
      Unfortunately since mancini gone
      He is not playing regular for zenit
      For me he is not a bad player but
      He is not great either..
      Caseres looks very good player
      To me but it’s way to early to charge
      How good he can be but for now
      Thought I would love see him
      Playing for the NT.

      • right, but I am afraid we will lose direction by keeping switching for brand new players.I watched caseres and I can say he is good. as I said, I support Scaloni, no matter what

        • You support scaloni who is continuously selecting meza after back to back disaster class performance for Argentina only because of sharing same bedroom

        • @ebo
          You know bro I’m with you
          I always support the manager
          No matter what. the Nt now
          Needs support and continuity
          It bothers me a lot those River
          And boco players are not there
          Either Understandable I olso
          Feel for battaglia very much

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