Mauro ICARDI goal snatches Inter draw vs. Barcelona in Champions League


Mauro ICARDI scored for Inter in their 1-1 draw against FC Barcelona in the Champions league.

A goal which gave Inter a valuable point, the former Barcelona youth player managed to score from close range inside the area following work by Argentina team mate Lautaro MARTINEZ. This was also goal number three in four games for ICARDI in the Champions League, having previously been on the mark against Tottenham and PSV.

Lionel MESSI, who while did not take part in the match due to injury, did take a picture with Argentina and Inter legend Javier ZANETTI. The two were obviously also former team mates with the Argentina national team.


  1. After his good performance against AC Milan this Thursday, it may be time for FC Barcelona to start looking at Giovani Lo Celso as their next target.
    It was only last season when Argentine midfielder Giovani Lo Celso was still playing for Paris Saint-Germain and wasn’t considered by any club like Barcelona, but this new season at Real Betis has been eye-opening for everybody.

    The player who came by the specific request of manager Quique Setien, has been laying waste in both La Liga and the Europa League and is quickly becoming one of Spain’s most underrated players this season.

    Giovani Lo Celso has proved that he may be one of the biggest names that will be chosen next summer in the transfer window by some of the biggest clubs in the world, but his profile fits almost perfectly with the type of midfielders that FC Barcelona could be looking for as a perfect replacement for midfielder Ivan Rakitic.

    The Croatia international is already entering a later stage of his career that could bring him to take a closer look at his career, with the hopes of maybe start looking for a proper way to retire from elite football sometime soon.

    Giovani Lo Celso puts together all the great qualities that brought Ivan Rakitic to the Catalan club, with some added characteristics that only Argentine players have.

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    Iair Iugt 🇦🇷🇮🇱🇨🇱🇵🇾🇧🇷
    Setientismo. Golazo del Betis. Gio Lo Celso y una definición estupenda para coronar una jugadaza.

    2:05 AM – Nov 9, 2018
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    Just last week we could hear from Luis Suarez’s mouth about the urgent need that Barcelona is starting to have for players from new generations, this is exactly the same case that Ivan Rakitic is going through and he also won’t hesitate to point out of he doesn’t feel up for the monumental task of playing for Barcelona.

    In fact, the World Cup finalist is already starting to feel how manager Ernesto Valverde is leaving him out of many starting elevens in order to give other key players like Arthur a more prominent role in the squad.

    Rakitic isn’t stupid, he is already starting to tell that he may not be as undisputed in the first squad as he once was and that’s okay.

    But for the Catalan club, having more than two top players on each position has become the new norm because of how competitive football has become in modern times.

    Bringing Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal was only a temporary measure for the midfield position, but the club must already be looking for a new face that will bring them that squad depth they have been looking for during the last couple of years.

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    Giovani Lo Celso

    Queríamos el triunfo pero no se pudo , vamos que esto sigue ! ⚽️ #EuroBetis @EuropaLeague

    5:37 AM – Nov 9, 2018
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    As of right now, the Real Betis player is proving all his critics from Argentina wrong and he has become one of the biggest surprises for his country as one of the new names with whom the manager can build a competitive squad for the next Copa America.

    Also, having Lionel Messi giving him the thumbs up for a possible transfer to Barcelona will be key for his future.

    At only 22-years of age, the Rosario Central product has to be one of Barcelona’s top option for a perfect combination of quality, youth, price, and style of player profile that fits perfectly with the club’s philosophy.

    It’s still too early to tell which midfielder will Barcelona go after during the next couple of years, Rakitic still has a good two more years at the highest level but Lo Celso is arguably one of the best options for the future and he could fit inside the club perfectly.

    As of right now, the Argentine player is on loan at Real Betis but the club will likely buy him for €30 million next summer and remain in La Liga.

    This was another one of those wasted talents that Paris Saint-Germain overlooked, any other club that keeps him will win the jackpot.

    Papá Jones
    Gol de Lo Celso.

    Real Betis 1-0 Milán#RealBetisMilan

    2:20 AM – Nov 9, 2018
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    How much do you think Barcelona should pay for Giovani Lo Celso if they decide to buy him in the future? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.

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  2. ………Romero….

    …di maria/lanzini…… Messi………lo celso

    Anyone name a better team???

  3. Players playing(stating xi) in same club will be good for National team…….
    Vazquez (banega) Mercado
    Icardi Lautaro
    Paredes Mammana
    Pezella Gio.simeone
    F.mori Caceres
    De Paul (I.pusetto)
    Palacios (Montiel) Armani
    (Gazaniga) Lamela Foyth
    Saravia zaracho( Centurion) (dominguez)
    Battaglia Acuna
    Salvio Cervi

  4. Icardi is apparently one of the Top 5 Strikers in the World right now, A typical Poacher, there is no denying in his quality, he don’t need 5 chances to score a goal. He may need only 1. This is how he works in Inter. that’s great.

    Will he be that player in the NT System. He should be in the 23, Definitely. I still think he needs to be given some more matches in the NT to show what he can offer, Just 1 goal if scores then he can start from that, I am more worried about Dybala (He some kind of looks out of sync altogether). Why cant Icardi play as the 9 and Dybala as the False 9.

    Lautaro in my opinion may suit us better i think with his over all play. It all depends which formation the Coach is trying against various opponents. We cant follow same formations against different team. Sometimes attacking through the Wings will do great against some teams. In that case Icardi will be more good i think. If we focus more on Build up play then Lautaro will be more better suited.

    Sometimes try both too. Lautaro instead of Dybala as false 9. I think Depaul, Acuna, Paredes will have to play a key role in putting in decent crosses and free kicks.

    • I’d love to see what Messi can do with Icardi. I can only imagine the goals with Messi’s godly passes.

      But thats also why Martinez may be a better fit. If Messi ain’t on the pitch servicing forwards, our Mid’s have to perform and striker more involved but right now, our attacking identity is hurting. Both Icardi and Dybala performance suffer as a result. They need service, possession play, effective wingers, etc and so far, were not looking good so i cant hold them accountable. they certainly need more opportunities. Also tough because Martinez is one of our most promising players so he needs playtime. Fuck it, throw em all on the pitch somehow.

    • Salvio was best player of Benfica. Cervi is a diver. A slight knock and he goes down. Technically skilled, but weak balance. Salvio much more useful than Cervi.

  5. ——-Icardi—-Laurtaro——
    –De Paul—Lo Celso—Lamela
    Tagliafico Pezzella Ottamendi Montiel

    FW: Benedetto / Pavon
    CAM: Pity
    LCAM: Pereyra
    RCAM: J. Correa
    CDM: Ascacibar
    LB: J. Silva
    RB: Mercado
    CB: Foyth / Mammana
    GK: Romero / Armani

  6. I don’t like how Inter plays. I mean for those who love football, inter shouldn’t be the kind of team we will pay to watch. But I must admit that they defend very very well, so organised tactically, intensive pressing and each one covering others.

    • I agree with you mate
      People get exciting icardi score it’s horrible
      Team to watch I don’t like spellatti
      That he doesn’t give fair chance for
      L martinez. Off the topic bro
      Personally I’m Marcelo bielse school
      I like attacking , high prssing and intense football

      • Icardi is not a predator!
        look for the 10th minute and the 73 minute of yesterday’s match against Barca, you will see what I mean. He does not capitalize on few openings of chances.

  7. Top Argentine goal scorers in Europe top 5 league ATM
    Emiliano sala-10
    Higuain/de paul/perreyra- 5
    My point is if u guys want Benedetto then why not try emiliano sala instead of him
    They are of same age

    • Different style. Sala is really very old school pivot forward like Giroud and Benedetto is more agile and more a striker to me. Obviously Sala does not have his place in the starting 11 but may be useful in the last 15 minutes when we need to score, can be useful for corners.

      • Yes, these are two different styles. Benedetto is more hardworker. A lot ove movement from him. Very agile. Yes, for me Benedetto over Sala. Though I would like to see Sala with chance as well. Many options. I don’t want to see Aguero come back if Messi will return. Not both of them. One ok, but not both. I’m afraid the two together will bring back old comfortable friendship zone climate and divisions for players of superstars status and farmers.

        • Honestly this is amazing
          How we keep mention every
          Argentina player who score
          Few goals or have very few good
          Games . What we need now
          Real project and follow young
          Players not 28 or 29 years
          Who having good season
          We still trying icardi and dybala
          Is not ideal to call another strike
          Let us see first Icardi and co
          Than we can discuss another

        • I think it’s healthy when 2 or more players develop friendship in a team, which makes them play better together. I am not against that at all. But I still think Messi/Benedetto partnership in terms of playing might be more potent than Messi/Aguero. Only if Messi does not fall deep. which makes him capitalize on Benedetto’s movement and right positioning for better service. I really like Benedetto and think he is excellent at that. Still would take Benedetto ahead of Icardi

          • Agree bro for me icardi is not
            The strike the Nt need
            I really understand Why some
            our friends like Benedetto he is
            more than strike He will help the team more especially when
            we play big games like Brazil..

  8. Man Icardi has good presence of mind, He is strong too while holding of against tough defenders. Hope he somehow start to replicate his club form to our NT. He is a leader in Inter where most of the times he takes them out of trouble…

  9. Lautero was brilliant for few minutes, Gazzaniga was brilliant throughout the match, Icardi got one half chance and scored. Wow. This Lautero and Icardi combination would benefit us. They are brilliant performers, and one minute brilliance is what we need to win a close game. Vamos…

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